Cas Appreciation Week

“We need you. I need you”
“You have to choose, Castiel. Us, or them.”

Day 1 / Favorite Episode

8.17 Goodbye Stranger

I love this episode, purely because we get to see a conflicted Cas, who in the end, displays his true loyalty towards the Winchesters, especially Dean. We see Cas as angry, scared even, and I thought that Misha Collins portrayed that beautifully.


JENSEN LOVE WEEK | day one: jensen ackles + family

“Family and relatives will always be my first. My wife, my daughter, and my parents and family will always be the most important to me. I will never sacrifice my time with them for work. If there’s a work that requires me to do that, I will not have taken it in the first place. Having a job that I like and having time with my wife and daughter now is really good for me now.”

anonymous asked:

There's a pic of Jensen, Danneel and JJ from 4th of July (p sure) and I was wondering if you knew where it was from?

From what I gathered it was taken by a close friend of Jensen’s who posted the pic to his (the friends) private Facebook. Someone then took it and posted it to a website and then someone found the pic on the website and posted it on twitter. It’s not something I feel comfortable posting on my Tumblr because it obviously wasn’t something that was meant to get around. But that’s just me and everyone is different :-) hope this cleared it up for you!


❝I just kind of stay out of the way. It’s awkward for me because I don’t really like to be in the room when he’s signing stuff, because people will look at me and wonder, or make it something about me, saying I’m uncomfortable, and they’ll write on the internet, oh she’s so weird. I like to stay out of the way and watch him do his thing, because he has such a great personality. I think he can do anything. When you watch the one you love being loved by all these people, it warms your heart. It’s fun for me to watch. I’m a fan of Jensen’s.❞ - Danneel Ackles