the ace of my heart

part two of the tattoo series, featuring none other than my favourite ace, the man of my heart, Iwaizumi Hajime ♥

Tattoo trivia: 

-his first tattoo was the godzilla silhoutte on his elbow with watercolour effect background

-his next tattoo was when he was 21 and he got the dragon on his chest. He always loved how they look so he got tattoo of one

- his most recent tattoo is the one he got with Tooru, a half of the heart that connects to the one Tooru has


Small message from op:

Okay so I spent the last hour making 10 lgbt+ userboxes. Now, I’ve seen people blow up like “Notice how op didn’t add [insert sexuality/romantic orientation here] but added [insert one of above sexualities/romantic orientations, most likely asexual]” On posts like thisWell guess what, I didn’t search any of the sexuaities nor did I get a list. I just thought of an even number of userboxes to make and was like “Well, imma do this cause im bored lol”. So if I get any of your bullshit discourse on here, imma be pissed. So enjoy~ Everyone is free to use wherever I don’t really care.

Friends that will think this is cool/userbox blogs that might think its cool:

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