the accuracy is amazing

I wanna talk about this amazing shot really quick

First, the fastest MLB pitch on record as of today belongs to Adrolis Chapman at 105.1 mph (169.1 km/h). 

It’s probably safe to say that Ezor’s knife is traveling at or a little over this speed when it’s being hurtled at Keith in ep 6. That’s a pretty fast moving target. That’s roughly 47 meters per second, more if you want to take into account that her knife is lighter than a baseball and probably traveling faster. Let’s just say 50 for good measure. That’s still pretty fast. That’s roughly covering the distance of half a football field in one second. 

Second I want to talk about skeet shooting. Skeet shooting is a firearm sport where clay targets are shot out of the air with a firearm. The targets fly at roughly 45 mph (20~mps). That’s less than half the speed of the flying knife. Additionally, skeet shooting is performed with a shotgun, which fires out a spray of projectiles, increasing the chances of hitting the target.

Lance not only shoots the knife out of the air at over twice the speed of a skeet target (and possibly faster than the world record MLB pitch), but with a single linear shot. And that’s not even factoring in Keith, who Lance, on top of this already amazing feat, avoids easily. 

And THATS not even factoring in this he does all this UNDER PRESSURE AND AT A MOMENTS NOTICE! They should call him Quick Draw McClain!

Lance’s accuracy with his weapon is amazing in and of itself. It’s clear he has had prior training and possesses an incredibly keen eye. And it requires a lot more skill than I think people give him credit for. 

Lance IS a sharpshooter. That’s his thing and he’s damn good at it. 


↳ oh hot pink..!
↳ who could I be
↳ nochu come through
↳ the members don’t even know
↳ ok this is Jungkook
↳ put your hands up
↳ ARMY thank you so much
↳ 😘
↳ these days McCree’s accuracy is amazing
↳ now I will shoot at all your hearts ❤️️
↳ I am really grateful to overseas ARMY here too
↳ who is the most handsome in the MV?!
↳ hah
↳ right we’re all handsome hehe
↳ we’re working hard preparing for the concert!
↳ please anticipate a lot
↳ heheh thank you! I’m going to go practice hard again!
↳ see you again! 😙
↳ guns, aim, fire (lyrics from Not Today)❤️️

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make me choose confexionery asked: the be our guest feast or a dinner from tiana

  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>What she means:</b> Prince of Egypt was a masterpiece. From the skin tone accuracy to the significant facial structure differences, not to mention amazing soundtrack and beautiful animation. Honestly one of the most underrated Dreamworks films ever made, and I'll probably never get sick of watching it. The pacing is fantastic and all the color schemes and art direction is on point. The lighthearted elements never dilute the more serious portions of the story and yet you're never bored with the narrative for even a second.<p/></p>
NCT as gangsters - Character Sheet

Looks and acts cold, expressionless most of the time. Full of charisma, his aura always overpowers anyone in the same room as him. Everyone either want him as an ally, or want his head laid on their table. Leader of the pack, great natural instincts and exceptional skills. Cares for his pack a lot, even though he doesn’t show it often.

Has the biggest built out of everyone. Acts as the first wall for the pack, Donghyuck’s back up on spying missions. Excels in hand-to-hand combat, capable to decapacitate or kill someone with bare hands. Long codename: Chicago Monster. Actually is a nice and funny man, watches Cake Boss and Infinity Challenge on his spare time.

Never really had any trouble on doing his job, but rather attracting unwanted intervention from his objects due to his good look. Appears friendly and harmless, his smile fooling everyone of his ruthless nature. Excels as a con artist too. Leader’s right hand man. Johnny’s Cake Boss marathon buddy.

Short-tempered, but works fast and efficient. The brain of the pack. Hates to be annoyed by his pack but they do it anyway, just because. Knows anything and everything important. Works with Mark in their technological stuff.

Flirtatious, tenacious and dangerous. Born and raised to kill. Deadly accuracy and speed. Amazing with weapons and great with hand-to-hand combat. Never spares a life, always finishes the orders given. One of the most feared assassin on the history of mafia.

Rarely be seen because he is either moving around completing missions or back at the mansion planning. Only a handful of people know what he looks like, a cheerful guy with cute face. Mostly doing operations on his own when Johnny is gone with Donghyuck.

The oldest. Quiet and calm in almost any situation, making him the best person for troubleshooting. Looks really scary because he is always seen with an electric saw, his favourite weapon. Enjoys his time alone, but never complains when the younger come to interrupt him.

The most innocent among the pack, honest and a hard worker. Always seen with a hat and his laptop. Also excels in hacking and the technology area. Doesn’t really like to hurt people badly on his own, the reason for his weapon of choice.

The youngest of the bunch. Mischievous, high-spirited, exceptional in his field. Historical record of 95% mission cleared, one of the reasons why he is in the pack from such a young age. Never knew of his parents, the pack is the only family he has.

Used to work for China’s government before he was betrayed by his own country. Moved to Korea and met Jaehyun, who brought him into the pack. Specializes in fabricating various choices of the crime scene and cleaning evidences.

NCT as gangster; Teaser (short clip)

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First-Date BAIT!

Words: 11.3k
Genre: Fluff
Read the sequel drabble: here
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First dates are embarrassing. First dates are awkward. I’ve been through countless ones, sitting across from people who bored the living daylights out of me. It was less exciting than watching paint dry. Some dates were so utterly rude - I think you and I both know what it’s like to be on the receiving end on that. But now we both don’t have to waste our time anymore!

With First Date Bait they went out for me! Afterwards, they informed me if it was recommended to go out on a second date. It’s amazing with a 99.99% accuracy rate! That’s how I ended up meeting my husband!

First Date Bait.
Why waste your time with awkward first dates?

He’s late.

That’s not a good sign.

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Imagine Being A Student To The Winter Soldier Before The Fall Of Hydra

For @dtescohmi

“(Y/N) loosen your arm when you swing,” he snaps as he catches your punch easily.

“Yes sir,” you say and throw another punch. He lets the punch hit his hand and nods approvingly.

“You’re getting better. Again.” You swig again, and again, and again, until your knuckles bleed.

The Winter Soldier is a strict teacher but he has a soft spot for you. You can’t say why he’s gentler with you but you imagine it’s because you both experience the same mind control.

The other students are loyal to Hydra but you and the Soldier are forced. Hydra took you for your abilities and created the Soldier.

“That’s enough, dismissed,” the Winter Soldier orders in a clipped tone. The rest of the students disperse but you hang back. The Winter Soldier approaches you and the two of you quickly pretend to be practicing.

“When can we speak without ears?” you whisper to him.

“Midnight at my room, there’ll be no guards,” he murmurs. You throw a punch and it hits him in the shoulder.

“I’m getting better,” you say and walk briskly away.


The Winter Soldier and you have been meeting in secret for a year, since the day he saw a Hydra officer beat you for disobeying. You are kindred spirits, the two of you.

Every second with him is a second away from hell and for that you are grateful beyond belief.


“My soldier calls,” you murmur as you nudge open his door. You’ve both memorized the guard rotation and turning of the cameras so you can slip in and out at just the right times.

“And my student answers,” he returns and takes your hand pulling you in and shutting the door softly behind you. His lips are on yours in a second and your fingers tangle in his long hair.

“Say my name, my real name,” he requests. During brief moments of memory he tells you everything so you can whisper it to him on nights like these.

“James Buchanan Barnes,” you breathe. “You were a sergeant in the 107th US regiment during the war.”

“And you’re (Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N). You were visiting Russia with your father the ambassador, he enlisted you in Hydra to make use of your unique abilities,” he returns and you smile. His flesh hand is cupping your cheek while his metal one holds to your waist. You hold his face in your hands and make sure to maintain a steady gaze.

“You had a scrawny best friend named Steve, you called him punk,” you utter and give him a chaste kiss. “His mothers name was Sarah and he wore newspapers in his shoes.”

“Thank you, I love you.” He pulls you in for a impassioned kiss that makes butterflies erupt in your stomach. Only with James do you ever feel emotions besides fear and despair.

“I love you too.”

For a long moment you just hold each other close, sharing a heartbeat and even breathing.

“You have a knack for knowing what others feel and making them feel whatever you could wish,” he adds after a quiet moment. “But you don’t use it unless you’re told because you hate having that much power over another.”

“And you have amazing strength, accuracy, and heightened senses that put you above the rest but you only use them if you’re told because you hate feeling superior.”

“You love me,” he states.

“You love me,” you return.

“And we’ll both never love another,” you both promise at the same time.

Your lips meet once again in fiery sparks and raw emotion.

In the time of Hydra James Buchanan Barnes is your only solace.


A week later James disappears from your base and the last you hear from him is ‘I hope I remember you.’

A week after that Captain America reveals Hydra and destroys most of it but the Winter Soldier vanishes.

You managed to escape during the chaos and vanish yourself.

With your newfound freedom you search for him.


“Allow me to pay,” you interject and hand currency to the vendor. The vendor hands over the goods and the man you’re paying for looks up, staring at you with wide eyes.

It’s James, he’s buying plums of all things. You mod your head and lead him to an alleyway out f sight. He follows wordlessly.

“I am (Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N) we knew each other in the compound. I told you facts about your life whenever they’d make you forget, and we loved each other.”

“You’re (Y/N), you helped me stay calm during episodes,” he utters. “I love you.”

“And I love you.”

So this was actually a cover I created about…. 3-4 years ago and never finished. My story is called BirdHaven and revolves around mostly these 3. 

Voxer (main protag)
Viro (second protag)
and their bird Kou (pet/sidekick)

BirdHaven (from the title) is actually the area they live in. It’s a big paradise looking village of houses hanging on cliffsides by a waterfall. It’s pretty much a ravine?

this is basically what it ROUGHLY looks like, obviously a LOT deeper and a lot more houses and connections and it’s really kinda complicated to explain (let’s just say this is like 1/5th of what birdhaven would look like) 

It’s taken over by Aero’s, which in my story is what you would describe as ‘angels’ or just.. people with wings? They’re very military based and have a very strict way of living, they are protectors of the world that is manifested by monsters and creatures that are rapidly taking over the world. When it comes to aero’s you can have people with different varieties of wings and their wing colour usually ties with their natural hair colour and get classified in different parts. 

the rankings of wings do not determin how important you are of a person in the society, it is just classified by military use in battle.
Aero’s have amazing accuracy which is why their primary weapons are Bow and arrows or crossbows depending on what they can work better with. 

Even though Aero’s have flying capabilities they cannot fly and fight well at the same time which is why they have bird companions that are assigned to them by birth which not only makes them their warpartner but also lifepartner. They grow up together and are NOT EXPENDABLE. They are literal life companions so if they die it is like losing your other self and yes, it’s terrible.

These birds also have unique looks to them in certain area’s like head feather or ‘crowns’ and also tails. But they all recieve the same armor no matter what rank you are. 

Another very important species in this story are the Elves who are actually ‘extinct’ in this world thanks to the Aeros based on a historic event that lead to a massive war between them and the rest of the world. 
Elves are not the same as the elves you see in every other story because they can shapeshift. Their ears are also larger than any other species and their pupils are usually very cat like. Another thing they are commonly known for is for their large amount of piercings they attach to themselves to show their large accomplishments in life.

now to explain how they got turned extinct we’re going to ANOTHER species which are the axies (haha a good name for people who are axolotls)
They are a very traditional tribe of Axolotl people who live in the gigantic lake far away from any of the other living creatures. From there is also another important ‘main cast’ character who’s name is Nolan and she has a ‘soul’ named Archie. 

they basically look like this (I’ll get more into character about her later) right now the important part about the elves are that they are known for being murderers, cold stone killers who just take whatever they want. Since they can shapeshift they infiltrate tribes without them being suspicious of them and they strike in the night and commit mass murders just to get what they want. They did this to the Axie tribe who throw connections to the Aero’s and a large war breaks out amongst these creatures (and others who I will not name yet since they’re minor)

The Aero’s take the last step and decide to execute every Elf they come across, ultimately leading to their ‘extinction’

Now forward a bunch of years later when peace has finally come back and the aero’s are once more prepping for another war VOXER is born. 

Since he was born with slightly pointy ears they assumed he had genetics of the bat people tribe (also another minor creature from the story) The older he got, the more his ears grew and at the maximum length a bat persons ear could grow the military was becoming worried.

At the age of 10 Voxers ears started taking more shape towards actually being pointy and long, his eyes often dialated into cat shapes and the military went haywire. The chief of Birdhaven locked Voxer up, killed his bird and banished his parents (who are assumed dead by the people) Scared of keeping an elven child in their territory but unable to kill him (only because of the public and how enraged they were about already killing his bird, if they had the chance they actually would’ve still killed Voxer) they sent him down to the human society where he was seen as a freak and abused in the alleyways where he almost died (which is what the military’s intention was). On last call he was rescued by a human man who took him back to birdhaven secretly since he had married an aero woman there with a daughter of 4 years who’s name is Viro. This is how he met her and actually grew up in this family. Her assigned bird Kou actually treated Voxer like his owner as well, being protective even as a wee babby bird over the two kids, which is why he is also a very important aspect of the story

THAT IS PRETTY MUCH ALL I WANNA GIVE OUT FOR NOW AS A LITTLE… TASTE…. if any of you really like this or find it interesting I’ll… gladly go into more detail!!! (tell me your guys thoughts on it;; I’m very nervous about this)

so I just had a pretty incredibly exciting celebrity run-in on the bus home from work (in Vancouver). I was sitting across from these two ladies who were talking to the girls beside me. As soon as I saw them, I immediately thought I recognized them as the White-Faced Women from Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Their faces, their glasses, their hair, their voices were all a perfect match, and the way they talked to the girls and joked off of each other clearly pegged them as actors. Given that ASOUE was my favourite book series for years and years, there was no way I couldn’t say anything, so I hesitantly asked if they were who I thought they were, and lo and behold, it was them! (Joyce Robbins [Woman 1] on the left of my pic, Jacqueline Robbins [Woman 2] on the right).

They were on their way back from a long day of shooting season 2, and they were raving about how amazing the new season was, even bigger and better than the first. They gushed with affection for the books and how Netflix has lovingly brought it to life with such great accuracy and creativity, Daniel Handler’s amazing writing skills for paper and screen, all the crew that make it possible, and the endless fun of working with Neil Patrick Harris. They had spent a good portion of the day working on learning a dance with him, and were both exhausted from it. I commented on how it made sense, then, that their hair was done up like that, since they’d just come back from filming. They revealed that they always wear their hair like that, and that Netflix liked it so much at the audition that they made it a part of the costume, and even put it in the wigs they wore for disguises.

They also asked me stuff about me, and I could barely get words out in my giddy excitement. It was pretty pretty cool. The people around us on the bus didn’t know what they were from, but were smiling fondly at their enthusiasm about their show and their work and my enthusiasm about meeting them!

Sketchy 👀📝

Summary: Steve’s been crushing on you for a while but is forcing down his feelings….Well all that  tension has to go somewhere… and it manifests in his sketchbook.

Warnings:Language, not much else I think, it’s long lol I got carried away

Note: This is my first ever fic, feedback is appreciated! Even if its just ‘It was too fast paced’. Thanks for reading!

Steve Rogers had a problem. For some reason he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of you. It’s like his eyeballs had decided to separate from the rest of his body and follow you. Constantly.

This problem had started about a year and a half ago when you had come to the compound and started working with the reconstructed Avengers. You were a former SHEILD agent, hand to hand combat and espionage were your strong suits. You were also friendly and smart.

Steve knew he was in trouble when his first thoughts on meeting you were about how pretty you were. So he maintained his distance from you, keeping cordial and almost cool relationship. But keeping his distance didn’t stop his mind from wandering. Or his eyes.

“Wow,I really ain’t shit to you”

Steve’s head whipped around to meet Bucky’s grin.

“Huh, sorry?” Steve mumbles. Bucky laughs. “I was tryin’ to ask ya if you wanted some eggs,but your mind seems to have wandered.” Bucky leans against the kitchen counter top, they had just completed their morning run, and had showered before heading into the kitchen to grab breakfast. Where Steve found you already sitting on a stool at the end of the counter, talking to Natasha and a visiting Clint. You were wearing that skirt, the pleated white  one that was short enough to make him sweat a little every time he saw you in it.

“Oh, I’ll have some, sorry ‘bout that” Steve says.

“Oh no, it’s fine, after all your mind seems to have wandered to more… pleasing things.”  he jerks his head in the direction of your figure. If it was possible, Bucky’s grin gets wider. “Damn now those are some legs.” He gives a low whistle. Steve feels his face heat up and he whips his head around to make sure you didn’t hear. But you were too far away and too involved in your conversation. Bucky’s recovery is still ongoing, but in the past couple of years he slowly but surely made marked progress. Enough progress that he began to socialize and started giving Steve a hard time again. Steve’s glad that he is feeling better, but man if he wasn’t a pain in the ass sometimes.

“Don’t you have some fuckin’ eggs to make?” Steve hisses lowly throwing Bucky a glare, who in turn just laughs and grabs a saucepan from the counter.

“You’re not as slick as you think Stevie,”

Steve’s brow furrows as he tries to apply the right amount of pressure to get the shading right. Now more so than ever Steve finds himself turning to drawing as a way to relax. He had opened some windows in the kitchen and sat at one of the stools at the counter with some coffee and a snack. He finds he goes through phases,  a section of his sketchbook was filled with sketches of birds, followed by drawings of only buildings, and then depressingly desolate landscapes. But now he’s going through a different phase. One that has him checking over his shoulder every time he sketches out in the open. Recently it seems like his infatuation with you bubbled over into his drawings. He smudges the shadows that fill out the curve of your smile. The page he’s working on is filled with sketches of your face in different expressions. The one before that was of your face at different angles. 

He supposed it would be easier to forget you if you weren’t so sweet. And patient. And funny. Steve had had several moments where he almost laughed at a joke you had made when he wasn’t even in the conversation. And even though he tried to give you the brush off you always were friendly when interacting with him…and those legs…He found himself flipping the page and before he even knew what he was doing, the outline of you  sitting on a stool, legs crossed, was on the page. Then your figure in that tight dress you wore to the last party Tony threw joins it. His neck heats up. A sketch of your ass from that one time you wore tiny cutoff shorts soon follows. Damn he still thinks about those shorts sometimes. His whole body heats up. He feels like a creep, drawing you, but he can’t help himself….and admitting that makes him feel creepier. He rubs his hands over his face and groans.

“Rough day?” Your voice makes him jump, but when he catches sight of you he almost falls off the stool. You’re wearing a red bikini and water is trickling down your body. You seem hell-bent on giving him a heart attack.

“Something like that,” He says stiffly, flipping pages back in his sketchbook when you turn to get something from the fridge. His eyes trace your form, and he bites his lip to keep from groaning out loud. ‘How is it even possible?’ Steve thinks to himself ‘to have a body that looks that good?’ You bend over slightly to get something and Steve feels himself start to sweat. ‘I gotta get outta here.’

“Well,its an amazing day outside.” You stand up straight and turn towards him, Holding two water bottles and a Popsicle “I’m gonna spend the day by the rooftop pool, swimming and trying to finish my book…if you want to join?” Your voice tips up hopefully at the end. It takes a moment for Steve to realize you asked him something because he’s too busy watching the path of water droplets down your body while trying to not look like he’s watching water drip down your body. His mind scrambles and goes then blank.

“No thank you,” he finally musters and it comes out harsher than he intended. And Steve’s too busy getting the hell out of the kitchen to see your hurt expression. Or realize that he left behind his sketchbook.

Steve makes a bee-line to where he knows Bucky will be. He finds the brunette sitting in his usual spot, this time joined by Sam, and playing checkers. This makes Steve crack a smile. The two are constantly giving each other shit, but they’ll never admit that they’ve become pretty good friends.

Steve screeches to a halt in front of the window seat.

“Ya got the devil chasing ya or somethin’, Steve?” Bucky looks up and smiles at Steve.

“No something much worse.” Steve sighs and plops down on the floor in front of them. The men exchange an amused  glance.

“What, Y/N caught you drilling holes into her head?” Sam says. Steve’s head whips up.

“Excuse me?”

Sam and Bucky burst out laughing.

“Man you think you’re subtle?” Sam snickers. Bucky moves his checker and snorts. “Like I said, ya ain’t slick, Stevie.”

“I-I uh,” Steve stutters, flushing.

“I’m pretty sure even Fury’s noticed by now” Sam says moving his checker and Bucky chokes, coughing out a laugh.

“Just make a move already.” Bucky says.”Ya obviously like ‘er and the distant act ain’t fooling nobody, what with the way you watch her.”

“Amen.” Sam says, and raises an eyebrow. “And lets be real, a girl that smart and that fine won’t stay single for long.” Bucky nods.

Steve groans, running his hands through his hair. “Shuddap, don’t you guys have a game to play?”

Bucky and Sam share another smirk, but keep quiet, focusing back in on their checker game. Steve sits back and watches them play, listening to them making small talk. But his mind keeps on wandering back your body in that bikini…. he wanted to be able to call you his ….what he wouldn’t give to just hold you…. …you always looked so soft….

He doesn’t know how much later, but he knows he must have zoned out for a little bit because Sam is snapping his fingers in from of his face get his attention and the checker game is put away.

“Hey you want to order a pizza and watch a movie?”

“Yeah sounds good.” Steve smiles and stands, stretching, his joints making popping sounds. The three men make their way down the hallway and are entering the living room when Steve hears a voice calling his name.

It’s you. And you’re holding his sketchbook.

Steve’s stomach bottoms out. ‘Can Captain America enroll in witness protection program?’

“Hey, mind if I talk to you for a bit?” You say, jerking your head towards the hallway, and Steve nods glumly. His heart is pounding painfully and he squares himself for the inevitable rejection and disgust. He follows you into the hallway. Scratching the back of his neck.

“Listen I-” he starts, but you interrupt.

“You know you’re a really good artist. The birds almost looked they were gonna fly off the page.” You hold up his sketchbook “I’m really sorry about being nosy, but you left it open….and your art is amazing.” You sheepishly look down.

Steve’s eyes widen. Maybe you hadn’t flipped far enough to see the drawings of yourself? Relief soaks down his body.

“Uh thanks,” he says, taking the sketchbook and moving to get away.

“Wait, can I ask you something?” You say and he nods, freezing.

“Do you draw from memory or use models?” you ask curiously.

“Uh, usually I like having whatever I’m drawing in front of me for the beginning of the sketch, it helps with accuracy.” Steve mumbles.

“Oh, okay” you say, and step closer and closer until Steve can feel the warmth of your body heat. Steve swears he stops breathing. “You know,” you start, your face a hairsbreadth away from his. “You really are an amazing artist. But if it helps with accuracy you should let me know the next time you’re going to draw my ass. I’d love to model for you.” with that You smirk and turn, heading back down the hallway. Steve stays frozen for a few more seconds staring  at your retreating figure before glancing back to the living room where Sam and Bucky are arguing over movie choices and then back at the hallway.

There’s no question.

“Hey! Y/N wait up a second!”

Welcome to the Turn fandom where historical accuracy doesn’t exist, amazing fanfiction is hardly anywhere, you struggle to hate certain British people, and we sob about Anna Strong, Major Hewlett, smol Sprout, and Ben Tallmadge but we still manage to live.

So heres a rant about Lefou with some points that I think a lot of people are missing. He's just a character that has a thing for dudes.

I get that we all want More™ representation for the lbgt+ community but I think his inclusion (and the way it was handled) was done EX-TREAMly well. This wasn’t a story about a gay guy. It was a story about a headstrong girl challenging gender norms and becoming a furry due to stockholm syndrome. This wasn’t meant to be a story about a gay guy.

While more reprensentation is deffiently on our wish lists, I believe that this movie is a sign of what is to come. It’s a stepping stone and I think we need to stop discrediting it. ((also the movie was flipping beautiful so stop!!))

People are mad that The Fool was our tokin gay guy but honestly!? Disney deliberately transformed The Fool into such a beautiful person? His character development was spectacular and well paced. The growing tension between his morals and Gaston as time went on, his singing numbers were fab, and he had his own mini redemption arc and became a hero at the end! Plus his happy ending was.. like perfect???

Some people are mad at his “it was *only* two seconds (if that)” of dance time but. like. Thats the trope.? Its suuuch a common trope for the sidekick character to cutely/clumsily bump into their love in the last scene of the movie with the music playing and get their alluded happily ever after. that. like? How are you mad at that?? This feel good trope is so well known and now its being twisted because you wanted more gayness? This wasn’t *his* story!

And like. his gayness didn’t even begin and end in that scene?? He was fab at the tavern and all throughout the darn movie flaunting his stuff, winking at gaston and comfortably, unapologetically being himself. ((I mean. Thats the kind of representation i want)) Le Fou is so much more than just his orientation and I think Disney did an amazing job at portraying that. Disney made a dynamic character with a compelling story (that stole the heart of damn near everyone who watched the movie) who just so happened to be gay. And I think thats great??? It would have been totally different if his being gay was the focal part of his character but he is so much more than just that label!

Honestly, Lefou’s character representation in this film shows how much Disney cares about this. I doubt they want to throw something together to appease our hungry butts but have it done the wrong way or not at the right time. And besides, as sad as it is, the world isn’t ready for Disney to just: BAM GAY!! all up on everyone. Yeah, sure it wasn’t perfect. But there was so much more to this movie. There was POC romance, a fab crossdresser, historical accuracy, amazing character development all around, backstory, beautiful animation and the soundtrack (Oh the soundtrack! Be still my beating heart!) I find it hard to believe people are walking out of there bitter.

Beauty and the Beast wasn’t going to be ‘The Film About a Gay Guy.’ But I believe this is a colossal step in the right direction to getting one.


This movie isn’t about a gay guy. Lefou isn’t just a gay guy. Disney turned him into so much more.

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Oh man oh man….

This was insane!
I legitimately still cannot believe that I made it to the finale, with two AMAZING makeup artists!!!

Andrew with his speed and accuracy. Years of experience sculpting Halloween masks and other special effects pieces has really given his artistic hand some amazing muscle memory. He knows EXACTLY what to pull out of the drawer when it came to each challenge.
KC with her ability to manage enormous amounts of sculpting work in such a small amount of time, and create amazingly creative silhouettes was always putting me in awe.

On top of that, most of the cast was brought back!!! YAS!!! I was so excited! SO stoked to finally be able to work with Phil, I had heard so many amazing things about how awesome he did with sculpture, and following a design aesthetic, and they weren’t lying! On top of that, he was a BEAST in the mold room! He tackled those molds with no problem, I’m pretty sure he didn’t even break a sweat!
And Suzanne! I LOVE this chick, she has so much tenacity, and she is just a constant source of cheer. Add being a fabrication NUT to that, and we had a very special ally on our side! I knew I could trust her to create something, even if  I gave her a basic scribble to work with.

Let me tell you, Glenn was AMAZING to work along side with. Its a TOTALLY different experience to have him next to you, rather than staring down at you. Getting his input, I could feel his excitement, and enthusiasm for Haunted Houses, and it really lit a fire in me to pull through for his vision. His critique and suggestion to our ideas was absolutely fantastic. He truly just wants to have fun, making some gnarly beasts! Being a noob at all of this, all I wanted was that fatherly nod of approval. That’s all I could ask for at this stage of the competition.

One day, I would love to be able to do what they all do, and combine it into something awesome!

This was only PART ONE of the challenge, folks!!! I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Peter Pettigrew was a Marauder.

Give me Remus and Peter talking seriously about Lycanthropy and Pete being the only one in the group to guess Remus’ absolute favourite chocolate.

Give me Sirius and Peter having their first smoke togeather, and Sirius being the one spluttering and choking everywhere. Peter being so accidentally punk rock Sirius ends up wanting some of HIS qualities

Give me James and Peter spying on their other two best friends, making bets on when they’re going to come out. Peter winning that bet because he knows his friends better than anyone. James being amazed at the accuracy and rewarding Peter with a public sonet.



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Just dating Prompto Argentum things:

  • You are oh so lucky to have sunshine incarnate as your boyfriend, Prompto Argentum. He’s just so… Fresh. Outwardly, he’s funny, goofy, sweet and chipper, but its not like he’s some dumb blonde. Prompto also has depth, street smarts and understands the true value of smile during tough times. Anyone should be so lucky to have Prompto in their lives and you have him as your partner. Ohh I’m so jealous!

  • So before you date, there’s a point where the guys get really frustrated at Prompto for mentioning your name. He just wants to talk about you so much. All the time. Every day. The blond worries about what you think of him because he’s not cool like Noctis, he’s not super intelligent like Ignis and he’s not buff and charismatic like Gladio. What if you prefer any of them over him? Like, he can’t match up to that. His feelings for you bring out a lot of insecurities and it’s not until you’re actually dating that these negative feelings ease off a little bit. Remember to reassure him that you love him for being himself. You don’t want someone like Noctis or Ignis or Gladiolus. You want Prompto and only him! It makes the blonde really happy to hear it.

  • Oh boy, I hope you like getting your photos taken because Prompto will be very hard to stop. If you’re insistent he won’t show anyone else the photos, but he totally wants to take them for himself. Maybe just let him indulge in his photography of you. Let’s be real, they’re the best looking photos that you’ve seen of yourself. Your boyfriend is an amazing photographer and somehow manages to capture the best sides of you at the best moments. “I dunno, I guess I just want people to see you how I see you…” He sheepishly tries to explain one day. God, he’s so cute. He needs to be punched in the mouth with your mouth immediately.

  • Speaking of photos, so many selfies. So many! The ones with you and Prompto are really cute, but some of the best ones are honestly the ones where the boys are photobombing you with silly faces and poses. There are two that Prompto ends up giving you to carry around, one with just you and him at sunset in Lestallum and another where the guys are photobombing you with chocobos in the background. It’s the only photo you’ve see where Noctis is pulling a cross-eyed face. It’s fantastic.

  • Dates involving chocobos. Enough said. Don’t love the chocobo more than you’re boyfriend though. He’ll get a bit jealous! One memorable date involves going to the farm, meeting Wiz and allll the cute fat baby chocobos. You spend the day looking after them with Prompto. It’s absolutely adorable watching your boyfriend with the hatchlings.
    “Check it out, I’m such a chick magnet!” The blond snickers with an armful of fluffy yellow chicks. Maybe one is nestled in his hair on top of his head. Hhhhhhhhhhh so cute, another punch in the mouth with your mouth is very much required. 

  • So Prompto will definitely try to show off. He can’t warp like Noctis can, he’s not super strong like Gladio and he can’t come up with perfect strats like Ignis, but honey, you will not find a better sharpshooter around. Prompto can execute the most amazing shots during battle at amazing speed and incredible accuracy. It’s kind of terrifying and all kinds of impressive! Be sure to praise Prompto over his skills, he’ll loooooove it. It gives him so much confidence and he kind of melts when you gush over anything he does. Prompto is also really good at singing? I mean sure he just whistles or jokingly hums and sings tunes on the road, but sometimes you’ll catch him actually singing and holy shit if it doesn’t get you giddy at least a little bit, you are lying through your damned teeth.

  • He’ll confess to you eventually that sometimes he doesn’t feel like he belongs. For some reason, Prompto never quite tells you the whole story until he’s ready, but seeing the blond so down is heart wrenching. Be sure to let him know that despite how he feels, no matter what, he will always have a place with you.
    “I’ll be your home, Prompto. You don’t have to worry.”
    He can’t really believe it at first, but you can tell he’s grateful as he gathers you up in his arms and gives you a tight hug and a gentle kiss.