the accuracy is amazing


↳ oh hot pink..!
↳ who could I be
↳ nochu come through
↳ the members don’t even know
↳ ok this is Jungkook
↳ put your hands up
↳ ARMY thank you so much
↳ 😘
↳ these days McCree’s accuracy is amazing
↳ now I will shoot at all your hearts ❤️️
↳ I am really grateful to overseas ARMY here too
↳ who is the most handsome in the MV?!
↳ hah
↳ right we’re all handsome hehe
↳ we’re working hard preparing for the concert!
↳ please anticipate a lot
↳ heheh thank you! I’m going to go practice hard again!
↳ see you again! 😙
↳ guns, aim, fire (lyrics from Not Today)❤️️

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Sandra Ceccarelli as Empress Elisabeth of Austria in The Crown Prince (2006, dir. Robert Dornhelm)

Welcome to the Turn fandom where historical accuracy doesn’t exist, amazing fanfiction is hardly anywhere, you struggle to hate certain British people, and we sob about Anna Strong, Major Hewlett, smol Sprout, and Ben Tallmadge but we still manage to live.

Gaston evaluation

Ok, if you haven’t seen the live action of Beauty and the Beast, PLEASE GO WATCH IT NOW.  IT MELTED MY STONE COLD HEART AND I’VE BEEN CRYING SINCE SATURDAY!!!  *ahem*  Anyway… I have some observations that need to be made concerning Gaston:  

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In the “Gaston” song, Gaston says that he “aims for the liver and shoots the beast from behind” or something like that whenever he’s on a hunt.  NOW.  Fastforward to the end where Gaston does just that with the Beast!  Holy cow!  What amazing foreshadowing! 

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Furthermore, in the big fight scene we see the great hunting prowess of Gaston.  He shoots his target accurately 3 times in a row and never misses!  That’s crazy, especially considering the fact that he’s shooting with a 1700s pistol, which we all know were worthless pieces of crap when it came to accuracy.  

Basically, Gaston’s inflated ego is completely validated. He’s an amazing huntsman, if a cowardly killer.    

Anyway, just wanted to babble about this movie.  

My mom, a devout Catholic, has told me that she’s amazed with the accuracy of my tarot, mediumship, and oracle card readings. On a whim she asked for a reading for fun. She told me that she never believed in ‘that stuff’ until I was predicting things correctly. She told me she believes they’re a gift from God and that if Catholics believe in Saints they have to believe in these gifts.

In related news, I’m making an oracle deck and quick activation wards. She said she’ll fund me! So expect some more news about those the beginning of next year.


Mason “Dipper” Pines, younger brother of Mabel Pines by 5 minutes

Age ; 19/ August 31st

Race ; Human

Strengths ; Above average Intelligence (has a PHD), can make make shift weapons out of mostly anything (even a can of coca cola), Has amazing accuracy, speaks 11 different languages 

Weaknesses ; Has lower than average Stamina, Is not very strong, Anti-Social (extreme case of Awkwardness) , too curious, CAN NOT SMIRK (lol i just had to)

Personality ; Prone to Curiosity, Will do anything to keep his family safe, Selfless, compassionate, easily ticked off/Sensitive cinnamon roll, acts too mature for his age.

Wants ; to be taken seriously, to have unlimited supply of candy, Bill?, to know more.

Likes ; Puzzles, Mysteries, Monster philosophy, Legends, Bill??, Wendy?, Candy, Getting praise, Attention (specific kinds), being right, Mabel, solving stuff (the harder the better), Challenges

Dislikes ; Bill???, Getting treated like a child, when people say he’s too young for something, being wrong, super spicy curry, Grunkle Ford’s cooking, being called adorable, people messing with Mabel, 

Crushes ; Wendy?, BILL????(>3>)/

Sexuality ; Bisexual

Catchphrase ; “Boom” (hahaha so original dipping sauce)

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Could I get the Performance Unit's reacting to finding your sketchbook and seeing it's full of sketches of them?

Jun would be so fascinated although also surprised, and he’d go through each sketch and spend a good while scrutinizing them. He’d think a lot about how good they are, but even so he’d mumble “But I’m much more handsome” to himself a lot, and he’d probably even point out to himself the parts that he thinks aren’t doing him justice, let it be a line of his lips or a strand of hair. The next time he sees you he gives you a soft kiss and grin at you. “You’re quite good at drawing, I see.”

Hoshi would be really touched and he’d have a lot of fun going through the sketches, and on each one he’d be amazed by the accuracy and details. The next time he’d see you, he’d teasingly ask things like “When have I ever looked like that?” and “Are you sure that’s me?” But he’d be smiling from ear to ear all the time he went through the sketchbook and probably leave you a note on the latest one, saying “You’re doing great Y/N!!” possibly with a star at the end.

The 8 would become so so flustered and think twice before going through it, somehow connecting it to a diary, but after a while he finally dares to open the sketchbook and boy is he amazed. At first he’d be a bit confused, but the joy would show on his face fairly soon. If you happened to walk in on him, he’d put the book away immediately, cheeks flushed. When you tell him it’s fine, he gives you that sweet smile of his and invites you closer. “These are pretty amazing. Can I draw you sometime?”

Dino would get excited. Each sketch would be like a new world to him, and by the last one he’d be bubbling with love. He’d be quite touched, too, thinking about how someone had actually spent a lot of time drawing him, and it being you would make it even more special to him. Dino would want to find a way to thank you for the beautiful sketches, even if he had only stumbled upon them, so he’d probably give you flowers or a tight hug and a kiss, or all of those. “I didn’t know I was this inspirational…”

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Hey, thank you for doing a miracle's work. Honestly, the speed that you find fics (and with accuracy) is amazing. I was just wondering, is there any more pirate!au fics lately? I've read all of them and I'm thinking of writing one if there's no more :)

an ao3 search

So Night in the Woods depicts things like depression and dissociative disorders, such as schizophrenia, in such stunning accuracy. It’s absolutely amazing how Mae is so real and has those disorders and deals with them like someone in her position would, not just having something good happen and suddenly being cured, even though she has fun and amazing friends there’s always part of her that’s never going to feel happy and like it’s worth it but she fights it because she loves her friends