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Character Analysis: Shiro

[ Lance ] [ Hunk ] [ Pidge ] [ Keith ] [ Allura ] [ Coran ]

Just for entertaining meta-ish purposes I’m going to do these in the order that the characters are introduced in the show. So that means we’re starting off with Fearless Space Leader. 

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So before I get too deep into studying for my exam(although with not yet a single attempt), I’d like to kind of answer their comment/question because I’ve also been thinking about the future!VLD team’s heights and such so here we go. Before that, I’ll only be able to answer some but if asked for more, you shall receive another time as long as I’m able to accommodate and comply to what you desire XD

Getting to their heights (or sizes???),

First, I have referred to the sizes of their lions to determine their heights therefore here it is in this order :D 

1~ The biggest lion; Black Lion- piloted by Shiro

2~The 2nd biggest lion; Yellow Lion- piloted by Hunk 

3~The middle-sized lion; Blue Lion- piloted by Lance

4~The 2nd smallest lion; Red Lion- piloted by Keith

5~ The smallest lion; Green Lion- piloted by Pidge

In the future!AU, they still grew up to be following the sizes of their lions accordingly and so, Pidge grew up to be Keith’s original (canon) height in the alternate universe and still being the shortest (Allura excluded because I have another theory for her next time)~ 

While for future!Keith and Lance, Lance became as tall as canon!Shiro  while Keith is only an inch or two shorter than him, so yes, Keith did grow XD

Forgive me for the messy sketch but to me, Lance isn’t exactly the embodiment of hotness but it is Shiro  mcspace daddy because my Blue son is just beautifulll~~ Yes, I LOVE MY SON. 

I thought of doing an undercut for him but then I’m just not sure, so I proceeded to letting him have his original hairstyle but bangs a little longer with streaks of blue highlights with additions like hair extensions so he can have braids 

Tats? All of them surely has it by that time which have the same lion designs but maybe different in the aspects of their own element. The others don’t really have it anywhere really prominent, except for Lance who has them just a little bit above the base of his neck. 

His fashion sense must have changed gradually while being up in space but as I’m not confident with it, I just end up making him an outwear hoarder

He loves all kind of jackets and sweaters. One of his favourite? Shiro’s old vest because Shiro likes it too ;)

Btw, if you’re asking why Lance doesn’t look that much older, please be reminded that he has a skin routine which obviously is why he’s still keeping up with his looks, especially flawless skin. 

And for the red-face thing.., I believe you meant his reaction (0v0;)

He has it pretty bad, since he’s the kind to get overwhelmed but as you know Shiro is someone who’s capable of controlling his emotions, this is a roller coaster for him. 

Not that pleasant when you’re the kind to laugh when you’re extremely anxious/nervous (that’s what I headcannon-ed him to be here)

.., Shiro stayed away from Lance for about a week after that because he knows best that one of the way to cope with it is to stay off the radar of the subject that triggers the reaction~

Honestly, the last one’s quite a joke because I’m boreeedddd~~~~~` And there you go :3 Goodnight


hufflepuffs + tickling
  • hufflepuff lers patiently waiting for their lees to crack, no matter how hard the lees try not to laugh
  • hufflepuff lees diplomatically making compromises in order to avoid/postpone being tickled
  • hufflepuff switches gladly accommodating their partner’s desires
  • hufflepuff lers asking their lees about any boundaries beforehand, patiently listening as the lees embarrassedly try to answer
  • hufflepuff lers whose teases are syrupy and sweet and genuine 
  • hufflepuff lers working diligently and going to any lengths to crack their lees

sadintpteen  asked:

Is it possible for an intp to turn into an entp over the years ? I noticed some things about intps started not to be relatable to me so I took the 16 personalities test again and now it says I'm an entp, most things are pretty accurate but I don't know much about entps. Also a post I found on here , talking about entp's life and it said "you probably didn't notice us (entps) in high school because we were in our embryonic pseudo intp/intj morph". So is it possible?

I guess you’re an ENTP then. Most of self-proclaimed INTPs doubting their introversion are ENTPs. INTPs are just introverted and they kinda know it.

There are already lots of posts on the topic, just google some entp/intp differences… I’m going to pick the points that I found most helpful when I was in the same situation as you are now:

- Do you see yourself as passionate, do you love sharing ideas and debating to see other’s points of view? ENTP. Or are you okay with leaving it to yourself? INTP.

- Pro tip: Longterm Observation. Are your friends into MBTI, too? Observing your and other’s behavior on a daily basis will teach you more than typology books. 

- I: seeks out situations that are low-key or slow changing
- E: seeks out situations that are stimulating or fast-paced

- I find THIS pretty accurate

- Functions:
INTP: Ti Ne Si Fe
ENTP: Ne Ti Fe Si

(more about functions)

- Typing based on the weakest=inferior function is much more easier than focusing on the dominant one. The inferior function is an Achilles heel to us, it’s not much developed and it tends to manifest itself in a kinda immature and egoistic way, it reminds us how far from being perfect we are:

> weak Fe: low empathy, hard to understand feelings, ignoring feelings of other people - may lead to hurting them, may tread on someone’s toes, socially awkward, emotions aside 

> weak Si: hypochondry, not reflecting one’s needs of sleep, stability or integrity, not listening to one’s self, dismissing mundane details, forgetting dates, being late, misplacing things, procrastination, unnecessary rule breaking

- ENTP: more accommodating, INTP: more reliable.
- ENTPs have a desire to share their ideas and will discuss topics at length.
- ENTPs can also appear to be quiet around people (especially people who are more extraverted than themselves) but around a smaller group of friends ENTPs get a bit incessant.

- Observations from a forum that may not be reliable but I find them accurate:
> INTPs: More into physical sciences, not so much into people
> ENTPs: More into social sciences - anything that requires observation of human behavior. They are naturally curious about people.
- Words to describe ENTP would be: passionate, outspoken, creative, analytical
- Words to describe INTP would be: analytical, pedantic, judgmental, apathetic 

- ENTPs: wider knowledge base than INTPs. They tend to be more impulsive. INTPs also have wide knowledge base but they are a little more selective in their areas of interest. They typically have more knowledge in these areas than ENTPs. They don’t jump around as much, they go deeper.

- To answer your question, you can’t change types. But:
The ‘introvert -> extrovert switch’: there’s a theory that says we develop our functions with age, child - dominant, teen - secondary, adolescent-adult - tertiary and there is a lot of ENTPs who say that they started to be social just around the age of 18… I too was pretty ‘introverted’ till the end of high school, and then bam… Idk how deep you got into functions, anyway, for an ENTP, it’s going to work like this:
Ne - extroverted intuition, child
Ti - introverted thinking, teen
Fe - extroverted feeling, adolescent 
So you might be in the stage when your tertiary extroverted feeling starts kicking in and you’re getting more sociable, more aware of social rules etc. So yeah, I guess you’re an ENTP (and you’ve always been)

I hope it helps a bit, let me know what you think you are! 

  • Word Count:1,279
  • Characters: 2p China & Reader 
  • Theme: Yandere

He was an adrenaline junkie, always searching for that next high and chasing danger wherever he went, just hoping he would feel alive inside. Regardless of the injuries and pain it brought him, it only made him feel more awake. Feeling no remorse for the pain he inflicts on others, nor sorrow for the trail of broken bloody hearts that followed his every step.

How could someone so vain and narcissistic truly worthy of being loved? He deplored love, denouncing every act of tenderness and ardor. Only the feeling of lust and greed that he would embrace, until he met you that is. You had caught his attention upon first sight, soon finding himself maddened and addicted to you. There could be no other substitute to satisfy that desire of which he craved of you, as he was determined he would own you body, mind, and soul.

You were now his own personal strain of opium, a high that would never dull whenever he was around you. The feeling of a needle piercing into his sickly pale arm and releasing the poisons into his bloodstream, a familiar buzz growing stronger that often left him numb. This high could not compare to you though, only a means of distraction until the decaf buzz wore off sooner than expected.

He knew he just had to pursue you, to swallow the pill filled with promises of serenity and bliss. When he haunted your footsteps, scavenging for every little trace from you left behind for him to cherish and treasure above life itself that would later be added to the collection within his home. Really, you should be more careful.

You never know what creature in the night may steal you away, creatures like himself that would not hesitate to ravage the very innocence you withheld. The very thought of having you writhing and twisting under him brought immense pleasure, yet almost brought agony to be the one who would taint sure purity.

All he wanted was to bask in the holy light you gave and to wash over him, rinsing away his unforgivable sins. The internal flames that have engulfed him for so long, extinguished with your very presence and leaving the feeling of waves washing over him.
Tonight was the night, he would finally capture that starlight and keep it hidden from the heartless world filled with damnation and unrighteousness.

Creeping through the shadows of your bedroom, hanging over your bed in silent prayer for you to stay in the serene state you were in. His hand hesitating to touch your silky smooth skin, the sensations scorching his very being. Sort murmurs escaping slightly parted lips, causing red eyes to stare in intensity for signs of awakening. Maintaining composure, he leaned just barely above your silky hair and inhaling the toxic scent that would burn in his memories and linger in his system for hours.

After that single hit, the crimson blood began to rush through his veins in excitement and anticipation for what is about to happen. Bringing out a syringe filled with an unknown vibrant substance, the silver of the needle catching the moonlight that pushed passed the curtains. In front of the open window allowing a slight breeze follow suite into the room, extinguishing the flush of his skin.

With gentle precision, pushing the needle into your virgin skin and injecting the rich solvent. Sighing out in satisfaction as your mind wandered deeper into sleep, just barely hanging there from no return. Gathering you into his arms, then carrying you into the night where he would take you somewhere he would only see you and could protect you from the outside world.

Once carrying to the prepared room that was custom designed just to accommodate your every desire. The room itself not luxurious, but held a certain charm to it. Placing you gently on the bed while you laid in the comatose state, his mind racing and numb from the actions he had just taken. You were finally home, where you belonged and would be worshiped every hour of the day.

Hummed with an inhaled breath, his long fingers tapped itself down your round stomach, traced upon the rolls upon your hips before retracting his fingers, as if he would ruin the masterpiece painted on a canvas. This is exactly how he wanted you, senseless and unresponsive. Crawling onto the bed and laying next to your sleeping body, he wrapped his arms tightly around your plush body to pull you against his chest.

Breathing out a shaking breath he did not realize he was holding, he finally felt he was complete with you by his side. For hours he laid there, counting every breath you took and memorizing the rhythm of your chest rising and falling, still within your comatose state. However, the peaceful moment was soon interrupted with the poison dulling within your system and causing you to awaken.

Eyes snapped open, cheeks flushed and your muscles rigid, you inhaled in a breath as your struggled against his arm; yet he still squeezed tightly. No matter what whimpers and pleads of freedom, the begs fell to deaf ears as he brought out a familiar object from the nightstand.

Filling the vial with succulent substances, bringing it down onto your panicked form before injecting the smooth concoction to relax your mind to the previous mindless state. He did not care that you would not respond to his confessions of love and adoration, as long as you were next to him in the skin and flesh with a beating heart was he satisfied.

The days dragging slowly, filled with promising words whispered into your ears that trailed into your blanked mind. Tendrils of smoke dancing within the room in spirals, leaving a sweet scent behind as half-lidded red eyes trailed your every detail and crevasse on your body. Bringing the opium-laced pipe to his dry lips, inhaling yet again the venomous smoke into his lungs.

The sleeve of his shirt lazily wiping away the left over powdered substance that gathered at his nose, threatening to burst into a crimson river. His mind in a constant satiated haze from obsessing over your paralyzed body laid on the bed where he placed you upon first acquiring you, which was months ago.

Make no mistake, he would allow the drugs to wear off long enough to feed you and bathe you. Though your mind became so warped and fogged from the effects of the drugs he has laced within your food, causing you to not know whether you were alive or not. Unable to feed yourself, he happily fed you to his hearts content.

His fogged mind shaken back into reality as he heard the familiar whimpers falling from plump lips, you were awake. Smirking to himself, he lazily rose from his seating position to strut over to the various vials placed with rigor. Assorting from strain and strength of the concoctions, he chose the ultra violet lilac substance before filling the glass vial within the syringe.

Flicking the needle twice to expel any air bubbles for total accuracy for your daily dose. Flashing the needle before your clouded eyes where you could only barely make out the shape of the object before you, where incomprehensible sounds spewed from your mouth into a tantrum.

Pushing the needle past the skin barrier and into the worn out vein in your arm, he released the smooth fluid into your addicted body that now craved the very substances he fed you every day. Love and lust clouding his eyes as he watched you fall back into your beautiful mindless state, this is where you belonged.


In which we find out that Lin accommodated Pippa’s desire not to know ahead of the performance who was in the audience by waiting until just after bows to tell her.


{Wednesday 09/11/2016} 

Accommodation Theory for English and some module covers to separate the two novels I am studying. (The Great Gatsby hasn’t been started yet)

Was sick at college today and spent ten minutes in the girls bathroom having a panic attack over the fact I had just been sick in college until my friend came to my rescue and calmed me down. I managed to sign out and get the next bus home and am currently in bed while finishing some work that needs to be done. 

anonymous asked:

Daddyvans do you still live in washington? I was thinking of moving there to live with my boyfriend while he goes to uni, but i dont know if i should go or just stay in nc with my family? if you do, can you tell me about it?

i do live in washington!! i live in tacoma, and have spent quality time here, seattle, the peninsula, and down the coast.  here are some fun western washington facts:

  1. we only get about one mild snowstorm every winter for two days - a week, where everyone freaks the fuck out and pretends like they’ve never seen snow before.  in the summer, sometimes it can get up to 100, but with zero humidity.  you will never step out of the shower and wonder whether you are sweating or just wet. 
  2. it is kind of super stupid gorgeous all the time forever.  what most people call mountains, we call hills.  we have real mountains!  mt. rainier is our terrifying overlord watching us at all times, and lahar danger zone funding just ran out, but it’s fine because we probably won’t make it to the next eruption anyway.  so as long as you’re going to be trapped in nightmare hellscape america, do it somewhere that has NEARBY RAINFORESTS (the hoh!), BADASS HIKES AND CLIMBS AND SKI RESORTS (mt. si! tiger mountain! crystal mountain!), FUCKIN’ LAKES AND OCEANS AND SHIT! (rattlesnake ledge! green lake IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY, the fucking PUGET SOUND) to get out of seattle and climb away into the forgiving bosom of mother nature on a good day takes under a half hour.  
  3. if you like culture, there is a lot of it.  check out the alternative newspaper THE STRANGER to see what kind of amazing hijinks are going on all the time.  seattle hosts things like HUMP! (amateur adult film competition), SIFF, and a bunch of other bananas fun shit too.  i’m honestly a big hermit these days, but the sense of community surrounding literally anything you are passionate about is thriving and alive in western washington somewhere.  many somethings are always happening. 
  4. we have the best beer in the country, the best wine in the country, and if you’re over 21, you can walk into a store and buy weed over the counter at street prices.  no more pretending you care about that weird guy who plays you trip hop in his bedroom while weighing out things in a scale in his closet and asking if you want to hang out and watch planet earth.  the middle man is gone.  ALSO: state-sanctioned edibles.  no more guessing how fucked up you’re going to get and drowning in your couch for seven hours.  
  5. everything is fresh forever and the foodie culture here is amazing.  it’s not as good as portland’s, but it’ll do for now.  
  6. portland is very close by!! and portland is the cooler sibling of seattle and tacoma.  (tacoma is the dirty little brother, and i love him, i love tacoma, tacoma doesn’t give a fuck and it doesn’t pretend to.  seattle tries a little bit harder.)
  7. the people here are by and large very fucking chill.  i work in an industry that has a very conservative corporate heart, and deals with a lot of blue collar industry, and have witnessed nothing but open-minded kindness and desire to accommodate people regardless of identity, race or disability.  that doesn’t mean that those things don’t exist here–like, seattle is pretty fucking white.  portland is INCREDIBLY white.  some people from snohomish county for some inexplicable reason speak with a southern dialect despite living in washington their entire lives.  but there is an innate kindness to the people in this state that i’ve heard a lot of transplants comment on.  
  8. DOWNSIDES: high sales tax and the PNW has a serial killer history that rivals the midwest.  also, bigass volcano.  

like, literally, just do it.  move here.  have an adventure.  bring rain boots and a big heart.  

DAY 3254

Jalsa, Mumbai                    Feb 24/25,  2017                   Fri/Sat 12:50 am

Ef Sheetal Bahl, Birthday : our love and wishes for the Ef that goes by the name of Sheetal .. have a lovely day .. !! 

You wait with longing for the night to evolve and to master those pictures that tell a tale of the day activities .. they arrive suddenly, they are treated with great respect, nurtured, selected and topic coated so to be able to make a presentation that is worthy of their presence .. to be able to guide the Ef into the world we are in .. and to be able to put to text a semblance of description ..

All .. irrespective of time and place and circumstance …

All for the joy of connection .. a connection that has now lasted three thousand two hundred and fifty four days .. 

The pictures are as they are in the best form possible .. but of late there is a keen drive to color, to art work them, to pillory them through various complicated Apps., that convert, design, give credence to the mind of the manufacturer .. and to put them out for the owner to signature their effort .. to be seen and recognised and to be dragged on to the media outlet known now commonly as the social media .. if at all it can be called social ..!!

Some that have interest in me .. are pulled away and used as a presence either in other mediums or retweeted for greater volume of like .. when such act comes to life, there is recognition and appreciation from the maker .. some when it does not attract attention, are in anger and complaint .. the efforts not failing in any respect ..

They are all beautiful and my appreciation of them may not give all a personal acknowledgment, but there is assurance that they have been seen and liked and shared if not here then elsewhere .. 

NO .. that is NOT an invitation to call me or any other  .. its a moment of frivolous, over exertion hyperventilation, without any purpose ..

My mobile is known now to all .. it is a part of the internet and therefore accessible to any and every .. fine .. but it does not become humanly possible to respond or acknowledge all .. this is a physical manual problem .. not one from the heart .. 

When you look around the work place of today’s times at the studio, or during film shootings, the sheer number of people involved in the work is quite phenomenal .. they all do the same work as during our times, but the ethic is different .. communications are now not linked to the voice .. they be stuck with ear pieces of walkie talkie invention .. one to be talked to, could be a few inches away at times, but they get on to the mike and the ear phone still ..

The number of people that are deployed for even the minutest of jobwork, is large .. what could be done by one is now represented by ten !

No objection to that at all .. greater employment, more hands to assist, and even greater minds to pass verdict on .. simple .. progressive, yet at times too cumbersome ..

The work that could have been immediately attended to personally, is deputed to another because it has been designed so .. no harm .. but time consuming ..

SO you are up by 7, to work up the body from its malaise and lethargy, and within minutes at dubbing theatre at YRF, followed by the shoot in the same studio soon after .. arrive before time, leave before time ..

DONE .. today was such ..

So shoot initiated, after an angle, rush to still shoot as they set up for next camera profile ..  rush through still shoot till the shot is ready, back to the floor .. and then a cycle of such movements over a rapid period of time ..  then interviews for the ‘making’ , some other tie ups with other media and their bytes and speaks .. a million ‘selfies’ and swiftly back into the confines of your SUV and home …   

Coffee … !!??

I have left it but you need not … so love ..

The Honourable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherji, watches our film ‘PINK” tomorrow in Delhi, at his residence, the Rashtrapati Bhavan .. and so there shall be travel .. just for a few hours .. he has always been most generous with his time and desire to accommodate the creative elements of cinema, and we cannot thank him enough for it ..

Buses, bus stops walls and other regions of banner, carry these advertisements for the prevention of TB and Hepatitis, a campaign that I have involved myself in .. the severity of the campaigns is large and needs address .. and there is hope much like the campaign for Polio and its riddance from the country, that these  shall also bear fruit .. 

The medium of campaign carriers has increased to such immense proportions .. a word here a word there, a selfie and done .. in nano seconds it has reached the very intricate corners of Timbuktu .. these are the benefits of the discovery .. there is the flip side too .. of litigation severity and easy access to the desire to do so .. objections to words, acts deeds, spoken word, the very symbolism of those 60 seconds on Tv, has opened the gates for PIL’s and legal notices ..

Everyone needs a voice that is reached or delivered in a manner that would in normal circumstances not be reached .. but it does now and with such speed, that content creation has taken an automotive level .. content of any kind sells .. stepping out of the home, in to airport, out of airport, in to a restaurant out of it .. who with where and how why ? and dress .. style and sense of combinations in wardrobes, what worn when entering the airport and when not .. the list is endless .. 

The most occupational hazard is the ‘selfie’ .. no satisfaction with a normal photograph .. no sireee .. it has to be the self in the end come what may .. the penchant for documentation and snaps has now reached a proportion when we can say with a certain amount of pride that, all that has transpired in the last some years is in safe custody with some mobile owners ..!!!

May the Lord bless all that do so .. 

But a small request - can you not, dear media, block the path of the car for that photograph of the celebrity inside arriving at or going to somewhere ..?? PLEASE ..

It is a dangerous hazard and there has to be some semblance of civility in conduct .. thank you ..

Amitabh Bachchan


16 April 1972

The Electric Light Orchestra made their debut at The Fox and Greyhound in Croydon, London. ELO were formed to accommodate former Move members Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne’s desire to create modern rock and pop songs with classical overtones. Wood departed following the band’s debut record, Lynne wrote and arranged all of the group’s original compositions and produced every album.


 A/N; I just spent the entire night writing this. I really probably should have slept but- eh- oh well.

This isn’t a requested one-shot, nor is it an imagine. It’s just a short little thing. Unless someone wants more or if I just want to write more. I’ve been working on the next installment of How We Came To Be but I needed to take a breather, ja feel?

If you like it, leave some love! It’s almost 5;30 am here so I need to close my eyes.  

   Chloe Penelope had decided that she was going to wear polka dots every day of her life. At least, that’s what her mom thought. The bright purple leggings were accented with spots all over in different colors. Her lime green shirt wasn’t bare, either. There were plumes of flowers along the collar. None of her outfit coordinated with itself and the three-year-old couldn’t care less.

   Hannah rolled her eyes good-naturedly and stifled a chuckle when she found her toddler waiting outside the kitchen. The woman noticed her daughter was standing with her hands on her hips and completely proud of her outfit choice. Maybe one she’d be the style icon of the decade. There was no talking the child out of her clothing choices once she made up her mind.

   “I’m beautiful, Mommy!” The toddler nearly shouted throughout the entire apartment, even though she was less than 6 feet away from her mother.

   Hannah did chuckle at that. “Yes, Chlobug. You are very beautiful! The most beautiful one here, I do believe!”

   The golden blonde child walked up to the dinner table. “Nuh-uh, Mommy. You are!”

   The woman picked up her daughter and left a kiss on her nose. “We both are. How about that?”

   “Hmm…” Chloe tapped her finger on her chin and looked to be deeply in thought. “Ok! We both are! Are we princesses, Mommy?”

   “Why can’t I be the queen?”

   “Because you’re too young, Mommy. Queen’s are old. Duh.”

   Hannah crouched down to her sitting daughter’s level and looked her right in the eye. “One day, you’ll get the biggest inheritance I can leave you. Keep up the good work, Kid.”

   “Can I have chocolate milk with my Fruity Pebbles, Mommy?”

   “And then that happens. Sure thing, Kiddo. Whatever your weird little heart desires.” Hannah pulled the accommodating breakfast items off shelves and out of the fridge and prepared the meal.

   After Hannah had dropped her charming yet odd child off at preschool, she stopped at the market to grab food that she was pretty sure that she wasn’t going to end up making. Grocery shopping always made her hungry. She learned very early on that if she wanted to retain her sanity, she couldn’t shop with Chloe. She’d have to go during school hours when she was the hungriest and the busiest.

   Chloe wasn’t the pickiest eater, but she was picky enough. The only cereal she ate was Fruity Pebbles, and she preferred it in chocolate milk. She even had a certain bowl that she ate it out of.

Okay, maybe picky wasn’t the right word. Chloe was particular. That’s not mean to think, is it?

   Hannah shrugged at her inner thoughts and grabbed the biggest box of cereal that she could find on the shelf and made her way to the front of the store, eyeing the wine section as she went. That’s when she saw him.

   The brunette slowed to a stop, and it took her a minute to realize that she was gawking at some stranger in the middle of the wine aisle at the grocery store. She didn’t usually stare at people she didn’t know in such a conspicuous manner, so she hid behind the end cap of another aisle and peered around the corner.

   She recognized him, sort of. She remembered seeing him somewhere before. It was brief, but she couldn’t forget that face. He was either on the tv or guest lectured at the college she took online courses at. He was familiar, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it.

   The man was looking through the bottles of white wine with his tongue stuck out in deep concentration. His fingers were hovering over the labels he was reading, and he looked so adorably lost. The wine bottles were lucky to have so much attention paid to them by such a wonderfully interesting man. He needed help, though. That much she could tell.

   Don’t just stand there like a loon, Hannah. Here’s a wonderful opportunity to meet someone new. It could be quick and painless. Chloe wouldn’t even have to meet him. Not that I’d put her through that anyway. Not again.

   Just do it. There’s no shame in making new friends. Besides you’re curious about where you recognize him from anyway…

   “Uh.” Hannah’s canvas covered feet moved faster than her brain. “You look like you’re having some trouble picking out a wine.”

   The man turned to look at her with a brief expression of surprise then licked his lips.

   Oh, man, she thought. That could kill me.

   He looked back at the bottles and then nodded. “I’m not a big wine connoisseur. I know all the types of wine and what goes best with what food pairings but it’s for a birthday gift. I’m not quite so sure what she’d prefer.”


   “Well, does she like a certain brand or type? Or does she like to try different kinds out sometimes?” Hannah walked up until she was just barely a few feet from him.

   “I’m not actually sure. It’s embarrassing, really. I have an eidetic memory. One would think I can remember what’s had in my presence

Hannah brushed some hair behind her ear and winced. “I hope she’s not a girlfriend; otherwise you’d be in loads of trouble..”

   The man blushed a little. “Ah, no. She’s just a very good friend. One I wouldn’t want to upset. She deserves the best.”

   “Aw,” the woman smiled earnestly. “She sounds important. But it also sounds like you shouldn’t overthink it. I’m sure whatever you choose, she’ll enjoy it. Just make this choice from your heart and stick a meaningful card with it. Girls can be suckers for cards. Or maybe that’s just me…”

   He looked back at the shelving. “What would you suggest?”

   “Who? Me?” Hannah put a hand to her chest in surprise.

   “Yeah. You’re a girl. You seem like you would make good wine decisions. What would you go for?”

   “Honestly?” Hannah reached up and wrapped her non-manicured fingers around a bottle on the middle shelf and pulled it down. “This one.”

   The man took the wine after she held it out to him and read the label. “Kendall-Jackson Riesling. Why is this the one you picked?”

   The words weren’t critical, just pure curiosity.

   “Well, that’s an easy one. It’s my favorite! If it’s at any restaurant I go to, it’s the first thing out of my mouth. Well, that and cheese sticks. I love my cheese sticks.”

   Hannah met the man’s eyes after her almost daydream and stopped short. “Was that weird?”

He shook his head and gave a small smile. “No, cheese sticks are delicious. Did you know cheese has historical roots dating back as far as 6,000 BC? And that about 20 million metric tons of cheese gets produced every year? And I guess I should have warned you about that…”

   “About what?” Hannah had cocked her head to the side in brief confusion.

   The man scratched the back of his head and looked away. “About how I just say random things that no one asked about. I just…spurt them out.”

   “If you know it, flaunt it. Intelligence is very attractive. Use it, just don’t be a jerk about it. Maybe you can use it to turn that very close friend into something else, hmm?” Hannah bumped his shoulder in an easy going way.

   “Oh, no. Penelope already has somebody. I’m kind of the baby of the office. She’s very protective of me.”

   “Oh yeah? Where do you work? Or, if that’s too abrasive, what do you do?” He’s single! I can’t do anything about that, but I can feel less guilty about it at least.

   He looked around. “I uh…I work in the F.B.I. Behavioral Analysis Unit, to be precise.”

   “That’s where I know you from!”

   The quick outburst made him jump slightly, and he wondered for a brief second if it was a mistake to say such intimate details to someone he didn’t even know.


   “You guest lectured at the college I’m taking online courses at. You’re Dr. Spencer Reid! I couldn’t figure it out! It was right at the tip of my tongue. And I’m totally spazzing out now.”

   Spencer laughed an honest laugh and held the bottle of wine close to his chest. “Don’t worry about it. Honestly, it’s not as bad as you think.”

   “Oh yeah? Wanna take a bet? I saw you as I was passing this aisle and wanted a reason to approach you because you were so familiar, I couldn’t figure out why. So I hid behind that end cap right over there for 5 minutes. I was trying to figure out when to come over here, if ever at all.”

   “So you were stalking me because I looked familiar?”

   “Well, that and-” Hannah abruptly shut up, and a bright flush overcame her cheeks. “Uh.”

   “And why? Now I’m curious.” Spencer stepped closer to her.

   Well, crap. “And uh…”

   Spencer watched as Hannah licked her lips and hummed to herself. The woman subconsciously rubbed her right arm as she bit her bottom lip. 

   Oh, for goodness sakes.

   “Because I wanted to know you. When you were standing there, in the middle of the wine aisle, you looked like someone I wanted to know.”

   “And now? Am I still someone you’d want to know?”

   Hannah met his eyes and smiled. “Hi, I’m Hannah Cameron, and you are definitely worth getting to know.”

   Hannah reached out a hand, and Spencer took it, shaking it. Her blush faded a tinge, but their eyes never left each other. She hoped he was worth getting to know. Being a single parent tended to be a turnoff, but she just couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that she got. Maybe Spencer was different?

The Venus Signs - Your art, beauty and love

Your Venus sign is how you approach love, how you appreciate and express beauty and art.

Venus in Aries: Venus in Aries’ love to be flattered and desire affection. Their passionate in their love and are attracted to dominant partners.

Venus in Taurus: Venus in Taurus’ are sensual lovers who tend to be quite jealous and possessive. They are affectionate and faithful.  

Venus in Gemini:Venus in Geminis’ desire mental stimulation and it can be quite hard to keep them around as they fall in and out of love fast. They are flirtatious and fickle.

Venus in Cancer:Venus in Cancers’ desire consistency and faithfulness in a partner, they can be moody and emotionally possessive and are attracted to maternal types.

Venus in Leo:Venus in Leos’ desire adoration and are very amorous and warm-hearted. They are generous yet vain and are attracted to strong personalities

Venus in Virgo: Venus in Virgos’ are quite choosy and idealistic when it comes to partners, they are sensuous and reserved, they are attracted to “perfection”.

Venus in Libra: Venus in Libras’ look for completion in their partner.They Charming and romantic as well as accommodating and self-indulgent. 

Venus in Scorpio: Venus in Scorpios’ are seen as lusty and jealous, they are attracted to mystery and are intense and faithful.

Venus in Sagittarius: Venus in Sagittarius’ look for companionship in a partner, they are independent and flirty, yet can be promiscuous

Venus in Capricorn: Venus in Capricorns’ likes respectability, status is important to them and they have a cool demeanor until they get hot under the collar. They are faithful partners

Venus in Aquarius: Venus in Aquarius’ needs emotional freedom. Falling in love isn’t a walk in the park for them but they make supportive and loving partners.

Venus in Pisces: Venus in Pisces’ are very accommodating and romantic, they desire emotional synchronicity and are naturally seductive.

neothoron  asked:

Hello, you mention in your ask about Renly's manipulative cruelty that Mace Tyrell is actually shrewder than he appears. What makes you say that? Does that imply that Olenna's description of him as an oaf is an act put up for Sansa? Do you think he had a conscious part in the Purple Wedding?

Hiya! I’m so sorry this is so long in coming; a bunch of people asked on this topic, so I wanted to put something full-length together.

When people talk about The Quotes from ASOIAF, the ones that are basically GRRM dropping the veil and telling us how he thinks and feels about his subject matter, there’s this one from Varys that comes up a lot:

“Power resides where men believe it resides.”

And there’s a lot of political and Plato’s-cave truth to that. But there’s an equally relevant and powerful flipside to this trope: the power that can be achieved by deflecting attention, by appearing unimportant, shallow, secondary, a figurehead. In short, the tremendous upside to be exploited in being constantly underestimated.

For me, no character exemplifies this trope better than Mace Tyrell, that pompous, overwrought boob…who is currently serving as the Hand of the King, which is exactly what he has been trying to accomplish the entire time. Mace commands by far the largest armies in Westeros, and has acted at every turn to preserve them, committing to battle only at the Blackwater, where he was bolstered by Tywin’s forces and needed to prove his loyalty to the new regime, and at Duskendale, where his opponents had been set up to fail by their own commander (Roose Bolton, another man happy to be underrated). Where Tywin begins the war by rampaging around the Riverlands to work through his shame about Tyrion’s kidnapping (until Robb turns up and promptly makes him look like an idiot, so then that much more shame to slaughter civilians over), and Stannis begins the war by painstakingly preparing a list of reasons why his life sucks and everyone’s mean and he hates them (I love him so much because he’s a sullen, lonely kid forlornly kicking at empty plastic bags in the corner of the schoolyard), Mace begins the war like an adult. Specifically, he cuts off food supplies to King’s Landing.

Now, Renly is usually credited with or blamed for the strategy of moving his army deliberately slowly toward King’s Landing, but note that when Stannis threatens Storm’s End, Renly moves extremely quickly–in fact, too quickly:

Ned would surely have prevailed upon Robert to bring up his whole force, to encircle Stannis and besiege the besiegers. That choice Renly had denied himself in his headlong rush to come to grips with his brother. He had outdistanced his supply lines, left food and forage days behind with all his wagons and mules and oxen. He must come to battle soon, or starve.

So it seems more likely that Mace was responsible for this slow pace, with the primary goal (as we see through Tyrion’s POV) of starving the people of King’s Landing to the point of rebelling against Joffrey, a cruel but clever stratagem that came very close to working. When the Tyrells then ally with the Lannisters, they flood King’s Landing with food, winning the support of the people even though the Tyrells were the ones who cut off supplies to begin with:

“The Tyrells have been carting food up from Highgarden and giving it away in her name. Hundreds of wayns each day. There’s thousands of Tyrell men swaggering about with little golden roses sewn on their doublets, and not a one is buying his own wine. Wife, widow, or whore, the women are all giving up their virtue to every peach-fuzz boy with a gold rose on his teat.”

They spit on me, and buy drinks for the Tyrells.

Those bolded words of Tyrion’s sum up perfectly how well the Tyrells have played the commons relative to the Lannisters. Littlefinger’s upcoming embargo (as revealed in the recent “Alayne” chapter) will only ramp up the political leverage Mace has wielded throughout the series via Reach resources and exports.

Mace also managed to avoid ever alienating the Starks and Tullys, and so is not hated by the Young Wolf’s former supporters, a significant accomplishment given that they seem poised to wipe Houses Bolton and Frey off the face of Terros. Indeed, successful political maneuvering is as much about avoiding disastrous mistakes as securing ambitious triumphs; Lord Mace excels at this, which is why he’s been able to jump from Renly to Joffrey to Tommen, sacrificing remarkably little and picking up Brightwater Keep in the bargain. Hell, as Tyrion points out, he even left the door open to joining Team Robb should the Lannisters prove troublesome:

Bloody fool, thought Tyrion. “Sweet sister,” he explained patiently, “offend Tyrell and you offend Redwyne, Tarly, Rowan, and Hightower as well, and perhaps start them wondering whether Robb Stark might not be more accommodating of their desires.”

Note Tyrion’s construction here; Tyrell’s vassals take their cues from the Fat Flower, not the other way around. When Randyll Tarly and Mathis Rowan talk in council, this is what I hear:

Ser Kevan was his brother’s vanguard in council, Tyrion knew from long experience; he never had a thought that Lord Tywin had not had first. It has all been settled beforehand, he concluded, and this discussion’s no more than show.

(I know Kevan thinks Tarly’s the real danger, but Kevan also thinks Cersei is permanently cowed, so he’s not necessarily the most insightful guy.)

Mace Tyrell has spent the entire story steadily accumulating both hard and soft power, and nobody seems to notice, because unlike his mother or his daughter, he doesn’t fit the archetype of a classic political manipulator. If there is an unambiguous winner in the Game of Thrones so far, still standing amidst all the bodies, it is the Warden of the South…and yet it’s hard not to laugh at him when he does stuff like this:

The new King’s Hand was seated on an oaken throne carved in the shape of a hand, an absurd vanity his lordship had produced the day Ser Kevan agreed to grant him the office he coveted.

But the terrifying thing to consider is that he is not desperately compensating by making himself a Hand-Throne; he is, instead, deadly serious. (How long ago did he have that chair made, to have it ready on the spot?) Mace Tyrell intends to rule King’s Landing for the foreseeable future, and Varys and his little birds have made that immeasurably easier for him.

So, why do I credit all this to Mace specifically? It’s become a near-consensus that Lady Olenna is the true power in Highgarden, to the point I’ve actually seen people refer to House Tyrell as “matriarchal,” which is one hell of a misread. Highgarden is not Sunspear. The Tyrells are not the Mormonts (more’s the pity; all our lives are brighter with Lyanna Mormont in charge of the Bear Island letterhead). The Reach is the epicenter of feudal patriarchy in Westeros; Mace commands the armies, controls the resources, and makes the marriage contracts, not Olenna. We’ve seen this with Catelyn, Cersei, Lysa: noble women of patriarchal houses can exercise enormous power, but they do so through their sons, and Mace is no Sweetrobin. Don’t get me wrong, Olenna is unquestionably a strong influence on Mace’s decision-making, it’s just in an advisory capacity. Sure, she changes his mind on some questions (most notably on whether to wed Loras to Cersei), but Davos changes Stannis’ mind on the biggest question of all (who he’s really fighting for, and why); this doesn’t make Stannis any less responsible for the decision to sail North.

I would argue that Olenna’s storyline actually subtly demonstrates the enormous passive power Mace Tyrell wields in the realm, and has since at least Robert’s Rebellion (more on that in a moment). I think A Storm of Swords sets that up perfectly: Olenna isn’t Mace’s puppet master, she’s his assassin. I absolutely believe he knew about the Purple Wedding, because Olenna would be taking a frankly unbelievable risk by acting on her own. If she is discovered, she’s going to need Mace’s protection, which he can only effectively accomplish if he knows about it beforehand. As one of the judges, he can direct the investigation away from his family, which he does by repeatedly reminding his fellow judges that Margaery could’ve easily been poisoned as well.

Olenna’s dialogue is largely concerned with the limits of her power within the Tyrell household, and how the ultimate strategic authority rests with her son.

“Should you ever have a son, Sansa, beat him frequently so he learns to mind you. I only had the one boy and I hardly beat him at all, so now he pays more heed to Butterbumps than he does to me. A lion is not a lap cat, I told him, and he gives me a ‘tut-tut Mother.’ There is entirely too much tut-tutting in this realm, if you ask me. All these kings would do a deal better if they would put down their swords and listen to their mothers.

It was Mace who controlled the information within the Tyrell Conspiracy, as Olenna didn’t know about the Lannister twincest until he told her:

“It’s treason, I warned them, Robert has two sons, and Renly has an older brother, how can he possibly have any claim to that ugly iron chair? Tut-tut, says my son, don’t you want your sweetling to be queen?”

It was Mace who pushed the family ambitions forward, not Olenna:

“We should have stayed well out of all this bloody foolishness if you ask me, but once the cow’s been milked there’s no squirting the cream back up her udder. After Lord Puff Fish put that crown on Renly’s head, we were into the pudding up to our knees, so here we are to see things through.”

Nor is book!Margaery actually obsessed with the crown, per Littlefinger:

“We shall have another wedding soon, wait and see. Margaery will marry Tommen. She’ll keep her queenly crown and her maidenhead, neither of which she especially wants, but what does that matter?”

Couple of quick things: one could argue that Olenna is being falsely humble to Sansa in the same way that I’m arguing Mace is doing writ large. But Olenna really has no reason to lie to Sansa about any of this; Sansa’s expectations and perceptions are not politically influential (although Alayne is a different matter), and Olenna is mining Sansa for information in this scene, not trying to sow misinformation of her own. Also, note the limitations of Olenna’s hands-off mantra:

“If truth be told, even our claim to Highgarden is a bit dodgy, just as those dreadful Florents are always whining. ‘What does it matter?’ you ask, and of course it doesn’t, except to oafs like my son.”

Well, Mace has to care about that sort of thing, because it’s the source of his legitimacy in the Reach. If he can put a grandson on the Iron Throne, he’ll have secured his authority back home from the likes of the Florents…and indeed, as soon as the Blackwater was done, Mace used his new access to the Iron Throne’s power to bring Brightwater Keep under direct Tyrell jurisdiction.

Mace’s go-to move, one which (again) he has in common with Roose Bolton, is to hoard his resources while allowing/encouraging his ostensible allies to self-destruct, counting on being the one with the most soldiers and food in the end. His primary war aim in Robert’s Rebellion wasn’t to defend the Targaryen regime (he neither joined Rhaegar at the Trident, nor defended King’s Landing from Tywin), it was to occupy the Stormlands. And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for young Stannis’ iron resolve and inspiring leadership (bullshit “Stannis isn’t charismatic,” uncharismatic men don’t hold a starving garrison together for that long; the king’s men and queen’s men alike have followed him to Storm’s End, the Blackwater, the Wall, Winterfell, through fire and ice, the odds against them every time, roaring his name. No Baratheon is uncharismatic, there are laws on this.)

Mace’s siege wasn’t just a landgrab conducted under the pretense of loyalty to the crown, however; if Stannis had yielded, Mace could’ve broken Robert’s cause in the same way Theon broke Robb’s. What kind of king loses his castle, especially to Lord Puff Fish (or Theon, for fuck’s sake)?

But Mace never gave Robert Baratheon cause to kill him if (when, as it turns out) the rebel lord won, although the still-Warden of the South certainly committed himself to a lifelong campaign to keep Stannis off the Throne, which helps explain his willingness to join Team Joffrey after Renly’s death. Mace kept his titles, his land, his soft power. And when Renly came to him with the news that Cersei’s children were not Robert’s, Mace plotted with Renly to replace Cersei with Margaery and put a half-Tyrell on the Iron Throne, cementing Highgarden as the political powerhouse of the realm. As mentioned above, Mace commits himself to this plan before informing Olenna, telling her only to keep the family united in pursuit of a common end (which, again, is why I cannot believe Olenna would take the hugely risky step of murdering the king without getting her lord’s consent…or more likely, she was following his orders in doing so. Like she said, she wanted nothing to do with any of these assholes, but Mace tut-tutted, and that was that.)  

So what’s next on Mace’s agenda? Control the small council, get Margaery through her trial, and protect Highgarden from the Crow’s Eye. I’ve no doubt he’ll accomplish the first two, but the third is going to become very perilous very quickly (especially if I’m right in thinking Euron gets a dragon). Cersei’s already demonstrated how many fucks she gives about defending the Reach (between zero and let me check oh also zero how weird); moreover, she may very well break the alliance for good by sending Robert Strong after Margaery. So Mace Tyrell is going to yet again be in the market for a new client-king…and lo and behold, like an answered prayer, there’s one down at Storm’s End, and his first choice for Hand has, ah, a hand problem…

The Poems of Julia Linnet

Imagine a girl who gives all she has,
Down the carpet in her room, just to
Be the person she wishes to meet.
Imagine her never asking for anything,
But also bending, accommodating, 
Translating her desires in theirs. Imagine
How she drains herself of all she has,
Gives up her energy like a sun run down
Until it pales into moonlight.Imagine her.
She deserves more than this. Bliss is her
Future, but she scarcely dares dream it.
The world is secretly scheming her reward.
Might she believe it? It must come soon.