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2017 APMAs “Highlights”

I use the term “highlights” loosely ‘cuase it was a mess

  • Alex Gaskarth spinning around in his cute jacket while rocking the bandana look
  • Lynn Gunn looking honestly surprised when she won best vocalist after being the only woman nominated
  • The set it off singer trying to crowd surf during an acoustic performance
  • Dan “soupy” Campbell giving out the Subcity grant to Cassie Wilson who got to represent the disabled community and bring awareness to the need for more accessibility in music venues with her project Half Access
  • The singer of Nothing More looking like a modern tarzan, shirtless and wild and somehow vocally covering Skrillex while riding a robot??? 
  • Kellin Quinn not-so-subtly making fun of said robot immediately after in an interview
  • The Plain White Ts throwing it back to 2005 with Hey There Delilah and reminding us all that they haven’t released anything as good since
  • trying to take Derek of State Champs seriously singing the line “without your kisses ill be needing stitches” (honestly kinda impossible)
  • unintentionally showing that State champs won best music video without announcing the other nominees
  • all the winners taking forever to get to the stage because they put all the bands in the balcony or something
  • the blue haired boy in waterparks calling his mom a mind freak????
  • josh dun playing the trumpet to fucking smash mouth’s all star
  • some really well synchronized drumming honestly
  • terrible masturbation jokes
  • a nice tribute to Chris Cornell (soundgarden) by Pierce the Veil performing black hole sun
  • I guess falling in reverse still exist and people haven't realized ronnie radke is a fucking joke cuase they gave his band an award 
  • Laura Jane Grace getting the icon award and giving a well-written speech with some good inclusivity shit
  • a preview for an incredibly awful looking horror movie starring andy that they accidentally started to replay a second time
  • I guess they forgot to turn on kellin’s mic whoops
  • Alex Gaskarth deciding to go onstage with SWMRS for no real reason and looking a bit tipsy, red solo cup in hand
  • a bunch of very audible mic checks
  • Neck Deep begging us to buy their album when it comes out
  • Vic trying to read a prepared speech on his phone but giving up because he couldn’t get it to turn on

you can watch it here if you’ve got 4 hours to blow


anonymous asked:

I need a 'Starstruck' kind of moment. You know the movie where a huge pop star accidentally bumps into a girl and she has no likable feeling towards him bc he doesn't realize some shit about himself and then they end up together? Hoping you can do something like that with 2D and his s/o. Thanks for your time💕

i didn’t really get what you meant by saying “realizing some stuff about himself”, so i tried to go with what i thought seemed right. so sorry, friend!


Sprawling out onto the ground, you closed your eyes in pain, feeling the blood on your palms surfacing. Slowly making your way up and off the hot asphalt, someone held out their hand to you.

As you peeled your eyes open, you happened to see a black-eyed boy, biting his lip in anxiousness. As he gripped your hand, he yanked you up off the ground. As you brushed some of the debris off of your clothes, you looked back up to him, shooting him a soft smile.

“Sorry that I bumped into you- and, um, thanks for helping me up.” Scratching the back of his neck, the bloke chuckled timorously, shaking his head.

“N-no problem, really, none at all.” Looking underneath your feet, you saw clusters of papers and binders spread-eagled all around the street, as far as your eyes could travel. Gasping, you shook your head. 

“Oh no, no no no…” Bending over, you started to gather dirty papers off the street, as they crinkled and crumpled in your grip. The man immediately bent down to help you, grabbing as many forms as he could before they blew away into the wind.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” he said, picking up the last sheet that was within reach. “This is all my fault, an’ I’m so sorry-”

“It’s fine,” you murmured, smiling weakly. “I’ll just have to tell my boss about the little run-in we had today.

Nodding feebly, he looked down to your hands. 

“Oh, blimey,” the blue-haired chap whispered, looking down to your hands. “You’re gettin’, um, blood on those papers, dear…”

Looking down to your work, you grunted, shaking your head. “It’s fine,” you muttered, diverting your glance to your bloodied palms. “I’ll just have to deal… Thank you so much for helping me! Have a good day-”

“Wait!” The black-eyed man called as you started to turn away. “Do you want to go back to my place and get some bandaids? It’s not that far away- and, um, I still have your forms, love.”

Blushing immensely, you eyed more than half of the paperwork the the man held in his large hands. “Uh,” you murmured, taking a couple steps towards him “Y-yes please.”

 As the two of you started to walk towards Kong Studios, the man broke the silence as he looked over to you, pressing the paperwork against his chest.

“My name’s 2D, by the way,” he said, biting his lip. “An’ still- I’m really sorry for puttin’ a damper on your day…”

“It’s okay, 2D,” you chuckled, looking down to your feet. “My name’s (y/n), and I forgive you entirely.”

i didn’t proofread this i’m sorry

Imagine Confusing General Hux By Calling Him “Space Hitler”

Originally posted by claracivry

“Excuse me?” he asked, giving you a confused look.

“You heard me!” you snapped at him, “I don’t know who you think you are, but I don’t know how I got here and I’d like to go back to my apartment now!”

“I will not be bullied by you,” he said, temples aching already at the prospect of you being a cruel annoyance by Kylo Ren, “and I will not allow you to call me a…Spacitler? What kind of heinous species is that?”

“You heard me the first time, Ginger Snap,” you huffed, crossing your arms. Whatever cruel prank of your brother’s this was that had caused you to wake up with his crazy drama-club buddies, you were about done already and ready to go back to your life in journalism.

(For Anon)

Before he became an action hero, Statham was nearly an Olympic hero, assuming divers are recognized as heroes somewhere in the world. He was on Britain’s National Diving Squad and ranked 12th in the 1992 World Championships.

But apparently the world of diving doesn’t pay that well, so Statham supported himself selling counterfeit jewelry and perfume on the street corners of London. Just to be clear, Statham was funding his dreams of competitive pool jumping by hawking black market perfume out of a suitcase. It is unlikely that any job requirements following that could ever seem ludicrous.

During one of his workouts at a London sports center, he was spotted by a talent agent who hooked him up with a job modeling for French Connection. From there he was introduced to Guy Ritchie who was preparing to make Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and needed an authentic looking,street-hardened con artist. That was all it took. Statham became an instant celebrity, acting in over 30 films and never once being forced to shell out hundreds of dollars for acting movement exercises or emotional workshops.

The 5 Most Accidentally Famous Movie Stars

For anyone who didn't understand the last Headcanon, here's the translation:

When Topher was a little boy, his parents would always argue everyday, so now Topher can’t stand it when people around him argue. On his sixth birthday, when his mother and father chose to divorce each other and argued over who would have custody of him, Topher locked himself in his bedroom for the rest of the day, where he accidentally turned the TV on, playing a movie starring Chris McLean. That became his favorite movie and Chris became his favorite actor, which is why Topher admires Chris so much. Chris was Topher’s escape from a not-so happy childhood and he still is today….

ladykatoe  asked:

Do you think maybe Disney had the mothers look so young in Tangled and Frozen is because they weren't in the movie as much and they didn't care or what? Princess and the Frog and Brave ( although Pixar ) did have the moms looking older but they were in the movies more.

IDK if that’s why they didn’t bother but it’s not much of an excuse, there are characters who are in the background for 20 seconds that manage to look more like complete individuals who got more than the cookie-cutter cut and bake

not to be continually getting on Frozen’s case all night or anything haha, I’m about to log off. I just want to really make it clear that there is A Thing happening here. You can decide for yourself (you anyone reading this, not asker) that it’s not important, I can’t insist that you care,

but it’s getting tiring to see people pretend as if it’s not existing within a larger social context of how women and girls are told they are “supposed” to look through magazines/who is allowed to star in movies/etc. Like it’s not accidental that I could, and have before, asked for feedback about how women felt about the size of their noses growing up- their noses! - and I would be getting dozens and dozens of messages into the next week from people of all ages.

This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

Goodreads Summary: 

When teenage movie star Graham Larkin accidentally sends small town girl Ellie O'Neill an email about his pet pig, the two seventeen-year-olds strike up a witty and unforgettable correspondence…Then Graham finds out that Ellie’s Maine hometown is the perfect location for his latest film, and he decides to take their relationship from online to in-person. But can a star as famous as Graham really start a relationship with an ordinary girl like Ellie? And why does Ellie want to avoid the media’s spotlight at all costs?

The Good:

  • So cute
  • The title is my favorite thing: “This is What Happy Looks Like” What a great title. 
  • This book is complete wish fulfillment for all of us who dreamed about dating a celebrity. Just like we would be, Ellie is totally unfazed by Graham's celebrity and completely understands the pressure he is under. I probably kept reading because the plot is similar to the fantasy I had when I was twelve years old about meeting Cole Spouse at the mall and him falling in love with me because I couldn’t care less who he was. (“Oh The Suite Life? Yeah whatever, I may have seen a few episodes. By accident or something.”)
  • The story starts with Graham accidentally emailing Ellie to ask her to take his pig for a walk and how cute of a hook is that
  • The setting, adorable tourist town Henley, Maine is just so charming. I loved reading about the Mom & Pop stores, and how each beach had a different personality. 
  • A completely harmless story

The Bad:

  • A completely harmless story
  • Absolutely nothing is challenging. Nothing is morally ambiguous, the protagonists are never ever hard to cheer for, they just change from likable to likable in slightly different ways. 
  • I’d like very much to complain about how easily all the conflicts were resolved in the third act, but spoilers. 
  • The characters all speak in the same way. Sure Graham’s manager says things that Ellie’s best friend would not, but their manner of speaking is exactly the same. The teenagers sound no different than the adults, the A-list celebrities from LA sound no different than the shop owners from Maine. No one has a distinctive speaking voice. It’s boring.
  • It’s boring. 

I did enjoy parts of this book. It’s a summer book and I love love love summer books. They’re just special. And I genuinely did enjoy the wish fulfillment aspects. Apparently it’s still exciting to me to think about an ordinary girl having a celebrity fall in love with her. Like I said, that alone was enough to finish reading. But I am definitely not reading it again.

Hey guys! This is Whitney, or @falling4westallen!  We are coming up on a 3 WEEK long hiatus and that’s just not okay!! No westallen??? For ¾ of a month?? Nope. Can’t handle it. So to cure our hiatus woes I thought let’s have a hiatus week (actually two weeks but hey whose really counting lol)! And now with the genius of an anon, we have our theme for this event. Parallel Universes!!!

Basically every day there will be a theme that coincides with a different earth. You can participate in this however you would like whether it be fanfics, photo edits, gif edits, art work, headcanons, etc. However you want to express yourself creatively!

The only rules for this Please tag all of your work with #westallenhiatusweek and this blog will reblog it! Plus everyone can track the tag to see all cool things we will make! :)  And please stay positive, and supportive of each other’s work!

Now without further ado… The moment you’ve all been waiting for… THEMES!!!

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title: about the things that we could be
rating: R
words: a lot, too many, possibly near the 97k line WHO KNOWS
summary: ‘The worst thing that’s ever happened to Louis is having a legitimate work-based reason to rank Liam Payne’s t-shirts by tightness around the bicep. While he wears them.’ [A not-so-accidental romantic comedy about a movie star and his PA told in six rather long parts. And an epilogue.]

this fic was supposed to have a spam for all six parts but um yeah, life you know. HOWEVER BC I AM A JOKE I MIGHT HAVE MADE SOME FAKE MOVIE POSTER. stay tuned!


But Then What…

Long, glorious highschool AU where Stiles gets called in on a favour by a teacher and has to tutor popular basketball-playing jock Derek Hale, whom he definitely hates because he hangs around with Jackson Whittemore who used to bully him constantly. PERFFFF all my favourite tropes, plus JOCKSTRAP-WEARING!DEREK YES PLS.

Introduction to Zero-Sum Therapy -

Ridiculously adorable post-3A fic, wherein Stiles buys Derek a set of cooking spoons when he comes back to town (as a Nice Thing For Derek). Derek retaliates with lunch, and the war of gift-giving just keeps going. Fluffy wonderfulness. 

Lay Your Armour Down -

Secret Agent AU. CIA agent Stiles Stilinski is given an undercover assignment he has to share with a werewolf (enter NSA agent Derek Hale) to investigate a series of werewolf deaths in the area. Long, slow build fic with awesome badassness, great read!

*Safety in Silence -

Stunning. I loved this fic so much. AU, where werewolves are known but Derek’s family still dies, and soulmates exist. Unfortunately for Derek, his newfound soulmate doesn’t love him back. So much pining, kinda follows the events of the show apart from Derek actually communicates when he finds Scott and Stiles in the forest. THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING FIC I CAN’T RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH GO READ IT NOW PLEASE

Stunt Butt -

Cute AU ficlet where Derek is a movie (*cough* porn) star, and Stiles accidentally gets himself roped into being someone’s butt double in a scene they are filming. Super hot.  

Take Me Out (to the ball game)

Adorable and long AU, Derek is an actor with a terrible agent, soulmates exist when two people share the same soulmate mark, and Stiles was perfectly happy to live his life without ever knowing who his soulmate was but when a leaked celebrity video leads to him knowing who his soulmate is, he has to meet the guy. Cute!

The Truth is Totally Our There (dibs!) -

Funny and cute AU where the human race has just found out aliens exist, and the first visitors are due to arrive when they end up crashlanding near where Stiles goes running. AKA the Hales are aliens and Derek is awful at communicating.  

The Unicorn’s Keeper -

Fluffy short AU where Stiles gets roped into being a unicorn keeper for the rest of his life, which he likes for the most part…except for the eternal celibacy rule along with the hot werewolf who frequently visits the abbey. Lovely. 

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

AU, Stiles comes to live with his Dad during college vacation in their new hometown Beacon Hills, where everything is extremely…weird. Like the way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life. Perfect long, plotty, magic!Stiles and wolf!Derek fic, superb read!

Wheatgrass and Froot Loops -

Fluffy AU where Stiles is an actor and Derek is his personal trainer…and also his casual fuckbuddy. Only Stiles doesn’t want them to be casual anymore, but also doesn’t want to ruin Derek’s reputation and prevent him from getting future clients. Dorks in love :“)

Waiting Games -

Enjoyable short Alpha/Beta/Omega AU, where Prince Stiles is an omega and has to hold a tournament for the Alphas from surrounding lands to compete for his hand until he choosing one for himself. All my guilty pleasure tropes, loved it! 

anonymous asked:

So I've just finished exams and am looking for good long fic to read. Do you have any recs?

Sure! Here are some recent-ish >25K fics I enjoyed: 

about the things that we could be, by childrenbehave (lilo, 97K - YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT, M) ‘The worst thing that’s ever happened to Louis is having a legitimate work-based reason to rank Liam Payne’s t-shirts by tightness around the bicep. While he wears them.’ A not-so-accidental romantic comedy about a movie star and his PA told in six rather long parts. And an epilogue.

Has Me By My Heart, by loadedgunn (houis, ziall, 30K, E)  It’s probably not normal to even try and find his soulmate – who even believes in that shit anymore – but if Harry were normal he’d be a student or a singer right now, instead of a millionaire con artist who doesn’t own a house because he wants to settle down with someone special. He watches Louis tell a story with a happy flush in his cheeks, and Harry’s heart thrums painfully because he knows. He’s the one. Or, Harry steals hearts, Niall steals everything else, and Louis should probably be less cool about knives being thrown at his head.

Pussy Magnet (or: How Harry Styles Learned to Embrace Sitting Down to Pee), by leici and pianoforeplay (houis, narry, ziam, 52K, E) In which Harry loses his penis and the lads do their best to get it back.  Set during the X Factor Tour in 2011.

[I think people might be overlooking this one because of the title or the summary. It’s actually cracky delightful sexswap fic … SPOILERS AHEAD … where Harry keeps changing sex every time he comes, and he’s not the only one. The endgame is houis, but the vast majority of the large amount of porn is narry, and it’s soooo cute and hot. Lots of m/f. If you have any kind of inexperience/virginity kink, this fic is for you.]

A Straight Line, by Ferritin4 (niall/bressie, 26.5K, E) Two-part series. Point A: Growing up in Mullingar — growing up male, growing up in Ireland, growing up a lot of things — made it easy to like girls. […] Girls were fucking brilliant. Seventeen years in, Niall never thought he’d wake up and think, girls are all right, but I think I’ve been missing something. Point B: […] Niall’s into boys is nothing compared to Niall’s into Bressie, has been for ages, which in turn is a hell of a lot easier to swallow than the fact that he’s grown into the sort of bloke Bressie would cross a bar to hit on.…In which Niall has surgery, Bressie helps out, and everyone’s got a little catching up to do.

you watch the stars, by carissima (ot5 - LIKE, FOR REAL, 37K, E) He’d told himself not to get swept up by the media, not to get his hopes up. But it’s real. He’s going to the World Cup and playing for his country and it’s all a bit overwhelming, to be honest. “I’m going to play in a World Cup,” he says slowly, letting it really sink in. World Cup AU where everyone plays for England, even Niall, and there’s a liberal artistic licence in how far England can really go in the competition.

and some older longfics i haven’t already screamed about in my fic rec tag:

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