the accidental movie star

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There's this Hallmark movie called I Married Who? where Kellie Martin wakes up the morning after her Las Vegas bachelorette party accidentally married to a famous movie star and I'm not saying you should write it as a Bill and Laura AU I'm just saying I WOULD NOT STAND IN YOUR WAY

@okaynextcrisis, I can’t see Bill or Laura being a movie star, but sweet Billy deserves to have some fun, right?

Of all the messes she’d cleaned up for Billy, this had to be the worst, and that was saying something.

He was a sweet kid. A sweet, stupid kid. A sweet, stupid kid who couldn’t hold his damn liquor and couldn’t say no to a pretty girl, and that’s why she was waiting impatiently for him in the lobby of the Wynn at 8am.

He called her in a panic four hours ago, waking her in the middle of a wonderful dream about a cabin on a crystal-clear lake and a world without cellphones, and she was half-tempted to quit before she answered his call.

More than half when she found out the reason for the call. He was a sweet, stupid kid who’d gotten married in Vegas. Dammit, Billy. He’d promised her that he was going up to his suite right after he finished his drink, and that was the only reason she’d left him unattended at the pre-awards VIP party. It was late, she was tired, and she had a book that promised a much better evening than babysitting her client. Even if he was her favorite client. Sweet, stupid kid.

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Imagine Confusing General Hux By Calling Him “Space Hitler”

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“Excuse me?” he asked, giving you a confused look.

“You heard me!” you snapped at him, “I don’t know who you think you are, but I don’t know how I got here and I’d like to go back to my apartment now!”

“I will not be bullied by you,” he said, temples aching already at the prospect of you being a cruel annoyance by Kylo Ren, “and I will not allow you to call me a…Spacitler? What kind of heinous species is that?”

“You heard me the first time, Ginger Snap,” you huffed, crossing your arms. Whatever cruel prank of your brother’s this was that had caused you to wake up with his crazy drama-club buddies, you were about done already and ready to go back to your life in journalism.

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