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Dangerous Valentine

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His fingers running a scan over your features, taking in every curve and edge, as if he would never see you again.

Prompt: I don’t think sloths make a lot of noise
Approx 570 words

Darkness that engulfed your vision, leaving the rest of your senses at high alert in a dangerous place like this. Vulnerable to the cold wind, cackles that arise in the lushness of the unknown abyss and the rattling of the dying truck engine. Thoughts of death immediately crossed your mind’s path at the idea of a lurking predator hiding within the thick greens that seemed to rustle with life every once and a while.

Everyone seemed to be oblivion to it, merely having their sight on the guide that stood at the front of the truck, obviously sick of her 174th time in this section of the night safari. Her gestures - forced and robotic, tone - monotonous and un-engaging, facial expressions - “why am I still reporting for work” and as if half her lifespan was reduced after circling the night safari once again and spotting the badger that always hid near the eastern cottonwoods. It was when you looked over to the child beside you. Minho was extremely busy trying to spot the badger with his set of children binoculars.

“You’re never gonna spot anything with that.” You momentarily broke his dreams at the sight of the binoculars that was coloured in exactly what you think Barney’s vomit would look like.

“But Seunghoon told me this would work.” The giant child responded with disappointment painted all over his tone followed by the realisation of how his roommate might have successfully thrown in the bait, to which sadly he accepted with open arms.

Being a cautious person is something your parents always taught you to be. Unfamiliarity and the unexpectedness scares you while growing up. Thankfully, you met Minho who was spontaneous and random that he eased your nervousness away. But not tonight, where the thoughts of a prowling hunter in the shadows was enough to stir your anxiety to full power.

“This is not the idea of a romantic Valentine’s date.” Sulking as you crossed your arms in fear and as a defense mechanism.

“It is babe. It’s dark, it’s exciting and it’s dangerous.” The side of his lips curled as god knows what the hell he was thinking.

Suddenly, a bombardment of sounds echoed through the enclosed night jungle. A threatening snarl followed by a retreating hiss and the rapid rustles from the leaves, sending chills of death down your spine. Everyone, except for the guide, was star-struck at the sudden golden performance of the night that the chittering chats have subsided.

“I think the sloths are fighting.” Minho casually leans in to whisper into your ears, careful not to break the silent atmosphere.

I don’t think sloths make a lot of noise.” You rolled your eyes as a way to try and keep in your giggles.  

“They do! Imagine them kungfu fighting in slow-mo!” Mimicking the actions of how he would imagine it to be when two sloths encounters.

The rest of the night was filled with the fun adventure of venturing into the beauty of nature. Occasionally throwing in dumb jokes here and there, you found yourself comfortable even in the most dangerous of situations with Minho by your side. It wasn’t the danger of the predators that showed intense craving of protein flesh, it was the peril of falling into Minho’s love trap that you were certain would jail you for a life time. It was indeed, dark, exciting and dangerous. 

see the way people look at you? that small flick of their eyes as they blink; eyes raising to meet yours for a millisecond of eternity. a thousand words exchanged in a split second, a communication of strangers. you don’t know them, they don’t know you. but in that moment there is an understanding, a common cry of every human.

what am I doing? what is my purpose? what does it mean?

you scream this with every fibre of your being. (scream) how has no one heard? they cannot see. you hide it behind pretty words that climb and vine they’re way around you as if their delicate flowers could ever protect you from the truth. the truth is only your lies sustain them. 

the stranger can see, they empathise, they acknowledge

a scream of humanity, a disease that is more deadly then that which plagues our bodies. the howling winds of the abyss. of the unknown. we have learn to ignore it, in ourselves and others. flowers are prettier in all their lie, preferable to the abyss. the only moment it’s seen is in a strangers eyes for that millisecond of acknowledgment. it’s all you can bare.

—  in a strangers eye 

Aries is the birth of a nation; Taurus is the way it establishes itself financially; Gemini is the connections it makes with other countries; Cancer is the way it offers its resources to assist those in need, whether they are natives or on the other side of the earth. Leo is the way its culture shines; Virgo is the global developments that come from it; Libra is the harmony and rapport between governments; Scorpio is the jealousy, greed, or anger that starts devastating wars. Sagittarius is the revolution that overthrows corruption; Capricorn is the new and improved society, rebuilt bigger and better; Aquarius is the return to peace, invention, and humanity’s evolution; and Pisces is the abyss of the unknown future, fate, shifting between apocalypse and transcendence – will we conquer the universe, or disappear in the blink of an eye?

  • Emerald: Mercury you have done nothing but do pushups from this one spot for 20 minutes with no rest. what drives you?
  • Mercury, still doing pushups: i wanna push this planet out of the idiot solar system and into the horrifying abyss of the unknown universe and this is the only way I know how
  • Emerald, in awe: [drops everything and instantly begins doing pushups next to him]
Stardust Eyes
I have always wondered how shooting stars could carry the weight of all our wishes,
Yet soar across the dark night sky, appearing to be weightless.
It is such an incredible sensation to watch a sky full of gleaming stars.
To sit and ponder about the Roman and Greek mythology, and all their theories.
There are stories behind every constellation,
It is wise to often look up and take in the view.
To understand that we are so minor compared to the unknown black abyss, and that we are all placed together by particles of star dust ourselves.
I have always been captivated by the stars in the sky,
Maybe that’s why I was so fascinated when I saw them in your eyes.
I’ve been told to fall in love with one’s eyes first,
Because they are the only part of us that will always stay constant.
It was then I realized that I found you in the clarity of the moon.
Not in the light when it is easier to see, but when the world is blind and dark.
—  taaay0x
so let’s dance, love;
let us twine our futures as if they are our overwrought fingers
and let me paint violet on your eyelids
and i shall happily let you pull me into the unknown
for abyss is not dark when i am with you.
so let’s dance, love
and never
feel normal
—  dance, jump, live // (x)
Eyes Shut

A Hoseok Mini Scenario

Genre: SMUT!

Word count: 1514 

Request: Drabble based on Pillowtalk by Zayn Malik? I’ll let you choose the member. //by @park-thatasshere

I am so sorry it ended up longer then a genuine drabble but I still hope you enjoy it!


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“What is this room for you?” he asks, lightly caressing your cheek as his lost eyes focused on you. The abyss of unknown things you have thought about vanished slowly before trying to unravel Hoseok’s strange question.

“What do you mean?” you ask back, placing your right hand in between your cheek and pillow as you turn your entire body to face him.

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Love and city lust

Wandering alleys and veined speak easy streets
spill into the beating thud of City epidermis,
known over and over for carrying old men and old women,      
children through time, 
riders on the industrial river Styx.
Nature’s ancient language speaks material worship, big business, and commercial copulation in the rat race night, strange initiation and ritual silence through the abyss of city unknown.
Thank god for artists,
Thank god for jazz, 
spilling through the rising chaos and coarse facade of concrete wilderness. 
The rising solo, eyes closed, inward gripping, soul wrenched in passionate repose promises salvation, promises hope. 
The vibration of life, the roar of engines and machines outside, pumping in the static race for the American dream, curate in motion, the dawning age of dreamers, burnt out on the hard sold lie.
Breached headlights, reaching through the rainy night, burn for the warm solace of home. 
Somewhere in the heart of that cold machinery, 
undying fire promises return to the stars, 
a ride for you and your love through the roadway to the hovering skyway above.

-Jerry Harris III