the abstract poet

I’m trying to fall in love with myself.
I’ve fallen for you more times than I can count on two hands
But it’s too hard.
Like swimming against a current
I try
But I can’t.
It’s far too easy to drown myself in tears
When I realise
If I cant even love myself
Who will ever want to love me?

“I grew flowers of love on my barren heart,
You stepped away, crushing it gently.”

- It may never grow back to roses and daisies
 but Perhaps thorns and spines.

- S.A ( poetryandthemoon )

You ask how I love you?

I love you in every glance of my eyes and in every touch of my hand

I love you in every step I walk and in every breath I take

I love you in every smile I smile and every time I laugh

I love you in every song we share and in every book we read together

I love you in every conversation we have and in every painting we discuss

I love you in every story and poem I write

I love you in every truth I uncover and in every dream that I dream

I love you in every imperfection and every mistake I make

I love you in my silences and in all my secrets

I love you in each memory and each thought

I love you in each word and in each song

I love you in every color and in every flavor

In all I am

In everything I do

I love you


My heart lies in a small house along the long strips of California beaches, spreading vast against the ocean.

But this isn’t a poem about beaches and nostalgia.

This isn’t a poem about heartbreak either.

This is a poem about wanderlust.

About how every footprint in the snow is buried under the sheets of snowflakes

Or how it all melts in the summer, leaving no traces of memories.

This is about when we’re lying on the rooftop, searching for constellations, collecting stars and sewing them together with a needle and thread, how every star is like a small bead, twinkling as it slides past the cool metal needle and finds itself at the end of the string.

This is about the thick smell of curry wafting from my mother’s kitchen, spilling into the whole house, flooding everything.

About australian outbacks and the Amazon valley. Places that don’t keep any remnants of what used to be, because they swallow everything whole.

About ripples spreading through the ocean and coming back in giant waves, fading into small ripples under your feet in the sand.

About orange twilights and northern lights painting the skies in colours that you can’t recognise.

There are so many places I want to be.

But maybe, where I want to be most, is next to you.

-Tamarind Fall.

I am in

         a stasis

the limitless inertia of

                      your love


in supple decisions

in the rhetoric of heart

in simplicity of divinité,

the shimmering calm of fuchsine

aura, the flickering in the night

                    vectored by you

                    as if Venus sings to me (-in time-)

to the sweet sound of her light

                   becoming your vastness

astounding me in themes

of languid warmth

from beyond the light barrier

long, long before we began,

              origins transforming

               the zenith of who we are

                            as seminal beings

in a universe

learning how to love

 © K. James Ribble

My words never find their way out.

They remain hidden in the crystal corners of my heart.

perhaps I’m the one pushing it all the inside just to stare at you while you talk.

And the moment you leave these words melt into my blood

and tingles into my veins, gushing like a river towards my throat.

I stop you and you look back.

All at once everything runs cold and

I’m painted pale.

Fear tickles through my feet, punching my stomach.

I’m afraid ;

Afraid to love,

afraid to believe,

afraid to be broken once again.

So I swallow those words feeding my pain

back again into my hollow heart as I whisper

“N o t h i n g”.

-S.A   ( poetryandthemoon )


I am but a mirage on your skin
One of many, few of none
A wisp of misplaced thought
A fleeting mist
Soon forgotten,summarily dismissed
As trite and irrelevant in your eyes as you are of utmost importance in mine
A cry of despair
The death of my heart
I sink in the dark



I break my shins
inching backward
into his song-

/ I know little grace.


he works so hard
to clear a path
for a clear mind,

/ it’s called sugar

& I would shred a kiss
into broken words
just to test

/ that he loves me;


I would burn bonds
to sample a divide
just to taste

/ what is hidden.

xxiii | sugar

Morning Routine

Makeup smeared, her clinquant nails smoothing
Out her powdered skin peacefully.
Time to wipe off last nights memories,
And store them in a jar.
Her existence like a aubade
As she brushes the knots and tangles,
And saves them in a scrapbook,
For tomorrow’s late night thoughts.

She parts her lips and seals them
Like a love letter,
With a swipe of cherry red.
Her heels left at the door
From the night before
Ready to greet her again.
But today is a new day,
Which means new shoes.

And before you know it,
She’s gone again.
With a click of her pumps
And a spritz of sweet perfume,
Her Ephemeral presence
Glides out of the room
Only to bless my
Late night
dreams tomorrow.

It’s not true when I tell you
it’s not your fault,
When I reassure and radiate
Soft light for you
The fallen, the fragile
When I tell you I’m better off
Because I never could spend a penny
on myself anyway
I never could
I could’ve gone my whole life
And not felt pain like this, tragedy,
not caused casualties like these
We’ve talked about how happiness is
fleeting for us anyway
So what did it matter?
Why did I let my heart explode to grab
an atom bomb,
Why did I collapse to grasp
the suggestion of something
That was never going to last
Why did I cradle the parts of you
that I now console
from between the bars
It’s not true when I tell you
it’s not your fault
But the truth is
I’ll never hate you anyway
I never could

Anxiety is an old visitor from my homeland of fear

My anxiety unfolds at the dawn and at night

after & after.

In me, there is a raging ocean of perplexing feelings

that can never be tamed. It’s so deep and dark that I get lost every time

I fall asleep.

Unawakened in the rainbow of my sky.

But awaken I’m a hurricane of conflicting fears,    

I absorb in me every tear and

penetrate into my, pin-pricked, body every pain I can bear.

I wonder if you know I smear my scars with the dust of

moons and stars to fake every morning.

why can’t you see it

Why do you ask

Are  you  okay?”

staring over your blindfolded eyes. When I can’t help but say

I’m  fine”.

  -S.A ( poetryandthemoon )

🌜Moon 🦄

Wherever I go

Wherever I look

Whatever I do

Whatever I don’t

All reminds me of you

The only one I learned

To care for

Is the only one I couldn’t help at all

What good am I?

What will I even do

For this world

Well she will never know

And this is how it goes

Forever will be broken

And will never know her worth

Like the moon to our earth Most of the time coming in broken pieces

But it’s light

Never fails to

Lighten up all that’s dark


Originally posted by recked

I am Carried in
by the flow of life

on a slipstream in
dreams razed in sighs

by Autumn’s uncharted
revelation here, in
this Now released

this insight resides
in its Occurrence

from clarity entrusted
To my memory

All those memories, those
Childhood Moments

Of all those people
that Passed my way

Even the faces of the
Children and the

Infinite lot of People upon
which the road is turning

the Road of our re-turn
Each, they too, shall pass

As so shall you -
As so shall I

- © Thespian Drummer / Lodestar


I asked her

Why she wrote words on her skin

She told me

All you need is pen,

The paper will improvise itself

I asked her

What she did when she ran out of space

She told me

Words will overflow because they never run out

And they will always find their way

To a resting place

She took my hand

And I knew she was right

As they started to whisper across my skin

Brush past my ears

And flash across my eyelids

There’s always more space

There’s always more words

~Reyna M.