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im imagining alec going on a rant about the sexist way society views parenthood, ex: no diaper changing stations in mens' rooms, strangers asking if he's 'babysitting' his own children, etc. idk if this makes sense but i can see alec getting very heated about that bs

Oh god yes, Alec would have absolutely no patience for all of the ridiculous gender biases in parenthood. And, most importantly, he’d be upset about *all* of the sexist details, regardless of whether they personally affect him negatively or positively.

Obviously he’d be furious at things that are skewed against men (no changing stations in men’s restrooms, people assuming he doesn’t know what he’s doing and saying he should be letting Max’s mother take care of him, even just the general imbalance of parenthood being disproportionately marketed as motherhood), but the double-standard he sees as a stay-at-home father would annoy him significantly more. People giving him undue credit and praise for spending the day with Max, or learning how to take care of Max’s hair, because it’s ~soooo wonderful~ for fathers to do all the basic shit that mothers get no recognition for. Strangers telling him that he should stand up for himself and make his wife take care of the baby instead. Hell, when he buys bottles and formula, strangers will lecture him about how his wife should be breastfeeding instead. The mom-shaming culture in today’s society is so fucked up that strangers will hail Alec as some sort of hero for taking care of his own kid, while simultaneously inventing a non-existent mother for the sole purpose of shaming her for doing something wrong.

Society’s perceptions of parenthood are so fucked-up and sexist, and it’s exhausting.


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