the absolute funniest posts

Chaotic good - bots that don’t advertise anything but throw in their absolute fucking funniest 2 cents into every post they see

Lawful evil - Porn bots that make their own posts advertising their sites

Chaotic evil - bots that write eerie messages and beg you to give their posts notes as “part of their school grade”



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ive been on tumblr since 2011 so im just gonna list random memories

- swag asians
- galaxy everything
- “our creator, daddy david karp”
- jamjars
- wwiao
- justgirlythings
- kushandwizdom
- best-absolute-funniest-posts
- dionthesocialist
- blackinasia
- holdmydiiiiiiiiiiick
- irenigg
- “peasants”
- mischapolcalypse or however you spell it
- glee gifs. nothing but glee gifs
- the rise of communismkills
- frick frack
- that awful “hilter was a person too” post

So thus far these are the legacies I've made for myself in this fandom

-Sin Night™ (truly my greatest work)

-Gavriel’s choking kink (you’re welcome)

-The “Tarquin always knows” tag

-Tarquin the King of Threesomes™

-Taking pictures of and with strangers in real life who resemble our favorite characters (again, you’re welcome)

-The official fancast of Renan Pacheco as Cassian

-That giant Rhys, Cassian, and Azriel in a boyband post that seemed to never end

and we absolutely CANNOT forget….

-The “Jean-Ralphio as Rhys” post (literally the funniest thing I’ve done on this website)

I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed of my impacts…

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