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Tony/Rhodey Fic Recs

(because tony and rhodey make the absolute cutest couple and i rly wished more people shipped them too (i mean did u see civil war??? how can you not??) so in an effort to convert more people to this wonderful pairing, here is a list of some truly amazing tonyrhodey fics!)

A Date on the Moon by what_alchemy [NC-17, 13.2k]

Just because someone’s name is on your hand doesn’t mean it’s easy.

A Lonely, Lost Thing by PhoenixFalls [T, 9.5k]

James Rhodes just wanted a nice relaxing night out, drinking with some classmates, maybe a bit of dancing. Tony Stark probably wanted the same. Unfortunately, some people willfully misunderstand how consent works. James educates them (with his fists), and Tony makes a friend.

A Million Shades of Blue by Not Applicable [T, 8.5k]

“I just know that if I could get to wherever he is, I could find him. Dead or alive, I’d bring him back to us.”

James Rhodes will never stop searching for Tony Stark.

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anonymous asked:

Karkat and jade like each other? They always seem to get argue and jade gets so mad!

Ignoring the fact that couples that bicker all the time while not so secretly loving each other are the absolutely cutest couples to ship, Karkat and Jade don’t ALWAYS ARGUE.

They have apologized to one another before.

Karkat has attempted more patience with Jade than with any other character, probably because Jade is one of the only characters who calls him out on his bullshit regularly.

And Karkat quite obviously has a crush on her.

And Jade is very good at getting Karkat to cooperate, even when he really doesn’t want to due to his own various insecurities.

Karkat helped Jade two times as well: one, he helped her get over her hatred of Jadesprite. And then later, he consoled her over Dave’s death. They also have quite a few similarities.

Yeah, they argued a lot at first, but they also bring out each other’s best qualities, and they do get along quite well when they need to. Jade becomes less the smiling supportive friend caricature and allows herself to be angry, sad or scared around Karkat. Karkat tends to be a lot goofier around Jade.

Nico Di Angelo

Ok guys. I’m here to talk about our Ghost King, the one and only Nico Di Angelo. I’ve got some points that I want to shed some light on.

1: He’s Hazels YOUNGER brother. We always think that he’s older but when you think about it she was dead longer than he was in the hotel. But if we forget about that yeah he’s older.

2: Solangelo is the absolute cutest ship that’s not some of the main characters. I love it so much. Nico was hung up on Percy for years and then this almost literal sunshine pops up and changes Nicos mind for sure. And Its even canon. We pulled this ship out of almost nowhere and it became canon. YOU GO UNCLE RICK!! Listening to your readers. Oh stop it you XD

3: I love a lot of the headcanons that we have that include Nico. Especially the solangelo ones. However, there are ones about Will teaching Nico things that he should have learned by spending about a bunch of years out of the hotel. Sarcasm and lingo for example. It’s adorable but I still think some of it is unreasonable. Who am I to say what people can and can’t dream about?

4: He went from being a misunderstood scared little boy to being a badass that people love, respect, and fear although he’s also practically a marshmallow cinnamon roll that needs to be protected. He is the character that has the most development in my opinion.

5: He’s honestly my favorite character. He’s so relatable. Nico has gone through so much and realistically he is still sane. I wish I had as much strength as he does.

Everyone needs a Nico. He’s the greatest. Protect our little bean.

 "Hey Danvers, you up for a little race?“
"You’re on Rhodes, how much of a head start you need in that clunker?”

Collab with the beautiful wiredoll! Happy Rhodeycon everyone!

Well, the first thing I’d like to say is holy crap, 500 of you following me?! I’m sorry about that. Secondly, I know the last time I did a follow forever was probably when I was back at 200 followers so I apologize for this being super, super late, but yay, 500!! Also a special super duper thank-you to mariesrps for the graphic, because I have absolutely zero photoshopping skills no matter how hard I try. I’ve double checked that I’ve included everybody I follow in this and I apologize in advance if I’ve forgotten anybody, it wasn’t on purpose!  

when the sun shines, we’ll shine together…

The following people are my rocks, simply put. I love every single one of them with everything and I could rant about how much I love them all…all day, basically.  Also I had to cut this down to my four closest cause I wanted to do a ramble about all my rp partners and I would’ve been here forever and ever and ain’t nobody got time for that. 

liv-parker-rps: Manda. My best friend, my lifeline, my love. What would i do without you in my life? You’re everything to me, you know that. You’ve got more creative writing talent in your little finger than my entire body, and it still stuns me to this day how incredible you are. I love that i’m your proof reader and that when you’re famous i’m going to be your PA and you’re going to casually hire Daniel to be the main actor, and Grant to boot, we’ve got it planned out. I’m going to try and keep these shortish or i’ll be here all day with you. I love you. You’re my everything, my other half, the Lydia to my Allison, the Santana to my Brittany, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. 

mariesrps: You’re another one where I don’t even know where to begin with, honestly. The Serena to my Blair, the Crysta to my Allison. You’re incredible. I speak to you basically all day every day and when I don’t it feels like it’s been ten years- and speaking of I feel like I’ve known you my entire life, and to say that I’m thankful for our JenJen for introducing us is the understatement of the century. I know you’ve been waiting– and nagging for me to do this cause it’s finally time for me to gush about you! I love you. So much. The week we spent together meeting some of the Teen Wolf cast was one of the best weeks of my life, minus somebody’s snoring *cough cough* and I can’t wait to see you again. I hate that you live in another state especially when it thunders and I’m in a sooky mood. Have I mentioned I love you? Because I do. A wholeeeee lot. Also you’re a little shit.  

jenjenwrites: Forever the Scott to my Allison. Always and forever. JenJen or my JenLaw– you. You completely changed my muse on everything, you made me a better writer, and better Allison writer, a better person. You inspire me constantly, and it’s so lovely to know that I can talk to you whenever I need about anything, and that you feel the same way with me. Because we are Scallison. I love you, and can’t wait until I drag my ass back over to the states to visit you and drag you back here to deal with the drop bears. Also this has reminded me that I still need to finish your care package, my bad. But you know, laziness, absolute and complete laziness. Also, I want you to know you deserve the absolute best in life, with every single aspect. ✿

isaacrps: The Kol to my Davina; easily. You’re the absolute cutest person alive, and I absolutely adore our many ships together, haha. Meeting you was absolutely incredible, and I’m sad that we didn’t get more time together, but it was better than no time at all. Getting your spam when you catch up on The Originals or Teen Wolf makes me laugh every single time because I know I’m not alone in the whole fan girling aspect. I know I promised you and your Mom a visit in the future and don’t forget I plan on collecting, haha. I’ll totally need a tour guide! ✿

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So to say that I have the best rp partners in the world would be true. I know I’m incredibly biased, but each and every one of you is perfect and I’m inspired by you all. I love you and your perfectness and also might have a soft spot for all your characters, well I do we all know this. Thank-you for inspiring me each and every single day. 

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To those listed below, this is basically a PSA that I stalk your blogs and absolutely adore you. You’ve got a stalker on your hands and I’m only slightly sorry for that as you’re all flawless and perfect.  

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To those who constantly make my smile and who always brighten up my dash, thank-you. You’re all amazing and I love each and every single one of your blogs. 

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So I saw a Tom/Nicole gifset on my dash and went to the link on youtube and have spent the past half hour watching their interviews. I’ve never seen them interact as actors before (I’m a casual Sleepy Hollow viewer/ichabbie shipper) but omg they are the ABSOLUTE CUTEST!!!! This just makes me ship ichabbie harder! 

And in light of recent shenanigans happening in The Flash fandom regarding a certain actor I can’t help but be even more sad that we’re probably never gonna get stuff like this with Grant & Candice. I guess we’ll just have to settle for awesome Westallen moments in the show. I know it’s not necessary for castmates to publicly get along but I think it’s an added bonus plus I just like knowing the leads of my ships actually like eachother and are cute around eachother. sigh. We could have had it all.