the absolute cuddliest

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ARE YOU STILL DOING THE SHIP MEME BECAUSE IF YES then matsuhana/matsuiwa!!! >:))) (btw i miss you guys so much, havent been here for almost a week now amg!! i've been busy with finals qwq) with love, seijou kouhai anon~

babe we missed you too and hell yeah we are because it’s an actual sleepover weekend. i have trapped m inside my house.


who’s the cuddler: Matsukawa is absolutely the cuddliest. He’s like a giant bear (even though he’s only two inches taller than Makki) that loves to plop down on his pastel prince and give him kisses and snuggles.

who makes the bed: Hanamaki makes the bed and does all of the cleaning. Matsukawa is a god damn pig. He’s left an entire pie in their shower like what the fuck Issei?

who wakes up first: Both of them get up at the same time. They both set their alarms for 8 AM and roll out of bed promptly at 10.

who has the weird taste in music: They both do. They listen to show tunes in the car and know all the words to Defying Gravity.

who is more protective: Matsukawa without a doubt. When Makki is uncomfortable, Issei has a sixth sense for it and will be there to do whatever is necessary to protect his man.

who sings in the shower: Both of them. More often than not they’re showering together because they can and Makki likes to wash Issei’s hair and then put soap on his eyebrows because he can. And then more show tunes are sung. But mostly they’re singing that Becky G song Singing In The Shower because their sense of humor is on point.

who cries during movies: Matsukawa is emotionally attached to every character he sees in a movie and will sob every time they are harmed or put in discomfort.

who spends the most while out shopping: Makki. Perfect Pastel Prince’s style ain’t cheap. He shops exclusively at urban and american apparel.

who kisses more roughly: Matsukawa. Not only is he a giant cuddly bear, he is also a hungry bear who will kiss the living hell out of his pastel prince.

who is more dominate: Honestly whoever really is up for it. Theres a lot of “hey you wanna be on top?” “but i topped laaaaaaast tiiiiiime” and then whining and then kissing because they really don’t give a fuck.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10/10 will ship again


who’s the cuddler: Matsukawa. Iwaizumi is never opposed to a cuddle but as soon as Issei reminds him that he’s shorter there will be a head butt to whatever body part is closest.

who makes the bed: Iwaizumi. He has a certain way he likes to do it. He can get Issei to make the bed very easily with very loving threats of throwing a truck at Issei. These threats work because lets be honest, Iwaizumi could lift a god damn sky scraper.

who wakes up first: They wake up at the same time but Iwaizumi will get out of bed first because he takes less time in the bathroom.

who has the weird taste in music: Matsukawa. He likes bubblegum pop and also folk music. Like yodeling.

who is more protective: Matsukawa. Literally everyone hits on Iwaizumi and his muscles.

who sings in the shower: Both of them but Iwaizumi’s voice is actually the most wonderful thing to grace this earth.

who cries during movies: Matsukawa. Iwaizumi cries for nothing. Not even onions.

who spends the most while out shopping: Neither of them. Iwaizumi keeps a tight hold on their wallets because they don’t need a carrot suit god damn it Issei put it back.

who kisses more roughly: Iwaizumi. He isn’t vocal about wanting his man but he’ll let him know through kisses.

who is more dominate: Iwaizumi. It brings him so much joy to see his big boyfriend moaning under him and begging him for more. that’ll teach him for making fun of his height that eyebrow fuck

my rating of the ship from 1-10: it’s a 10 suck it m RARE PAIRS 4 LYFE

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have u seen key in that huge shirt, he looks soooooo cuddly

THIS ONE RIGHT HE LOOKS SOOO CUDDLY AND SOFT I TIHNK I ACTUALLY CRIED OUT LIQUID BLACK HOLES FROM MY EYES HES SO SOFT!! AND FLUFFY!! ITS SO OVERSIZED AND HE S TUCKED ALL THE WAY IN I T I COULD ACTUALLY D*E. ITS LITERALLY SO OVERSIZED ITS ADORABLE I HAD TO HOLD MY HEART. it looks so Soft its like a portable blanket but even softer its the Softest fluffiest snuggliest thing in hte whole universe the pictures of him in it Changed My Life When Nobody Else Did