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Hello! Welcome to the B.A.P ‘Be Happy’ Project, a project organised by the B.A.P member networks that will span over the next seven months. This project is open to any B.A.P fan, regardless of whether they are a part of any of the networks hosting this project! If you want to become a member of the networks, applications are open for some of them so it wouldn’t hurt to check them out!

On the 27th day of the months from March until September, we have organised days to show our love and appreciation for each member of B.A.P by showcasing what it is about them that makes us smile. Basically, what it is about B.A.P that helps us to 'Be Happy’. After all, you can’t spell ‘Be Happy’ without B.A.P.

On each of these days, you can post any original content that you create in order to show off what it is that you love about B.A.P. The specific dates for this project as well as the tags to use are the following: 

27th March - Yongguk (#behappywithyongguk)
27th April - Himchan (#behappywithhimchan)
27th May - Daehyun (#behappywithdaehyun)
27th June - Youngjae (#behappywithyoungjae)
27th July - Jongup (#behappywithjongup)
27th August - Junhong (#behappywithjunhong)
27th September - OT6 (#behappywithbap

Keep in mind that each day is for each specific member, except for OT6 which is for B.A.P as a whole. 

We hope you will take part in the project and help show what it is about B.A.P that makes you happy! You can create any kind of content you wish to: gifs, graphics, fan art, videos, writing and anything else you can think of to help be supportive of B.A.P in any way that you can! You don’t have to be an experienced creator; first timers are more than welcome!

If you have any questions, you can ask any of the following networks: @yongguk-net​, @kimhimnet​, @daenet​, @yjaynet​, @mjupnet​, @zelo-net


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