the absolute bees knees

((OOC: Can I just talk about what a blessing Andy, KP, and TT are?

KP, it was soooo sooo wonderful to finally meet you in person. Your curls are out of this world wonderful and I loved your hugs so much. You have this wonderful spirit to you, being sweet and quiet; but that fiery piss and vinegar side to you that has no problems making itself known is something I completely adore about you. You’re the bees knees and you always will be, you wonderful being. 

Andy, it was so nice to see you again. I just love you so so much. You’re such a handsome human and I love listening to your intensely animated stories. I love your boldness and your kindness. I also very much enjoyed the delicate procedure of replicating hugs from Lundy and Andy( @girlswillbeboys11 @lundayy ), and I am in awe of your skills everyday. I’m so glad we are friends and I’m lucky to know you Andy Gray. 

TT, I wuuuuv you! You’re so kind to have sheltered and fed us all. Providing endless entertainment is hard but you certainly have a knack for it (especially at all hours we should be sleeping). You’re so clever and kind and just straight up beautiful in all aspects of the word. You have changed my life in so many ways and I’m better for knowing you. It is my sincere desire that you keep loving life and yourself and what you do. Because you’ve more than earned it. You are spectacular, and I love you very very much.))

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To all the men who need to hear this.....

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Hello to all of my cis, trans, NB, Pan, and ace brothers. Because guess what? The literal second you said to yourself, by birth or by choice, “I am a man” you became one. That’s it. No big test. No rite or protocol. You said it, so it is so. You are a man. 

And because you are a man, you have brothers. Millions of us around the world and we want nothing more than the absolute best for you. We will support you in your dreams, encourage you to do what you need to do to follow them, and help you stand up when you fall down. 

In you now, in your blood and bones, is the stuff of greatness. The discipline and attention to detail of some of history’s greatest thinkers and scientists exists within you now. The capacity for romance and love of the men who wrote love poems that still send people swooning to this day, TO THIS VERY DAY, exists within you. The aggressive spirit of the Samurai and the Spartans exists within you. Whatever you want to be, all of the stuff that you need to be that man exists within you. 

Realize it. Cultivate it. 

I love you all. I believe in you all. I support you all. 

And if you ever need a little help, see the people I mentioned at the top of the post. And see me. I will be here to help always. I promise. 

gothamhood  asked:

alsp bc i'm late af and Slow but i just?? want u to know that i appreciate u so Much and everytime i see u on the dash being amazing and writing zatanna or any of your muses to perfection i just go: look, there goes jenn, the absolute bee's knees, the world is beautiful again i am Cured

i am still all heart eyes after reading this the other night. yes i’m lame & only getting to it now. to be fair my internet cut out last night cause of a storm. anyways, i appreciate you so much too. i mean just look at this message. it is like a shining beacon of light through the murkiness that is trublr dot com. what a sweetheart. what an amazing person. honestly, what did i ever do to deserve a friend like you? so talented - look at that new theme. like damn girl. not to mention the writing - look at you go being yo talented self. always gotta follow you no matter the blog.

Why Your Fave Is Problematic;RWBYJNPR Edition

Ruby Rose: Absolutely useless without Crescent Rose, has bees knees, a well-known and very contagious condition.

Weiss Schnee: Still can’t summon lol git gud scrublord.

Blake Belladonna: Kinda judgy of new people, racist against corgis.

Yang Xiao-Long:

Jaune Arc: yikes

Nora Valkyrie: Thinks explosives are an acceptable Valentine

Pyrrha Nikos: Incessantly distracting the student body with her student body

Lie Ren: Has less lines than Wal-Mart at 3 AM


((I absolutely am Doll face!))

ARADIA MEGIDO is the BEES KNEES. She’s FUNNY, UPBEAT and ABSOLUTELY GREAT NO MATTER WHAT. Being the time player of your session, you always sort of just accepted that there were a gajillion of her- no. Twice that number. Regardless of how many Megidos are flying around though, she’s one of the only people that you could ACCEPT HAD ALTERNATES. You’ve met a thousand Feferis but there’s only one that’s technically yours but that never applied to AA.

Anyway. This version always caught you as one of the best. Even YOUR KISMESIS LIKES HER and you guess that’s a good thing. She’s one of the GRITTIER ALTERNATES but that was always a QUALITY YOU REALLY LIKED ABOUT AA. She’s great. Aradia is generally great, but this one specifically.