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There is a website called TeenBreaks that is "supposed" to give info and support to pregnant teens. They have a section for "real life stories" and all of the abortion stories they actually allowed to be posted are horrifyingly negative and scary. Its super manipulative. Positive experiences exist so I like to tell people to send them their positive abortion stories on the site.(and even negative birth or adoption stories if they want). Even if they never get posted it proves a point.

Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of these websites and places run by anti-choicers that have the veneer of being neutral but are really just anti-abortion propaganda: see also crisis pregnancy centers and anti-choice pregnancy help lines.

There’s a lot of places that collect positive/neutral abortion stories, though: I created this post with a number of positive abortion stories, including teenage abortion stories. There’s several websites that post positive and neutral abortion stories:

My Abortion, My Life

Our Bodies Ouselves

The Abortion Diary Podcast

1 in 3 Campaign

#ShoutYourAbortion YouTube channel

Not Alone

Project Voice

Thanks, Abortion

NARAL: Stories About Abortion

And a recent study showed that 95% of people who get abortions don’t regret them. This is by no means meant to invalidate the people who do regret terminating their pregnancies. Statistically, however, these stories are very overrepresented in web searches and news media.

I don’t understand how people aren’t pro-choice. Pro-choice doesn’t necessarily believe you believe in having an abortion yourself, but who are you to tell a woman she has to go through 9 months and childbirth to a child they may not want, or be able to look after. Who are you to tell a woman she has to go through something that will permanently alter her? Nobody wants to be in a situation where they have to have an abortion, why make it more difficult for that woman? There are too many children in care, too many children starving, too many neglected and abused. Pro-choice allows a woman to have a freedom over her body. She is more important than the unborn child.