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Mess o’ Mine

Harry X Reader: Angst, smut

In which Harry’s stolen from you and needs to fix it.

Request? No

Part 2: Mouth o’ Mine // Part 3: Mind o’ Mine

The apartment is dark, lights dimmed so you can set the mood for what you expect to be an emotional performance. Your laptop is plugged into the television and the screen is flickering, splashing colors across your face from a product commercial. Harry is across the world, about to premiere a song from his upcoming album on a popular talk show. Despite how excited you are to hear the music, you’re still nervous for him, as you always are. There’s no doubt in your mind that he’ll smash whatever he performs, but he always seems to get in his own way.

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all the highly empathetic people i know in my life have had abusive home lives and that’s because we were trained to read a situation at any given moment in our homes and learn how to react within seconds because if we didn’t and said or did the wrong thing, we’d get fucked up and beat and hurt

but like subconsciously always reading the mood of any atmosphere or space you’re in, always being able to gauge how people feel, it’s not a fucking gift, it’s exhausting. you can’t turn it off, even if you want to. you read the situation and if it’s negative, you freak out because if someone’s angry at you, it’s the end of the world

like we’ve internalized the scars from our childhood when an adult being mad at you was the worst thing ever and it’s carried with us into adulthood. it’s hard to unlearn all that.

so like a lot of us have mental health or anxiety issues because we also start internalizing all the energy from people, be it positive or negative, and so anxiety-inducing and frustrating to the point of tears 

{PART 5} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; You’re hesitant to reveal your painful past to Jungkook, but time gets cut dreadfully short when Jungkook excuses himself upon receiving an interesting phone call.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5} {Part 6}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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Some Gifts Come Unwrapped


Warning: smut

A/N: sorry this took so long, and i’m not even sure it’s any good. but the best way to get past writer’s block is to write, which is weird, but here ya go lmao

You couldn’t keep your eyes off it, scared that if you’d blink it would disappear. It was beautiful and luxurious and everything you’d dreamed it would be. After pinning an endless supply of pictures of the seemingly unobtainable automobile in your “future car” folder on Pinterest, it was completely and utterly surreal that it was now perched in front of you in all its glory, tied up in a satin red bow.

“It’s white.” It was hard to breathe. “You remembered.”

“Of course I remembered.”

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A love among the ruins pt 2


Pairing: Taehyung / Reader.

Genre: Royalty AU, smut, fluff, dirty talk, cum play (Oh boy..)

Summary: As a maid working for the royal family, it is your job to serve those who are above you. You know the rules and are supposed to keep them, however said rules become harder and harder to follow when put into actual practice.

Word count: 5,971

Notes: Whoop whoop, there is smut! This part isn’t especially angsty and the smut only really comes at the end. I was listening to Bedroom hymns by Florence + the machine when I was wring this, so you can listen to that if you want an audio to go with this. Especially for the smut scene  ;)

→  Part One | Part Two | Part Three.


Now,–the country does not even boast a tree,
As you see,
To distinguish slopes of verdure, certain rills
From the hills
Intersect and give a name to, (else they run
Into one)
Where the domed and daring palace shot its spires
Up like fires
O'er the hundred-gated circuit of a wall
Bounding all,
Made of marble, men might march on nor be pressed,
Twelve abreast.

Robert Browning, Love among the ruins

The upper halls of the castle were dead quiet, so silent that the only noise bouncing along the walls was the soft tread of your feet against the stone floor and your shallow breaths that puffed out from exertion. A bundle of sticks were pressed close to your chest, the sides being supported by your arms that curled around it so that you could shuffle the weight from one side to the other from time to time the muscles in your arms already complaining against the strain. Really this should’ve been a job for someone stronger than you, not that you weren’t capable; you had proven your skill already, but collecting firewood was a strenuous job, particularly tiring for someone of your size. Usually it was one of the younger more robust servers that would help with hauling said weight in, one of the errand boys bumbling into the kitchen each morning with a cheerful tune and an armful of twigs for the fire. However, recently communication with the neighbouring countries had been especially high, meaning that the poor boys was sent riding to great distances in order to exchange notes between the kings, Which only left the maids, the butlers, the cooks and the guards to deal with the the more taking jobs, and the guards were so overrun and the butlers so elderly- taking on the job seemed like the only thing you could do.

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Little things that I liked about ch.24:

-Sangwoo handing Bum his car keys so that his “friend” wouldn’t think he was above him
*this is really cute to me because SW doesn’t seem to like Bum being lowered by others

-Sangwoo becoming aware of Bum trying to avoid the topic of his uncle and being curious enough to know more
*shows that SW is starting to care more personally about Bum and his past

-Bum being able to gauge Sangwoo’s mood with just a glance
*proves that he’s become more receptive towards SW’s mood when other people aren’t

-battle of powers: don’t tell me this wasn’t what that was (ego v. larger ego)

-Bum smiling in the car after their win
*the cutest thing because he wanted to win and SW went above and beyond. I feel that Bum hasn’t had a lot of chances to “win” in the past and now, with SW, he won’t just be walked over anymore ❤️

-forehead fist tap
*absolutely the best haha. This shows that SW has become a little more tender to Bum. This is a huge contrast to the past, when he used to beat Bum if he did one thing out of line. Not only does it show as if he’s become more receptive of Bum, it also shows that he’s become a tad bit more affectionate as well.
Also, this moment also shows that, in the moments surrounding this chapter, SW doesn’t seem to be pissed at Bum entirely but at the circumstances that surround him. He doesn’t seem to blame him, so he doesn’t take it out on him like he could–by beating him as he used to in the past. The tenderness of this moment shows that SW doesn’t want to take it out on Bum because he might actually be angry at something/someone else.

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a concept: harry walking in on you in one of his shirts (that reach your mid-thigh and make him absolutely crazy) dancing around the room lazily to 'sign of the times'; standing against the doorframe with that small fucking cocky side-grin.

imagine h coming home to you belting sign of the times off the top of your lungs. then he just sort of watches you lovingly/amusingly and you get caught off guard when he starts clapping obnoxiously. that goes to say; there’s a bit of teasing on his end but he assures you it’s nothing to be embarrassed of since he’s just so happy you love his song.. and it prompts you to ask when you’d get to have a listen at the album to where he just smiles and tells you to wait like everyone else.

my mom walked into my room and found me dancing obnoxiously to sott and it wasn’t like i was naked or anything so idk why i felt so exposed lol i could only imagine what harry would think if he caught me doing what i was doing 😪

Seems to be a popular occurrence/daydream. ;) x

Maybe you’d played it cool when he first let you have a listen. Or maybe you were so proud that was all you were able to convey – that pride – and he’d been chuffed with that but he hadn’t really been able to gauge what you thought of the song as a song. Would you listen to it on your own? Would you turn it up on the radio if it came on? Would you like it if it wasn’t his? 

So when he finds you swaying to it? Wearing one of his shirts after a long. long night between the two of you while cooking breakfast (cause maybe it came on the radio and you had, in fact, turned it up), he just… stops. He commits this moment to memory. It’s unfiltered. It’s honest. It’s a glimpse of what you’d look like if he didn’t know you, but he’s damn glad that he does, cause how could he miss out on this? 

And when your eyes finally land on him and you nearly jump three feet in the air from how badly he’d startled you, he just grins and does the laziest once-over, tilting his head a bit when his gaze lingers on the hem of his shirt. It just needs to lift the tiniest bit higher to give him quite the view, and you think he’s already constructing it in his mind. 

“Go away,” you snap. “What are you doing out of bed?”

“You were taking ages,” he says. “Guess I know why.”

You scowl even as he comes over and slides his hands over your waist and sways you gently to the bridge. 

“Think m’goin’ to have to thank Nick for playing this one this morning, don’t you?”

“I don’t like you,” you snap, feeling hot from having your own private moment intruded upon. 

“No?” His grin betrays how unwounded he is. “No’ even a bit?” He nuzzles your cheek even as you twist away from him. “Just a little?” He smiles as you squirm, whipping your head all around to keep him from being able to land a kiss.

“No,” you say firmly, employing your hand to push against his face. “Harry!” you shriek his name when he manages to kiss your cheek. 

“D’you like me yet?” he asks with his mouth still on your face as he makes a puckering sound. “At all?”

You both dissolve into laughter and he pins you to the counter and peppers kisses over your jaw and neck as the song fades out. “Turn that off, will yeh?” he says while holding your face of the radio, which has just started blaring Nick’s voice. “Can’t love on you when he’s chattering in my ear.”

So many people complain about RPers posting “too much OOC” on their blogs, and while I can kind of understand that frustration, I also kind of feel like I need muns to post OOC on their blogs. It gives me an idea of what the mun is like personality-wise and how comfortable I’ll be with talking to them. If someone doesn’t post any OOC at all, I won’t be able to gauge how safe it is to confront them about a problem or drop something with them

3 days left until Avengers Assemble, Season 4! Here’s a thing I wrote.

There are still pockets of smoke speckling the pavement, but the danger is past. Little by little, people emerge from their makeshift shelters, dodging the holes in the ground and the small piles of debris, going on with their lives. A few look up, wave at them. Steve, perched on a ledge a few stories up, returns the greeting.

“A good day’s work,” Tony says, taking a seat next to him. From up close, the scratches on his suit have become actual dents, an inch shy of permanent.

Steve considers the state of his own uniform and lets out a puff of air. “So I hear.”

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What would make sasuke actually fall in love with somebody?

I hope this answers this request!

(aw, look how cute he is in this gif! I’m not even a sasuke girl, but this gif’s cute!)

Originally posted by isohiko

  • Sasuke is one who falls in love very slowly with his S/O; it will take some time for him to realize that he loves whoever it is, and then it will take even more time for him to come to grips with it. Never has he been one to believe in love at first sight, or find solely the physical form of someone attractive and act on it; for him to actually fall in love with someone, he has to love the entire person, there’s not really one particular thing that makes him develop feelings.
  • He is definitely someone who would fall for someone who has been by his side for a good amount of time; proved that they are willing and able to deal with him in both his good times and bad. There’s something about someone who is willing to stay with him and all of his issues that is comforting to him.
    • Yet with that being said, his S/O would also need to realize that this is Sasuke and sometimes Sasuke needs his moments where he shuts everyone out, including them. It’s just how he handles life some days, and he needs someone who understand this and will let him be for a while. This is not to say that they don’t support him during these times, but they realize that he just needs to be by himself. So if someone was actually able to gauge when to let him be and when to stay, then that would also cause him to see more appeal in the individual.
  • I’ve said this before, but I feel that Sasuke would fall for someone who is extremely caring and perceptive to the world and people around them, but not overbearing about it. He’d be drawn to someone who is able to understand him; they don’t need to relate or speak on it, but just understand. He’s been through a lot, and he can be a lot to deal with at times, so he needs someone who understands this, but still has that unconditional love and care for him.
    • Lowkey, he likes to be taken care of. The little mundane things that no one really thinks about, those are the things that’ll get him. Small things like asking him if he’s had lunch, or telling him to make it home safely will do so much more for him than any type of flirting.
  • This may sound strange, but I feel like he would be more drawn in by someone who’s ‘pure.’ Not saying this in like a virginity type of pure, but as in their intentions and perspective on life. He doesn’t want to be around anyone who is going to hide the truth or stab him in the back the first chance they get; he wants someone who still has that positive outlook on life and treats those around them with good intentions in mind despite knowing the fact that the world isn’t always so kind. He’s suffered in the darkness for too long, he seeks someone who embodies the light.
  • Sasuke is someone who falls in love without realizing that he is falling in love. It’s just a lot of little things that build up this relationship between Sasuke and his S/O, and then one day he realizes that he loves them, and then he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to admit to being in love, but at the same time he doesn’t want to lose his S/O, because he didn’t act. 
    • Most likely his feeling for his S/O will come apparent one seemingly normal night right before they are about to leave, but he’ll grab a hold of their hand, and say something along the lines of, “Stay,” and that’s all that it really takes.
Translation: “Guren Ichinose, The Catastrophe at 16″ Chapter 02 Summary (SPOILERS!!)

Here is the translation summary,  Please keep in mind a few things:

1. I’ve never the light novels, I didn’t even know they existed until after I started reading this manga.

2. I’ve never read any English version of Owari no Seraph, so…the way I spell things or phrase things may not be what is commonly used by the official/fan translations.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, here is your summary.  I will be putting up the preview for next month’s chapter soon after this.  Spoilers, obviously.  

Guren (as a boy) and a girl are laying in the grass.  The girl asks him “When we grow up…do you think we can get married?  And be together forever the way we are now?”  He replies that they can’t, because he’s from a branch family and she’s from the head family and a candidate to be the head of the family.  He says “We aren’t suited for each other at all”, and she protests.  Suddenly he hears someone says “There they are!  It’s Mahiru-sama!  Did that Ichinose brat take her out again!?”  He’s resigned, but she says she doesn’t want to leave him.  Next we see him, he’s laying on the ground beat up as the people drag Mahiru away.  She’s apologizing, saying that it’s all her fault, but he thinks “It’s not her fault…it’s my fault for being someone of low-rank with no power”.  He reaches for her as she is taken away.

10 years later, we see Guren at school with Shigure and Sayuri behind him.  Sayuri mentions that Guren is a 1st year high school student and that she’s feeling nervous.  He thinks that this is the number one Shibuya High School, which looks ordinary on the surface; but in reality, it’s a sorcery training school that is run and operated by the prominent religious organization in Japan called “Mikado no Oni”.  And this school is where only the best of the “Mikado no Oni” devotees gather.  The “Hiiragi Family” brought about the “Mikado no Oni” 1200 years before, and the “Ichinose Family” split off and created “Mikado no Tsuki” 500 years ago.  And as the head of the Ichinose family, he would enter the high school, where he was forced to submit from a young age.  He thinks that his father also went through that same system…

Just then, a bottle of soda hits him in the face.  Sayuri and Shigure get upset but he seems to laugh it off saying “Ahhh, that kind of hurt, you know?”  The people in front of him start talking about what a coward he is, and Guren says to the two “We won’t show our power here.  There’s no need to announce out intentions to the enemy, is there?  It will create bad memories, but will you be patient for three years and follow me?”  Sayuri of course agrees (a little too much), but Shigure says “…but it’s vexing.  You are said to be the most powerful of the Ichinose family in a thousand years”.  He asks where she heard that, and she says her father said it, and he says “Then tell your father ‘It’s not possible for a once in a thousand years genius to appear in the Ichinose family after only 500 years, idiot.”  Shigure laughs, and Guren says “Shall we go?” and Shigure says “Guren-sama, we are supposed to protect you but you end up protecting us…” and he says “Shut up, idiot.  Protecting one’s subordinates is a master’s duty.”  She blushes, and Sayuri starts making fun of her.  He walks on thinking “so noisy”.  

Guren sees a young man with light hair smiling at him just as he lifts up a seal.  Guren recognizes that it is a Hiiragi sorcery talisman.  As the magic comes towards him, Guren thinks “He’s quick!  …is this someone with the Hiiragi name?” Then he turns to the girls and says “Hey, you two” just before the magic hits him and sends him flying backwards.  Shigure thinks “If I had carelessly avoided it, he would have been able to gauge my true power- did I convince him that I couldn’t respond well?”  The mysterious guy looks at him and Guren wonders if he found him out.  The guy walks away and Guren says “This is turning out to be an intresting High School experience-“

In the classroom, the teacher is bashing Guren as a rat mixed in with great students without naming him while he’s thinking about the fact that they have split him, Sayuri and Shigure apart in different classes.  He thinks “Isolate me, torment me and force me to submit, huh?  I guess they are continuing the malicious treatment of two hundred years.  The teacher tells everyone Shinya of the Hiiragi Family is in this class, and as everyone looks at him he says “Oh my, why is it so quiet?”  She welcomes him to her class, and offers him a seat in the front.  He refuses, and asks to change seats with a girl next to Guren.  The teacher is shocked that he would sit next to the ‘rat’, but Shinya respond “Sensei, I think badly of teachers who call their students ‘rats’”.  He sits down and asks “Hey, you…you’re Guren Ichinose, right?  Mind if I call you Guren?”  Guren responds “Are you talking to me?” in a formal way, and Shinya asks him why he’s so formal.  He replies “We are strictly taught never to oppose someon of the Hiirage family.”  Shinya says “That’s so boooring” and then says “But…you took my attack on purpose this morning, didn’t you?”  Guren thinks “Shit, he did notice.”  He says “I’m sorry, we were told not to offend anyone from the Hiiragi family, so I went along with it and took the attack.”  Shinya laughs but suddenly gets seriously and says “Hey Guren, why don’t you stop with the boring lies already?”  When Guren tries to protest, Shinya interrupts and says that he also hates the Hiiragi family.  Guren isn’t convinced, but Shinya says that he’s not considered a Hiiragi because he’s adopted and that he was raised to enter the Hiiragi since he was a child…”So I hate the Hiiragi family…in other words, we’re in the same boat.”  Guren starts to say “there’s been a misunderstanding” but Shinya breaks in by saying that “Mahiru Hiiragi is my betrothed.”  When he sees the look on Guren’s face, he says “Uh oh, your real self comes out.  So, are you annoyed?” Guren says “Not really” but Shinya says “I don’t really know Mahiru all that well, so relax.  After all, I’m just adopted, low-born shit…I’ve been treated the same way as you have been treated here…and of course I think about destroying everything out of irritation.”  Guren calls him a talkative bastard, and tells him not to get him involved because their goals are different (no longer talking politely, of course).  Shinya asks if he’ll be his friend just as the teacher is announcing that it’s time to go to the school entrance ceremony.  Shinya holds his hand out and says “Well then, let’s go Guren” and Guren smacks it away saying “Don’t come near me.”  Shinya laughs.

At the school entrance ceremony, Guren yawns.  A red-haired girl says “Guren Ichinose, answer my question.” He thinks that she’s one of the Juujou family, whose red hair came from exorcising a legendary demon.  She introduces herself as Mito Juujou, and he says that he doesn’t know her.  She turns away talking to herself “don’t get mad, Mito, your opponent is an Ichinose rat of low birth…getting mad about something like this will dishonor your family name, calm down.”  Guren thinks that the entire school is full of these people- people who had been trained since a young age in strict sorcery.  He thinks (rather darkly) “Do I have the power to kill her?”  Out loud, he asks her what she wants, and she says “what were you talking to Shinya Hiiragi about earlier?”  He says “Ah, that…men of the same age talking about just one thing” and she asks “What?”  He replies “Women” and says that Shinya said that she was cute.  She blushes and starts rambling that he can’t, since he’s engaged to Mahiru (Shinya sneezes).  Unsuprisingly, it’s Mahiru Hiiragi who gives the greeting.  Guren thinks “The distance between us hasn’t changed at all since then…like a goddess and a rat crawling on the ground.”

Back in his apartment, he asks Sayuri and Shigure why they are there, if if they plan on living on both sides of him.  He tells them that they will get in his way, which they try to protest.  He tells them to get out, and Shigure says “Okay, Sayuri, first let’s pretend to leave, then come back in the middle of the night” and Sayuri says “Yuki-chan, you’re as smart as ever…” to which Guren replies “No she’s not!”  He remarks that despite being his followers, they never listen to him, and they reply that they are prepared to sacrifice their lives for him.  He asks them if they know what’s in the cardboard box (behind him), and when they say they don’t, he replies “Erotic books” and that it’s the sort of thing one will find in a man’s apartment, thinking it will get rid of the but Sayuri replies “I-It’s okay.”  He’s taken aback and she says that her father has already told her about that, and about sleeping with Guren at night.  He gets upset and asks “What kind of stupid things has your father been telling you!?”  Shigure tells her that the box actually contains Sorcery studies, and that their master would never look at something so vulgar.  Sayuri calms down and asks Guren what he wants to eat while Shigure tidies up.  He gives up and says “Curry” and asks how long it will take.  She replies about an hour, and he says he’ll take a nap while it’s cooking in the next room.

Three of the floors in the apartment build are reserved for the Ichinose family, and he can use the floor above that is being remodeled.  He thinks that he needs to practice everyday without showing his true power to the Hiiragi people when a man suddenly appears before him at the elevator and asks him if he’s going up.  Guren asks him if he’s from the 27th floor (the owner of the building) and the man replies he is.  Guren replies “Then thank you for taking me in for these next three years” but he notices that none of the buttons are pushed.  Guren takes out his sword and the man reveals himself to be an assassin with a chain.  They start fighting, and the assassin remarks on how ruthless Guren is.  Guren says “this is the end” and brings his sword down on the man’s arm (which he put up to keep his head from getting hit), but the guy suddenly starts spewing black mist from the cut to Guren’s surprise.  The man says “How frightening…we just happened to be in the same elevator by chance and you cut me without any hesitation” with his arm swinging.  Guren says “you’re not a human…are you an assassin sent from the Hiiragi family?”  The man says “Correct answer” but Guren retorts that the sorcery to bestow chains isn’t something the Hiiragi family does, and that they wouldn’t send an assassin to kill someone they look down on like the Ichinose.  “Now then, just who are you?”  The guy says that Guren is sharp, and that he’s as excellent as he thought.

Guren slices him in half, and there’s more mist.  The man says “You really are amazing.  Even though the poisonous mist should have made you unable to move long ago, you haven’t breathed this entire time.”  Guren says that he doesn’t want to be praised by someone who, despite being cut in half and cursed, is still acting very lively.  Guren calls him a monster and the guy retorts that he’s a respectable person nevertheless.  Guren asks if he’s a chimera that was made from human research, and the man replies that he is and says “The Ichinose Family- and the “Mikado no Tsuki” sect also do the same thing, don’t they?”  Guren replies that he doesn’t know about the Hiiragi, but that they Ichinose don’t do it. “Because even without human research, I’m still stronger than you” Guren adds.  The man laughs and says “That might be true” and Guren asks who he is, who he is affilliated with and why he came.  The man seals himself back together and replies “My name is Makoto Kijima.  I’m affiliated with the “Church of the Hundred Nights”…will you destroy the Hiiragi Family…the “Mikado no Oni” with me?”

Translation notes:

1. “Church of the Hundred Nights” - in Japanese, this reads “Byakuya Kyou”.  “Kyou” can mean ‘religion, doctrine, church’…so I went with ‘church’.  “Byakuya” is literally, “One Hundred Nights”.  So, there you go.

A Jade post? In 2017?

I could write this post in my sleep because I’ve written 40 just like it, but I keep seeing posts about lack of Jade meta, so I guess I was a little ahead of my time and must now answer the call. If you’ve been following me for a while, you might as well keep scrolling. You’ve seen this all before in increasing tones of despair.

For everyone else, this aims to be a general overview of Jade Harley’s character, back when she was allowed to have one, looking at her issues and development. I’ll condense it a fair bit because none of us want to be here all evening, but feel free to ask me to expand on anything. I used to do this all the time.

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character analysis for ong seungwoo?

aahhhh… finally! I’ve literally waded through so many requests just so i could reach here goddamit is that too desperate? probably. do i care? reallllly not.

  • ong seongwoo this magnanimous man. how do i even begin? ok its honestly going to be quite hard to be not biased about him but i shall try. i tend to overlook the negatives about a person when i unknowingly put them on a pedestal (don’t we all) but this time, not.
  • i think his most obvious trait is his humour. thats how he works through stressful, or sticky situations. he uses his humour to poke fun at himself or the situation to get everyone to laugh. which is one of the most mature defense mechanisms out there tbh it means you are emotionally processing the situation, but atleast it includes everyone’s emotional health and not just short term solving of problems
  • about conflict resolution, i don’t think he’d be the kind to opt for it. even though he is the oldest or the second oldest in most of the groups, he never opts to be the leader. the center? yes. but never the leader. have you never wondered why? he just doesnt seem interested in being the centre of attention in a constructive way. if he’s a leader he will be expected to tackle things head on and think of others while he resolves conflict. im not sure if he thinks he is incapable of such decision or if he honestly doesnt wanna do it - but he doesnt. so thats something
  • he’s a nervous wreck but he hides it quite well. you know he’s one of the desperate ones on this show and it shows very well when the camera zooms in on his face (bless) right before the evaluations are declared. he always expects himself to get the lower ranks (funnily enough, not lower than the 20′s) and he gets so antsy right before they call his name. 
  • but he hides it well, which makes me think someday he’d be quite good at acting but isnt that a sad thing if he learns to hide his emotions too well
  • the kind of person who’d rather make you laugh than sort through your problems with you
  • but always up for being a supportive friend
  • i have a feeling he is very distant from others on his show.. he never shows on it in the actual episodes that air (maybe its just mnet) but he’s a backstage kind of person when it comes to friendships. like he wont go out of his way to do grand things to win your love and trust but he’ll be there when you need it
  • which makes me think - will he ever truly be able to gauge if someone needs him or will he just distance himself until someone has to explicitly ask for his company
  • but so fiercely loyal and silently supportive of the people that do choose to trust him
  • is always surprised that people actually like him but hides it by being cocky this little idiot.
  • small traits like that usually add up to a childhood of a prodigy that was extremely intelligent when young but as they grow up they become average and the people around them are like “ but you used to be better???” they’re still doing their best but its just that everyone else is also doing their best and sometimes its hard to catch up
  • he’s holding something back i just dont know what. all this humour to mask emotions and being cocky when accepting compliments makes me think he’s hiding this emotional crisis that he just doesnt wanna talk about

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but thats all i got about our dear ong. you guys know how much i adore him dont you? my PR genius, the part time king, ong meme.

Twelve Hour Lullaby

The increasing volume of the music box lullaby being piped into the room of cells on its own was becoming insufferable.  The incessant chime of the musical comb that the drum’s teeth spun and plucked slowly engraved that song further into their subconscious.  The only option left to any of them was simply to endure it.  One thing was certain, none of the Holt women would ever forget that haunting lullaby.

It was morning, not that any of them would be able to gauge the time of day.  Time altogether seemed to move slower here.  Pacing, or staring at walls blankly soon became the only means of entertainment.  The conversation had been drowned out hours ago as the volume of that music box became comparable to a gnomish rocket launch.  Trying to escape this room was futile. Where would they go? There were no windows and the only two doors were out of the lights’ reach and they remained locked from the outside.

Abruptly the obnoxious ceaseless melody halted leaving the room in a peaceful silence only interrupted by the singular tone of the unseen dripping pipe.  Though the song itself stalled, the hours of it echoing in the cell block had imprinted so deeply into memory that it continued within their minds.  For a moment a sigh of relief could be breathed, but soon the low hum of the electricity flowing through the flickering light increased and took center stage.

The dim light that was to be their only illumination grew to become so bright that it was impossible to stare at directly.  It flickered again before going out completely, leaving them in darkness.  Just as hope faded of light returning, in protest the singular light sputtered back on again it grew brighter… more intense… and then exploded. Darkness, endless darkness is all that was left.

Keys slid into the doors that divided the women in this room from the freedoms they had known just the night before. The clicking of the tumblers in the locks sliding out of place and the creaking of the doors opening slowly was a haunting reminder the cells they now would call home was not the biggest thing they had to fear.  Just then the sounds of the foot fall of their captors entering the unlit room filled their ears followed by the slamming of the two doors behind them…. Locking the room down again.

The sounds of shuffling feet against the stone floor stopped for a moment, or two. Then it all began, torches were ignited and the figures of those in the black cloaks became visible to the women now at their mercy.  The torches were placed in sconces on the walls for the first time fully illuminating the room of cells.  The room was packed with the cloaked ones and in the center of the row of cells, a ritual circle had been drawn on the floor.

Two of them stepped forward facing the cells holding Rinoha and Adhelin.  The one before Adhelin inclined his head revealing his mouth beneath the dark hood, smirking at them.  “The infamous Holts, May we bid you welcome.”  It was then that the two tugged their hoods back revealing their faces to the sisters.  As a wave of sheer terror rolled through Rinoha’s body she breathlessly muttered, “You….”

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((Again if you are not one of the caputred IC there is no way to know this.Ty for understanding))

gold like glitter

shoutout to @ladriened​​ for bouncing this with me for literally half an hour. because of that this is literally the longest™ but hey. glitter.  

very important before reading viewing material

  • adrien is a bathbomb guy, a surprise to no one
  • of course the one time he forgets to rinse out the bathtub after using a bathbomb, plagg finds his way into the tub and rolls around in the glitter 
    • “what are you doing in here?!”
      “it’s warmer than your room is!” 
  • adrien doesn’t have time to give the gold glitter covered plagg a desperately needed bath because there’s an akuma attack because hawk moth is the worst
  • ladybug gives chat the weirdest look when he gets to the scene
  • “what the hell happened to you???”
    • he looks down and realizes he is covered in gold glitter
      • he did not realize this was a possible outcome
    • “i just…uh….rolled around in glitter?” 
  • once they purify the akuma she gives him the lightest fist bump ever 
  • it takes chat .5 seconds to realize what’s wrong. he opens his arms and offers ladybug a hug
    • she shrieks and runs away because if he hugs her the glitter will never go away
    • he runs after her across rooftops until one of their miraculous beep and then ladybug sticks her tongue out at him and swings away laughing
  • when he gets back home adrien gives plagg a bath 
  • and then he takes a really long shower because he is literally covered in glitter and he doesn’t understand how this happened

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Batfam combat levels

After going through a butt ton of comics recently (quite a few Batfam related), I’ve been able to accurately gauge the combat levels of quite a few members, there are two that are impossible to gauge. I would like to do something like this with the power of Superfam members, skill of Arrowfam members, or even the usage of the rings with the Green Lanterns of Earth, tell me if you want that. I’ve broken them up into tiers from highest to lowest.

Top Tier

  • Cassandra Cain: Do I…do I even have to example myself here…it feels redundant…she is the physical embodiment of a can of whoop ass. Well if I have to. The girl is able to trade blows and defeat combatants such as Deathstroke and Lady Shiva who have been proven to be above or equal to Batman multiple times. She has the most flowing style out of the whole entire Batfamily, she is able to effortlessly move around the battlefield with getting less then a scratch on her. Skilled enough to avoid explosions and bullets at near point blank range. She has incredibly high durability and agility. Her greatest ability is her ability to read body movements to the point where she can almost perfectly predict her opponents next move and the only time this really fails is against a combatant with a wild and unpredictable style, but she has proven to beat that weakness before. She has martial arts knowledge either equal or greater than Batman. Her combat prowess has made it near impossible for me to believe that anyone on this list can defeat her. If there is one thing she lacks is well planning skills. She doesn’t think long term that much and that could be a big problem. But it’s rare for her fights to go on long.  

Second Tier

  • Jean Paul Valley(But more so his Azrael persona): Azrael has three things that make him one of the most deadliest combatants in the Batfam. One his mind set, Azrael gets rid of fear, numbs the sensation of pain, and is practically a terminator when it comes to situations, Azrael is completely one tracked when he gets his mission and if it is to beat you’re ass well…good luck surviving. Two his genetically modified with animal DNA specially designed to give him a primal advantage to fighting along with advance strength, agility, and Dumas knows what else. Finally the many, many, many years of assassins knowledge inserted in him brain. St. Dumas wanted to create a perfect assassin and well they came pretty damn close. Honestly if it wasn’t for Jean Paul’s personality preventing Azrael from becoming truly Azrael, there would be a lot of souls claimed for St. Dumas.
  • Jason Todd: Want to know why he is on the freaking second tier spot compared to the other styled combatants of the Batfamily. Simple he is not trained at freaking all and well he has the largest arsenal short of Batwing. Going back to the untrained statement, he lacks a proper style. If you ever read a comic featuring Todd or even played him in Injustice 2 (or seen the gameplay). When he isn’t standing still and shooting he is all over the place. He is wild, imprecise, and god damn impossible to predict. The best way to describe his style is a brawler with the movement of a deadly ballerina on coke. It’s damn hard to fight against a style that’s impossible to understand. Then there is how resourceful he is, his fighting skills really come down to the environment and his usage of his gadgets. He’ll come in for what you expect a hook, but he’ll leap over you and throw a bomb towards the area where he once was and have his guns ready, you would have to make a split second decision which could get you blown up or shot. There is only a few people who can get through that unscathed (Cassandra Cain could and probably whoop his ass)

Third Tier

  • Duke Thomas: Duke Thomas is a manipulative fighter. He knows what buttons to push a moment after the first meeting the person. He’s been able to defeat quite a few things because of this, Damian Wayne during the Robin Wars is the best example. He also has a pretty damn high pain tolerance. He can take being stabbed, beaten by things with monster level strength, explosions, and still can get back up and keep fighting. That benefits the type of fighting he does a lot. He also is pretty damn strong, he went toe to toe with Talons and was able to trade blows with them even before he got picked up by Bats. Then add on his above average planning skills and resourcefulness it makes him a very tricky opponent to fight because while he may not defeat you straight off there is a damn good chance he will outlast you. The one thing he lacks conditioning and a real fighting style. He style is really street, he’s not meant for assassins or really skilled combatants because he lacks the proper training in real martial arts. Street fighting is wild yet basic, it’s meant for those that have a basic grasp of fighting and deal with people you know you can defeat. When he loses it’s about those that can’t be defeated quickly. If he improved from street fighting to real styles he probably could move up to the second tier list.

Continued Third tier and maybe more in Part 2

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Could you do a "how would Shownu be in bed"? Thanks :3


[Wonho] [Minhyuk]


  • honestly he’d be a shy and a blushing mess at first
  • He wouldn’t be familiar with what you like so he’d be asking a ton of questions
  • “what feels good Y/N?” “does this feel okay?”
  • It would be soft and sweet
  • but once he knew what you liked, he’d be making you have multiple orgasms
  • Shownu would be really good at pleasing you with his mouth
  • he’d love orgasm denial but only if he was the one denying you an orgasm
  • he wouldn’t be too into foreplay
  • Shownu would love dirty talk
  • he may not say much but occasionally he’d get pretty rough and pretty dirty
  • sex would range from mind blowingly rough to mind blowingly vanilla
  • he’d ask you before he initiated sex what you were comfortable with
  • but he would usually be able to gauge you and figure out what kind of sex you wanted
  • Shownu would love grabbing your ass
  • if he was feeling very confident he’d probably grab it in public and if he didn’t get caught he’d tease you the rest of the day
  • it would turn him on if you tried to be dominant and he’d be on the bottom until he’d had enough
  • then he’d flip you over and it would be rough af sex
  • honestly he’d probably love sexting you and receiving nudes if you were comfortable with it
  • sex would stay in the bedroom
  • but if you suggested shower sex he wouldn’t turn it down
  • Shownu would be up for trying pretty much anything you wanted to try but he’d probably never suggest anything new himself
  • Shownu would want sex to be about pleasuring you
  • but he wouldn’t turn down a blowjob if you offered one
  • he’d lean his head back and run his fingers lightly through your hair and tell you how good your lips felt
  • sex with Shownu would be about pleasing you but he could be very teasing if he wanted to but he would always satisfy you

This is a short explanation about why the current WGA negotiations are so important.

As of right now they’re still deciding on whether or not to authorise a strike, and to be honest, it doesn’t look good.

Bobo Berens has been pretty vocally supportive of the WGA’s position (haven’t been able to gauge Dabb’s thoughts about it yet). Based on what happened last time (remember season 3?), it’s pretty clear that if the WGA goes on strike, it will have some kind of negative effect on Supernatural season 13), though I don’t know enough about the industry to guess exactly what that would be (reduced number of episodes again, I bet).

Of course I don’t want this to happen to my beloved show, but at the same time I am absolutely on the side of the screenwriters in this. If they decide to strike, it’s their right and I will support them. But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

You can show your support on Twitter with the hashtags #supportourwriters and #WGAUnity