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The ABC of Men’s Fashion with Street Etiquette

We’ve previously taken a look at Jeff Staple’s idea of what men’s fashion (to him) is all about and how it is the man that makes the clothes and not the other way around. This time we get the views of Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs who are collectively known as Street Etiquette. Baring in mind that the clothing worn by the two are in reflection of their mood, the duo make it clear that its is not about the brands that make you the person but the fit and personal preferences that play a part in your own unique style.

Conrad Ricamora, ladies and gentlemen! <3

Credit: Walter McBride / contributor

It’s growing on me! I love how everyone is changing up their look after wrapping up filming. First Jack shaved his beard off, and now Conrad dyed his hair blonde? These handsome men. <3 


“Fashion is a broad stroke, and style is a defined stroke” these words by the Street Etiquette guys, are crucial to the way in which we should perceive clothing, and those who make the choices of how to create their individual “look”.

There are so few people who are able to have the vision, which allows them to think outside of the box, and instead, on mass, many people take to the easiest option, often relinquishing the choice to experiment with their wardrobe.

Style is about freedom, and expression, where you make choices to define how you want to see yourself, and not just by a nation who walk by.

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The ABC of Men’s Fashion - Jeff Staple

This definitely applies to women too. Have that confidence in what you wear. Be comfortable in your own skin and clothes. Confidence outshines the outfit.