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J is for Jeep

A/N: Hello everyone! I’m back with my entry for @simons-thirst-squad‘s ABC Challenge! This is my first time writing a fic with Simon as the main character, and he’s getting quite frisky with the reader in his Jeep. No plot here folks, only smut. ;)

Words: 1831

Warnings: Smut, semi-public, Jeep sex, oral sex, Simon’s muscles.

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You found yourself being jolted awake to the sound of the car door opening. Even with your blurred gaze from the sleep seeds in your eyes, you recognized the figure that hoisted himself into the driver’s seat next to you in the inky darkness of the night. Simon gave you a lopsided grin as he looked down at you, curled up into a ball with your face pressed against the glass of the passenger’s side door.

“Morning sleepyhead,” he chuckled as he reached over and gripped your thigh, playfully shaking your leg to wake you up.

You stifled a laugh and swatted his hand away. You were never good at staying awake during all-nighter runs. Thankfully, being Simon’s girlfriend gave you a few perks, one being that he let you sleep in his mammoth sized Jeep until the crew set out again in the morning.

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The Lift

@soreidy27 asked:

Can you write a oneshot on last nights episode of Danny telling Margot that Sophie saw them in the elevator. Please 🙏🏻

and here it is…

“Margot, stop-“ Danny gasped, peeling his lips from hers he gripped her shoulders firmly and held her at arms length. Margot darted forward, attempting to pick up their kiss where they had left off. “Sophie,” Danny mumbled, his brown eyes scanning rapidly across her confused features.

“You’re thinking about Sophie right now?” Margot demanded incredulously, her chest still heavily distractingly from the adrenaline and lust coursing through her.

“What?” Danny frowned. “No, Sophie, Sophie saw us!” He said.

“What are you on about?” The blonde questioned, her brows knitted together in worry.

“Sophie, just now, she saw us.” He said softly, releasing Margot’s arms and running a shaking head through his jet black hair.

“Oh,” Margot mumbled biting her bottom lip and twirling so her back was flat against the wall of the lift. The pair stood side by side, both panting and each engrossed in their thoughts as the elevator pinged from floor to floor.

“She saw us, before the doors closed.” Danny stated, as if he was telling himself as much as her.

“So I guess our fun is over then,” She replied, rebuttoning her white blazer and brushing the wrinkles out of it.

“I’m gonna lose my job!” Danny groaned wiping his hand over his face.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Alice Vaughan isn’t going to fire you because you’re sleeping with me.” Margot shot back, annoyed. “We don’t even know if Sophie will say anything!”

“She will.”

“Danny!” Margot sanpped.

“No she will,” Danny said firmly, raking his hands through his hair again and walking the length of the elevator in a sort of roundabout pace.

“She wo-“ Margot is cut off as the lift bings loudly and opens to let a few people shuffle on. Moving to the back, Danny and Margot stand closely together, saying nothing. Finally, unable to keep her mouth shut any longer, Margot hisses under breath, “She won’t.” Danny stares forward, ignoring her as the elevator comes to a stop and lets a few people off.

“I did the same thing to her a couple of weeks ago.” He muttered, looking everywhere but at Margot’s questioning eyes. Finally the car reaches the lobby and the remaining passengers depart leaving Margot and Danny alone. Waiting silently for the doors to bounce shut, the pair avoid eye contact.

“She was…involved with a client and I outed her to Alice.” Danny said finally, turning to face her. Margot placed one hand on her hip.

“Well then, what do we do now?” She asked shortly, not bothering to hide the annoyance in her voice.

“I should go and speak to her, maybe I can convince her-“ He thought out loud.

“So, you’re not coming with me then?” She queried in frustration, her body language stiff and uncomfortable.

“Margot, I could lose my job!” Danny yelled in frustration, his brown eyes blazing.

“You know, I don’t think that’s what this is about!” She fired back hotly. “I don’t think this is about that at all!”

“Oh really?” He questioned sarcastically.

“No I think this is about Sophie!” She snapped.

“Of course it’s about Sophie!”

“No, it’s about you and Sophie,” Margot said, drawing herself up to her full height and glaring meanly at him.

“Me and Sophie?” Danny asked incredulously.

“Yes! There’s obviously something going on there and now you’re pissed because I’ve somehow spoiled your chances!” She screamed back at him.

“My chances at what?” Danny yelled at her, causing her to take a step back. “God you’re insane!” He announces, throwing his hands into the air in rage. The frustration oozing from his every pore.

“And you’re insufferable!” Margot shouted back, moving to jab at the button to open the elevator door.

“I’m going back up to try and talk to her!” Danny growled gruffly as Margot moved to stride out into the lobby.

“Fine!” She called back loudly as she angrily made her way out of the building.

“Fine!” He replied aggressively.

The lift doors slid shut and Danny slammed his hand against the cool metal.

“Damnit!” He roared to no one at all.

When you make a tv show reference in front of a group of people knowing that only one person in that group is gonna get it and they get it.

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Netflix’s ‘The Legend of Monkey’ is the latest adaptation of Asian literature to be accused of whitewashing

  • We may have yet another case of whitewashing on our hands.
  • Netflix, TVNZ and ABC Australia are teaming up to create The Legend of Monkey, a television adaptation based on Journey to the West, a famed Chinese piece of literature that dates back to the 16th century. 
  • And while this would appear to be a great opportunity to cast some young and upcoming Chinese actors, it seems this will go down as a missed opportunity.
  • the announced cast of The Legend of Monkey seems to be inexplicably non-Chinese.
  • According to Deadline, the series cast will include Chai Hansen as Monkey, Luciane Buchanan as Tripitaka, Josh Thomson as Pigsy and Emilie Cocquerel as Sandy.
  • Nextshark points out that the only main cast member of Asian descent is Chai Hansen, who is half Thai. Read more (4/25/17)

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Here, have another Marius-missing-his-friends picture. That’s sad every time. But drawing skills also get better every time, so I guess it’s fine. That was a long, long time since my first picture, that also was “Empty chairs and empty tables” related. How fast the time passes. I was younger and more naive back then, and my art was… well, I’m glad that it’d improved so much. I hope it’ll be better every time and my progress will go faster. That’s a sentimental talk, but what can I say, sometimes you draw Marius so much you become one=)