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that anon is shitty you are awesome! Don't go nowhere! you're lovely and it's fun seeing your conversations on my dash!

thanks anon, when I joined tumblr- I just wanted to share my writing and possibly make friends but this community is so fucking toxic sometimes, it’s not funny and it can really hurt people. please if youre reading this- never send anon hate to ANYONE even if you hate them



Actually, to tell you the truth, I don’t hate it
Why do you keep giving me that look?

Narumitsu week livestream:

I finished my second livestream just some hours ago and I had a BLAST! Thank to all of the participants! It was really great to talk to you guys =D I’ll probably do other livestreams in the future ^^

Summary of yesterday livestream (Red day):

Miles everywhere, a serious discussion about diabete and children on internet, an attempt to know how Phoenix looks like with his hair down, fics sharing and of course fluff:

Today livestream in a nutshell:

Pretty little cuties in love, more fics sharing and discussion about very hot climat: