the a z series

booi I’ve said this legit 3,917 times on this blog,
But I am so t h a n k f u l that this series CONTINUES to exist. The story is still going, and I am here for it. Since I was a kid, and now into ~adulthood~ I am a fan of db.
anyway, I don’t know what I would be doing without dragon ball. and I am so thankful that they’re still here.

U is for UTI (21/26)

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Fic 21 of 26 in the CMO’s Log – A to Z series.  Click here for a listing of all the fics in this series!  U is for UTI.
Word Count: 2187
None; pure, unadulterated fluff.
Rating: All ages.
Author’s Note: Requested by @yourtropegirl – more daddy!Bones, U is for UTI.  UTI is shorthand for urinary tract infection.  This one is written with reader’s perspective as that of Bones’ daughter.  I’m pretty sure I fail at writing children.

CMO’s Log – A to Z – U is for UTI

You’re lying in your bed, reading a book when your dad comes home from work.  You’ve been feeling pretty awful all day, but you didn’t want your mom to worry so you didn’t say anything to her.  When your tummy had started hurting earlier on, you had told her you were going to go and play in your room and you’d curled up in bed.  Now you have your knees pulled up to your chest and a book propped open on them, but you can’t concentrate on your reading.

You sink down further into your bed as you hear your dad’s footsteps coming up the stairs, hoping that he’ll just poke his head into your room to say hi rather than coming to give you a kiss on the head like he often does.  You don’t want him to worry, either, and you don’t really want a check-up.  You love your dad and he’s great, but you’re at the age where it’s getting awkward for him to examine you; you just want your privacy like any self-respecting eight-year old.

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