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Are Gohan’s Muscles Possible For Real Kids?

New Video for those who happen to give a F*ck. Gohan, one of the most ripped muscular children in Anime History from the series Dragon Ball Z. 

But are his muscles possible for real life children?

Can kids train hard with exercise without damaging themselves and become buff like their favorite superheroes doing a Dragon Ball Anime workout. 

Well today we take a look and analyze how attainable is Gohan’s physique.


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I don't really see what's so wrong with that Ready Player 1 excerpt. I haven't read the book myself, so could you please explain it?

It’s the fact that it’s just vomiting pop culture references in a vapid attempt at trying to pander to “”nerds”” very much like Big Bang Theory. The whole excerpt is basically “WOW THIS CHARACTER MUST BE SO COOL BECAUSE HE KNOWS WHAT A GUNDAM IS I CLAPPED I CLAPPED”

It certainly doesn’t help that it’s obvious the author’s understanding of mecha anime is pretty narrow and limited severely to Americanized adaptations (like him bringing up Robotech and Tranzor Z, despite the original series of either being far more notable, even to Americans, than the adaptations).

It’s now April 1st in Japan and so the Pokémon anime is now 20 years old!


This is a precious moment if we analyze it a little more in depth. I think it’s not arbitrary that Trunks is the one who offers Vegeta to hold Bra. When he looks back, he looks at his newborn daughter, but he also gives a meaningful glance to his eldest son Trunks, knowing that he failed him in the past. In this scene, Vegeta seems to be debating with himself: “Should I behave with Bra as I did with Trunks or should I fix my mistakes?” Luckily, he chose this last one. And in front of Trunks, showing him the kind of father he’s now.
For that, I’m happy with how they handled this scene. They chose to pass from a cliché scene in which Bulma offers Vegeta to hold Bra, to give place to a beautiful moment for Vegeta’s parental role. Bulma was only Vegeta’s moral support in the distance: “Mom says to hold her.” That was amazing. I’m impressed by this episode. We constantly complain about Dragon Ball Super’s general script but I can’t imagine this moment being otherwise. Although it lacked fluff (we didn’t have any labor moment), I think this fits better with the overall style of the series.


A is for Art School

Viktor is a photography grad student and Yuuri is a dance major

“Phichit… The Viktor Nikiforov is not staring at me. Stop joking around!”

“Yuuri! I swear! He’s staring at you like you’re the moon and it’s his first time really seeing you! I bet he’s going to ask you to model for him.”

First of my Viktuuri A-Z series! I’m still putting the list together so please give me ideas on AUs for future letters! Here’s what I have so far…