the a sides


Oof yes hello, flexible Virgil is like my favourite thing ✨ take my random doodles cause it seems as though I can’t actually make anything decent :>

@2queer2deer this is why I asked you lmao because this is just one of my favourites headcanons ❤

First one of the commissions I’m doing for @kitsunebi-uk‘s fic set in the Old West, The Other Side of Sunset. Thank you for commissioning me!

This fic is a whopping 326k words long (I’ve been told it’s the 3rd longest fic in the fandom)! The author did a lot of planning and spent months writing and editing it. I’m honestly amazed by the effort and dedication they’ve put into this fic, and I really think it deserves love and recognition in the fandom - please check it out!

a conversation from my art class today as the sanders sides

Patton: “feelings are great feelings are special you should share your special feelings!”

Virgl: “I’m depressed and over stressed”

Roman: “keep it to yourself angst mister”

Logan: “I could never be sad, my mum bought more jam last night”

Thomas: “why can’t we have one normal art class”