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Self Deprecating Humour Pt 1

I found this off of @haunt-the-stars’s tumblr post. Link here

I have plans, so these were all I had time to write for now. I think there’s two more left, so I’ll write them soon.

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It had been viewed as a miracle that Daniel Fenton had arrived at school early, and had handed in his assignments on time. All of Danny’s teachers had been surprised, and pleased. None more than Mr. Lancer himself.

While Danny looked a touch more exhausted than usual, Lancer just attributed it to the fact the teen had completed all of his homework, as well as doing whatever often occupied his time nowadays.

Lancer noted that Sam and Tucker looked a little worried, more so than usual, and since Lancer was on monitor duty in the cafeteria anyway, he decided he would keep half an eye on Danny.

“I can’t believe you got everything done,” Sam said, daintily eating her lunch as she watched Tucker devour his.

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