the a list: dallas

SE Hinton’s hand-written list of all of the characters’ birthdays and star signs, created while she was working on The Outsiders TV show. I believe she also later went back and added Johnny’s (March 1, Pisces) and Dally’s (November 9, Scorpio). (Unless that’s another thing fans made up. I’m pretty sure it isn’t, but who even knows at this point).

anonymous asked:

Somewhere in Dallas a tired media relations intern just had to update the list of things they'd prefer Tyler not say in interviews to include 'compare team chemistry with falling in love' and 'refer to the entire team roster as his girlfriend.' They're slotting in right above 'saying he prefers stallions' but below 'sitting naked on a Zamboni and suggestively fellating a rocket pop.' It's a long list. Good omen for the season though.

godspeed, dallas stars media intern. we’re all rooting against your work, of course, because who here doesn’t want to witness tyler digging himself into a homoerotic hole. but still. godspeed to you.

WWE Masterlist Post!

Here they are, in stunning technicolor! I do my best to keep my tags organized and any triggers labeled. If you think I missed anything though, please let me know so I can fix it. Enjoy!

Random Fandom Masterlist

(9/3/17: Because nothing is complete without an Ambreigns twist [or RoMox, in this instance] it’s ESC Part Two!)

(9/10/17: Another drabble up [this one centered on Seth], Finally Part Two!)

(9/17/17: The whole Shield makes it onto the list in Bookish!)

~Ambreigns (Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns):

Affection (Dean Ambrose [Jon Moxley] x Roman Reigns, brief Roman Reigns x Seth Rollins) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Best I Have (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) [kayfabe divergent!AU] Rated M for smut

Chance (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) Rated M for language and feels

Defense (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) [roommate!AU] Rated M for smut

ESC Part Two (feral!Jon Moxley x feral!Roman Reigns) [feral!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Peace Of Mind/Day Old Hate (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns, implied Roman Reigns x Dean Ambrose x Seth Rollins) Rated M for language and feels

Reasons (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) Rated M for smut

Stitches (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) Rated M for smut

Swap (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) [soulmate!AU] Rated M for smut

Thirty-Five (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) [high school!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~Baron Corbin:

As Usual (Baron Corbin x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut

Day Off (Baron Corbin x female reader) Rated M for smut

ESC Part One (feral!Baron Corbin x female reader) [feral!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Quiet Prologue, Quiet Part One, Quiet Part Two, Quiet Part Three and Quiet Part Four (werewolf!Baron Corbin x female reader) Rated M for smut

Us (Baron Corbin x female reader) Rated M for smut

~Coreigns (Baron Corbin/Roman Reigns):

Despite It All Part One and Despite It All Part Two (Baron Corbin x Roman Reigns) [AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

The Empire (Baron Corbin x Roman Reigns) [Suplex City!AU] Rated M for smut and feels

For The Pack Part One and For The Pack Part Two (alpha!Baron Corbin x alpha!Roman Reigns x omega!female reader) [A/B/O] [college!AU] Rated M for threesome smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~Bo Dallas:

Always (DaddyDom!Bo Dallas x littlegirl!OFC) [AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Business (AlphaBiker!Bo Dallas x Omega!unnamed OFC) [A/B/O] [biker!AU] Rated M for smut

Nobody Important Part One and Nobody Important Part Two (Bo Dallas x female reader) Rated M for smut and feels

Touch (professor!Bo Dallas x female reader) [college!AU] Rated M for smut and feels

~Chris Jericho:

Only One (Chris Jericho x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut, trigger warning listed inside

~Colin Cassady/Big Cass:

Satisfaction (Colin Cassady x female reader) Rated M for smut

~Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley:

Broke (Jon Moxley x female reader) Rated M for smut

Different (werewolf!Dean Ambrose x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Green (Dean Ambrose x female reader) [Roommate!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Intense (Dean Ambrose x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut

Kitten Part One, Kitten Part Two, Kitten Part Three, Kitten Part Four, Kitten Part Five, Kitten Part Six, Kitten Part Seven, Kitten Part Eight, Kitten Part Nine, Kitten Part Ten and Epilogue (Jon Moxley x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut and feels, trigger warnings listed inside various parts

~Irwin R. Schyster (I.R.S.):

Deadline (Irwin R. Schyster x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut

~Jeff Hardy:

Downright Neighborly Part One and Downright Neighborly Part Two (Jeff Hardy x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside part two

~Kevin Nash/Diesel:

It’s Going To Take A Lot and Epilogue (Diesel [Kevin Nash] x named OFC) [Trucker!AU] Rated M for smut

~MoxLea (Jon Moxley/Leakee):

Help Part One and Help Part Two (Jon Moxley x Leakee) Rated M for smut

~Roman Reigns:

Careful (Roman Reigns x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Finally (Roman Reigns) Drabble. Rated V for violence

Need Part One, Need Part Two and Need Part Three (werewolf!Roman Reigns x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Nerves (Roman Reigns x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut

New Year Part One and New Year Part Two (Roman Reigns x female reader) Rated M for smut

~Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose (not Ambreigns):

Reigning Champions Part One, Reigning Champions Part Two, Reigning Champions Part Three and Reigning Champions Part Four (Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns x female reader) Rated M for threesome smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~Seth Rollins:

Finally Part Two (Seth Rollins) Drabble. Rated V for violence

Lost (Seth Rollins x female reader) Rated M for smut

~Sheambrose (Dean Ambrose/Sheamus):

The Saloon ([Dean Ambrose x Sheamus] x female reader) [Suplex City!AU] Rated M for threesome smut

~The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins):

Bookish ([Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns x Seth Rollins] x female reader) [bodyguard!AU] Rated M for foursome smut, trigger warning listed inside

~Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper):

Lamb Part One and Lamb Part Two (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~Xavier Woods:

Gauntlet (Xavier Woods x female reader) Rated M for smut


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N E W     P R O D U C T S   -   B L E N D E R E L L E 

On a weekly basis I’m fortunate enough to receive new products to test out from various companies within the beauty industry. But due to my busy lifestyle I don’t always get a chance to blog about each individual item, and I as I don’t want you to miss out on all the best ones I decided to filmed a video featuring some of my current LOVES, LIKES and a couple of dislikes.

One of those LOVES being this little gem featured above!!! The Blenderelle.
If you’re using a beauty sponge within your makeup routine then you NEED this in your life! 

FYI, I will continue to blog about my favourite new products as and when I get a chance to sit down and snap some images, but so you don’t miss out here is my video! 


Master List

To the beautiful anon who asked for a mobile Master List this is for you baby ;) told you I would get it up

Matt Espinosa:

Matt Imagine (Santa is Real)

Matt Imagine (Reasons)

Matt Imagine (Who Are You) Part 2

Matt Imagine (Who Are You) Part 1

Matt Imagine (The Show Must Go On)

Matt Imagine (Who Wears The Armor?)

Matt Imagine (Hope)

Matt Imagine (The Spectacular Now)

Matt Imagine (Frustration)

Matt and Nash Imagine (Best Friends That Wear Vans)

Matt Imagine (Pancake Batter)

Matt Blurb (Love Like Sleep)

Matt Imagine (I Know You Did)

Matt Imagine (Get Your Head In The Game)

Matt Imagine (Importance)

Matt Imagine (Yours)

Matt Imagine (No Limitations)

Matt Imagine (Love Decides)

Matt Imagine (Demons We Don’t Deserve)

Matt Imagine (Trust Stronger Than Gravity)

Matt Imagine (Relationship > Situation)

Matt Imagine (One Hundred)

Matt Imagine (Smut)

Matt Imagine (Sick)

Matt Imagine/Blurb (Sexy Singing & More Crumbs)

Taylor Caniff:

Taylor Imagine (Let the Game Begin) Part 3

Taylor Imagine (Let the Game Begin) Part 2

Taylor Imagine (Let The Game Begin) Part 1

Taylor Imagine (Not Typical)

Taylor Caniff Imagine (Don’t Flinch)

Jack Gilinsky:

Jack G Imagine (42)

Sammy and Jack G Imagine (Their Lips Are The Key)

Jack G Imagine (Flights) Part 2

Jack G Imagine (Flights) Part 1

Jack G Imagine (The Ones That Do & Don’t Know)

Jack G Imagine (Two Kids and a Marriage Ago)

Jack G Imagine (The Last Time)

Jack G Imagine (Sweet Nothings)

Shawn Mendes:

Shawn Imagine (Family)

Shawn Imagine (Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart)

Shawn Imagine (Insomniacs)

Shawn Imagine (Eyes)

Shawn Imagine (NYC)

Nash Grier:

Nash Imagine (Not Because I Stopped Loving You)

Nash Imagine (Three Words & Eleven Letters)

Matt and Nash Imagine (Best Friends That Wear Vans)

Hayes Grier:

Hayes Imagine (A Walk Home)

Hayes Imagine (2.381 millimeters)

Hayes Imagine (Creeper)

Hayes Imagine (Semi-Formal Hater)

Hayes Imagine (Grocery Stores)

Hayes Imagine (Guilty Pleasures)

Hayes Imagine (Princesses and Diaries)

Jack Johnson:

Jack Johnson Imagine (Thank You)

Daniel Skye:

Daniel Skye Imagine (Little Black Dress and Intangibles)

Cameron Dallas:

Cameron Dallas Imagine (First Meet)

Aaron Carpenter:

Aaron Carpenter Imagine (Smut)

Sammy Wilkinson:

Sammy Imagine (That’s Love)

Sammy and Jack G Imagine (Their Lips Are The Key)

Sammy Wilkinson Imagine (Reiteration is Sometimes the Most Effective Communication)

Nate Maloley:

Nate Imagine (Forever Baby Girl)


Magcon Preference #1

Magcon Preference #2

Magcon Preference #3

Magcon Preference #4

*Just so you all know in the future, I don’t write smut. I tried it out and I didn’t really like it. Sorry but you can send me requests for Imagines and Preferences*


-simplicational’s queen


For: Anon

Imagine: Getting caught in the rain with Dallas Winston.

“Dally, you two should go, you really don’t need to walk me home,” You tell one of your closest friends, Dallas Winston.  You were at Buck’s place for a party, Dally was walking Sylvia home, and he was insisting on taking you with him since your house was on the way to hers.

“Ya wanna get jumped again Y/N?” Dally has always been so damn blunt, and to be completely honest you were a little afraid, not that you’d ever admit it.

“Dallas, let’s go!” Sylvia says rolling her eyes, this bitch was Dally’s stuck up girlfriend and she hated you. She was constantly two-timing Dally, yet she couldn’t stand the fact that Dallas’ best friend was a girl.

“Alright Sylvia, Y/N will be coming along,” Dally responds, dragging you with him.

“Ugh, fine,” Sylvia says in pure disgust. You join the couple and the three of you head out. You instantly regret it as Sylvia practically throws herself on to Dally. Fuck this, just get me home already.

*Boom* You screech and jump at the sound of the booming thunder as Sylvia grips onto Dally, he chuckles slightly and rolls his eyes.

“Looks like it’s gonna rain, we should take a short-cut through the park,” Dally calls before making his way towards the grass.

You take off your heels and run after him, and Sylvia tiptoes through the grass trying to avoid getting her dress and shoes dirty. Suddenly you hear Dally cry out, “Fuck!”

You look around and see Dally lying on the ground in the mud, you burst into laughter, “What happened?”

“I slipped,” He says, forcing himself to look annoyed.

“Here,” You say giving him your hand, “Let me help you up Dal.”

Dally takes your hand and you pull him up half way before pushing him back into the mud, causing it to go splashing everywhere, he curses and you continue laughing, at this point you can’t tell if there’s tears streaming down your face or if its rain, “What the fuck Y/N?!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Dal, here, give me your hand, I actually help you up this time,” He looks at you reluctantly, and tries to get up himself, but he slips again in the process, “I promise I won’t let go this time Dally, trust me.”

“Will you hurry the fuck up?!” Sylvia says, getting annoyed.

“Alright doll, I’ll trust ya,” Dally takes your hand, and just as you’re about to pull him up, he pulls you down instead, you cry out as you fall on top of him. He takes advantage of your shock, and rolls you over so that you’re in the mud and he’s on top of you, “But you shouldn’t trust me.”

“DALLY!” You squeal as the mud surrounds you. You reach to the side and grab a handful of it, quickly splashing it up into Dallas’ face.

“You little bitch,” He growls playfully, before smearing some on you.

“You think you’re real strong huh Dal?”

“I know I am doll,” He smirks as you struggle under his grasp.

“Asshole,” You say as Dally leans in, before you know what’s happening, Dally’s lips are a meer inch away from yours. It’s finally happening, I’ve been waiting for this moment for years. Your happiness is short lived as Sylvia coughs; you’d forgotten about her.

“I’d hate to interrupt, but this is disgusting and I’m leaving Dallas, if you want to you can join me,” She says, before tiptoeing away.

Dallas grunts and pushes himself off you before helping you up, “Let’s go Y/N.”

“Dal, go after Sylvia she’s your girl, besides my house is close by, I’ll get there,” You say, looking down. You’ve liked Dally for years, you’re one of the few people who, unlike his girlfriend, can actually see the good in him, he’s not just a sex tool for you, but of course, you’ve never had to guts to tell him.

“Fuck it, I’m gonna drop you off first, she always does this,” He says rolling his eyes.

The two of you continue to walk in silence, the only sound that can be heard is the sound of your shivering and a few sneezes here and there. You hear a rustling next to you and suddenly Dallas wraps his jacket around you, you look at him and raise an eyebrow, “Look at you being a gentleman.”

“Do you want the fucking jacket or not,” You stick out your tongue and the two of you continue walking, trying to break the silence from time to time. You finally get home only to realize that you are missing your keys, you mentally curse at yourself, and spend the night at your neighbours’ house, the Curtis brothers.

“Alright Y/N, I’m gonna go now, g’night doll,” He leans in once again, before he realizes what he’s doing, he saves himself by just going for an awkward hug. You hold on for just a moment too long, taking in Dally’s scent. He eventually pulls away, and walks off, leaving you in the Curtis’ yard.

You walk in and see the brothers along with Johnny and Two-Bit sitting in the living room, “Mind if I crash here boys?”

They all look at you as if you’re crazy, you look down and realize that you’re soaking wet, covered in mud, and wearing Dally’s jacket, “Oh this? Let’s just say there was a mishap on my way home.”

“Is that Dal’s jacket?” Two-Bit questions.

“Yeah,” You say nonchalantly.

“Dally never gives anyone his jacket,” Johnny says, smiling a little, this kid has always been trying to set the two of you up.

“So?” You say before walking into the bathroom, you shut the door and finally let your smile break out, as you cuddle yourself in Dally’s jacket. Maybe he does care about me!

A/N: *Please read* Finally another post!! K I know the reader asked for a fluffy Dally imagine so I tried to make it as fluffy as possible while staying true to Dally’s character, I obviously didn’t want to make him seem soft or anything. Also DISCLAIMER, I never really liked Sylvia’s character so I made her sound like a little bitch, but if you guys actually liked her, don’t hate, just change up her name for the sake of this imagine and pretend it’s about a different girl. ILSYM and I hope you liked it!

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MASTERLIST: I’m not that kind of girl

Cameron Dallas fanfic: I’m not that kind of girl.

* = smut

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6*

Chapter 7

Chapter 8*

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13*

Chapter 14*

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19*

Chapter 20 - Finale

The list will be updated as soon as there is a new chapter.

The 'at least I have a good taste in films' list

Place beyond the pines
Palo Alto
6th sense
Lost boys
Blue valentine
United States of leland
Charlie Bartlett
Basket ball diaries
Perks of being a wallflower
Dallas buyers club
Requiem of a dream
Pulp fiction
Dead poets society
Donnie darko
Girl interrupted
Last king of Scotland
Life after Beth
Fight club
The cube
Clockwork orange
The shining
Tales from the hood
V for vendetta
Water for Elephants
Kill your darlings
Stuck in love
Blood diamond
Real life


The Outsiders

Ponyboy Curtis:


Dallas Winston:

I Look Good 





It’s Bad for the Baby 

I Forgot My Jacket

Darry Curtis:


Book Worm  


Sodapop Curtis:

Marry Me  

Johnny Cade:




Steve Randle:



Two-Bit Matthews:


Can’t Live Without You 



“I’m Naked, Can You Grab Me a Towel?” 


Gang’s reaction to your boyfriend breaking up with you

The gang’s reaction to being cat-called

Darry having a Short Boyfriend (Darry Curtis)

Sylvia wanting him back (Dallas Winston)

Prompt List Send in Your Requests! (Currently closed)


Cameron Dallas fanfic: What now? - Sequel to I’m not that kind of girl.

* = smut

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3*

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8*

Chapter 9

Chapter 10*

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

The list will be updated as soon as there is a new chapter.


Prompt: 12. Visiting Dallas Winston’s family for the first time during Christmas and they absolutely adore you.

For: @susansixx

You had been dating Dally for a few months now, he’d been with you longer than any of his previous girlfriends and he really thought you were the one for him, something he had never felt for anyone else before.

“Y/N?” He says walking into his room at Buck’s place; you were waiting for him on his bed.

“Yeah Dal?”

“Tomorrow is Christmas, it’s tradition for…um… for my girlfriend to meet my family on Christmas…” He pauses to nervously run his hands through his hair.

“You want me to meet your father? I thought you two didn-”

“No! I want you to meet the gang!” You face went red, you’d heard so much about the gang, but you had never actually met any of them, and frankly you were kind of scared. What if they don’t like me? Dally looks at you for a moment and his face falls, “What’s wrong doll? You don’t have to meet them if you don’t want to, it’s alright.”

“No Dal, I’d love to meet them, I’m just a bit nervous.”

A small smile finds its way to his face.

Dally opens the door to the Curtis house, “Aren’t you gonna knock?”

He chuckles, “They keep their door open, and we normally just walk in whenever we want.”  

Your heart raced through your chest as you walked in, Dally sensed it and he placed his hand on the small of your back, you instantly felt comforted. You walk into a small living room with a tree in the corner, the tree has a few ornaments on it, but there’s a ton of presents underneath.

“Hey Dal!” An attractive boy in a flannel shirt calls out, everyone turns their attention towards you, “And you must be Y/N!”

“Y/N, this is Sodapop,” Dally points to the boy in the flannel, “That’s his older brother Darry, and his younger brother Ponyboy. That’s Steve, Johnny, and Two-Bit.”

They all greet you kindly, and Darry gets up to make room for you on the couch, saying something about getting dinner ready.

You sit in silence for a few painfully awkward moments. Sodapop suddenly turns to you and smiles, “We’ve heard a lot about you Y/N.”

“All good things I hope,” You smile back.

“Of course!” Two-Bit pipes in, “From the way Dally talks about you, we can’t help but think that he’s going soft.”

“Fuck off!” Dally says, chucking a pillow at Two-Bit, a slight blush appearing on his cheeks.

“You’re a writer, right Y/N?” Ponyboy asks.

“Yeah, I am!” Pony’s eyes light up at your response, he and Johnny turn to you, and the three of you get lost in conversation about books.

“Dinner is ready, hurry up!” Darry call from the dining room. You all gather around the table that is stocked with food. Dally sits down next to you and grabs you hand under the table.

“Darry, this all looks amazing,” You gesture towards the table.

“Thanks Y/N!” He gives you a genuine smile; it seems as if he doesn’t get complements on his food often.

You’ve all exchanged presents and you’re joking around with Steve, Sodapop, and Two-Bit, when Dally comes up to you announces that you two should get going, the boys let out a few “Aww’s” and “Don’t go’s”.

“You should come back and visit more often Y/N,” Darry says as you get up.

“Definitely!” Sodapop adds.

“I will,” You smile at them.

As you and Dally leave the house, Johnny quickly comes after you two, “Y/N! Can I talk to you for a minute?”

You give Dally a confused look, before going towards Johnny, he leads you out of earshot of Dally, “I just wanted to thank you Y/N.”

“For what Johnny?”

“We never thought Dally would find someone like you, but ever since he’s met you, we’ve all noticed that he seems so much happier. Thank you,” He gives a shy hug before walking back into the house, leaving you speechless.

I guess I was worried about meeting the gang for nothing!   

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I’ve been on President Trump’s mailing list since I attended one of his rallies in Dallas early last year. All of his emails were perfectly normal, containing absolutely no lines that would ever be considered hilarious in hindsight.

On Election Night 2016, his victory email was the picture of class and statesmanship. It was exactly what you’d expect from a new president-elect.

But less than two months later, Trump had changed. I first noticed it after weeks of relentless media attacks over his campaign’s alleged ties to Russia and whatever else we were angry about then (at this point I can’t remember political news from further back than March). On January 3rd, he sent out an email, inviting his friends, including me, to buy special inauguration pint glasses.

As the weeks went on, his emails started to show more and more signs of paranoia, as well as suspiciously repetitive pleas for money …

I started to get worried. 

There Is A Dark Secret In Trump’s Emails To Supporters

being a Curtis sister

- Two-bit’s mom taking you shopping for clothes because it’d be weird if Darry took you

- you’re aren’t allowed to be out late unless you’re with someone from the gang

- Johnny once having a small crush on you

- Two-bit convincing you to make chocolate cake

- Dallas flirting with you just so he can annoy Darry

- you were really close w Sandy before she cheated on Soda

- Steve likes you better than he does Pony

- you don’t have much girl friends and you’re okay w that

- Two-bit giving you rides to places when you need one

- if the gang found out you liked someone, they’d constantly tease you about it

- they’d make friends w your crush and try to get you guys together

- Soda and Steve secretly spying you on your dates

“Steve, do you see her?”

“No, didn’t she tell ya they’re going to Dingo?”

“Darry would kill him if he took ‘er there.”

- Ponyboy’s friends from school thinking you’re attractive

- going grocery shopping with Darry and the gang gives you a ridiculous list on what to buy

- Dallas teaching you on how to hit on guys

- Darry and Soda getting mad about that

- None of the guys are allowed to enter your room

- Awkwardly having to ask Darry for money to buy tampons or pads

“Why do ya need money for, kid?”

“I needa buy somethin’?”

“Like what?”

“Lady things, Darry…”

- guy friends are out of the question, the gang would think you like any guy they see you talking too

“Who’s that?”

“Mind ya own business, guys.”

“Ya like him, don’t ya?”

“Shut up, Steve. He’s just a friend”

“Ain’t he one of Pony’s friends?”

“Wait, you like my friends?”

- trying to get Darry to go out more

- yoy and Steve had a thing once and Two-bit found out and to this day, he keeps teasing you guys

“'Member when you and (Y/N) dated?”

Master List

I didn’t realize how much stuff I had written until someone asked me to make a master list. I’ll try to update it weekly (Master List Mondays?) and keep it alphabetized (Prefs will run oldest to newest.) Requests always open! P.S The list is rebloggable ;)





Surprise Visit





Finally Mine

I’m Impressed



Birthday Surprise

Christmas Money







You’re So Quiet

Jack G:

First Christmas

Jack J:

Almost Lost You

Home Is Where You Are



One Week


Extra Present



Just One


Girlfriend Tag


I’m Here


I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Snowed In





Two Can Play That Game



How You Meet

Asking You Out

First Kiss


His Christmas Gift To You






Birthday Surprise Part 2



Jack G:

I Missed You


Jack J:



I’m Ready




Happy Birthday





Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts





They’re Gone


Best New Years Ever (Jack G and Shawn)

Innocent (Taylor and Shawn)

Lap Dance (Jack G and Jack J)