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FYI this was the article that that screenshot was from for people asking it’s just a stupid lil article:

IF LINDSAY LOHAN was hoping to add a member of ONE DIRECTION to her list of celeb lovers, she was out of luck.

Newly-single LOUIS TOMLINSON and LiLo both hit London club Cirque le Soir on Wednesday – but he left with a mystery blonde.

Louis looked even sharper last night when he joined bandmates NIALL HORAN and LIAM PAYNE at The Great Gatsby Ball for charity Trekstock in London.

Over in the US, bandmate HARRY STYLES enjoyed a night out in Hollywood.

He jazzed up his usual laid-back look with a fancy neck scarf.

In the battle for 1D’s most fashionable member, Harry and Louis are neck and neck.

The Black List Table Reads takes the best and most exciting screenplays Hollywood hasn’t yet made, and turns them into movies, for your ears. Black List founder Franklin Leonard presents a new script every month read by a rotating cast of talented actors, along with interviews from the Hollywood screenwriting community and beyond.

This week The Black List presents the obscenely funny script BALLS OUT from writers Malcolm Spellman (producer of Empire) and Tim Talbott (winner of the 2015 Sundance Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award). It’s brought to life by help of Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, Lauren Lapkus, Matt Walsh, Eugene Cordero, Casey Wilson, Chris Cox, Joe Wengert, and Craig Mazin. Plus, Franklin chats with writers Malcolm & Tim about the origins of the script beginning in an online message board for writers, the inspiration behind the protagonist Jim Simmers, and advice to any writers that want to do what they do.

Guys, I am stoked on this podcast. This is just the first episode!

NARS Lip Matte Dragon Girl is it as good as they say?

NARS lipsticks have a long list of celeb faves including Taylor Swift, so I decided to test the product.

At £19 I was in shock I thought that my usual £10 was expensive for a lippy but I went with it.
When I first put it on, it took so smoothly to my lips I thought it was almost meant to be.
The real test came with the wear I found that if you are eating and drinking you need to apply frequently to freshen up the look. And even if you’re not you will have to at least once.
This leads to the fact it isn’t great for people who have dry lips so you might want to apply Chapstick in between to re-moisten your lips.
Colour, I feel that this is a good colour Dragon Girl is a red but it is a pinky red so it takes the edge of the harshness of some reds depending on your skin/hair type.

Would I buy it and use it? Is it all it’s said to be?
The truth is yes I would. It is a quality piece of make up every girl needs in their make up bag. It is a pencil so it applies easy and where you want it to go. Which means you can shape your lips and take advantage of your Cupid’s bow. This is probably the perfect red lipstick and I now know why celebrities and make up artists use it.

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I interview celebs sometimes for my job. The minor ones are easy enough to bag exclusives with because they need the promotion. For the bigger names, it is common practise for us to receive a list of q&a's put together by their management for the publications to then spin and make it look like an interview so, for example, the magazine might have "10 questions with Matt Morrison" or "Channing Tatum talks Magic Mike XL". The mag isn't saying they interviewed that person face to face, 1/2

They’re not lying, they’re just writing up a list of answers pre supplied by management because that celeb is too busy to conduct 50+ individual interviews. I think that’s what happened with playbill and all the other sites printing interviews, and playbill added in the dialogue from his video interview with them on press day. D is too busy to sit down with each of these publications.

Interesting. Thank you for that

Well, Scientology has an incredibly large amount of wealthy backers who are a) influential (howdy, Tom Cruise) and/or b) willing to threaten or follow through with legal action against people criticize them. (Ooh, another thing to note: look up how celebrities were introduced to scientology; apparently there was a list of celebs at their peak or just beyond it that scientologists were told to “target” to spread it. Scientology: Super Sketchy)

Mormons have Mitt Romney, who does not threaten legal action against people who criticize Mormons, and also that old polygamy thing (which a) would not be a problem if we were more okay with the idea of polyamorous relationships and b) isn’t even still regarded as morally okay in Mormonism) and highly-publicized extremist polygamy rings that generally seem to involve minors.

Mormonism is far less harmful than Scientology but it gets a bad rap because of things that shouldn’t even be associated with it, while Scientology is likely regarded as at least a Silly Rich People Thing if not a bona fide religion and is actually terrifying.

meme: top 10 most attractive

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the rules: list the top 5 men and top 5 women who you find most attractive TODAY. not this year, not of all time, just who you’re feeling in this moment. if you prefer make it top 10 guys or top 10 ladies or mix it up. whatever. then tag people, if you feel like it. 

tbh i was gonna do 5 guys and 5 ladies but hahaahaha i can’t think of enough guys so

  1. tatiana maslany
  2. evelyne brochu
  3. jenna coleman
  4. david tennant
  5. 1990s kyle maclachlan
  6. gillian anderson
  7. kristen stewart (like…. tbh)
  8. hayley williams
  9. billie piper
  10. natalie dormer ????