the a is important people

Let’s start the anti self-deprecation movement
  • Don’t tolerate it in yourself: ask “why am I feeling the need to undercut myself right now? Because I’m feeling overbearing? Then maybe cool it a bit. Because I want some love? Then show some or open up to someone about what I’m struggling with!” 
  • Don’t tolerate it in others: tell people in a very simple way: “hey, don’t talk about yourself that way” or “Seems like something’s going on: I’m here!” 

The world is DYING to put you down, particularly if you are from a vulnerable demographic, whether it’s because of your gender, sexuality, mental health, or WHATEVER. 

Don’t you dare help it. 

a callout post is helpful when it reveals someone as an actual pedophile or some other kind of predator that people sincerely need to avoid. if its used correctly its really important and prevents people from being victimized, but when you use it because you had a fight with someone and you dont like them and nothing else, you’re abusing it and making the tool overall less useful. if you start slinging that shit after every minor disagreement people are gonna think its all bullshit and it’ll become less useful in preventing people from getting actually hurt. all in all, if you misuse callout posts like that you’re actively harming people both indirectly and directly and you need to fucking stop

thisisntacomic  asked:

What are some of the most effective ways for people to support women in the comics industry?

The Best way to support women in comics is to Buy their books!  Share their projects. Tell them what you think of their work. Every little bit helps. I spend a lot of time sitting at home because of the nature of my work. It’s only at conventions that I realize people are moved by it. That’s important to me. It lets me know what I’m doing is really making a difference.

First of all, thank you for asking this question. It is a beautiful question and makes me very happy!  

The comic book industry functions in many ways like most other industries adapting itself to meet the demands of its customers.  The more people buy work from female creators, the more leverage and inherent value they will have in dealing with publishers.  Real empowerment in the comic industry comes from having real fans and being able to guarantee certain sales numbers when a product is distributed in the marketplace.  This is why social media has become so important over the last decade – it is how creators communicate directly with their readers, often urging them to buy the books they are creating.  You should know that anytime you buy something that is made by a female creator, or that features a positive female character, you are voting with your dollars – and telling the publisher that they should keep hiring that creator and making that product.  These same principles apply to supporting female run Kickstarters, buying from female creators at conventions, and showing up at special signings and events that honor those women.  If you can’t afford to buy all the things you love and support, I would suggest following those creators on social media and retweeting and reposting their announcements to help increase the likelihood of other people supporting them.  Thank you for supporting female creators!

Sing || Conor Maynard

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Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1k+ 

Summary: After never hearing you sing before, the boys are shocked when the opportunity finally presents himself.

Dedicated too: Moana. That movie is life, that movie is life.

Your boyfriend was an amazing singer; that was a give. He’d sold out concerts, climbed the UK charts within hours of releasing a song and won several awards. You’d always been so fucking proud of him, for achieving his dream and staying humble whilst doing so. His fans were loyal, and the few you’d met were lovely. He was living the dream, and the new friends he’d made on the way through were now insanely important to him.

No longer did people only get to hear him sing, now they got too see him be the stomach achingly funny person he was. From his alter ego characters to the stupid things he did whenever the opportunity presented itself.

When his brother first moved from Brighton to London, he immediately insisted that they rent an apartment together; and even ended up with a tree size human living with them too. Thankfully, your apartment was nearby and so you spent the majority of your free time at their place. You weren’t a youtuber, nor were you a singer, but you did run a highly successful blog and guest star in quite a few of the boys’ videos. Other than the occasional hater, everyone seemed to quite like you - mostly due to the fact that whenever you were around, Conor was alot louder and more outspoken. Not that he wasn’t before, you just seemed to bring a larger percentage of that side out of him.

You and Jack got along like a house on fire. You could turn virtually any subject into a listen worthy conversation and often conducted research for his videos and your blog together. When Conor left to go on tour for two months, you spent that time either with Jack and Josh or at home, binge writing to keep your mind occupied. When he returned, you hugged him and woods let go, later on telling him that you were never letting him leave you for more than two weeks again.

After a long day of filming followed by a quiet stroll around Hyde Park, you and the boys were snuggled under your duvets on the sofa and were eating ice cream straight from the pot as Moana played on the TV. You’d never actually seen the movie, but you’d listened to the soundtrack on repeat for days and by now the fact that you’d never actually watched the movie was ridiculous.

So far it was amazing, and your eyes were attached to the TV screen - when you were like this, the boys knew never to bring you out of your trance, the last time they’d done that all hell had broken loose. All because Jack wanted to know if you had any more ice cream.

When the familiar tune of the song you adored began to play, you leant forward in anticipation and sang along subconsciously, having already had multiple jamming sessions to this song hen you were in the shower. It didn’t even occur to you at the time that you’d never actually sung infront of any of them before - but that was the last thing on your mind as the song ended and the movie progressed.

With an hour, the movie was over and you were stunned, leaning against your boyfriend with your eyes wide and your breathing shallow. “Holy fuck, that was beautiful.”

“Yeah, the movie was fine, but you?” Josh exclaims, looking over at you with wide eyes. “Since when can you sing?”

Your heart speeds up and you frown, laughing in confusion and looking between all of the boys who were staring at you with their eyebrows raised. “What the hell are you weirdos talking about?”

“Somehow you knew the entire bloody soundtrack!” Jack says, disbelief written across his face as he looks over at his brother and shakes his head slightly. “Did you know she could sing?”

Conor scoffs and looks down at your red cheeks with an annoyed frown. “No. And now I think about it, I’ve literally never heard you sing until then.”

You wince slightly and look down at your hands. “Sorry. But honestly, I’m not very good. I’m a shower singer and that’s it.”

Conor scoffs and wraps his arms around you, pulling you into him tightly and rolling his eyes at your statement. “Oh please, you hit those high notes like a fucking professional.” He exhales in shock and rests his head on her arm with a loud sigh. “Babe, we could have a number one single by now, you understand that, right?”

Rolling your eyes, you push him away and climb out of the duvet and onto your feet, collecting up the empty pots and metal spoons that’d been placed onto the coffee table at some point throughout the movie. You walk into the kitchen and can’t help but giggle to yourself at the mere thought of being ‘good’ at singing. That was Conor’s job, you only excelled in writing and that was that.

Though when you logged onto snapchat later that day and watched Jack’s story, your heart dropped. He’d managed to record you singing along to the movie, along with the shocked faces of your boyfriend and Josh, all you wanted to do was cry in embarrassment. Thousands of people had probably seen you singing already, and you had absolutely no idea.

You dared to log onto your twitter account a few minutes later, and came across a tweet from your boyfriend which simply read ‘apparently my girlfriend is a better singer, cook, writer and artist than me. go figure.’

You can’t help but smile and like it, before checking your mentions and pursing your lips when you noticed that quite a few of your friends had reblogged the video (that Jack had conveniently posted on literally every social media site), and had expressed their shock. Your large following had also stumbled across the video, and the hashtag #(Y/N)cansing was trending number seven worldwide.

You cheeks flush and you like a few more tweets and even reply to a few before placing your phone down and walking into the kitchen, wrapping your arms around your boyfriends waist and pressing your lips to his back silently. “Have you started writing our number one hit yet?” Her tone was laced with amusement, and he turns around and looks down at her with an eye roll, brushing their lips together and smirking against them.

 “So, these lips can do more than one breathtaking thing, huh?”

“You’re such a man whore.”

“Don’t try to deny loving it.”

All of this is North Africa don’t let them get you by talking about some Middle East… Middle East of what should be your question to them!

Geography is important because it lets us know that the Egyptians and Hebrew are of the same family or that the Phoenicians and Hebrew are of the same people and language.

See geometry is important for brothers that be trying to figure out if we are Hebrews are Egyptians.

See this is why it’s so hard and can be confusing because it’s one of the same people… see they never ask that question because they are trying to get at it from the pink man’s point of view and his religious Dogma. The only way to get this is to study geography from etymology.

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rules: you can only say guilty or innocent. you are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you or asks you. (don’t even think about it)

tagging: @mercurialvoid, @x-strokeofmadness-x and @fluttering-fairy (gonna spread this shit in the fandom like cancer)

asked someone to marry you:  innocent
kissed one of your friends: guilty
danced on a table in a bar or tavern:  innocent
ever told a lie:  guilty
had feelings for someone whom you can’t have:  guilty
ever kissed someone of the opposite sex:  guilty
ever kissed someone of the same sex:  guilty
kissed a picture:  guilty
slept in until 5pm: guilty
fallen asleep at work or school: guilty
held a snake: innocent
been suspended from school:  innocent
stolen something: innocent
done something you regret: guilty
laughed until what you were drinking came out of your nose:  guilty
caught a snowflake on your tongue: guilty
sat on a roof top: guilty
sang in the shower:  innocent
been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on: innocent
slept naked:  innocent
made a boy friend/girl friend cry:  guilty
been in a band: innocent
shot a gun: guilty
donated blood:  innocent
eaten alligator meat:  innocent
eaten cheesecake:  guilty
still loved someone you shouldn’t:  guilty
have/had a tattoo:  innocent
been too honest:  guilty
ruined a surprise: innocent
ate in a restaurant and got so bloated you can’t walk after: guilty
erased someone in your friends list:  guilty
dressed in a man’s clothes: guilty
dressed in a woman’s clothes: guilty
joined a pageant:  innocent
been told you’re beautiful by someone who meant it: guilty
still have communication with your ex: guilty
cheated on someone: innocent
got totally drunk the night before an important exam:  innocent
a total stranger treated you by paying your fare: innocent
got so angry that you cried: guilty
tried to stay away from someone for their own good: guilty
actually murdered someone:  innocent
thought about mass murder:  innocent
actually committed a mass murder:  innocent
rode in a stranger’s vehicle: guilty
stalked someone:  innocent
had a girlfriend:  innocent
had a boyfriend: guilty
totally drunk during a holiday:  innocent


The captain is happy and proud that he can play for the first time with the national team on his home island Madeira.

“To play a friendly match vs Sweden here on Tuesday is a big thing and we’ll also present the EURO trophy to the Madeirenses. I think they deserve that because they were with us from the beginning.

“Thank you very much for the support you gave us, especially during the European Championship. Because not only the Portuguese from the continent and the immigrants in France who supported us were important but as well those from the islands of Madeira and the Azores were extremely important.

“This match is a homage to the people of Madeira because they deserve it that 16 years after the last time the national team will play here. I think it was a great gesture of the Portuguese Football Federation and I think it’s well deserved.”

Caught in the crossfire|Part I

✖ Characters/relationships: Percival Graves x Reader, Reader’s parents, other nameless characters

✖ Genres: Anger, arrogance, pride, screw slow burn a.k.a fast burn

✖ Summary: You are a future Head of your family which is very influential in the Magical World. A day arrives when your mother decides that it’s time for you to meet people with whom you will have to work in the future. One of those people is Percival Graves.

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 4590

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zedzediiblr  asked:

How come in the musical, you "told the story" of Wheatley being an abusive character? I never saw him as abusive in the game (mostly because my head-canon is that the only reason he betrayed Chell is because he got corrupted when put into the mainframe), or the musical. Was there a specific motive? Or did you always see him as abusive/manipulative?

All we really have to go on is the story told in the game – we don’t know characters’ thoughts. We thought it would be interesting to have Wheatley and Chell’s story mirror Cave and Caroline’s. 

I know people love the character of Wheatley because he’s charming, befuddled, and British, but he literally tries to murder the protagonist. 

We also just think it’s an important story to tell people. That abusers can be charming, but they’re still dangerous.

There’s a lot of discussion among teachers about a teacher’s true purpose. You hear constantly that it is not a teacher’s job to make the kids like you. It is only your job to teach them your assigned subject. I could not disagree with this more. My kids do what they’re supposed to do because they like me. And I know they would feel comfortable coming to me about important stuff because I treat them like people and not just children. 

Just today, one of my kids was being cranky and didn’t want to finish her vocab quiz from last week. She left it on my desk and said she gave up. Then a minute later she came back, glared at me, and said, “Fine. I’ll finish it, but only because I like you.”

congrats on 15 million

jack, i couldn’t be anymore proud of you. you’ve come so far, i remember that the second i found and watched your video, i fell in love instantly. i make it part of my daily routine to watch your videos. you’re a huge part of my life and i don’t know what i’d do without you. i’ve met so many wonderful people because of you. and what makes you so important to me and to many other people as well is that your goal is to make people happy whether it’s from the things that you do or the things that you say. you hope that your videos could be a place where they find happiness, that if they watch your videos, you hope it makes them smile or zone out of the world, whether if it’s for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or even 30 seconds. you spread so much positivity in this world, you make people’s world so much brighter. it’s amazing how one person could have such a huge impact on another. you make people smile. you make them laugh. you make them happy. and you deserve all of your subscribers and many more to come, and don’t say that you don’t know if you deserve all these subscribers, because to me and to many other people no one deserves this as much as you do, you deserve the whole world. you deserve so much happiness. you’re our world, so thank you for everything. we’ll always love you and we’re always here for you, like you have been for us.
and from the bottom of my heart, i love you and thank you for making me smile! :)


Me and vaughn @freepudn ’s date collage!!!

This was the greatest week of my life, I got to meet my baby in person, and I got engaged to him! ❤❤❤ we went on so many dates, im so happy to have this experience. I got to introduce him to the people who are important to me.

Vaughn goes home tomorrow, but I’ll do everything I can so he can come back soon!!! 😚😚😚❤❤❤


We have gathered a few important questions and supplied answers! Though to save people from scroll for nine years we have placed most of them under the cut. Please take a look at this if you are interested in performing for us or simply are an inquiring guest!

Q: What IS Lucky Sparrow (Lucky)?

A: Lucky is an entertainment troupe free company on Balmung server in FFXIV. It consists of small band of talented souls trying to live their dreams on stage. It is an RP heavy FC. Though we don’t mind a little OOC shenanigans now and then! We are not focused on end gamed material or raiding at this time, and do not see us working on it in the foreseeable future.

Q: What is the focus RP wise for this FC?

A: To create and perform amazing, mind blowing performances for crowds! Be it at our own personal shows or performing for other companies that wish to book us. We can also work on and discuss story lines if you’re interested in that too for possible events in house. We want your characters to not only perform with us, but grow with us as well.

Q: When are your shows scheduled/expected to be schedule?

A: At the current, Monday evenings are looking to be the best slot we can work with for our members, and to try and conflict with as few other FC events on the server as possible. As for a time? We’re thinking around 3PM PST/ 5PM CT /6PM EST So it stays friendly to our guests and performers on the other side of the world.Keep your eyes open as these may change. We will try to keep everyone well informed before our schedule performances.

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I’m not sure how many people actually read Volume 3 but it’s probably important to remember that Izaya

  • deliberately targeted
  • girls (not women)
  • who were being abused
  • because they were easily manipulated
  • so that he could abuse them more (or, in his words, take over the position of the abusers they had near-religious feelings for)

He’s an interesting creep but he’s a creep