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Hey, you don't have to publish this at all/maybe shouldn't, but I wanted to tell you that the person sending you a bunch of asks also messaged my friend for a year. The questions started simple but then became personal and invasive- we have noticed it happening to a lot of people in the hxh Tumblr community and if you feel uncomfortable with this person you should block them. They have switched urls a few times so it's hard to track them. Wanted to let you know. Also you're great and cool. 👍🏻

I’m gonna post this because I think it’s important. Thanks for the heads up, dude. Good lookin’ out forreal <3

(for reference, I believe anon is speaking about tokyghoulkaneki WHATEVERTHEFUCK its too long of a name but you guys get the gist. please, watch out? you don’t have to reply to anyone you don’t feel okay replying to. please put yourself first and stay safe.)


Team Let Steven Dye His Hair Pink But Only If He Reclaims It As His Own Instead Of Trying To Imitate Someone Else First Because Really That’s Pretty Fucked Up 2k17

There is a distinct difference between caring for someone and carrying someone.

Know the difference.

You are allowed to let people down when they are too heavy.

You are not a bad person because you have limits.

ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭ Reblog to help save a life!!! Trans Lifeline is a crisis hotline specifically dedicated to the well being of transgender people. If you or a trans person you know feels afraid or unsafe, there’s help available at US:(877)565-8860 and CANADA:(877)330-6366

All jokes aside I think it’s really amazing how Hebrew was literally brought back to life by a bunch of enthusiasts and how what once was essentially a dead language is spoken nowadays by millions of people

I hear it on the streets and can’t stop thinking about how just a couple of centuries ago nobody was speaking it, and now it’s living and breathing just like any other natural language, with modern words and slang and shitty pop songs and children learning their first words in it

But it is also thousands of years old technically

This is wild

Dream big, they say, shoot for the stars. Then they lock us away for 12 years and tell us where to sit, when to pee and what to think. Then we turn 18, and even though we’ve never had an original thought, we have to make the most important decision of our lives. And if you don’t have the money, and if you don’t really have the grades, a lot of the decision gets made for you.
—  Hannah Baker, 13 Reasons Why

Please, please be gentle and think about what you’re saying when you’re talking to children. I met a woman in her 60s-70s the other day who was nervous about her new haircut not having bangs because someone told her she had a large forehead way back when she was 12 and she still felt self-conscious about it not being covered up. Your words really can affect a kid’s life that far into their adult future.

A poem Tyler wrote about Vessel and performed in Tulsa ( 2014) I think more people should know about

Summertime has come to a close,

now everybody knows.

And just like every summer time comes to an end

so does this show.

We’ve played this great city more than 

once or twice and we hope

we’ve made them dance, we’ve made them sing , 

we’ve made them proud of every note.

It’s a little sad to say

this is the last time that we’ll play

at this place, with this album 

Where Vessel ruled the day.

When the summertime did fade,

Vessel is what you’ve made

And Tulsa ruled the day, yes Tulsa ruled the day

source ( 04:10)

to my fellow south asian bisexual women: i love you all so much. south asian sikh, muslim, hindu, buddhist, christian, jewish, or otherwise bisexual women, mixed/biracial/multiracial south asian bisexual women, trans bisexual south asian women, south asian bisexual women who don’t use she/her pronouns, undocumented south asian bisexual women, dark-skinned south asian bisexual women, black south asian bisexual women, closeted south asian bisexual women, south asian bisexual women who are out and proud, south asian bisexual women dating a girl, south asian bisexual women dating a boy, south asian bisexual women dating a nonbinary person, south asian bisexual women who are single (hit me up LMFAOO), south asian bisexual sex workers. 

i love us all. i love the diversity of our experiences and our lives. i love how resilient, creative, strong, beautiful, and clever we are. i love that we continue to resist every person who’d seek to marginalize us. we are far better than misogynistic brown men, homophobic straight brown people, racist/antisemitic/islamophobic/etc white lgbt people, colorists in our community, and every other person we continue to fight so that we can thrive and live. this month, prioritize yourselves, each other, and all your fellow south asian lgbt people (and lgbt people of color). 

this goes out to every single south asian bi girl. i hope you have a happy, joyful, and peaceful pride month, and that you get to spend your time with loved ones, with friends, and doing only what you enjoy doing. happy pride! 

I just realized that no matter how hard you’ve been trying to keep a relationship or even friendship because you thought you could never live without them, it really is not worth it when this person caused you so much pain and the relationship was mostly one-sided and toxic. It’s very important to remind yourself that although you spent a lot of time with them, also had good memories and laughed a lot together, if there’s no or maybe bad communication, lack of trust and no understanding, then it is in fact NOT worth fighting for, believe me. So please love yourself and don’t feel guilty for leaving. You’re not being egoistic, it’s called self-love and your mental health matters