the a does not stand for allies

Being Gay Is More

Being gay is more than rainbows, and kisses, and smiles. Being gay is more than sunsets, and cuddles, and sleepovers. Being gay is more than “be yourself”, and I was “born this way”. Being gay is throwing a brick at the stonewall riots, and lynchings for holding your girlfriends hand. Being gay is yelling at police, sitting still as a preacher spits in your face while he damns you to hell. Being gay is not some aesthetic that straight people can use to consider themselves “progressive” because we both know you’re only on our side so you can watch. If I have to see one more goddamned video of a straight white girl making a rainbow makeup tutorial for pride I’m going to scream. Being a lesbian is not two girls have a secret sleepover, cuddling together sneaking kisses; it’s changing alone in the locker rooms because the other girls are lining up to change in the bathroom stalls so you won’t see them. Being gay is not going to the store and biting organic fruit with your hubby; it’s getting yelled at during back to school shopping because your daughter “shouldn’t have to grow up having two fags as parents. How will you appease her feminine side?” Being bisexual isn’t being straight passing, and having more options to date; it’s being excluded from both the straight and gay communities. Being trans is not some skinny white boy who passes; it’s a person of color being beat up in the woman’s restroom because “HE’S just a MAN trying to sneak a peak at the woman inside”, as if she herself is not a beautiful woman who just needs to piss. Being Queer isn’t dressing cute and wearing a rainbow flag; it’s living with AIDS, which means even though you now test negative because you’ve kept on your meds and are no long contagious, you can’t find a significant other due to fear and propaganda. Being intersex isn’t a “true born transgender” (how could you ever say that and no know you’re being offensive?!); it’s having doctors remove parts of your genitalia for no logical reason at all. Being asexual/greysexual is not being a tease and staying innocent forever; it’s being excluded from the Queer community for some stupid sense of entitlement about what is and isn’t LGBT. Being aromantic is not a fun out-spirited girl who knows how to have a good time; it’s being called a skank on a daily basis because you don’t feel romantic attachments.

I am not an aesthetic for you to use to feel included in the LGBT community. Just because I believe in black lives matter does not mean in any way that I am a person of color. The A stands for asexual and aromantic, not ally. You’re not a part of our community. You support us yes, but you aren’t us. That sounds harsh, I know. I do not intend to hurt your feelings but my struggles are real. So, please stop dismissing them. Actually support us, instead of kinda helping to make yourself feel better. So, support us please, but please don’t sexualize us, or use us for your aesthetic. I am a person. I live, and breathe, and feel. My experiences are real. Hear them. Pay attention. And then do something about it.

I am a white, bi/pansexual, gender nonconforming individual. If you have a problem with something I’ve said PLEASE correct me or tell me what I’ve said to offend you. I will be happy to admit if I’m in the wrong.

(I lumped pansexual in with bisexual because to quote my favorite human @jaxxgarcia “to suggest you need a whole new sexuality to be attracted to trans people is …what’s that words again idk OH gross”. [EDIT the quote meant “don’t feel the need to change your sexuality just because allies don’t understand the difference between bi and pan”. People who don’t think pansexuals exist are gross. Pan people exist, I inserted the quote at a weird spot I’m sorry.] I put agender, gender fluid, demi girl/boy etc under trans to conserve space. I put pan, bi, poly etc under bi to conserve space. I use the word Queer because it’s a word stolen from us, and I’d like to claim it back. Also because I don’t like saying I’m gay, because I’m not a homosexual man, if you get where I’m coming from.)

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i. Aphrodite has given up on love. She listens to boys yelling obscene things at innocent girls. She can be found serving drinks at the local bar to broken women and spitting poisonous words at the filthy gentlemen next to them.
ii. Apollo dreads the moment the sun rises. Because when the sun goes up, his local late night show ends and his hour of fame comes to a close. He can be found spending his days, sitting on a park bench asking for loose change and wishing his poetry was good enough.
iii. Ares doesn’t understand war anymore. All he sees is needless bloodshed and brutal homicide based upon abhorrent racial cleansing and childish disagreements. He can be found weeping over the destruction of schools and the murder of innocent children.
iv. Artemis doesn’t hunt game anymore. She carries a switchblade and mace, prepared to fight off any boy harassing a girl with intoxicated footsteps. She can be found holding back girl’s hair as they vomit up their insecurities while sobs wrack their body into the next morning.
v. Athena has stopped believing in reason. When there’s international conflict concerning who marries who and a nationwide crisis about the newest fashion, reason just doesn’t seem applicable anymore. She can be found protesting with college students about real problems.
vi. Dionysus can’t help the madness. When the frequency of mental illness - in children nonetheless, has become so high? What’s the point? He can be found at the same pub and same seat as always; drinking the same dry whisky wishing everything would be the same as it used to be.
vii. Hades can’t stand jewels anymore. Emeralds reflect the envy and greed of humanity while rubies reflect their sexual and blood lust. He can be found rolling his eyes at people begging for their lives in the allies while human demons hunt them down for materialistic ends.
viii. Hephaestus has developed a hatred of fire. It does nothing but steal. It steal oxygen from the air and steal people from their families. Fire does not give it takes. He can be found saving everything he can from fire’s wrath, but will later choke on the smoke of his cigarette.
ix. Hermes can’t stand traveling. His legs are weak and his eyes are strained. He’s carried too many messages to people about the death of loved ones and the love letters are scarce. He can be found stealing, not money, but of their hope and strength because he’s hasn’t any left.

The gods are among us and they can’t survive. Why should I?

—  “Modern Mythology” by Maggie McCloskey 


On Fury Road and the value of non-threatening male heroes

So I’ve been re-watching Fury Road and something struck me;

Tom Hardy’s Max is just really non-threatening. Now, that’s weird on a surface level because in story he’s presented as very dangerous. But here’s the thing about the kind of men we’re used to seeing in action movie; They are threatening in their masculinity.

The capitol A Action hero is a fixture in our cultural awareness. Almost without fail this hero is a man (if you have a woman in the role of action hero, it’s almost always proceeded by her gender. She can’t just be the action hero, she is very clearly cast as a FEMALE action hero.) So our male Action hero  is a badass. He’s dangerous, he’s brooding, he’s tough as nails. Sometimes he’s sarcastic and witty, sometimes he’s a moody stud. Point is, despite cultural changes that we see with our Action heroes as different pop culture trends change the flavoring, these men are all pretty much cut from the same mold. And here’s the thing about your typical Action hero; They have this underlying current of threatening masculinity. To put it bluntly, your typical Action hero is really all about cock. They’re intimidating to both their male peers and the women who are cast opposite them. They are toxic masculinity distilled onto our screens.

Now, in recent years we’ve been seeing more varity in our Action heroes. More emotion. Of course, there have always been exceptions (Luke Skywalker is one of the most note worthy male heroes to break this mold, and I think it’s worth noting that he’s often called whiny. Hell, when I was a little kid I loved him, but as a young teenager I thought he was lame. Now I realize that this might well have been because he wasn’t acting like your typical male hero. Maybe that scared me on some level) Anyway, let’s get back to Hardy’s Max. In story he  starts out as frightening, but he is never threatening in the way of your usual Action hero. He’s feral, dangerous, and unpredictable at the start of our story, but he doesn’t have any of that toxic masculinity.  So, we have a mad Max who is dangerous, and seems mad, as it were.  But there’s none of that hyper male Action hero posturing.

Hardy’s Max is a flawed man whose past has almost driven him past the point of no return. To the other characters in the movies he initially seems to be  feral (they don’t have the benefit of hearing his inner thoughts) Max is a frightening, but he’s not a masculine he-man. In fact, the characters in the movie who fall close to what we’re used to seeing in Action heroes are the warboys and their leader. The culture espoused by Immortan Joe is hyper masculine and toxic. The young men who idolize him seem like extreme versions of what we’re used to with our heroes. They’re brainwashed into a society built on toxic masculinity and objectification, and the heroes of the story are the ones fighting against this idea. Interestingly, Furiosa has a lot of traits of your traditional Action hero, but it’s coupled with compassion and self reflection, not because she’s a woman, but because  she’s  a person. Like Max, she is fighting to regain her humanity through helping a group of young women fight for their freedom from a world of toxic masculinity.

So, again back to Max himself. As the movie goes on he regains his sense of self. A big theme int he movie is the objectification and commodification of human life. We see this with Immortan Joe’s ‘wives” as well as with the brainwashed warboys and the use living humans as ‘bloodbags’ and ‘milkers’ Max starts the movie literally strapped to the hood of a car as a hood ornament/living blood bag.  Max is reluctant to help Furiosa and the ‘wives’ at first, but we see him change in a brief period of time. He  regains his humanity through helping others and coming to terms with his own demons. Hardy’s Max is dangerous, but he’s also vulnerable, undeniably so. We see his fear, we see what haunts him, and we see him struggle to survive, and then struggle to come to terms with his past in order to help others have a future. This sets him apart from Mel Gibson’s Max, and in my opinion makes him the better of the two. By the time Max starts really showing his human side, we see a man who is compassionate and half broken, a man who relearns himself by helping others.

Another notable aspect of Max is his relationship with Furiosa. Usually when your typical Action hero is paired with a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN in a movie, there’s this ongoing dynamic of ‘but you’re a girlllllll’ There isn’t respect, because the heroes of the story are acting out the deeply felt internalized misogyny of our own society. They can’t interact as equals because in our cultural minds they are inherently unequal. They are defined by their rigid gender rules, and they act this out like they’re children on a playground crying about cooties. And of course, there’s usually the sexual element, with the heroes constantly griping at/disrespecting one another while it’s played off as repressed attraction all along.Fury Road never once does this. Max and Furiosa are two flawed and broken people trying to survive. There isn’t a split second where Max stops to wonder how a GIRL can be so tough. Once they’re established as allies, they immediately move into a working relationship built on mutual respect and trust. Two scenes come to mind. Firstly, the initial canon chase when Max first shows himself as an ally. There’s one notable moment where Furiosa is standing up out of the roof and Max hands her a gun. That doesn’t seem important, but there’s something about that gesture that’s very c cinematically important. It shows us that they’re a team now, and it shows us that they trust each other. The second notable scene is the “Don’t breathe” moment in the night bog. Max has previously seen that Furiosa is a good shot. He knows that she is the one to trust with this task, so he hands her the gun and lets her use him as a rifle stand. It’s a moment with no dialogue that speaks volumes.

All of this goes to Max as a nonthreatening hero. He never objectifies, disrespects, or distrusts his counterpart. He’s never an alpha male. He’s part of a story that he doesn’t need to dominate with his manly male maleness. Hardy’s Max is a dangerous, vulnerable, and quietly compassionate man who gives respect and trust where it’s due. He has no need to parade and prove his masculinity. In fact, the people doing that are the villains, and isn’t that telling?

Illyrian Females

Just imagine them charging into battle. Their faces full of fierce determination and their hands holding tight to their blades. They will run into battle and stand beside their brothers and sisters. They will defend their allies until they conquer or until their last breath. Their veins run swift with courage and hope.

And for those that had their wings clipped? That does not deter them.

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They will still slay.

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Captain America: Prejudiced Fans

Ok so rant post because this literally kept me up for hours last night.

Why is Tony Stark perceived as the Villain in Civil War?

There is no legitimate reason for this.

“But he made Ultron and tried to hurt Bucky!”

Ok, sit down. Let’s talk about Ultron, shall we?

If we REALLY want to discuss whose fault Ultron is, let’s go way back to this movie:

In this movie was a character called Loki, whom you may remember and might recognize as second from the left on this poster.

Loki was the main villain of the film, and Thor failed to incarcerate him at the end of the movie. Loki went on to bring the mind stone (AKA the basis for Ultron) to Earth. Therefore, it is Thor’s fault for not stopping Loki.

But let’s move on from that. Assuming that Thor couldn’t have stopped Loki, whose fault was it?

Actually, it is arguably still Thor, seeing as he brought the Tesseract back to Asgard at the end of the Avengers, but failed to grab Loki’s mind control stick on his way out the door.

Even clearing him of charges for that, we could argue that it’s Steve/Clint/Natasha’s fault, because I’m going to assume that SHIELD took the staff, and because of that, the staff found its way into Hydra’s hands.

Then we have Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Let’s pretend that Steve/Clint/Natasha DID see the staff into SHIELD custody. Apparently they weren’t concerned enough about the fact that, y’know, SHIELD was actually Hydra and therefore Hydra had the staff of mind control in their possession, which makes it their fault. At this point,  Steve/Clint/Natasha becomes Steve/Clint/Natasha/Sam.

However, this STILL isn’t the end of the story.

Somehow, Thor fails to care about any of these developments in the Dark World, so it’s back to his fault.

The entire Avenger’s cast FINALLY cares about the fact that the Staff is held by Hydra when Tony comes back on the scene (huh) at the beginning of Age of Ultron, at which point Tony goes after the Staff. However, while this is the first point at which we could reasonably claim that it is Tony’s fault, we immediately switch over to this:

In case you weren’t freaking paying attention, this is Tony seeing an alternate past where the world ended and all of his friends were dead as a result of him not doing enough.

Immediately after this we get this line:

[Pietro and Wanda watch as goes Tony grabs the scepter]
Pietro Maximoff: “We’re just gonna let them take it?”
[Wanda smiles to herself as Tony takes the scepter]

Are you really going to tell me that little smug grin doesn’t belie that she knows exactly what’s about to happen? Even if it doesn’t, I’m pretty sure she said something to the effect of, “He’ll do what he thinks he has to” or something to that effect.

Therefore it is clearly Wanda’s fault.


Tony then asks Thor for permission to monkey around with the staff, making it Thor’s fault, and then Bruce and Tony work on the staff TOGETHER, making it JOINTLY their fault when Ultron comes to life.

So great, we have now found fault in every Avenger except for Rhodey and Pietro at this point.

Except, Tony/Bruce think that Ultron failed. The second they find out that he didn’t the Avengers mobilize and come fairly close to beating Ultron. Tony can easily out-program Ultron, because we’ve seen him literally hack his own equipment while fighting numerous opponents - one on one with Ultron shouldn’t be a problem.

But these two butts show up and proceed to compromise every single Avenger except Tony and Clint.


Wanda and Pietro are LITERALLY FIGHTING ON ULTRON’S SIDE FOR MORE THAN HALF OF THE MOVIE. So CLEARLY the fact that Ultron makes any headway at all is at least PARTIALLY THEIR FAULT, RIGHT?

Then we get the creation of Vision, supported by Tony, Bruce, Thor, and Clint and opposed by Wanda, Steve, Pietro, and Natasha. This is in spite of the fact that literally all Tony is doing is uploading JARVIS to a body, which should be a no brainer seeing as JARVIS has been immensely helpful since literally the earliest movies of the MCU.

We finally get Vision to wake up, and, what do you know, not only is he on the Avenger’s side, HE LITERALLY IS WORTHY TO PICK UP THOR’S HAMMER.

So if anything, this sequence should doubly absolve Tony Stark of guild: The success of Vision is proof that Ultron is not a mistake but rather a flawed prototype, AND Tony has just created the only weapon that will allow the Avengers to defeat Ultron.

We’ll note that he does not receive credit for either of these points, either in the movie or in the fandom.

Now, I would like to point out in spite of everything that has just been argued that Ultron is an independent being who is making his own choices and as such is the only person who can be blamed for his actions, triply absolving Tony of guilt. The only people who can legitimately be blamed here are Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who chose to help Ultron fight the Avengers, but they should arguably be forgiven because they help to defeat him.

If I haven’t convinced you that Tony is innocent here yet, please message me so I can block you.

Now, on to Civil War.

The entire point of this movie is Steve saying “No superhumans shouldn’t be regulated because if they are then people might get mad at Bucky,” while the entire rest of the world is saying, “Yeah, we’d like a little oversight.” Like, yes, personal freedom and standing up for your values is great and all, but SHIELD had zero oversight and look what happened there - oh, right, people died, nearly including Mr. Holier-Than-Though Rogers and his best friend (it was still a great movie…). Yes, stand for what you believe in, Steve, but accept that there are systems in place for doing that. There are reasons that everyone in the military and in the government respond to someone else and are bound by certain laws, and superhumans should be too.

THEN, Bucky comes into the picture when he’s framed for a terrorist attack.

Does Steve go to any of his allies for help? Does he have Tony Stark or Nick Fury pull strings? Does he go to the government with the information he has about Bucky’s condition and ask for help? No, no, and no.

Queue Black Panther.

Black Panther believes that Bucky killed his father, so he decides to kill Bucky. Remember that.

We get a protracted series of fight scenes wherein, regardless of whether or not they were previously criminals, Steve and Bucky become wanted criminals and get themselves arrested alongside Black Panther, then everybody else gets themselves arrested.

Let us analyse the airport fight scene.

Steve has recruited a felon, Tony has recruited a teenager, I think those evils roughly cancel each other out.


On Team Tony, four out of five individuals depend on Tony for equipment.

Spiderman we haven’t seen before, but we know that Tony redesigned his suit. In addition, assuming that this movie Spiderman accurately reflects his comic book strength (which we can assume he does, seeing as he catches the airplane loading thing), he is obviously pulling his punches.

Then we have War Machine and Black Widow.

War Machine we have seen consistently demonstrating a single difference from standard Iron Man suits: automatic firearms.

However, in this sequence, we do not see him use the shoulder cannon once and we see him use his missiles only to address the fact that Giant Man is trying to smash him with a truck.

However, we see two NEW weapons: a sonic cannon and a stun baton, both of which are shown to be nonlethal.

Black Widow we see using her signature Widow’s Bites for the first time in her six movies in the Marvel franchise - again, non-lethally disabling Black Panther.

Are you really going to tell me that this is a coincidence? The only person we see attempting to use lethal force on Team Tony is Black Panther, whom we all know respects nobody.

Now, Team Steve.

Let’s start with Scarlet Witch, the MCU’s poster child for milking her perceived innocence.

We see her attempt to crush Tony under a bunch of cars, breaking his arm. We see her throw off Vision’s aim nearly killing War Machine. She very clearly has no qualms about killing.

Hawkeye is literally using explosive arrows throughout the fight scene.

Ant-Man tears apart the internal circuitry of one of Iron Man’s arms (possibly after the arm it contained was already broken).

Falcon is literally shooting at Spiderman.

Bucky punches at Spiderman full force.

And let us not forget Steve Rogers, who literally attempts to drop an airplane loading dock on a kid:

I mean come on.

Tony is literally the only one who ISN’T letting his anger get the best of him in this scene.

Then, in case you don’t believe me, let’s jump to the final fight scene in the abandoned Hydra base, shall we?

Tony is using distinctly nonlethal force here. If his goal were to kill Bucky, I guarantee you Bucky would be dead.

However, he uses his potentially lethal weapons in a nonlethal fashion, primarily to control where Steve and Bucky can and can’t go. His laser - which, friendly reminder, is powerful enough that he had to instruct War Machine to get out of the way - was used only to interpose steel girders between himself and Captain America. His tank missile, which is one of his iconic and most terrifying weapons, merely closed a loading door. Tony is not using lethal force - the worst thing he does is destroy Bucky’s arm, which is terrible, but worst case scenario, Tony can repair it. Yes, it is inflicting pain, but it is pain that is not dissimilar to pain that Tony has gone through himself.

That, of course, doesn’t stop Steve and Bucky from very willingly shredding his armor and, y’know, leaving him stranded in Siberia or wherever the heck that base was.

Now, final point, remember Black Panther?

Black Panther (incorrectly) jumped to the conclusion that Bucky had killed his father, and tried very hard throughout the duration of the movie to kill Bucky in revenge.

Tony WATCHED on FILM as Bucky slaughtered  his parents and still showed great restraint. Did he want to hurt Bucky? Yes, very much so.

Did he want to kill Bucky? No, he did not.

This is precisely why the “But he’s my friend”/”So was I” zinger hurts so freaking much. Even in his moment of insane pain, Tony did not want to hurt Steve. Yes, he wanted to hurt Bucky, but he knew that, if he killed Bucky, he would be hurting Steve, and, as Steve’s friend, he could not conscience that decision.

I will eternally maintain that Tony is the victim of Civil War, that Steve betrayed Tony, and that Steve does not deserve Tony’s forgiveness, and nothing anybody can say will ever change my mind.

Trump Bans Transgender People From Fighting In The Military

He tweeted today, July 26, 2017:

After tweeting during the campaign:

Unfortunately, this is not surprising coming from this president who doesn't care about anyone but himself, but also because the way society still negatively treats transgender people. Transgender people have been serving the country for years now, on the battle field and off of it. 

Don’t let the fact that Trump finally used auto correct to actually make complete sentences fool you, he doesn’t care about the costs, it has nothing to do with medical matters, and EVERYTHING to do with bigotry and prejudice. And let’s humor it for a second, that this really does have to do with costs. Billions of dollars are given to the military, the fact that you can’t “afford” transgender medical expenses is the equivalent of saying that women couldn’t serve because they had their periods, and needed extra hygiene products only a couple decades ago. That “problem” was budgeted and solved and this argument is no longer supported logically. 

Transgender people have fought harder than the whole acronym combined. They are the firsts ones to fight, and the last ones to obtain all their rights. WHY IS THAT. My fellow members of the LGBTQ community and allies, please stand together on this. Come out in droves as we do for the other letters and don’t let this pass under the radar. Be loud, and please fight for our transgender friends, colleagues, and loved ones as they have done countless times for us. 


Uh yeah this blog is an ace safe space and aphobia will not be tolerated.

I also believe aces deserve a safe space in the lgbtqia+ community or at least some place where they can feel like they belong.

That A in the acronym is not there for decoration

You disagree with me you know where the unfollow/block button is

Yesterday, House Republicans passed a dangerous tax bill that includes extremist “personhood” language. We must call on our allies in the Senate to stand up against this back-door attempt to ban abortion.

Including dangerous “personhood” language in the GOP tax plan is a backdoor way to ban abortion outright. This provision does nothing more than further the GOP’s obsession with robbing women of our reproductive rights.

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How do I get my parents to stop suspecting I'm trans/gay?

You know the very bad idea that Exclusionists love where they change the meaning of the A to Ally, and then they claim “it’s for closeted people to be in the community!!” while ignoring the fact that if masses of people know what the Ally means then it’ll get out into cishet society and endanger allies and closeted people, but they hate a-spec SO much that they blatantly ignore it and act smarter than people who oppose it?

Yeah, well my brother owns a tumblr, he thinks the A honestly stands for Ally and Ally means closeted, he brought it up in a conversation when my parents were talking about LGBTQ+ (my entire family is full of lgbtq-phobes) they know I’m in full support of LGBTQ+ and an “Ally”. Now they’re rapidly getting more worried that I’m not cis or straight. THANKS EXCLUSIONISTS, threatening my way of life, almost forcing me OUT OF THE CLOSET, and making me scramble and panic to try and convince them I’m “normal”.

They were already sort of considering conversion therapy at our old church because they thought I was a-spec since I showed no signs of liking ANYONE (because I hid my crushes). But I convinced them that I’m not, quite easily because I’m pretty sure I’m not a-spec. Now it’s getting harder to convince them because I’m certain they can see the fear in my eyes and decide to press and investigate harder. They won’t take a simple “No, I’m not” for an answer.

Honestly, I was sure this would happen, no matter how hard Exclusionists tried to ignore the possibility and continue pretending they’re trying to help the community. If I’m outed completely, it’s possible that support will be cut off completely for me, which means I wouldn’t be able to go to college and get everything I need to simply support myself after I move out. Panicking makes it harder to convince them, but like I said, exclusionists have threatened my way of life and my general safety, so it’s a bit hard not to panic. Do any inclusionists have ideas that can help?

Hey, so, if you identify as ace but also straight, you’re just as much a part of the lgbt+ community as if you identify as ace and literally any other orientation.

And hey guess what. If you identify as aro, you’re just as much a part of the lgbt+ community regardless of whether you’re aroace or aro/straight or aro/bi or etceter-fucking-ra

If you’re ace or aro, then you’re part of the lgbt+ community. Regardless of any other orientation you may also be.

And at those who say that straight aros or straight aces aren’t part of the community, I’m gonna head you off at the pass. You’re wrong, yes they are part of the lgbt community, kindly take your incorrect exclusionary opinions and fuck off elsewhere.

Kinktober #30: Costume (this is SFW!)

Whoops, I backtracked! I’m climbing aboard the goth Kageyama train! I’m also mooching off Ally’s cheerleader Hinata idea, so this is a goth/cheerleader AU~ 

“This party is so wild!”

There is a vampire talking to Kageyama. Shouting, actually. The volume level is sort of necessary, because the environment around them is currently the definition of a rager—lights strobing and whirling, music thumping and loud, bodies pressing in on all sides.

But they are standing right next to each other, and Kageyama very much does not want to be talked to, and so he finds the level of shoutiness uncalled for at best and exhausting at worst.

“What are you supposed to be?” Dracula asks him. “Some kind of, like, emo kid?”

Kageyama stares at him. “What?”

Kageyama is not an “emo kid”. He doesn’t buy anime t-shirts and cheap makeup from Hot Topic. His eyes are lined dark and precise, and his lips are full matte black, without a hint of smearing or feathering. It makes the silver hoop ring in his lower lip stand out even more. It takes work to get his look this clean, but he has a lot of practice, because—

“I’m not a—”


Someone calls his name, distracting him from what would have likely been a well deserved dressing down of Edward Cullen. He turns towards the source of the voice, and almost spills his drink.

“Oh, hey, Hinata—” the vampire starts to say, but he’s instantly brushed aside as Hinata Shouyou shoves past him to stand directly in front of Kageyama, staring down at him where he’s sitting.

“You—you decided to show up, huh?!” Hinata asks. He sounds like he’s trying to cover his shock with some kind of accusation, which is stupid, because it’s Hinata’s party and he’s the one who invited Kageyama.

“I had nothing better to do,” Kageyama says, in what he hopes is a very bored and unconcerned tone of voice. He’s not sure he succeeds, because Hinata is wearing… quite the costume.

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Tim Stack: What does that last shot mean to you? It’s left pretty open-ended.

Sarah Paulson: Well it’s the green cloak of the SCUM. It’s the SCUM cloak. Listen, this is a conversation that Ryan and Tim Minear and I really had. At the end of the day, she’s the mother of a son. She has a boy she’s raising. There’s a kind of poignant moment where he says, “Am I going to be a good person? Am I going to be a good man?” And I say, “I hope so.” And their intent with writing it and my intent with playing it was, “I hope you will because my mission in life now is to create a world where men have to be responsible for themselves and their behavior. I’m going to be in Washington and have some power, and the goal being nobody is going to get away with anything anymore. More than a good person, you have to be a feminist. You have to be on the right side of history.” It should have had a feeling of something odd in my communication to him.

But I think they wanted to keep it sort of mysterious in the sense of what does it mean. And what does it mean to each audience member in terms of how they view the reality now that Ally has power, beyond just personal power. But what will she do now that she has some sort of beginnings of a political voice and an opportunity to reach further into the world of being a civil servant? What will she do with that? If she is in fact a member of a new group of women who will stand for nothing but the righteous treatment and respect of them, what will that look like? But it shouldn’t be definitive. It should be up to the viewer to decide what it means she’s going to do with this. Does it mean she’s going to kill men? I don’t know. I have an opinion about it, but it’s not one I’m ready to share. But it was a conversation that was had about what this would mean for her being the mother of a young man and having been a person who witnessed so much senseless killing. But it should be a mystery.

I have loved Taylor for the majority of my life and I love her so unbelievably much to this day and always will. It is because I love her that I support the fans of color who feel uneasy because of what has been said about Taylor in regards to white supremacy. We know she is not a white supremacist, we know she loves us, but fans of color are targets outside of this fandom because they support Taylor. It is important that Taylor is addressing that she does not stand for this defamation and any connections to white supremacy in her cease and desist and that she maintains the stance that she is against such evil groups in our world. But because I love you all and Taylor it is my place as a friend and ally to support fans of color who are imploring Taylor to say something about this issue, herself, not just in the written legal documents. To ask Taylor to speak on this does not mean any of us love her less–it is because we love her so much that we are hoping for this. I love all of you on here, from my closest friends to those I don’t know as well. And those of us who are not people of color, please try and understand that when your identity is threatened it is not too much to ask of a friend like Taylor to show her support for you.

Theory: Fukurodani To Win Nationals

alternatively: this is a shounen sports manga so literally anyone could win for any reason whatsoever but a Fukurodani win would not be the worst possible choice and could in fact be an excellent choice

The tricky thing about theorizing who could win nationals is that none of the teams talk about winning nationals. It’s all about the act of going and what they will do there. Past winners aren’t even mentioned. But we’re 234 chapters into this. For the story, for the characters, and for myself as a fan, I want our current teams to get what they want and deserve, but I want them to aspire for more in the future. Or as Coach Nekomata says in ch.96:

[Note: I’m sorry not sorry for this monstrosity of a post. This is by no means a definitive edition. Beware that below the cut is image heavy and full of spoilers.]

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anonymous asked:

how do I get a 401k started? do I go through an employer?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer:

Not all employers offer a 401(k). And some of them, like nonprofits, have 403(b) plans instead, which are basically the same thing just with lower fees. So your first step is to ask your employer if they have a 401(k) program. Here’s your script:

“Hello, person who employs me. I am interested in saving for my retirement, and was wondering if you offer a 401(k) plan or something similar. If so, can you explain some of the benefits to me and walk me through how to opt in?”

If your employer does NOT offer a 401(k) or 403(b), not to worry! You can still start saving for retirement in a few different ways. 

First, instead of having a regular ‘ole savings account through your local brick and mortar bank, you can start a high-yield online savings account like Ally Bank or Alliant Credit Union. These babies offer an interest rate that’s literally 1000% more than your regular savings account.

Or even better, you can start yourself an IRA! That stands for Individual Retirement Account, and as advertised, you start it on your own without any need for an employer. 

Here’s some stuff we’ve written about it all:

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“Nobody had to die today.”

We are given additional and nice insight into how this giant’s brain works. Even Evil has Standards, I believe the trope was called. He doesn’t wish for unnecessary violence and seems pretty clear on the position that goals are what natter the most.

But does this make him a potential ally?

I mean, let’s be honest, every time an antagonist shows the regret or sorrow, we all pretty much jump to the conclusion that the person in question will go through a heel-face door. Could it be true for Hazel?

We should remember that he did, supposedly, stand by Ozpin’s side at some point. Does that further prove the theory that Ozpin isn’t as squeaky clean as it seems and Salem has a point in her desire for revenge against him and humanity?

Anyway, looking forward to more of this amazing character. You rock, Hazel!

I’ve been entertaining an AU where Trish is the main character of Vento Aureo.  Dio is still alive, has been gaining power around the world, and has taken over the Italian mafia.  Trish finds out about Dio’s plans after her father is killed and decides to enact revenge on Diavolo’s murderer.  She gains allies by joining Bruno’s gang, who are protecting Dio’s estranged son, Giorno, from other Stand members and later from Dio himself.  Basically, it follows a similar plot as Vento Aureo except Trish and Giorno’s roles are switched.  Trish does more stuff and it’s awesome.