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Brianna | 16 | New York
Hello! I basically submit on here almost every week 😂 I’ve met way too many wonderful people on this site so I wish to continue meeting all you lovely people! I’m pansexual ✨ very artsy/creative and if you are too then we’ll for sure hit it off 💜.
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  • Hamilton: oh my God why did you shoot my son?!?!
  • George: seriously, these kids need to learn there are consequences in life

My names Anjelica! I’m a few weeks away from turning 23 and in May I’ll be graduating from nursing school! I love meeting new people and I love having good conversation! If you want to know more you’ll have to send me a message and start a conversation with me so dooo it!
Check out my blog @baby-ilove-yourways and my instagram @anjelicadiana and say hi! I’ll be waiting (: