Little art - Miniature decorative easel

So I wanted to take a break from the bedroomset I’m working on, because I was getting annoyed with all my doubts about swatches and stuff, so I decided to shrink the easel that the game has provided and slap on some canvases with beautiful art! See all the art below.

  • easel comes in original wood color and in white
  • 15 art prints by various artists (see links below)
  • has a custom thumbnail for easy finding
  • everything is color tagged

Download: | Sim File Share |

Credits to Northshire, Season of Victory, Riro, Moonokrom, Mareike Böhmer and ThingsthatSing for all the art! Definitely check those amazing artists out.

Flower Crown - The Sims 4 Maxis Match Hat

Hey guys! Today we bring you the flower crown that is on the new Day of the Dead update hair in The Sims 4 as a hat! We are also de-hatting the hair so that you can use it with so many other colors and crowns! We hope you like it! This hair should work properly with every hair, but some hairs might have it be in the air more than others! Tomorrow (9/28) the hair should be up!

Info & Download Below!

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Braid Woven Crownless - The Sims 4 Maxis Match Hair

Hey guys! Even though we said that this hair would be out on the 28th of September, we decided to release it earlier! It should work properly with the Flower Crown and it’s completely Hat Compatible. We hope you like it and as always, if you have questions or issues please feel free to ask us!

Info & Download Below!

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‘Ello everyone! 

I’ve been suuuper busy with planning the party for this weekend but, even with a busy schedule I had to share this look with you guys as I kept getting questions about where I got what, lol. Enjoy! <3

Get This Look:

sun-glasses by MrAlex3

neck-tie by @simlaughlove

bag by @inabadromance

top by @neutralsupply

jeans by @puresims

shoes (Chanel Slingback) by @theslyd



They couldn’t find their way into the abandoned house, but they found an empty fireplace in the back, Everett had brought alcohol and they all started enjoying themselves, talking and laughing. 

J: So…. Kyra! What’s your story? Where do you work, what are your dreams, wildest fantasies, tell me everything!

Everett and Marcy giggled, making Kyra blush. She could sense they were both pretty intoxicated by this point and she was feeling fuzzy as well.

K: Uh, well right now I work for a catering company and…. I’ve written a few books, someday I hope to own my own restaurant but… that will be awhile cause I’m dead ass broke, Hahaha….

E: Wow, beautiful and ambitious, what a catch *wink*

Almost on cue, Kyra blushed again, Everett hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off of her all night and, not to her surprise, she was okay with that.

E: Hey! have we tried that door yet?