the Sims


I get home, swing the door open, and am immediately greeted by pink faux fur and perfect bouncing blonde curls. “well, well. look who finally decided to join us.” green eyes and glossed lips turn to face me as the door slams on its own. she is perfect, as always. like a living malibu barbie. 


“because it’s called a surprise, darling. did you honestly think I’d miss this day?”

she hugs me, and I catch a glimpse of both dads in the kitchen, arms around eachother and smiling into their morning coffee while watching this whole spectacle. I hadn’t even noticed them standing there until now. 

I missed her so much.


Young goddesses realm is red


Are you sure your ready? I mean we just got married, and you, you’ve been working so hard on getting that promotion. I just don’t want to ruin any…” 

Love, ruin? How could me becoming a father ruin anything? I’m ready if you are and I know you will make the most amazing mother. You already are with Zoisite. Actually were is our crazy dog?” 

So, I wanted to give some small insight in regards to my new story project, that will be releasing soon. First, as you can see from the banner, the name of it is, ‘Having Faith’. And although, I don’t like to give a lot away about a story, I do feel this one warrants some pre-warning.

Believe me when I tell you this story isn’t like anything else you have seen come from me. The story is a much darker noir themed one. Therefore, while I am not, nor will I be, a heavy depicter of gore and torture, you can expect crime and violence is a part of this one. And, beyond that you should also expect to see other types of adult themes, other than my typical NSFW, on a fairly regular basis as well. The characters of Having Faith are also not a long my normal types. I know many of you that have followed me for years are somewhat used to the asshole nature of some of my characters as it is, but the ones in this story are different. You’re dealing with definite anti-heroes here. So, you shouldn’t go into this expecting a Dylan, nor a Brice here.. you shouldn’t even expect an Ivan. 

Due to the nature of this story, and while I will still be tagging for NSFW pictures, I feel also making a special tag for this story to attach to all posts, regardless of their content, is probably necessary. This way if you feel like the overall content of this story may be too much for you, or it ever becomes so, then you can block that specific tag to avoid any and all story posts from Having Faith. 

The tag to block will be: #HavingFaithMA.

If these are things you don’t mind, then I look forward to have you read a long. This is something I plotted and outlined years ago, and I have been pouring my heart into getting it ready, so that I can do it the justice I would like! Introductions into the story and characters will be coming soon!


“Sounds like a right bitch to me.” A voice spoke, making them all turn. The man was a sight to behold for sure. You’d think with the amount of otherworldliness between the three of them, a man with horns would be nothing. No, he was something. He didn’t seem to mind their stares, instead taking a long drag of his cigarette and adding, “Maybe I could be a bit of assistance.”

“I love the grand entrance, but why should I trust someone who appeared from what seemed to be thin air?” Bunni quipped, hands on hips.

“The same reason people put their faith in you: reliable, beautiful, absolutely charming.” A smirk formed on his lips, “And a bit of a bitch, but everyone has their quirks, right?”

“Ugh. ‘Absolutely charming?’” Caleb copied the man,  “What kind of ambiguous accent is that?”

“Demons get to do what they want.” He shrugged, “If I want an accent that annoys people because they can’t place it, then that’s what I do. Now that you’ve pointed out my flaw, I’ll introduce myself as Io. Maybe we should get to work, then?”