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Here are 42 recolours of EA’s base game nightie, which was suggested by nettlejuice during my livestream!!

This is a stand alone recolour and does not over-ride the original

I hope you all like them, and if you have any cc suggestions, leave them in my ask box.

Credit - EA, sims4studioofficial

Download - SimFileShare/MediaFire


Poor Johnny Zest, his parents disowned him (Nancy and Geoffrey Landgrabb) because he wanted to be a comedian! It wasn’t a “highly regarded” profession in the family. So J-Zest went out and found the only thing he could afford.. a trailer. Which was VERY empty when he moved in. 

I’d like to tell you that his tailer wasn’t decorated with things he found from the dump or out on the curb but.. it was. Which is why his tailer is just a mash of stuff. But it works and it fits his outgoing and quirky personality. 

He also met one of the Caliente girls while out for a walk and wooed her.. with more then his jokes. Will he be able to prove his parents wrong and become a highly successful comedian? Will Nina Caliente be his girlfriend? who the hell knows! 

Plot Twist: Johnny and Ollie would be an adorable couple, Johnny could inspire Ollie’s work with Jokes and Comedy.

If Professional Simming was a job we’d all be rich.

Why isn’t this a job?? 

EA, you would benefit.

We could tell them ALL the bugs and give them suggestions from the community instead of them just picking the simmers who they know agree with them no matter what.

Here are 57 recolours of cool-sims Darko Hair. These are stand alone recolours and do not over-ride the original. This is also my 400 followers gift!! Thanks to everyone who follows me!

Thanks to booster-sims for testing these out for me!


Download - 

Combined - SimFileShare/MediaFire

Nyren - SimFileShare/MediaFire

Natural - SimFileShare/MediaFire

Unnatural - SimFileShare/MediaFire


I downloaded the Fall Forever Mod. I LOVE it. I love how everything looks like autumn. It’s my favourite time of the year and I am happy this mod looks fantastic. 

Because I have restarted my games I now re-did the 3 Roomates house and also gave the sims a little makeover (Summer’s and Travis’s eyes were SO BIG AND SCARY). 

I actually had a lot of fun playing this household :) Travis has been playing both girls *tisk tisk Travis* He’s all nice and flirty with Liberty but very sexy with Summer. Will the girls find out about his player ways?! I hope so if they are all living under the same roof!