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Nightcrawler Dayana Hair Clayified

Mesh is made by @darkosims3, it’s super dope! Thank you so much for downloading! This is also our first ever clayified hair, we are so excited to continue working on more! This hair should work fine with the latest patch from The Sims 4, if there are any issues please let us know!

  • Custom Catalog Thumbnails
  • Standalone Recolor
  • 18 Swatches
  • Requires MESH by @darkosims3 - Download it here!

Enjoy the mod!

Download: OneDrive

Hey guys, I finally got around to putting together my sims dump. I queued everything so watch out for further posts! Again, thank you all for your support and time, I love you guys ; ~; <3


download (base) sim


genetics - skin (small) / nose overlay / eyes / eyebrows / hair / baby-hair / lashes / teeth

makeup - blush / lipstick

& ofc, thank you to all of the cc creators <3


               😬 ANGELO & ELLIE  😁

@nisukiye THANK YOUUUUUUU and I love you so much ❤(ˆ‿ˆԅ), THE SHININESS IS GONEEE. If it wasn’t for your kindess, I would have zero idea on how to fix it. The only thing left for me to fix is to remove the shininess in CAS,  but THANK YOUUU SOO MUCHH, You’re a miracle ❤

Butlers Gonna Butle

So I was curious about this new Butler thing so I hired one for the Gatzbee Mansion. Of course as soon as he showed up Jay had to leave for his job that I don’t remember signing up for.

It was nice to see the butler keep working, and cleaning even when his employer isn’t on the premises. Not like those damn maids who do nothing and charge you a fortune and leave. Oh, and the butlers name is Damon Braswell. Very butlerish I think.