The Black Simmer offers a glimpse at what diverse character customization for ‘The Sims’ could be

  • The Sims may be one of the best-known character creation games, but it still fails when it comes to accurately representing non-white races.
  • Sims publisher EA admitted as much to Mic earlier this year. Thankfully, there’s another option for black gaming fans: The Black Simmer.
  • The Black Simmer is an online forum created by Amira Virgil. In a video for AJ+, she says she was tired of the limited options available in The Sims and other mainstream video games. Read more (7/19/17)

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Unlike Felix, Ronan decided to continue his education after high school ended. Which really means: he got a full scholarship to play varsity soccer. His school was a bit far away from San Myshuno, so the two didn’t get to spend as much time as they would have liked together after they started their adult lives, but that didn’t stop Ronan from occasionally showing up shirtless at Felix’s apartment when his team was in the city for training. 



  After our little climbing competition he would pull me to the side to have a more intimate conversation with me.

  Hector: There is something about you Araceli, I can’t explain it. There is something to you that captured my imagination and stroked my desires.

  Araceli: Don’t you usually date women like me? Models, actresses, you know, the kind of women that appear in ads? You’ve had a lot of relationships and-

  Hector: The past. None of those women were like you. You are the one for me, the moment I saw you a song entered my mind.

  Araceli: You’re writing a song…about me?

  Hector: I don’t mention you by name but yes, you will know it once you hear it.

  Araceli: You don’t even know me! How can you write a song about someone you barely know?!

  He pulled me closer then, his hand caressed my face and his lips drew closer. He was a breath away, teasingly close to kissing me. Eventually he pulled away, just as I leaned in. 

  Hector: Come, there’s a sauna here too. Let me show you.