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Just imagine Zayn and Liam curling up after a long, hard day of work. Zayn had to go visit Perrie when he could of spent the whole day with Liam. Liam is upset with Zayn but as soon as Zayn cuddles him and kisses the back of his neck Liam forgives him and relaxs, rolling over on his back so Zayn can lay his head on Liam's chest. And they just lay there with each other and Zayn kisses Liam's birthmark and mumbles into his skin, "Always you Liam. It will always be just you."

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Stop being so negative!

I’m not trying to be negative I’m just speaking the fucking truth. I’m sorry but they sound shitty when they give out Zayn’s solos to people that can’t sing them. I love Niall, but I can admit he has one of the weaker voices in the group, therefore he shouldn’t be trying to belt out Zayn’s solos and I think he knows to (i.e. He stopped singing midway and let the crowd sing). And we know Louis cannot sing Zayn’s solos so why are they being given to them. If anyone should be singing Zayn’s solos it should be Liam or Harry, simple as that. They’re the most talented in the group, right behind Zayn (tbh Liam is right up there with Zayn).

Now in them sounding off, they do. Zayn’s voice played a major part in One Direction’s sound. So when they sing all together, you can hear something being off. Now don’t get me wrong they sound good, it;s just not what I’m used to. I’m used to hearing Zayn’s angelic voice in there with the other guys and it just is weird not hearing it now. I’m sure it’s just as fun and great in concert.

Regarding the fans before this concert, they got screwed over. I understand the Australia, Asia, and Africa (that’s the other places they went to before Europe right? I didn’t miss any?) dates because they didn’t get a WWA tour yet so it was kind of like an extended part of the WWA tour. But all the Europe dates should have had new songs because they already got a WWA date. Those fans should be pissed for not getting that. I’m sure they had fun but they basically paid hella money to go to a concert they already went to (if they went to WWA). Instead of the boys fucking off in different countries and not practicing over the break, they should have been rehearsing the new songs so they wouldn’t come out with half ass performances. (which I think is what happened tonight with the new songs)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited for my concerts, I’m still going to go even though i miss Zayn and wish he was there. But all I’m saying is that this tour is a mess and I hope they get it together soon or else they’re gonna be eaten alive by critics and fans when they get to the states.

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fav ziam gif?


well this is one cause this was in Oakland and I was at this show and I screamed when it happened and I caught it on video and I had to sit down after that.

This one cause cuddly ziam is so beautiful and Zayn is just so extra loving and Liam can’t help but smile a little and so pretty and cute and I ADORE them :)

Then we have grinding/dancing ziam which is what they did in the club in Japan. and that speaks for itself.

this one cause zayn just does this thing where he stares really hard at Liam for a long time and it makes my heart flutter.

then we got wrestling and feisty ziam which is great because they both get these really huge and flirty grins on their faces cause it looks so innocent on stage but we know,….. WE KNOW


ask me stuff yo

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Zayn wouldn't fake a wedding proposal. It's obvious by now that he's not in love with Liam.

I truly believe it was for publicity. I usually think that when people say that they’re crazy but when it comes to Zerrie I truly believe it. It’s ridiculous how many times Zayn has cheated on her (he has you can’t deny that) and she’s stayed with him. That shows Zayn doesn’t care too much about her if he’ll fuck other girls over and over again even when he’s been caught with plenty of proof he cheated.

They are always seen together when something big is happening for either One Direction or Little Mix. Zerrie is the big PR stunt for both of the bands. It gets them in the spot light. I bet you that they either will not get married or they’ll be married for only a couple months after then divorce. 

The whole proposal thing doesn’t upset me that much because it’s not Liam, it upsets me so much because their relationship is so poorly put together and fake it’s sick how long they keep going on with this.

I can’t wait to hear the news that they break up or they get a divorce because then, hopefully Zayn will get to choose who he wants to be with and not forced to date an ignorant and annoying girl who doesn’t even know he left from right.

That is all.

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The guy left in the middle of a world tour and left his bandmates to deal with the consequences and over what? not unhappyness but the desire to make a name for himself outside the band. Thank God he left and now we know who the real zayn was all along and no matter what happens from here we can appreciate the guys and specially Harry for being classy and respecting his bandmates and fans enough to see this through the end

Again, you have no way to fully know what personal reasons Zayn left for. I didn’t want to get into this but I will now. If we’re talking about Zayn actually leaving and nothing being a stunt then this is how I see it. 

Zayn is a muslim, poc. That alone in the world today is enough to cause stress and mental hardships from the amount of hate someone gets on a regular basis. Zayn got the most hate out of the boys in the group, the boys are WHITE. They will never understand and face the discrimination and hate that comes from being a poc. Add his religion to that as well for people hating him even more. At my TMH concert someone literally brought a damn terrorist sign and he pushed on no matter how much I’m sure it hurt him to see that. 

Now let’s get on to the fact that no matter how much hate Zayn got none of his “brothers” even fucking stood up for him. Yes, they may have helped him on the inside or Zayn could have told them not to say anything, or whatever (those are excuses I’ve seen people make). But when you’re a band as big as One Direction, showing public support like a simple tweet defending Zayn is extremely important. Meanwhile, Zayn defended his boys when they were faced with negativity.

Whether it’s a stunt or not I’m happy Zayn got out of this fucking fandom and negative ass environment from fans like you. Now Zayn sees who his loyal fans are and how supported he is, he gets to make the music he wants and do it on his terms (I’m hoping).

Zayn did something for himself after doing things for others for 4/5 years. I respect the fuck out of that no matter what the reason is or whether it’s a stunt or not.