the Lobo

Y me enamore perdidamente de alguien que ni siquiera conozco, quizás solo fue que mi mente le colocó todo los atributos que me gustan, pero de lo que sí estoy seguro que jamás había sentido esto por ninguna mujer cercana en mi vida. Quizás al tenerla de lejos se convirtió en mi luna y yo su lobo que aúlla cada noche por no poderla tener.

Ricardo De Luna (

anonymous asked:

For the ask thing, what about Rico?

you got it!!

01. Full name: Rico Andrés Dominguez
02. Best friend: April !! He’s also close friends with Lobo
03. Sexuality: Demiromantic
04. Favorite color: Pink and yellow!
05. Relationship status: hes a single baby he got growin to do
06. Ideal mate: UM
07. Turn-ons: no
08. Favorite food: He loves pb & j sandwiches!!
09. Crushes: Nobody right now!!
10. Favorite music: he loves light-hearted indie music, its what he plays too!!
11. Biggest fear: confronting someone
12. Biggest fantasy: to be known for his music!!
13. Bad habits: forgetting to speak up for himself
14. Biggest regret: not spending more time with his late cousin
15. Best kept secrets: i dont think he has any, but if he does, he’ll take it to his grave
16. Last thought: “I love all my friends so much!!”
17. Worst romantic experience: hasn’t had any!
18. Biggest insecurity: worried he won’t look as pretty as he wants to be
19. Weapon of choice: Inkbrush !! or ukulele lmao he’s more of a music boy!!
20. Role Model: @phatsquids‘s Levi!! and @madchillsquids‘s Sol!!