the Lobo

5 recently challenged a number of artists to draw a variety of superheroes punching Nazis. This post features several of our staff favorites from this challenge–Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, Jack Kirby, Lobo, and Captain America. You can see the complete collection here, which also includes a rare battle between Wolverine and The Straw Man.

Love me for who i am… Not for what you want me to be.

Ámame por lo que soy … No por lo que quieres que sea.
Amami per chi sono… Non per quello che vuoi che io sia.
Me ame por quem eu sou… Não para o que você quer que ele seja.
Любите меня за то, кто я… Не то, что вы хотите, чтобы я.
Lieb mich dafür wer ich bin, nicht dafür wer du wünscht, dass ich wäre.
내가 누구인지 사랑해. 너 내가 원하는 사람이 아니야.