the Firing Squad

I just wanted to say how much I love my best friends tbh, I’m so happy I’ve made online friends and they brighten up my day so much and never fail to bring a smile to my face. They’ve all achieved great and amazing things recently and I’m honestly so proud of them all . I can’t even believe I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of them, and I’m making sure I’ll meet all of them sooner or later. Hopefully one day we can all be together for a while.

You lot have honestly helped me through bad times and have been so supportive and I honestly can’t thank you enough. You just make me so happy and I just wanted to say thanks for everything buds I’m so proud of you all and your achievements. <3

mysticflux congrats on getting a wondrful girlfriend and pulling through some real tough times bud. They may not be over yet, but the end is certainly near.

fourblockhighanon and yogssheep congrats on finishing all your exams and getting through stressful days and sleepless nights, I’m positive you’ev all done fab in your GCSEs

jessintheirl although you’re in another country to us lot, congrats on being such a fab friend and listening to me ramble on at 11 at night about bananas and whiskey, your accent is honestly the bloody best!

0palsea congrats on your distinction in art and desgin buddy! You’ve worked so hard for it and you deserve everything after being so stressed, we love you loads.

I love you guys unconditionally, you’re all part of my family now, so don’t go leaving me. Keep on being you <3

I’m eating my thoughts
loud though they may be
unscalable, a mountain,
a terrible joke laughing
like paraffin echoes
fitting as tight as blindfolds
before a firing squad
there’s a place, a circle
special in hell for my sins,
the trigger is pulled
and I’m waiting for the shot

Sign squads mashup
  • Queens squad:Leo Libra Aries Gemini Sagittarius
  • Cute weirdo squad:Cancer Taurus Pisces Aquarius
  • Maniac squad:Aries Cancer Sagittarius Pisces Scorpio
  • Artsy squad:Pisces Cancer Aquarius Scorpio
  • Clingy but cute af squad:Taurus Cancer Pisces Scorpio
  • Genius squad:Taurus Pisces Virgo Gemini Scorpio Capricorn aquarius
  • Ball is life squad:Aries leo sagittarius capricorn
  • Plays with fire squad:ARIES leo sagittarius Gemini
  • Sings like and angel squad:Virgo cancer taurus pisces scorpio
  • Emotional squad:pisces cancer scorpio taurus
  • Daydreamer squad:Pisces cancer Libra Scorpio Taurus
  • Works 24/7 squad:Leo CAPRICORN Libra Aries
  • Punk rock squad:Aries leo capricorn scorpio Gemini
  • Flower crown squad:Virgo Libra Taurus Pisces Cancer

I’ve started playing Fire Emblem: Awakening and it’s incredible. I’m instantly hooked. I love those idiotic units, they’re beautiful. Also please excuse the obvious errors in my drawings agh.

And also I’ve been a fan of Smash Bros. since the N64 and now that Robin’s in Smash, I admittedly ship him SO HARD with Captain Falcon. It’s unhealthy. I’ve even started a Fanfiction for it //save me. I seriously don’t know how to shorten the link BUT IT’S DOWN THERE.

Edith Cavell was a nurse and is known and celebrated for saving the lives of soldiers during the First World War. She did not discriminate and helped both German and Allied soldiers. She also helped over 200 allied soldiers to escape from occupied Belgium, for which she was arrested. Regardless of the fact that she helped German soldiers, she was found guilty of treason and was executed by a German firing squad in 1915.

Lin Zhao: The Rebel Poet Who Wrote With Her Own Blood

Lin Zhao (born Peng Lingzhao) was a woman caught in rapidly changing times. An early convert to the Communist cause, by age 16 she was working with Communist cells*, even running away to join a journalism school run by the Communists. At the urging of Chairman Mao, she, along with many others, participated in open criticism of the government during the Hundred Flowers Movement – the idea at the time being that a hundred schools of thought spring up, and the strongest ones survive.

But it was a trap. Mao’s regime, having “enticed the snakes out of their caves,” abruptly changed course and started jailing dissidents. Lin was sentenced to 20 years in prison, where she was repeatedly beaten and tortured.

But even her stay in prison could not silence her – she continued writing criticism of Mao, using hairpins and her own blood as ink, writing on walls and shirts.

In 1968, she was executed by firing squad.

Her family did not know of her fate until they were charged five cents for the bullet used to kill her.

Her story was all but unknown until 2005, when the documentary In Search of Lin Zhao’s Soul came out, to much critical acclaim. The director, Hu Jie, after hearing of her story, had quit his job to search far and wide for information on her. Several of her essays survive to present day, and a collection of them is currently underway at Stanford University.

* = It must be said, she was hardly pure as the driven snow in her early activities with the Communists, which centered around land reform – she was likely involved in the torture and death of landlords.

(thanks to radicalpostbacc for sending this in!)

Will Jeb Bush shame unwed mother Bristol Palin? BTW, these are the ‘family values’ conservatives brag about? 

Republican circular firing squad continues…

The Firing Squad | Alecto and Rodolpus

Even as Alecto knocked on Rod’s dormitory door, she was not sure what she was going to say. Fueled by rage and anticipation, her heart beat rapidly in her chest. She knocked again, taking out her aggression against the wood paneling of the door. “Rod?” she murmured, her voice dangerously calm. No answer. She took a shaky deep breath and tried again.  ”Rod,” she continued, “If you don’t open this goddamn door in the next five seconds I’ll blow it off it’s hinges.” She slammed her hand against the door for emphasis, watching the door shudder beneath her fists. She heard stirring from within, and tried to steady her breath as the door opened.