the Firing Squad

“Your Ruby is showing” I had this thought of how cool it would be if Garnet’s emotions would affect her appearance, and power. Ruby for Fire, Sapphire for Ice. Awwww that’d be awesome to see!!!!!! :D

  • fire - aries, leo, sagittarius:
  • basically the plastics, very very sassy and intimidating, jocks, popular af, very energetic, always fun to have around
  • earth - taurus, virgo, capricorn:
  • the smartasses, they give zero fucks, the type of group you don't know anything about because they're pretty myterious together, stubborn ass bitches, lots of shade
  • air - gemini, libra, aquarius:
  • the type of friends who are loud af, don't care about what other people think of them, they know everybody and everybody knows them, gossips about everybody, geeks
  • water - cancer, scorpio, pisces:
  • they look cute and soft but they actually have 0 chill and they can kill you in 0.5 seconds, hipster / emo squad, very caring and overprotective over each other, they look shy but they're really not
The Crow’s Nest: A few thoughts on Oliver & SW

For those hating on Oliver right now: I feel you. I understand that you’re confused, that a character you just don’t get is making stupid choices.

From my experience with people, everyone is just plain stupid. Including me. I did a stupid thing yesterday that I had to pay the price today. It happens. We are irrational, skeptic, fearful, biased, and imperfect personages. We’re human.

And saying that one person is never at fault is not true. Even if it’s only 1% of the blame, we all make mistakes.

For Oliver, Susan is easy. In 5x05, Human Target comes into play, and tells Oliver that Felicity has moved on, and he should to. HT sets Oliver up to correspond with SW. He tells Oliver that since he’s become Oliver, he tells him that he should go for it.

Oliver goes for it. I mean, HT essentially tells him what to do. Have you ever wanted someone else to make a decision for you? To have your doppleganger to appear out of the sky and say, “Look! Date that one!” And so he takes an easy road. His life is hard. He’s mayor by day, hero by night. When does this guy sleep? 6am to 8am probably. And here is this guy telling him that a beautiful woman is interested in him and he should go for it.

Before he does though, he talks to Felicity.

“ I want you to be happy, and in the spirit of that, I think that you owe it to yourself to find out if what you have with Billy is real, and I owe it to myself to embrace whatever’s next for–for me when I’m not (the GA)”

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