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“cishets aren’t lgbt” is a controversial statement for the exact same reason “males aren’t women” is. Oh, taken at face value, sure, it’s technically true. But you know the context. They know the context. We all know they’re not actually talking about males.


Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, Make-A-Wish - Lauren (x)

happy birthday (a day late) to the most amazing @musainrules! this is for you <3

The other problem, too, is that the people who think LGBT literally only stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgender don’t seem to realize that /none/ of those four groups face the exact same problems.

You can’t exclude asexuals for “not facing what we do” when you all don’t face the same things yourselves. Good try, though.


Judai’s New Year Message!

Happy New Year
Please support me this year too!
Man of the Year*!!!

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

*This phrase more accurately means someone who was born in a year with the same Chinese zodiac sign as the current year.  2017 will be year of the rooster, and Judai was born in 1993, which was also year of the rooster.  

If you’d like to wish any of the actors a Happy New Year on twitter, you can either write to them in English, or copy-paste: あけましておめでとうございます!
Judai’s Twitter is here: (x)


you’ve heard of sun-wu and felix, now get ready for young-soon and felicity >:D

tagged to do the gender swap challenge by @habsims and who else but these guys lol, i kept their styles as close as i could since gender doesn’t dictate style :3c either way i love em

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