the EXACT same face

[screencap of a post saying “’cishets aren’t lgbt’ is a controversial statement for the exact same reason ‘males aren’t women’ is. oh, taken at face value, sure, it’s technically true. but you know the context. they know the context. we all know they’re not actually talking about males.”

and a second user adding “it’s called ‘dogwhistling’ and the alt-right uses it all the time. it’s using coded language that could be taken at face value from most people but is directly engineered to be understood differently to a small political group. it’s the same thing as republicans using ‘inner city’ to mean nonwhite people”]

as a transfem, i get so tired of the “aphobes are terfs” comparison. even when it comes from other transfeminine people (and i do not know whether the person saying it here is transfeminine), i maintain that it is a misguided and surface-level comparison. as i’ve said before, A=/=B.

as to the second person, exactly how evil do you have to be to compare lgbt people who don’t want to put up with our oppressors to actual neo-nazis? asking for a friend


Root + Shaw existing


Watching you get all the attention with the pretty blonde cheerleader.

Not, watching you give all the attention to the pretty blonde cheerleader.

Think about it.


so @ashleyrguillory​ did the meme where you combine your oldest and newest fandoms! see her one here!! so i thought i’d try it out too

my oldest fandom is sailor moon! combined with one direction ot5, and bonus james corden because he’s MVP


you’ve heard of sun-wu and felix, now get ready for young-soon and felicity >:D

tagged to do the gender swap challenge by @habsims and who else but these guys lol, i kept their styles as close as i could since gender doesn’t dictate style :3c either way i love em

click the pictures for better quality!

I love so many things about The Force Awakens. One of them is how we meet the characters. Let’s start by looking at Rey.

We learn about Rey almost entirely by what we see. We aren’t given a long backstory. We don’t get a speech setting up who she is or what she wants. Instead, we’re given a series of moments that make us understand her–make us love her.

She scrubs at the parts she’s scavenged all day–and her attention wanders. She looks at the withered face of an elderly woman, doing the exact same thing, beside her.  And so we learn that Rey is afraid that she’ll be doing this her entire life. Her future is there in front of her, written on the face of that wrinkled, withered old woman.

Then we see she’s keeping track of time. Each day or week scratched onto the wall of her little hovel. The wall is covered in those lines. And so we learn she’s been abandoned. She’s alone, and she’s counting the days until that isn’t true, anymore.

Then she sits outside. Eats her food, and watches a ship fly up through the sky and fade away into the stars. She yearns for it. We learn that she wants something different. She wants to be on that ship. And she takes an old helmet–tries it on for size. Pretending she’s the pilot, speeding away. Like a little kid, playing pretend–or like Kylo Ren, playing Darth Vader with his own helmet, later on. We learn she’s still a kid. Whatever she’s been through, it hasn’t destroyed that part of her.

She saves the droid–says the creature who was trying to capture it doesn’t have respect for anyone. That shows us she does. Like Finn, no one taught her what was right. She figures it out for herself. There’s an inner voice–one she listens to. One Finn listens to. One Kylo Ren tries desperately to ignore. In this moment, we learn Rey will fight for right things, just because she feels it. And that’s what starts her adventure.

It all means something–all gets straight to who she is. And the story does this in a matter of a few minutes, while barely speaking a word.

yfip: frank iero

-was never an ugly teenager and has had the exact same face since he was 17
-too good at writing lyrics?? how
-has so many dog
-is a dad but looks like a punk cherub
-covered in beautiful tattoos how DARE
-too smol to cause me so much pain
-took his nose and lip rings out