the EXACT same face


Root + Shaw existing

i do love the concept of solid snake being so oblivious to the world around him that he never noticed the united states president had his exact same face

reminders that yoongi:

- lies about everything
- cheats in every single game ever
- makes the exact same face in every single selfie
- called a neck pillow his lover
- doesnt clean the bathtub after using weird bath products
- “whats ur favorite foo-” “MEAT”
- he likes tarantino movies plaese hes so precious

ill add more but anyway hes a loser

The other problem, too, is that the people who think LGBT literally only stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgender don’t seem to realize that /none/ of those four groups face the exact same problems.

You can’t exclude asexuals for “not facing what we do” when you all don’t face the same things yourselves. Good try, though.

swipe right [smut]

A;N: Things and people you meet are not always what they seem. 

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content.

Word count: .9,612

Listen to me.

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Great Comet Things

So here’s a list of great comet tidbits from the last two times i saw it. I made another post about the first time i saw it a while ago that has my some other moments of interest. Honestly I’ve now seen this show three times and I still feel like I missed a million things

-I know a lot of people talk about this but Marya wears a black leather jumpsuit and holds a riding crop during the duel and also is having the time of her life on the platform by the door playing a big drum during balata

-i think it was during pierre but there’s just a neat moment where four different men are lined up playing guitar

-Andrey gives Natasha a necklace right at the beginning of the show, and then later during charming Helene actually takes it off of her, gives her one of her necklaces, and keeps the andrey necklace for herself

-oh also during the first half of charming natasha is in her underwear

-right at the beginning of no one else the entire lighting of the theatre changes to blue

-right after the duel anatole and helene mime this little “boxing” moment its just really cute

-When Anatole and Natasha first kiss during the ball, that sound is actually the entire ensemble doing rings around the rim of the their glasses. They each stop one by one and the last person to let go is Helene who lingers a little bit longer than everyone else, and there’s a dim spotlight on her as she stops

-during dust and ashes the ensemble is all over the theatre doing those backup vocals, but they come out in the mezzanine almost in like a procession, and line up all the way across the mezzanine, and also all the way down the aisles in the orchestra. It had a very like voyeuristic quality? Like Pierre is being looked over by all these people it’s really beautiful

-in a call to pierre, when marya sends the letter, paul pinto carries it over to pierre and those hanging lights like light up to follow the letter? its on that big ascending run in the music and you can really only tell when you sit in the mezzanine but its a cool effect

-during the opera if you sit in the mezzanine, after the initial opera part when it gets to “in the second act there were tombstones,” gelsey bell and paul pinto come up to the mezzanine and continue to mime the opera

-during one of the newer parts in the abduction when music gets all big and grand, there’s a man on the stage by the door at the top doing like that russian dance where you’re on your heels and then bounce up, but really slowly, BUT there’s also a man up the mezzanine doing the exact same thing and they’re facing each other almost like they’re having a dance off from across the theatre and they both have huge spotlights on them

-there’s about five million things that are happening during the abduction actually so i won’t go into all of them, but i also love the “accordion-off” that sort of happens between the two women who play it

-if you watch the tony performance you can catch a lot of the other little moments like natasha smashing a painting over balagas head, of course the making out, and everyone throwing what i think are pages of war and peace everywhere 

- so when they do the fur cloak part an ensemble member comes to the front and acts out the whole thing while playing violin, her name is pearl rhein and when i talked to her at stage door i was like “i love your feature!” and she just goes “ME TOO!” and then goes “yeah people always ask me what my favorite part is and i just go well my part!” it was so cute

-there’s one or two times in the show when sonya and anatole cross paths on stage and she just glares at him

-when natasha poisons herself marya and sonya are both sitting onstage in the audience, and i’m pretty sure sonya immediately stands up, but i know marya does, an the she just watches her before they run after her offstage

-dolokhov plays the guitar during natasha very ill which i found neat

-its so funny when pierre sings “unable to find the sleeves” at the end of pierre and natasha, i’m pretty sure that at every show i was at the audience thought he had messed up and ad-libbed that

-when i talked to grace clean at stage door i told her i loved her music and she said there should be an album very soon if anyone was curios

-when i met paul pinto at stage door i told him that he has insane energy and he just goes “yeah it must be all that cocaine” before laughing and going “WAIT don’t do drugs”

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

The idea that “(…) don’t belong in our community because they are not like us” is plainly ridiculous. 

We don’t all experience the same things. We don’t all face the exact same prejudices. We don’t all get the same level of support or lack of support. We don’t all face the same level of oppression - and that’s okay! 

But asexuals are not like gay people!”, “But being bi is very different from being gay!”… Yes! So what? Even gay people are not like “gay people”. They’re gay individuals with their own unique stories.  A religious black gay woman will have different experiences than a gay man who is white and an atheist. One gay person may be loved and accepted by all their family members while another struggles to even find one supportive friend. Is any of them less gay, less lgbt+, less worthy of being in our community? Of course not. Our circumstances don’t make us lgbt+. Our idenity does.  

You’re not like us”?  No part of the lgbt+ community is truly like “us”. We are not one uniform group where everyone is a clone of each other. And we are not supposed to be. 

Our community is diverse and that’s beautiful! And our community is certainly big enough for all of us. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

  • People in Arc V: Wow, these two people with totally different hairstyles have such similar faces that we literally cannot tell them apart.
  • People in VRAINS: Who is Playmaker?! Hey, guy with vaguely similar hair and the exact same face as Playmaker, who do you think Playmaker really is?