the Capaldi Capers

I’ve come to the conclusion that Peter Capaldi is like a Pokemon. Hear me out.

Your first stage is rife with potential. More cute than powerful, but you know that with the right training and enough perseverance, they can grow into something powerful. Some day…

The second stage, your intermediate stage, is a coin toss. Sometimes super cool, sometimes a bit awkward, but it’s a vital era. Tends to maintain a bit of the cute from the first stage, but is shaping into a more refined design. Quite good at this step, but there’s still untapped potential…

Then you get to your third and final stage, where all that time and effort has culminated into something great. Maybe it took longer than expected, but it’s paid off in spades. Typically has reached a certain apex of design refinement while still maintaining the charm of that starter from so long ago.

…So going by this logic, that would make the Doctor his Mega Evolution.

kirby-the-engineer replied to your photo:I don’t know what to do with this other than it…

Is her kissing her/his/their leg, or…

*ahem* So this is Danny.

He has incredibly moe tendencies and a crush on a mermaid marine researcher, Marina.

There’s a scene where he decides to “teach” her Japanese (which I will gif because while not the same to hear it, it’s really terrible Japanese that must be preserved for future generation).

And he segues that into kissing her leg.

"You taste salty." <- actual Danny line there’s a reason I call him "moe boy" okay I don’t make this up

So the short answer to your question: her leg.

After the first episode of series 8, I totally plan on making one of those fake Powerpoint posts for the 14-year-olds of Tumblr: “So you find yourself fangirlng your first older-middle-aged actor”.


RedJ looks at Tumblr

RedJ opens Paint.NET

Sangome: is it the thing I said

RedJ: Yep.

Katana \o\

Katana I’m not the victim~

Sangome: You haven’t been the victim in

Sangome: a while

Katana It’s a trained reaction

RedJ: Well I did make a thing the other day.



Politics never sounded this [censored].

Hey look, Nehs wrote a thing about In the Loop that has a pretty accurate banner for its use. I’m also proud to say that I’m the friend mentioned and contributor to the line about cussing at interstate traffic at rush hour.