the 90s were perfect

lil vanessa and lil nina have never had a fight ever because they are the worlds most perfect friends and you can fight me on this

Creepypasta #1232: A Tale From Malaysia

Length: Short

A few weeks ago, my boss told me that he was going back home to Malaysia to attend his brother’s wedding. I’d never met his brother before, and was surprised when he told me that I was invited as well. My boss and I were close, but I never thought he would made me his plus one. Turns out he just didn’t want to be alone with his very strict Muslim family, and dragged me along so they had someone ELSE to be disgusted with.

After the wedding was over and done with, My boss (whose name is Mohammad, and shall henceforth be known as “Moe”) took me on a tour of his country. On our last day, he took me to his old university, where a friend of his now lectures. After looking around the place, and showing me some of the places he used to hang out and smoke weed on campus, he took me to meet this friend, who went by “Mikey”.

After the introductions were done, they did what every group of people do when they see each other for the first time in a long time: they reminisced. They talked about high school, university, and all the crazy stuff they did when they were kids. To me, the stories sounded reasonably normal, but then they grew up in a strict Muslim society, and I grew up in Australia, so what do I know? 

At one point, however, they started talking about their old girlfriends, and the name “Tris” was mentioned. When Mikey brought Tris up, I saw Moe’s face freeze. A dark shadow hung over his eyes, and all traces of a smile faded from his face. Intrigued, I asked what was bothering him, and was told the following story.

Tris and Moe had been dating for about 6 months when he moved into an apartment block near his university. The apartment he had booked was shared with 5 other guys, including Mikey, and the block itself was packed with families. The walls were thin, so they had to be damn careful about making too much noise. Apparently, there’s nothing more dangerous than a self righteous muslim family who think 7pm is a reasonable bedtime.

Anyway, one afternoon the 6 guys were sitting around watching everyone’s favourite action movie, Rambo. Guns and explosions, every teenage guy’s favourite popcorn movie. About halfway through, Tris came in, said hello to the gang, and beckoned Moe into the other room. Moe quickly followed, thinking he was getting laid, only to have Tris wrap him in a hug and pressed her face into his shoulder, and started bawling. Moe stood there silently for an hour, letting her get it out of her system. 

After a couple of minutes, Tris pushed him away, and smiled. She needed to get changed, and wash her face, and she wanted to be alone for a minute. Moe, mildly confused by the whole thing, went and sat outside with everyone else and kept watching the movie.

Nearly half an hour later, Moe was starting to get worried. Tris had been in the bedroom for far too long, and while he didn’t want to interrupt whatever she was doing in there, he was determined to find out what the problem was. He knocked on the door and was surprised when the door swung open almost instantly and Tris pushed past him, moving to sit on the couch. A space was made for her, and she sat, but with a totally stiff back. Her knees were at a perfect 90 degree angle, and she was perched precariously on the edge of the seat, looking not unlike a gargoyle. She wasn’t even watching the screen, just staring at the people sitting on the floor in front of her.

Moe approached her cautiously. Everyone had noticed how she was acting at this point, and they were all turning around to look at her. Moe smiled, trying to be reassuring, and asked her what was wrong. She looked up, but not into his eyes. It seemed as if she was looking over his shoulder.

“There’s a man outside. I saw him, outside the window. He wants to come inside.”

“But sweetheart… We’re on the third floor.”

The reply seemed to float through the room. Everyone’s attention was fixed on the pair now, but Tris seemed totally unaware of everything that wasn’t just over the point of Moe’s shoulder. Suddenly, she shifted her gaze, and stared directly into Moe’s chest. Without any warning she started screaming. A piercing, horrifying, open mouthed scream that exploded the entire room into action. 

Everyone in the room went to cover Tris’ mouth at the same time, and she was knocked onto the floor. Still screaming, she started lashing out, connecting with vicious punches that left horrible bruises. Everyone grabbed a limb, pinning her to the ground, but she was still screaming. The sounds of gunshots and explosions from Rambo mixed with the chaos of the room, making the whole scene feel like something out of the second world war.

Mikey suddenly remembered something. It was clear, to him at least, what he had to do. He ran from the room, dug into his bag, and found what he was looking for. A small vial filled with sand, a gift that his father brought back from his pilgrimage to Mecca. He quickly filled a jug with water, then sprinkled some of the sand over it while muttering a few short prayers. When he was done, he rushed over to the group, and started to pour the holy water over Tris, hoping it would blast whateer the hell was in her free.

The effect was a little different. The struggling and the flailing stopped, but the screaming didn’t. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and the pitch of her scream changed from high to impossibly, impossibly deep. Mikey started yelling passages from one of the holy books of Islam, pouring water on her face and shouting the words into her ear, but to no avail. All it did was make whatever was in her very, very angry. She started flailing twice as hard as before, and the screaming, shockingly, got louder.

Mikey had one last plan. He sprinted to the front door and jammed it open, then did the same to the verandah door. He ran back to Tris and started screaming,

“YOU NEED TO LEAVE. YOU CAN’T STAY HERE, WE WON’T LET YOU STAY. YOU HAVE TO LEAVE, NOW!” While he screamed this, he poured the last of the water over Tris, and dumped the rest of the sand into her open mouth. The screaming stopped, her eyes closed, and she stopped flailing. Regardless, and suspicious of some sort of trick, nobody moved. They all kept her limbs tightly pressed against the floor, refusing to budge. Moe whispered her name into her ear, and her eyes fluttered open.

“Moe? What are you guys doing? Why am I wet?”

Apparently, that’s the last they heard from that particular spirit. None of the neighbours made any complaints, and by some minor miracle Tris hadn’t broken anything with all her flailing. Mikey was pissed that he lost such a precious gift from his dad, but otherwise nobody was hurt. Later, after they had all recovered a little bit, they asked her what she remembered of the ordeal, and she had replied

“All I remember is hearing someone outside, and going to open the window to see what was happening. Then, I woke up with all of you on top of me.”

Credits to: squeakypeeky (story)

The Perfect Gift

For @coffeewithcaptainswan the Perry White to my Clark Kent.

Based on this post, consider this my own Glee-style mash-up mega mix of ‘things are going terribly’ Christmas AUs.

There’s a little sprinkle of smut glitter, not much, but as close as I write. Unbeta’d

Fuck. Emma threw her phone across the room and tried not to cry. She shouldn’t be this upset about a delayed parcel. But this particular delayed parcel meant that Killian Jones was not going to get a gift from her on Christmas Day.

It was stupid, really, but he was the best best friend anyone could hope for. He was endlessly supportive and patient with her bullshit. Always ready to come to her rescue whether that meant pretending to be her boyfriend to deter the most enthusiastic of sleazes or defending her to friends, family and random strangers. And his dry wit often had her snorting with laughter. Yep, he was a keeper. As a friend.

And she knew that his childhood and even young adulthood had been on a par with hers in the crappy stakes. He deserved a good fucking Christmas and his own best friend wasn’t going to give him a gift.

She’d bought one of course. It was a perfect miniature of the Jewel of the Realm, the finest ship in the seven seas, and his own personal obsession. It was nestled inside the distinctive bottle of his favourite brand of rum, and said bottle was engraved with the inscription “Property of Captain Jones”. It was a crazy expensive gift she’d had specially commissioned months ago just to suit her adorably nerdy, pirate-obsessed friend. It was currently stuck halfway across the country and no amount of begging, angry threats or hefty bribes was going to change that. She’d tried.

She thought desperately if there was anything that she could re-gift to him. But the only thing she’d had so far was peppermint lube from Ruby. And from what he’d told her he loved oral au naturelle so she couldn’t imagine he’d appreciate it.

Fists clenching, she took a deep breath, she could totally brave shopping on Christmas Eve for Killian, he was worth it.

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10 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 99)

1. Aitzaz Hasan, a 15 year old Pakistani school boy, who sacrificed his life while preventing a suicide bomber from entering his school of 2,000 students.

2. There is a proposal to allow for the free movement of people between Canada, the U.K., New Zealand and Australia, which in a poll of 67,000 people, over 90% were in favor of

3. Billy Mitchell achieved the ‘perfect score’ on Pac-Man in 1999, beating 256 levels and eating every pellet, fruit, and ghost, for the highest possible score of 3,333,360 – without dying once. He used his own elaborate strategies to beat the game, some of which the creators weren’t even aware of

4. In rich countries, obesity is more common among the less educated, but…

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marvel vs capcom is such an oddity at this point… like it basically exists to be its own thing

back in the ‘90s the crossover made perfect sense–capcom arcade games were big. big enough to be credited for revitalizing arcades. street figher ii was super mainstream, it got a movie and a saturday morning cartoon and everything. and marvel, while still big in the ‘90s, was not the world dominating company that they are today. so it made more sense. it was a game that mashed up the biggest name in the arcades with the biggest name in comic books

these days, capcom’s a much more niche company. out of the first three characters revealed to represent capcom in mvc infinite, x hasn’t had a new game in 12 years, and morrigan hasn’t had a truly new game in almost two decades now. street fighter is still beloved, but it’s not a household name. meanwhile, two of marvel’s first three representatives (iron man and captain america) are the stars of the highest grossing film franchise in history

like, i love it? but there’s no way this crossover would ever be happening in 2016 if mvc hadn’t already been popular as its own series for years


Singer and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Star @courtneyact Marches to Her Own Drumbeat

To see more of Courtney’s photos, check out @courtneyact on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

In 2008, drag queen Courtney Act (@courtneyact) stood on stage in her hometown of Sydney, Australia, and performed “What About This?” a song about homophobic violence and her experience getting mugged.

“This rally came up, and I ended up singing it just with a guitar,” says the 33-year-old singer. “It was outdoor in this park, and it was a really cool experience. It was the first time I performed my original music in public.”

Courtney initially rose to fame in 2003 on the TV show Australian Idol. A decade later, she was living in Los Angeles, appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Though the venue has changed over the years, Courtney’s commitment to using music to stand up for what she believes in has not.

This month, she released a music video for her song “Ugly,” a track off her new EP Kaleidoscope, which tells the story of a transformative relationship she had with a straight-identifying man. “He’d never been with a nonbiological female before,” says Courtney. “We were together when I was Courtney, and we continued when I was not Courtney.” The overall focus is about sexual and gender fluidity. However, Courtney didn’t always know where she stood on either subject. “This year I’ve come to discover more about myself,” she says. “I used to kind of put [my gender and sexuality] into a rigid box where I was, like, a gay man, and now over the last year I’ve become a lot more comfortable with everything, and I’ve realized that my sexuality and my gender are both fluid, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

That’s why Courtney uses social media to shine a light on herself and other people. The singer’s Instagram shows everything from glamorous professional portraits to her in a bathtub shaving her legs. Her photos are a reflection of the full spectrum of her real life. “I remember the pop stars that I looked up to in the ’90s and 2000s were always kind of untouchable and perfect,” she says. “I think that people love to see silly, fun things – things that aren’t polished.”

Her photos are also about celebration, she says. “Celebrate those things about yourself that you’re ashamed of, because there’s a reason that you’re ashamed of it, and if it’s who you are, there’s nothing you can do about it. And when you do celebrate it, you will learn that it could actually be your greatest strength and not a weakness at all.”

For Courtney, celebrating her authentic self is still the best form of activism. “I think that if you just beat your own drum then people will stand up and take notice of that.”

– Instagram @music

youtube this is interesting

anonymous asked:

Pearl's VA is so good. Actually all of the characters have amazing VA but Pearl is such an emotional and expressive character and her voice actor is so good at portraying that with only her voice

I agree! I mean, like you said, all the VAs are fantastic and there’s not one I don’t think do an excellent job but I do really adore the expressiveness of Pearl’s voice and how nuanced it can be. Just, really excellent and I can’t think of any voice more perfect for the character