the 90s were crazy

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Ngl I find these pictures really uncompelling but maybe there are better pictures that don’t make me feel meh?

*shrug* Looking at the rest of the pics at the EW piece made me marginally more hopeful because the Aesthetic is full-on 90′s Sunday tea-time/90′s Australian space opera*. Which is fun and mad and totally appropriate. But also at the same time… the madness doesn’t seem to be quite of a level so instead you just get uninspired flat leather armour (blah) unbalancing Jeff Goldblum goldbluming (yay).

The flipside of this, I am concerned that too many of the retro space opera influences will be too hevaily GotG slanted which, for me and an apparent minority, was distressing piece of misogynoir.

But on the flip flip side, the director is a master of absurdist genius from NZ; the Thor-in-Oz shorts have been incredible, and EW advance preview images are always horrible and uninspiring and weirdly lit. 

Whatever the end rseult, though, Hela still looks shit which is unconceivable given 1) it’s fucking Hela and 2) it’s fucking Hela played by Cate Blanchett, mistress of perfectly matching tone.

*Uh, for non-UK people, a large number of US scifi shows of a specific vein in the 1990′s were imported by Channel 4 and aired between 4.30 and 6.30 on sunday evenings. I remember this so well because on the weekends that my dad had me he had a strict window to get me home in time. 

Australian scifi like Farscape and all those really really weird kids shows that CBBC used to import and I only caught glimpses off because we couldn’t get BBC1. The really mad ones with tribal make-up and so so  much leather.

People say Crystal is all about the girls falling in love with boys, but all I ever saw in the 90s anime were them being boy crazy. Like what was the point of Rei being with Mamo making Usagi jealous, Venus liking every boy in sight, Jupiter always falling in love with someone who looked like her ex, and recently watching season 1 (sub) Usagi, Rei, and Mako are extremely boy crazy!

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They’re still laughing about this in Chesterfield, you know.

the 90s

I survived being stuck with my mom and older sister in the car during the L.A. Riots in ‘92

I also survived the ‘94 earthquake.

I got an ink pen stuck in my eye and swallowed a bunch of coins in ‘95.

In ‘96, I climbed up the dresser to get this bad ass alarm clock only to have the dresser fall on top of me. I got the plug stuck in my head.

Later that year, I thought I was in love and stapled my thumb for this boy, Jacob. Months later he ate my eraser and I punched him in the face.

That was also the year my girlfriend, Ashley and I split up. It was a mutual thing.

Oh, I also survived Y2K. Though, I was stuck drinking bottled water and canned foods for a long time.

Some people forget that the late 90s were a crazy time for game development. Games were suddenly getting exponentially more complex before the hardware had evolved to fit it. That’s why things like the fast inverse square root and Mario parallel universes exist (Mario moves in floating point space for smoothness, but collisions are calculated in integer space for speed). Nowadays it’s hard to imagine computers failing to understand floating point math, but until that era many PCs didn’t have an FPU to begin with, much less one fast enough to provide enough inverse square roots for 3D lighting before the heat death of the universe. “Bad” programming and mind boggling decisions (from a modern perspective, anyway) aren’t just hacks. They made games what they are.