the 90s were all that

oh my gosh can you believe harry put out a life changing single yesterday and he broke the record for fastest track to reach #1 on us itunes and he went #1 in over 90 countries and radio stations all across the globe were playing it hourly and he’s been compared to music industry LEGENDS like david bowie time and time again and there’s been so many reviews saying the song has the potential to be a timeless classic and it’s so good that it’s literally indescribable and that it was a risk but he took it and it turned out phenomenally and that he’s unlike any artist that’s out on the radio now??? like,,,, HE DID THAT

Remember Who The Enemy Is

ALL the progressive/left wing parties are really, really flawed.

Labour: Jeremy “Oh Where Do We Even Start” Corbyn. Useless on Brexit. Has thrown immigrants under the bus for the sake of chasing the WWC, who are not biting. Never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Party as a whole still carries legacy of Blair, Iraq. 

LibDems: Tuition fees.  Enabling Tories. I’ve come to see this as more complex than I used to - in retrospect I think they DID, in coalition, worst impulses to a degree and sucked at taking credit for their victories, as God knows the Tories have been even more awful since, but there were opportunities to walk out, bring down Cameron’s government before it enacted our current miseries, and they did not take them.  

Greens: Just unprofessional to the point where I keep expecting them to fall over and roll around with their legs in the air. Made a hash of Brighton. At one point decided the worst threat to civilisation was artists and writers getting to profit from their work.

I’ve shifted interest from one to the other and all of them have royally pissed me off. 

NONE OF THEM deserves your loyalty in the sense of sticking with them to make a point about the unpalatability of any of the others.  

ALL OF THEM are better than the Conservatives. Yes, they are. Yes, even that one.

 What is the point if they’re just watered down Tories?

Well, the point is that they’re not.

Labour: Wants a £10 minimum wage, universal free meals for primary schools, renationalised railways and to integrate NHS and social care. 

LibDems: Trying to save us from Brexit. Much more money for the NHS. Support the introduction of legalised, regulated cannabis and treating drug addiction as a medical issue rather than a criminal one overall. Would give 16-year-olds the vote.

Greens: Want a universal Citizen’s Income. Robin Hood tax on banks. Would repeal the Health and Social Care act of 2012 which basically opened the privatisation floodgates. Also, you know, to save the world. 

I once thought the distinction between the Tories and an exasperating opposition wasn’t meaningful. I don’t any more.   Don’t like that the Lib Dems broke promises? Well, May promised no snap election, just for starters. Don’t like Labour’s bellicosity? The Tories were there for all of it. Aghast at the Greens’ bungling? Iain Duncan Smith exists. Does that mean “they’re all the same”? No, it means  the Conservatives combine the flaws of all of them and the virtues of none of them.

Just some reminders of things the Tories have been up to lately:

That’s the Tories killing off good policies Labour  had put in place, or doing awful things opposed by Labour and the Lib-Dems/Greens, and or thwarting efforts Labour/the LibDems/the Greens were making to rescue children. Those green policies, that NHS funding, those refugee children would be safe right now if the Tories were not in power. 

Would Labour/the LibDems/The Greens get to enact all their best ideas and avoid all their worst tendencies? Of course not. Will they do or be what you most want in a government? No. Are you right to be furious with any or all of them? Definitely. 

Are you old enough to remember the 80s-to-late-90s when huge numbers of homeless people were sleeping rough all over London? And then in the late 90s through the 00s,  how they weren’t? It’s true. Have you seen how they’ve come back, how positive change has been deliberately reversed?  I can remember when mass rough-sleeping seemed like the bad old days that would never return. They did not have to.

Do you remember Sure Start? More than 350 Sure Start centres have closed since 2010.

Do you remember when satisfaction with the NHS was at a record high? It wasn’t long ago. It was  in 2010, when Labour left office. Satisfaction plummeted during the following year. Now,  seven years later it’s on the brink of collapse. 

Because none of the left-wing opposition parties are that great it is not worth allowing the differences between them to be points of division. And while we remember their mistakes and even their crimes we must remember what they did right. While we point out their ongoing flaws we must continue to see the opportunities they offer to reverse our slide into a cruelty, ignorance and unnecessary deprivation. Not to do so means more people will literally die. They will die on the sea trying to reach safety or under bombs they cannot escape; they will die waiting for medication or operations that would easily save them; they will die by suicide when they can no longer endure the poverty they have been forced into. They will die of cold and exposure on the streets.

I was in Hastings the other day. I met an old friend of mine. He’s a longterm alcoholic. He’s never going to be employable. He’s just lost his flat and was back to sleeping on the street after having a roof over his head for five years. There was a rattle in his breath that really scared me. He hadn’t had electricty or heating for years. He’s fifty-one, and looks at least ten years older. I think he’ll be dead in a year or so. His MP is the Home Secretary Amber Rudd. 

Treat Labour/LibDems/TheGreens as a single opposition. Viewed that way they’re at least adequate. Even if the fuckers can’t get it together to form an alliance. Vote for whoever has the best chance of ousting a Tory. 

Not sure who that his? Here you go! Search for your constituency and this chart will tell you how your vote can do the Tories the most damage.  Please do this, for the sake of all those who will be denied a vote at all. And if you are in a Labour constituency write to your MP about the desirability of a coalition with the other parties. 

it’s kinda sad now that new gravity falls fans won’t get to experience the ultimate, incredibly satisfactory reveal that was finding out that ford and the stan twin theory were real

Um, so I did end up “going” to the Rome pride parade (as in stand on the sidewalk and watch) but it was really fun and I also saw a girl on one of the bus things dancing and then she took her hat off and all her gorgeous brown hair fell around her shoulders and she kept dancing and my heart stopped for a few seconds so that was. lovely. 

and gay affirming. 

(call me)

prettiestmess  asked:

Oh my God, could you do a top 10 for Michiru's outfits? I feel like they tried so hard to make her a fashion plate (as she well she should be) but were so often stymied by the 90s-ness of it all. I'd love to see what you chose.

The real question is, how will I narrow it down to only ten?? Michiru’s style is so hard to pin down because sometimes it works flawlessly and sometimes it’s hard to justify, in-universe, why she would ever choose to wear what she is wearing. (Thanks again to @sailorcivilian and @fukufashion for their comprehensive representation of Sailor Moon outfits!)

10. The 1940s called. They said you look really good in that dress, feel free to keep wearing it.

9. It is written in ink that this shawl may never cover more than one (1) shoulder at any given time.

8. (”coming soon to own on videocassette” voice) She may have a tiny bow and a tiny backpack, but she’s got a big heart.

7. They told me I could be anything I wanted, so I became the ocean

6. Wearing formal gloves and a pencil skirt to the racetrack just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

5. There are two kinds of people: those who say “you can never have too much denim on your body,” and liars

4. On the back, these shirts say “If found, please return to Michiru”/”I am Michiru”

3. The stylish yet practical baby-stealing ensemble

2. The dress that is responsible for putting many a young boy through early puberty

1. Look. I think there must be a story behind this one. I think this used to be a favorite tunic of Michiru’s; the pale lavender with the white belt is simple but charming. One day she was painting another one of her space whales, and Haruka yelled something from the kitchen about the shrimp paella leftovers in the fridge. In the one uncalculated move she had ever made in her life, she turned around and lowered her brush, leaving a short streak of dark blue on her dress. She tried everything; cold water, rubbing alcohol, Haruka’s Tide-to-Go stick, but she could still see a faint line where the space-colored paint was. Haruka would insist she couldn’t tell there was a stain, but Michiru would always know, and she couldn’t live like that. The next day, she bought a bottle of fabric dye. If she couldn’t remove the accidental stain, then she would make it an intentional one. She wears it as an act of defiance, a warning to the universe that Michiru Kaioh is not one to be defeated.





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WARNING!!!! I understand that this fic may be very triggering as it contains mentions of murder, extreme violence and rape, so if you are sensitive to those topics I recommend you DO NOT read this. Thank you in advance.

Moving to a new town is hard, especially after the company you worked for went bankrupt and you’re left jobless and alone in the hot, summer weather. Thankfully, a close relative informed you about a new apartment near them that was insanely affordable. You didn’t even think twice about the possible living conditions before driving out to the secluded town. In all honestly, anything would’ve sufficed as long as you got out of your old apartment which was now too expensive for you to rent out (not to mention the air conditioning cut off a while back).

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Fan Post Translation:

A long time ago, at a SHINee concert, Jonghyun was injured so an SM trainee filled in for him. At the time, I was the only one at the standing, and the path below the stage was visible in front of me. After the stage had finished and the lights had turned off, that trainee was going down the stairs and right before he went through the exit, he turned to the fans and kept on doing 90 degree bows - to the fans who were all looking to the other side where the SHINee members had disappeared to, who weren’t even looking at him, but he was alone in the dark, bowing over and over again. I wondered what he was so thankful for…

At that time, I don’t know why, I was just very sad at that moment.

Although it was a short moment, I wondered that if it was a person who was that thankful towards fans who weren’t even his and that thankful towards the stage, then when he really had his own stage and own fans, how thankful he’d be. I really hoped he’d debut and if he did, I decided I would become his fan lol even if it was just a really short moment.

When I went home, I searched up the name I had heard at the concert, “Yixing,” but nothing came up.

A few years later, he debuted with the name “Lay,” and I was so happy to see him - to see that his mannerisms from the trainee who had bowed over and over in the darkness had not changed, and that he was the same person, and I was relieved.

Study Dates (2/4)

Summary: Finals week is approaching at Midtown High School and with her grades beginning to slip, the reader spends her time at the library with Peter Parker.

Word Count:1218

AN: fun fact: i wrote the first draft of this waiting in the salon. feedback is appreciciated! it lets me know i’m doing someting right and that i don’t suck and quit writing foreVER. i hope you enjoy it :))

Part 1 Part 3

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“Okay, I think I get it? But at the same time, I have no idea.” Y/N bit on her pencil clip, looking over the problem one more time. She pushed the worksheet across to Peter and mentally prepared herself for his face of confusion and him telling her that she’s wrong, again.

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Here are some pictures of when I marched for women’s rights at my state capital. I also went to the mayors speech of the city about how important lgbt is.

(last one isn’t mine)

The 90s…… post 1.

We were all about comfort. Jeans were baggy but we pulled them up and put a tight ass belt around. By mid 90s we started untucking things.

As I giggle over the hellish jeans Darren is wearing because that is what we wore, let’s take a moment to revisit some other gems from the era.

By the way lol. The Whitney post (first pic) legit was me in school. Lol. I wore that look everywhere. Thought I was hot stuff. Lol. When I was real daring would midriff the top to look like the gals from tlc. I don’t think I knew boys had added, until I saw one nekkid lol (jk)

Today I had a dream that there was a live action Voltron tv series but it was in Power Rangers style and placed in 90s (since this is when I watched Power rangers). It was so weird because I saw Paladins as real people not cartoon characters but somehow all off them were white, and in all 90s glory: shapeless jeans and polo shirts. Keith didn’t have a mullet but that weird haircut when you don’t actually have a hairstyle you just have too long hair. His hair were reching his chin, and all face was covered by bang so he was blowing at it all the time. It was also canon that he and Lance were exes. Very bitter exes. The effects were as bad as in Power Rangers, their armors too big, it was terrible.