the 90s life

Gus Grissom: “When the recovery helicopter arrived, I left the spacecraft first because my hatch was the one that was out of the water and open.”

John Young: “That’s the first time I ever heard of a skipper leaving the ship first.”

Grissom: “Well, I made you captain when I left.”

Young: “So now I was the captain of a Navy vessel for a few minutes, and I renamed it the U.S.S. Molly Brown.”

Grissom: “It was a smooth successful flight. But if Molly Brown had sunk out there, I’d have jumped right off that carrier.”

-LIFE Magazine, April 2, 1965

“Now show us what you can do, Symmetra…”

The indoctrination was real. 

I wonder how far Vishkar went in order to ensure her loyalty. 

She has been theirs for too long. 

quick sketch while my laundry dries