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How do you think Jason's life would have played out had he never met Ronnie??

Jason would’ve continued on with something of an on-again, off-again friendship with Kurt and Ram, eventually only being friends with Ram because Kurt is friends with Ram and that friendship won’t end. He gets tired of his friends, but doesn’t want to stop being friends with them because that would mean making entirely new friends.

Depending on Kurt and Ram’s actions through college, Jason might drop them or might keep them. If they get worse, more prone to terrible things while sober instead of mostly while drunk, he’d refuse to speak with both of them and drop the friendship quickly.

He’d try to stick around the small town for as long as his mother was alive, wanting to make sure she’s okay and taken care of. He’d likely grow up to be a teacher or would take over his father’s business, but as soon as his mother dies, he’d move away from Ohio entirely. Should it still be in the 90s, when grunge is rising, he’d move to the Seattle area and participate in that movement.

He’d go to rallies, protests, political events from the time he moves out to when he can absolutely no longer do it. Eventually he’d get mental health, but only after moving away from Ohio. He’d go through a long portion of aimlessness in his life due to lack of help and lack of (legal) drive.

The only real variable (that isn’t just life being a huge asshole) is how long he’s friends with Kurt and Ram, because I don’t have as much thought put into them since they die so quickly. His mother almost always kills herself, it’s just stretched out because she has less stress i her life in this AU (the lack of moving).

He’d also likely date around a bit, but never really find anyone he likes enough to be in a relationship with. He’d likely end up making a friend at a protest or other event and move in with them.


On November 18, 1987, twenty year old Victoria, Canada resident Jay Cook and seventeen year old Tanya Van Cuylenborg boarded a car ferry to Port Angeles, Washington in hopes of having a romantic getaway. The pair drove down the Olympic Peninsula in a van and then boarded another ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. That was the last time they would be seen alive. Six days later, Tanya’s body was discovered in a ditch in Skagit County, Washington. She had been raped and murdered, and her body had been bound with plastic wire ties. The next day, the van, its keys, a box of ammunition, and more plastic wire ties were discovered 90 miles away in Bellingham. Law enforcement assumed that Jay had killed her, but this theory was quickly debunked when his body was found a day later under a bridge in Monroe, Washington. Cook had been beaten and strangled, and was found with his hands bound with plastic wire ties. Weeks after the murders, the families of the victims began receiving disturbing greeting cards from the supposed killer, postmarked from New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles. 

In 2010, detectives identified the writer of the letters as a mentally ill man in his 70s. After interviewing him, it was concluded that the man was not the killer and that he had most likely read about the case in the news. Due to the fact that the killer seemed to be familiar with police procedures, it was suspected that he had spent time in prison at one point in his life. It was also suspected that he had posed as a hitchhiker or that the pair had met him on one of the ferries. However, the case remains unsolved.


Pearl Jam’s first show ever (as Mookie Blaylock)  24 years ago.

Setlist  - Off Ramp Cafe, Seattle WA 10/22/90

  • Even Flow (soundcheck): (x)
  • Release: (x) 
  • Alone: (x)
  • Alive: (x)
  • Once: (x)
  • Even Flow: (x)
  • Black: (x)
  • Breath: (x)
  • Just A Girl (Encore): (x)
Eldergoth Nostalgia Moment

Last night, while soaking in the bath and re-reading The Vampire Lestat (it’s been a hectic couple of weeks, comfort reading is necessary), I realized part of the reason I love blackphoenixalchemylab’s Blood Popsicle so. Yes, it is a perfect olfactory tribute to that scene from Only Lovers Left Alive, but it also reminds me of the Vampire Lestat scent from Body Scent, a long-since-vanished Seattle perfume shop.

Body Scent was a tiny store that specialized in scented oils. One wall of the shop was full of tiny shelves crammed with testers of the hundreds of scents they had, while the rest of the store had soaps, shower gels, lotions, oils, room sprays, and incense. You could buy vials of the scent oils, or have them blended into the lotions or other products. And in the early 90s, Body Scent created their own line of scents for The Vampire Chronicles. 

IIRC, Claudia smelt sweet and powdery, Louis was green notes with a base of some dark wood, and Akasha was incense-y. But Lestat? That scent smelled like honey and red velvet, and I loved it. A part of me wishes I still had the empty bottle of it, but I’m consoling myself with the harsh truth that I do not need to keep every memento or trinket, there’s not enough room in the WORLD for that.

Seattle folks (specifically staxilicious, minim-calibre, brokenponycutiemark, and nudiemuse) - do any of you remember what the other scents in The Vampire Chronicles line were?  

(Which finally explains why when the StuntHusband first sniffed Blood Popsicle he exclaimed “It smells like you! From the early days!”.)