the 900 number

My Follower Number 900!!

“Thanks for hitting the number 900 before my birthday!!

You can ask me for 1 wish! Anything you want~”
“Hopefully i can grant it”

((For hitting my number 900 I let your Muse ask for a wish. Of course Rosetto ain’t a genie, so she has her limits. Try for something she could do for him. Take your time!))


Untitled by eric
Via Flickr:
beautiful block of Moss Street (the 900 block, even numbered) Bayou St. John waterway, New Orleans DSC08334


Mod N: We’d like to take this chance to thank you all, followers and fans and spectators and lurkers alike! In only five months of this blog being a thing, we’ve already amassed over 900 followers, a number that neither Mod S nor I could have anticipated! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

Mod S: Thank you very muchhhh! I loved interacting with you all when we were RPing o/!


You are gonna need a Starter Jacket.