the 900 number

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


900 fucking notes?

What the actual fuck?

And my post is first when I searched Langst on Tumblr????!!!!?

What the ever loving hell?


I is so amazed. I didn’t expect 1/7 (langst puns) of this…dear lord.

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I just hit 900 followers last night!

Although I can’t do any requests at the moment(sorry I'm doing inktober)

I will take questions AND I have a smol game for y’all.

I also have 10 unfinished art pieces I have not posted since my motivation for them is dead. Pick a number between one and ten and I’ll post it. (One of these is an almost finished comic btw and I will post all of the pages for the person who guesses the correct number)


PLEASE, DISSEMINATE: Sadly in the attack perpetrated yesterday in Barcelona have been affected relatives of a partner of Virbac Australia. His 7-year-old nephew, Julian Cadman, has been missing since the attack on the Ramblas in Barcelona, where he was walking with his mother, hospitalized at this time.

If you have seen or know where it is located, please contact us at this telephone number: +34 608 098 482, on the phone number 900 2142124 or 112, 091 or 062.
Thanks for the help!

E's Phone Number & the Pilot

This second screen shot is from the Pilot. That’s the address card from the Pink Lady’s suitcase.

Her phone number reads: 07700 900 955

The phone number is shown again on John’s phone screen. Jennifer Wilson’s phone number is never shown in ASIP.

Compared to E’s number in TST, there is just one digit wrong between the two phone numbers.

There is also one X or “kiss” missing from E’s note. Prior to S4, it’s always been three kisses. “Three kisses says romantic attachment.”

In S4, Sherlock’s memories are unreliable. It’s certainly possible that Sherlock gets one number wrong in a telephone number that exist in a reality where he may be dying.

I’ll leave you to your own deductions on this one. :)

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I JUST HIT 900!!!

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