the 90's were a weird time

Things I learned during my first year of medical school

I cannot believe I’ve finished my first year of medical school already! Wow! 

Warning: long Parks and Rec gif-filled post ahead (90% of these are cheesy but I am pizza levels of cheesy when I’m reflecting):

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1. Do your thing

The first semester of med school was a weird time of looking and seeing what other people were doing to study and wondering if I needed to do that too. 

I wondered, should I get a bunch of colored highlighters? Make a million flashcards? Am I behind because I haven’t studied that lecture yet? Should I stream instead of go to class because that’s what other people are doing?

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My advice? Try new things out but once you figure out what works for you, don’t be afraid to stick to it. Some people found out that they study best in groups. I found out I study best by myself. I don’t like highlighting but I do like writing down things I need to know in a spiral so I can review/remember them better. I also like doing as many practice questions as I can get my hands on. I like going to class and taking notes on my computer. 

I didn’t know any of that until I got here. And that’s okay. But don’t stress about what other people are doing - you’ll find what works for you. 

2. Don’t try to study 24/7 

Seriously. Don’t. It’s not worth it. You’ll burn out and realize you could have been more relaxed and focused if you took a break. I try to take a couple minutes of break every hour and a bigger break every few hours whenever I’m studying. I also try to take at least one day off per weekend and do something fun (even if it’s small). I also know I study best during the day so I usually take the evenings off as well unless it’s like crunch time. 

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3. Investing in dress clothes is a good idea

Inevitably, you’ll forget that you have yet another clinical skills class that requires white coat attire (aka business casual) and only remember last minute, without time to do laundry. It’s way less stressful if you have a few possible outfits. Even easier? If you wear dresses, get some nice professional dresses. Nothing better than only picking a single thing out of your closet to wear! Also, along with that, make sure you have dress shoes that fit and are comfortable. I learned that I need to break in new flats sometimes before I wear them or I will get really bad blisters. 

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4. Laughter is the best medicine

As cliche as it sounds, I could not have gotten through this year without laughing. Laughing with new friends, laughing at ridiculous situations, laughing at silly gifs posted in our med school’s FB group specifically created for that purpose (it’s the best, highly recommend. Our class has 3 facebook groups - one for class announcements/club things, one for study materials, and one for laughing. The silly one was started by an MS2 (now MS3 I suppose!)). Laughing is seriously therapeutic for stress. Also some of my classmates just happen to be hysterically funny. Also A+ to tumblr for keeping me giggling. Also, Broad City (put it on your list of shows to watch!) 

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5. The days are long but the weeks/months are short

I still cannot believe it is May and I’m already done. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to reflect on my experiences on my tumblr so I can remember them (because sometimes it feels like my memories are getting squeezed out to make room for new knowledge). Journaling here allowed me to process this year in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I would highly recommend it to anyone about to start school (of any kind!). 

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6. Make new friends but keep the old

Yes, I am quoting a Girl Scouts song. Because it’s true. I am so very thankful for the technology that has allowed me to (try to) keep up with my college friends. Life is busy for all of us but it’s always nice to chat with old friends (and hang out, location permitting!) Also my med school class is filled with the most amazing people and it’s been so fun getting to know them :) I love my girls so much, they truly are my ride or dies. Med school is quite a bonding experience.

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7. You’ll do things you never imagined you could

For me, that was anatomy and clinical skills. I was a bit nervous about dissecting and the whole experience but I was pleasantly surprised. It was not as weird as I thought it would be. In clinical skills, I was terrifyingly nervous about standardized patients and being filmed and getting feedback and learning how to do all the exams. We all got through it and now I feel much more comfortable. There are still hard days (like a couple of weeks ago) but I am not as nervous. I also learned how to do the male GU exam and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. 

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 I also can’t believe that I went from knowing nothing to taking a history and doing a physical on a real patient all by myself AND presenting them to my preceptor. I still have a ton to learn and say stupid stuff sometimes but it feels like I’m on the right track. 

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8. While sometimes first year feels like this:

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You’ll have moments where you feel like

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And one last bonus lesson:

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Can that be the medblr motto? Also shoutout to medblr for being such an amazing and supportive community. Could not have gotten through this year without y’all!!!! 

Congratulations to all the other first years who are finishing up school or already done :) And welcome medblr class of 2020!!! So excited for y’all. 


Once upon a time, children, there really was a Skeleton War

one punch man au where everything is the same except genos is really bitter and sarcastic and he's constantly gossiping about the other S class heroes and saitama loves it

31 Days, 31 Childhood Favorites | day seven
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

It’s weird to think that both my mother and myself both grew up on the same Scooby-Doo show. She caught it the first time around in its initial broadcast in 1969, but I got it in syndication on Cartoon Network in the 90s. Scooby was a staple of CN’s programming regardless, but around Halloween time there were always marathons and special countdowns of the best episodes. I lived for that shit.

Although the original show never made good on any real paranormal happenings, it fueled my imagination all the same. Maybe the show even taught me a little bit of cynicism regarding my paranormal obsession as a kid, who knows. Although there have been an alarming number of iterations of Scooby-Doo over the years, the original will always be my favorite. I mean, get a load of that theme song.

10 Good Things from 2016

Rules: list 10 good things that happened in 2016 (could be about you, the world, your friends, etc.) then tag 10 friends.

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  1. I finally got the correct diagnosis AND helpful drugs.
  2. Correct diagnosis equals better coping methods and it’s easier to explain my weirdness to other people.
  3. A lost prodigy returned to Denmark.
  4. Said prodigy and a dear friend fell in the kind of love you only read about in fan fiction.
  5. I had a hysterectomy and now I don’t suffer cramps 90 percent of the time. 
  6. Also, the red sea has (de)parted.
  7. There were some very interesting developments in the bedroom.
  8. Supernatural season 11 ended with family counseling rather than a big bang.
  9. The horde of mini hunters grew and will grow a bit more this year.
  10. I sat myself down and learned to process audio. Then I bought a better microphone. In other words: I got a new hobby.

tagging: Listen up, 2016 was a bitch and y’all need to do this as a metaphorical screw you. What made YOUR year fucking AWESOME?

Today, I fucked up... by using electricity improperly in the 90's

It was just post-columbine and all of the weird kids were being watched for when we would inevitably snap and wantonly murder every living thing that we had ever been exposed to. When my time came I was in my 8th grade ‘science’ class. This class was taught by an extremely large woman who’s mass was apparently not composed of adipose tissue but rather an all consuming gelatinized paranoia. Like, she got one of my friends a three day suspension for “making gun-shooting motions at 15-45 degree angles on his desk and directing them at the other students.” He was drumming on his desk, he was in marching band and played the snare.

It was nearing the end of the year and we were doing a unit on electricity. Wiring things in series, creating simple motors, playing with capacitors… it was actually pretty fun. And I, in my typical cut-up middle schooler fashion, had taken the liberty of defining all of the vocabulary words in my work books with colorful definitions to be erased later and replaced with proper ones when time came to turn the work in.

Now the FU! Each group of students had a small electricity kit with some wires, lightbulbs, capacitors, 3 d-cell batteries and a battery holder. I (in my infinite wisdom) decided that in the interest of being a mild inconvenience and for the opportunity to bother the teacher I would leave these batteries wired in series when I put them away for the evening thus draining them and requiring new ones tomorrow. So after the wiring was complete I put this weapon of mass destruction back into the kit and satisfied that I had done my part to bother one of the most reviled people in my middle school I went home to watch Toonami.


I arrive at school, go to class. First period morning announcements I noticed my name in the litany of names that were requested to come to the office. I decided that “I ain’t no bitch” and that I wasn’t going to come to the office when they called me and that if it were truly important they would come and get me.

They did!

Second period I was greeted at my next class by a police officer who took me by the wrist and led my happy ass down to the office. This was worrying as I wracked my brain for any reason I could have fucked up this badly. Maybe someone had died? I hadn’t done anything that my groggy 13 year old mind could recall that was bad enough to bring down this amount of heat.

The officer led me straight into the principal’s office where I found the eponymous principal, my science teacher and my father who was giving me a look which I eventually became well-familiar with that said: ‘how the hell do you even do this?” These three were already engaged in a heated debate over the explosive capacity of three D-cells wired in series when my science teacher decided to drop the bombshell: I left the batteries near a bottle of hand sanitizer. Yeah, motherfucking Purel™ bomb technology was at hand and she was first on the hit list.

I did not laugh. My father did not laugh. He did however try to impress upon them that the amount of water in the Purel™ and the amount of heat that three D-Cell batteries in a box nearby could generate did not equal a high powered explosive device for a targeted assassination. Then my Science teacher made her master stroke. She pulled out my work book and looked my principal dead in the eye saying “Well, I think he was smart enough to do this and had REASON enough to do this. Here I have Fidoburger’s workbook where they are supposed to define their vocabulary words for the electricity unit. And here, “ she opens my workbook to the page she had BOOKMARKED, “where it says ’transistor’ he’s written ‘yo mama’ and I don’t know about you but I find that offensive.”

I collapsed. It was too funny. I laughed all the way to alternative school. I laughed when I got expelled from middle school for making a bomb. I laughed when I moved halfway across the country that summer (unrelated) and got to personally throw all documentation of this event away when we transferred my records to my new school system.

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Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

tru 90′s kids remember
  • when new hatchlings fucked up your lair order every time when you hatched a nest by spawning in weird place
  • when even cheapest imperials were worth of small fortune
  • when dragons ate like 4 times more than they do now
  • when flight rising was so slow that loading one page took like a minute
  • when flight rising was down like 3987 times per day and you got neat stuff as apology for longer downtimes
  • when your eggs could die if you didnt incubate them every day

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Of ships and fanarts

Every show has its ships, and like 90% of the time those ships are not canon. I have seen actors being weirded out by fanarts even though they were about the caracters and not the actors (Sherlock and Supernatural are good examples). I get that the thing is a bit different since no real person of any kind is involved in South Park fanart, BUT.

I think they did a really nice thing for the fans. The episode as itself had no point whatsoever, it was just a way to say “we don’t particularly get it, but since it’s not harming anybody, here’s your Creek”. 

Yes, Craig and Tweek getting together seemed forced and just for the fans, but was it? We all know that they’re 10, nobody was asking for them to fuck on screen (there is nsfw art of course, but the ship is based on scenes where they just interact, where they sit next to each other or smile or look at each other), and just all that Tweek said to Craig and that scene where they play videogames at the end is enough. It’s even more of what Stan and Wendy do, and they’re canon from season 1. So I think it’s nice that they gave us what we wanted.

Creek is a very popular pairing among the fans, and I think they gave it to us as a present. 

It’s funny how some shows make a point of bashing on shippers and making them feel bad for their drawings and stories, and instead South Park showed acceptance. Confusion, of course, but acceptance.