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Heres the new path I made finally completed! Similar to another one I saw but it wasn’t commonly known around and there wasn’t much of the path to use it! Tweeked it to my liking! Making a separate post showing the path I made! :) it took my in total 7 hours! I hope some of you guys really like it! There are not inner/ outter corners sorry-just normal corners tops and bottoms; just way too much work! 9 codes in total keep a look out for my next post if you like this! 💕🌸⭐️☁️

10 favourite charachters from 10 diferent fandoms

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1. Mavis Vermillion and Zeref Dragneel ( I literally can’t choose between these two ) - Fairy Tail 

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2. Obito Uchiha ( my Uchiha bby) - Naruto

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3. Klaus Mikaelson - The Originals

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4. Yui  - Sword Art Online 

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5. Yato - Noragami

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6. Akame - Akame ga kill

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7. Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries

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8.  Aelita Schaeffer/ Hopper/ Stones  ( okay I watched this one when I WAS 9YO AND I HAVE NO REGRETS) - Code Lyoko

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9. Alice Cullen - Twilight Saga

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10. Captain James T. Krik - Star Trek

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Inquisition Calendar

How long does the main story of Inquisition take place over anyway?

That was the question I wanted to answer as I spent the last six months completing my ‘canon’ play-through of DA:Inquisition and throughout I kept a diary of events and compiled them into a calendar to work out the time-scale of the game. Here is a section of it.

The whole document can be viewed here. There are three sheets, one each for the years 9:41, 9:42 and 9:43. The colour coding shows the Inquisitor’s location in Thedas during each day. The grey indicates travelling. For the travel times I owe many thanks to @leliaanaa for their excellent DA travel posts

@leliaanaa, I can’t promise that I have been exact to your measurements, and there were some routes that you hadn’t covered that I did some guesswork on. Any comments or advice from you on it are appreciated!


* For a starting date I placed the Divine’s Conclave on Summerday, 9:41, mainly for symbolic reasons. Summerday was once “dedicated to Andoral, the Old God of Unity… universally celebrated as the beginning of summer, a time for joy and, commonly, marriage [and is] a particularly holy occasion in Orlais.” It is also in a season when travel is relatively easy. If I was Divine Justinia, I would have chosen a significant date like that to add weight to a crucial event like the conclave. Rather nicely… it also meant that the Ball at Halamshiral also lined up with Summerday 9:42. It just seems to be an auspicious day for peacemaking.

* It might be said that it doesn’t quite line up with Fiona’s statement during In Hushed Whispers that the date was Harvestmere, 9:42. Personally I am happy with the assumption that the amulet threw the Inquisitor slightly more than a year into the future, rather than exactly one calendar year.

* I assumed around a month for the trek to Skyhold after the fall of Haven. This fell in August and Kingsway (late summer-autumn), when the Frostback Mountains might still have been just about survivable.

* My calendar gets less exact for the events of the DLCs, which I played after the defeat of Corypheus. I placed the Jaws of Hakkon during the summer that follows and the Descent during the autumn.

* This calendar just works with the canon that the Exalted Council and Trespasser takes place two years after the defeat of Corypheus and in the year 9:44. It would have to have been in either Firstfall or Haring 9:44. Now, the Halamshiral did look like it was basking in very mild weather during the Exalted Council, but the Orlesian Emperors must have a reason to put their Winter Palace there, right? I’m going to assume Halamshiral has pleasant winter weather.

ok i have 9 codes ;; idk if ppl still care abt but ill be giving them away to anyone who wants one and still hasnt gotten one. For free, obviously (unless u wanna pay for the >49 cents each is worth?)

Update: 4 codes left! maybe 5 but lets say 4 for now

Update 2: Two (possibly 3) codes left!

Update 3: I currently have no codes I havent sent to anyone! But i will update should anyone not take their code/the person i contacted say they dont want one.

mmmmusic mmmmeme

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Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle, then list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.

1) Billy Joel - No Man’s Land

2) Blondie - Sunday Girl

3) 10,000 Maniacs - Because the Night

4) ABC - S.O.S

5) Eagles - Hotel California (acoustic)

6) Kim Wilde - Love Is Holy

7) Elite Beat Agents OST - The Anthem

8) Johnathan Coulton - Code Monkey

9) The Who - Won’t Get Fooled Again

10) Johnathan Coulton - Rock and Roll Boy

heh pretty good mix for me, lots of 80s c:

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Playlist Challenge

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Put your music on shuffle:

1. Only Hope by Mandy Moore (I prefer the Switchfoot version better)

2. Gravity by Astronauts

3. Rude by MAGIC!

4. Summer Medley 2014 by Justin Bryte & Jes Hudak

5. El Tango De Roxane - Moulin Rouge OST

6. So Good - Bratz Rock Angel OST (please don’t judge me)

7. Battleship by Daughtery

8. Bad Girl by Ladies’ Code

9. Afrodisiac by Brandy

10. River Full of Liquor by Leon Else

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Tag Game Redux

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Rules:  We’re snooping on your playlist.  Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up!  Then choose ten additional victims!

1:  Waiting - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

2:  Yuki Kajiura - Puella in Somnio

3:  Ke$ha - Hungover

4:  One Republic - Don’t Look Down

5:  The Offspring - Feelings

6:  Macross Frontier - Infinity

7:  Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa'i - We Know the Way (Finale)

8:  Howard Shore - Shelob’s Lair

9:  Jonathon Coulton - Code Monkey

10:  The Five Stairsteps - OOH Child

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10 Characters, 10 Fandoms.

Your top 10 favourite characters from 10 different Fandoms.  Tag 10 people  when you’re done!  

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1. Dean Winchester - Supernatural
2. Olivia Benson - SVU
3. Madison Clark - Fear The Walking Dead
4. Laura Diamond - Mysteries of Laura
5. Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead
6. Catherine Willows - CSI
7. Regina Mills - OUAT
8. Leanne Rorish - Code Black
9. Dana Scully - The X Files
10. Diana Skouris - The 4400

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Most people have seen the bizarre photograph above which became known as the “Solway Firth Spaceman”, but most people don’t know the bizarre experience the photographer had afterwards. The photo was taken in the 1960′s by Jim Templeton and is of his daughter, near Burgh Marsh. After the photograph became popular, Templeton was approached by two men who claimed they worked for the government. They identified themselves as code #9 and #10 and asked Templeton to get into their car, and he complied. They drove him out to the area where the photograph was taken and began to ask him questions about the day he took the photograph. They asked him how the animals in the area behaved and he replied that they had seemed scared and huddled together. Apparently unsatisfied with this answer, the men became hostile and began to accuse Templeton of fabricating the image. The men headed back to their car and left the photographer behind to find his own way home.