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Can I make a request if you have the time? In the game, MC is always super sweet and cute and stuff, so I wonder how it would be if she were a bit more assertive and sarcastic but still cared about their s/o?

shit yass, gurl! <3 

im gonna use this request to make mc say shit i wish were in the frickin options on their routes lmfao sorry im selfish :´D


-well, he did know you were sarcastic, as you often replied witch sarcasm whenever other members of rfa, put him down in any way

-but also about the situation with his dad

-you were of course supportive but when jumin told you things his dad had said to him, you couldnt help but let out a few remarks here and there

-and when sarah entered jumins apartment you surely didnt hold back on the sarcastic remarks

-jumin loves it. he just loves how youre able to shut people up with short sentences, and how protective you are of him

-“sarah! the called 80’s called! they’d like their dress back!”


-adores how you always voice your opinion, without sugarcoating anything

-honestly meant a lot to him to get his childhood abuse awknowledged as abuse

-you were so shocked when he told you how they cut his hair and convinced him he was ugly, also telling him he’d never succeed in his dream job

-so of course you were outraged! family is not blood! family is whom encourages you to follow your dreams and supports you trough rough times. and makes you feel good about yourself! surely not people who tear you down! (lol im ranting, i hate his family with a passion)

-“aah yes what great parents! destroying your kids self esteem in the name of “protecting” them is tottally not abuse at all nooope. and best parents awards to~“

-"i’ll support you whether you decide you want a relationship with them or not! just know that what they did wasn’t okay, no matter their intentions”

-okay but your little snark remarks at tv shows, and about his manager being an ass,  or when hes blaming himself for something, never fail to make him laugh.

-he also likes how you’ll roast his haters, tho he’d never admit that.


-is intimidated by you at first tbh

-puppy has a hard time distungishing when youre being sarcastic and when youre being serious so sometimes he has to ask

-he finds it very hot when you stand up for yourself and shot someone down

-is a blushing mess everytime you do that, to himself or to others, just bc him?

-also loves when you use sass on the lolol server, be it ya own guild or others, he cant handle it

-ya’ll gonna lose those battles bc yoosung is on the floor half laughing, half screaming





-jaehee seems super shy and like a cinnamon roll, but if someone is being an asshole she will find petty ways to make their day shitty

-you two have entire conversations in the language of sass, and everyoen but you two are confused as fuck and think youre fighting when youre really declaring your undying love to each other

-you two are able to do ANYTHING if you work together holy fuck


-calls you wonderwoman

-snort laughs (god pls yes) when you make particularly sarcastic remarks, leaving the person on the recieving end with their mouth hanging open

-the most amusing thing for him is when you and saeran get into playful sassy arguments

-will probably be like “hold it right there, i gotta go get some popcorn for this shit”

-admires how confident you are, and actually frickin asks you to “teach him”

Request List

✔️Clubs and Blood–Jerome smut? where he gets incredibly jealous where it gets to the point where he kills the guy right in front of you thats been flirting with you all night? and then ends with angry passionate s m u t ?

✔️Laughter is the best medicine–jerome fluff where the reader was held hostage and jerome saves her but shes hurt and he cares for her and is just super over protective? thank you so much and love your imagines!

✔️Number one fan–Can you do one where the reader is the number one crime boss/villain and Jerome admires her so much that he follows them around until he gets caught. Maybe they become partners, he gets jealous and stuff, and it has a pretty happy ending.

✔️Breaking out my baby–Imagine where the reader gets thrown in Arkham when Jerome is killed,since she was crying over his dead body and Jim saw this as an opportunity to arrest her.So when Jerome returns he goes to save her,finding her completely insane from being tortured

Jelly beans–Could you please do a fanfic where Jerome gets Jealous or one where he meets the reader in Arkham? Thank you! You’re a great reader! I look forward to reading more of your work soon! :)

Sticks and Stones? Staples and Thrones- You should do one where Jerome meets Harley for the first time after being all cut up. (Yet he’s somehow still beautiful!!) And he takes an immediate liking to her because she’s totally bad ass and doesn’t care about his scars? The rest is your imagination, I guess.

Don’t be so stupid–Could you do a rough kinky Jerome smut

Perfectly plump–Hi can you write something where Jerome reacts to someone making a rude comment about the readers weight? Thanks XxX

Lost and found–Could you do a Jerome imagine where he finds the reader after coming back to life

Monkey see monkey do–Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimick him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all? It can be whenever in the time line

I’m the boss–I was thinking of a jerome x reader. Like maybe you’re part of the Maniax with him and you get in an argument with him during a job that gets a little rough. Maybe he pushes you against a wall or something? Maybe an “i’ll deal with you later” and so on and so forth.

Eye catching–I need me some Jerome circus imagine in my life!!! Maybe you could do one were the reader is into 80’s/90’s fashion and rocks it?. She’s blonde and loves clowns and freaky shit so when they bump into each other in Gotham’s carnival they’re both instantly stunned!? They could be super flirtatious and both as bad as one another. (P.S if you make the reader British I’ll love you for life

Has anyone seen my Harley?!–Could I get a Jerome fic? Him and Harley were already an established relationship and she was there with him the night he died, after he kills Dwight he goes to find her!! I need total worship of his face please :)) You can have whatever you want to happen just as long as they reunite.

Sweetie pie–Okay so Jerome always seems to have a sort of narcissistic additude right? What if there was a girl he’d known his whole life who he had on a pedestal? Like do no wrong, maybe even wanting the cult to worship her instead.

You wish!–Hi can you do an image of Jerome X Reader where everyone knows that the reader belongs to Jerome even after death so when Dwight tried to become Jerome he takes the reader and she keeps fighting him and saying things like he will never be Jerome so Dwight hits her on live t.v. causing Jerome to become furious and he saves the reader in the end.

King and Queen–Reader met him when he was in circus and both are crazy (XD) in love with each other. And have plans to be King and Queen of Gotham city. When Jerome is in Arkham he misses her so much. One day he find Queen of hearts card under his plate..and then Queen’s and hers entourage most epic and badass arrival in history.
I have end in my mind, but don’t want to tie you with to many details. So you have free hand, I guess. Just some mad fluff.

Sweet little monster–Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimick him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all? It can be whenever in the time line

Have you learned nothing?!–Can you do an imagine where The reader is Jeromes ex and he finds them after they went on a date with another man and it turns into jealous smut?

Good Cop Bad Cop–Maybe Jerome could have a thing for, or be in love with, Jim Gordon’s fiancé or girlfriend before he died?And she finds reawakened Jerome instead of Lee?

Triangles–Can you do a imagine or headcanon where everyone likes the reader, as in they’re all cool with her & got her back, so when they find out she’s in a polyamorous relationship with Edward & Jerome (let’s pretend that Penguin isn’t head over heels for Ed ) they getting really upset cus shes basically everyone’s little sister & its just a bunch of funny dramatic fluff mess 😂😂😂 Also your work is awesome❤❤

Lookie here!–Hi I was wondering if you could do a Jerome imagine where he meets the reader at Arkham is always trying to her attention

Innocence is Pure–Do you think you could please make a fluffy imagine where the reader is not into the whole, “murder yay” thing (I guess you can say she’s a bit innocent), so Jerome is a bit sensitive/careful around her? Idk, something different than when the reader is a bad girl.

Now that’s interesting–I love your blog and you’re writing can I request a Jerome Smut where he’s just been bought back to life and he comes to find and sees your dating some one else and gets jealous . So he shows you who you belong to

Nice Effects!–Can I request an imagine where Jerome is back from the dead and on the hunt for his face when he meets reader and she points him to Dwight and when Jerome finally gets his face and puts it back on they can kiss and have some naughty times lol?

The best people are–reader being a normal teen girl and then being crazy and then being a maniac and then being jerome’s girlfriend or something, i can’t be more clear XD

Small but violent–could I maybe get a fic where Jerome is just wandering the streets to just cause chaos, and sees the reader and decides to mess with her. but he seriously underestimates what they’re capable of and he likes her dark side. I hope that makes sense and I gotta say I love your work. Makes my day.

Chicken noodle soup–Can you do a request with Jerome where he comes home “after work” to a sick gf and they just have a cuddly moment wrapped up in the covers and just fluff

Red as blood–Jerome request His not-so-sane plans for valentine’s day? Humorous yet smutty, maybe x

Familiar– Can I request an imagine where the reader and Jerome both come back from the dead and don’t remember each other. But then Jerome remembers the reader after a near death experience

Armed and ready–Could you do a Jerome smut where he is in a relationship with s crazy evil girl y/n and he basically gets arrested and then y/n bursts into the prison covered in weapons and saves him then they have rough sex with a lot of biting from Jerome

Entertainment–can you please make an imagine where the reader is like the hottest stripper at the club and jerome notice how good she looks and can’t stop looking at her so he take her to his place and they well you know. Thank you!!

Roof tops and dark ally ways–Can I have an imagine where Jerome stalks

Who even likes sticks?–Can I have an imagine where I’m curvy and Jerome has a crush

Noel Gallagher’s interview with Mark Lawson
[Noel could have easily victimized himself, since Mark kept pushing him to do so, but Noel simply refused to. And I think that’s the spirit of Oasis, isn’t it? Don’t look back in anger and slide away. That’s why I love Oasis, that’s why I love Noel Gallagher. Happy 50th birthday, NG!]

ML: The standard view in books and profiles is that you were scarred by your childhood and you channeled that into songwriting. Is that how you see it?
I wouldn’t say I was scarred, but everybody’s childhood makes them what they are.

ML: And yours were pretty rough, wasn’t it?
NG: Well, the times were rough, d'you know what I mean? It was kinda the 70s and the 80s. It was working class Manchester, and Thatcher and all that kinda thing. We were all on the dole, my dad was on the dole at some points. My friends were on the dole as were their dads. It was a pretty bleak time. But it was no difference than anybody else’s. And music was an escape for me. Not for any – I’ve never thought “well, I’m gonna be a pop star one day.” They didn’t come from where I come from, they came from somewhere else. They were busted in to the BBC or somewhere else, they were not from Manchester. And music was a escape for me. That three minutes was to take me to somewhere else, other than drudgery of cold Northern England in November.

ML: You say it just like anyone else, but your dad is depicted as quite as a scary character.
NG: Yeah, I wouldn’t say he was a monster. I’d just he was a shit dad.

ML: And violent.
NG: Yeah, prone to it. Yeah, yeah.

ML: And that. You suffered that
NG: (grinning) Yeah.

ML: But you must be affected by that. That’s not normal, is it?
NG: Well, I’ve never sat down on the couch with a psychiatrist until now. And I’ve never written a song about my childhood about any of that. And I wouldn’t really feel comfortable doing it. I don’t mind talking about it because I’m alright with it. I dare to say that most of the kids on my street – their upbringing was quite the same, you know? I mean, I wasn’t the model son. I was out after night. I was sniffing glue and doing mushrooms and all sorts of, you know what I mean? And robbing stuff and all that. I don’t really look back on it and think “well, if only.” It kinda gave me the drive to be – to go somewhere else. I think, I don't know.

ML: And do you think about your father or have you put him out of your mind?
NG: No, I don’t think about it at all. I don’t have any opinion on it. I don’t think bad things or good things. I don’t think “maybe I should go and wag my finger at him” and all that. It’s his loss, not mine.

Question: Answered

massivelyzanymoon asked: now that you have been in the bush for almost a year, how was it compared to what you had expected? with all the mosquitos and rain in the summer, and the harsh cold in the winter, it had to be HELL. would you recommend this area to anyone else? were you able to spend any time outside in the winter?            

uncivilize-livefree answers: hey zanymoon, thanks for the great questions.

i think overall our experience this first year was pretty in line with what i expected. here are some details:

mosquitoes vs. ticks: i was Thrilled to find out there are no ticks here. when i lived in missouri, i could walk ¼ mile to my neighbor’s place through the grass, and during that walk i would have EIGHTY ticks crawling up my legs. Eighty. 80. there were so many that if i were working on a project outside, between hammer strokes i’d have to pull a tick off (my hand, arm, leg, wherever). so i figured mosquitoes would make me feel about how i’d felt about ticks in missouri. unfortunately, unlike ticks, mosquitoes fly. i’ve dealt with places that supposedly had pretty rough mosquitoes before, but alaska is… different.

it was unfortunate that we were here during what we’re told was the worst mosquito year in Two Decades. i had a hard time enjoying my meals, because mosquitoes would be flying into my face (and Landing on my face) as i tried to put food into my mouth. i’m a pretty butch/tough/rugged/whatever kind of lady, and normally bugs do not get to me. but after about the 3,000th mosquito, they started to freak me out. i was pretty cranky. that being said, we KNEW that would be tough, Especially that first season, because we were Outdoors 18 hours a day - we had no ‘indoors’ except a Tiny two person tent. and the mosquitoes had to be cleared out of that meticulously, or we’d suffer as we slept. if jon rolled over and let his arm hang against the side of the tent, they’d sting him Through the tent material.

the mosquitoes show up here right around june 1st. we showed up may 25th. so we were just in time. they didn’t get Horrifically Bad until… late july, maybe? until then, it was similar to what i’d consider a high level of mosquito annoyance elsewhere. we had about two months of BAD mosquito time. our neighbors didn’t have much of a problem - they had a cabin to go into, sometimes they wear head nets, and andrew says that he simply lets them bite, because while he’s working during the day they simply don’t bother him. his 'yard’ area has also been cleared for about two decades now, and gets ample sunshine and has a healthy population of dragonflies, which helps immeasurably. Our building site was only newly becoming cleared, had only occasional dragonflies, is north-facing (less sun, lots of forest to our south), and is Boggy. Perfect mosquito habitat.

so. did the mosquitoes suck? yes. yes they did. i swatted them away Religiously, and i’d estimate that i probably ended up with something like 400 bites through the whole season. jon got Way more, because he didn’t swat them all away. he had bites on his Lips and Eyelids some of the time. ALSO - it’s important to mention that for some reason the bites from the mosquitoes here Don’t actually seem to be as painful or itchy - they itch for maybe a day and then mostly stop (unless they’re somewhere really bad, like under a waistband). so it’s more the Presence and Chaos of the numbers of mosquitoes than it is the biting that gets to me personally.

(during the worst part of the season, we’d wake up to ~100-200 mosquitoes waiting on the outside of our tent)

And, aside from the fact that 2016 was the worst in two decades and so our next 19 years likely would have been easier, now that we have a cabin it would have been better as well. it’d also be easier if i could stand wearing a head net, but i have issues with feeling trapped/confined/whatever by clothing, so i refused to wear one (99% of the time).

post script: jon used 100% deet. i used an essential oil mix that i made. they both helped up until a certain point. after which, neither did jack sh*t.

the rain: yes, the rain was annoying. again, we knew summer is the rainy season here, but this area (and large portions of alaska) experienced 70% MORE rainfall than normal last summer. it Was, indeed, very frustrating to be in the middle of building our cabin and have to sit in our tent or under a tarp (with the mosquitoes) for sometimes 7 days in a row until we had weather that we could build in again. some days we could simply choose to go work the sawmill in the rain. other times it wasn’t possible. the sawmill area actually flooded at one point, and we had to wait for it to drain enough to mill again. when it reached a 'usable’ depth - with the sawmill itself being above water level, and the surrounding area being only a foot or so underwater - we continued. in muck boots. through adversity and slurping mud and sawdust. the one advantage to that was that we could then Float the logs toward the mill. silver linings everywhere.

(keeping our building site out of the rain was an ongoing process. frustrating, but not the end of the world)

as before - we wouldn’t expect future rainy years to be a huge issue, since we now have a Cabin, where we can be Indoors and Dry and Comfortable. we also have a wood stove that allows us to Dry our things. it was SO humid here last summer that the willow and spruce of my baskets was molding, our clothes and books and Anything left outside of a tote was molding. there wasn’t enough wind Most days to dry anything. and drying things around an open fire pit is tricky. especially when it’s Still Actively Raining. but we made do, and i don’t think anything was ruined beyond repair.

(we took every opportunity to dry out our clothing - and our tent, which needed it a few times)

the cold of winter: wasn’t really an issue. if we had gotten a fancier wood stove, we wouldn’t have had to get out of bed through the night to tend fire when it was 40-60 below zero. but that didn’t last too long, and getting nice dry firewood wasn’t difficult. we were prepared to dress properly, and it was only a handful of days that were the absolute coldest when we didn’t particularly want to go outside. so no, we didn’t spend Huge amounts of time outside when it was The Absolute Coldest. but most of the winter the cold didn’t keep us from doing what we wanted to do. i still went out barefoot & naked to go pee at night, still bathed outside (because i’m very splashy and hate bathing indoors), we still went out for several mile walks, etc. i was pretty unreasonable in attempting to do a bunch of hide tanning stuff through winter, but i Knew it was a silly thing to attempt, and so i just did what i could or figured out a workaround. we still had plenty to keep us occupied indoors (well, i did. jon wanted more to do).

we found that our ability to acclimate to the cold was pretty exceptional. initially, every drop in temperature felt chilly, and then soon it just didn’t. it just was what it was. then it’d warm up five degrees, and that temperature felt Balmy. we got used to going out at -40, and -20 felt like a heat wave. but this acclimitization goes both ways. so now it’s 30s to 40s during the days, and if the wind blows we still think it’s chilly. pretty funny, but that’s how it is.

(jon got used to flicking the ice from his mustache onto the woodstove when he came indoors)

would we recommend this area to others? it depends on the person and the situation. there are other things that are tough about being here, some of which we expected and others that we couldn’t know how they would feel until we were Here. for example:

-loneliness. if there were a few other couples/families/people out here already, our social needs could have been met more fully. as it was, i got pretty desperate to connect with people more deeply than just the odd bit of text on a screen now and then. i’m pretty antisocial, and i’ve lived alone before and gone days without seeing people, and i love my quiet time. but out of the last eleven months, there have only been 14 days total that i have seen any humans other than my partner and our two neighbors. i miss having a wider array of people to talk to.

-administration. there is NO phone service here. there is LIMITED satellite internet. we couldn’t afford to set up our own internet this first year, and so have shared some of our neighbors’ bandwidth. when you have a bank account, or you’re making purchases online, or doing any other sort of administrative task, it can become very Difficult if you can only call via internet, have access to post only 1x/month at Best, and don’t necessarily have the ability to print documents. this was exacerbated by the refusal of many merchants to ship to alaska, and furthermore by many merchants’ failure to understand that we Have No Physical Address. all we can provide is our po box, just like all the residents of the Actual Village down river… so when people want to send something via ups/fedex, they think they Can’t because you only have a PO box. when it’s actually a non-issue because the whole town knows and shipments are left at the airport and the airport posts on the online message board who’s got a package. but try telling an online merchant that. so… if there’s anything you Can’t Live Without, and if there is ANY chance you won’t be able to purchase it from out here… you better Bring It With You.

to clarify… think of any of the administrative sorts of things you need to do. make a deposit or withdrawal at the bank. manage a student loan. order something through a web site that requires a phone number (and recognizes phony ones). deal with an organization that can only send important information via mail. NOW imagine handling those tasks Without being able to: go to the bank. get to the post office. HAVE a phone number. Receive phone calls. print documents. reply within several days of receiving notice of something. it becomes a problem. it can all be dealt with… eventually. somehow. it just takes more time, creativity, patience, and money. remember also that this is likely how you’ll purchase/receive the bulk of your staple food stores (flour, sugar, etc).

so. what kind of person does well up here? someone who’s Stoked about all the work involved in building a log cabin, who has the money and tools and wherewithal to pull that off without losing their enthusiasm. someone who is familiar with stocking up 7+ months worth of food at a time. someone who Loves driving a river boat and snowmachine. someone who can save up and arrive with at Least $30k+ on top of initial land purchase to invest in their setup (the more money, the easier). someone who is either extremely comfortable with solitude, or who is bringing friends. plus all the other standard characteristics of a good, rugged homesteader: adaptability, strength, follow through, ability to research, comfort in wilderness surroundings (including w/big predators), hardiness in extreme weather, commitment to sound tool/equipment maintenance, ability to entertain oneself, skill in hunting/fishing/foraging/trapping/gardening. etc.

so that’s some of the tough stuff, yes. but do we regret coming out here? absolutely not. did we enjoy ourselves? you bet we did. if just a few small things were different, we probably wouldn’t be leaving. and we both knew that our first year (as Anywhere) setting up and building would be the hardest. we’ve set up homesteads in other parts of the country. we’ve lived through similarly tough conditions. some of the particulars were new to us, but not the level of difficulty. and i INFINITELY prefer this form of challenge/struggle to ANY presented by a city, a 9 to 5 job, a multi-lane highway, or the confines of standard american buildings. my life has always contained frustrations - they’re simply things that exist to be dealt with. i’ve chosen to put myself in places where the frustrations i meet are the ones i am best suited to handle.

to counterbalance all of this, here are some of the Positive aspects of our life here so far:

  • it’s quiet. we spend all day and night listening to the wind, birds, rain, squirrels, the river… and the occasional plane, and normally we’ll get a 'waggle’ because the pilot is a friend.
  • there’s no traffic, no driving, no sirens, no hum of electricity, no leafblowers or snowblowers or lawnmowers.
  • we get to see wild animals who don’t know to fear humans. the beavers play in the river with us nearby, the swans glide calmly by, the squirrels come to within a foot of our hands. the moose watch us from two dozen feet away. we get to hear the martens growl over their meal because they don’t feel we pose any threat. the gray jays will land on our hands and look for a treat. one of our closest neighbors is an eagle. we’ve been able to share our lives and our harvests with these animals in a way that’s impossible anywhere else in this country.
  • we don’t know what day it is. there is no schedule, weekdays and weekends are irrelevant unless we’re heading downriver to the village. what’s important is the weather, and what we want to do that day, and when the sun rises and sets. our clocks are irrelevant. we need no alarms.
  • our window is our television. we can still choose to watch the occasional movie on my laptop, but mostly we look out the window for the 'news’, or we read the headlines while walking in the woods. the news that’s important to our lives is whether the river has thawed or frozen yet, where the nearest standing dead trees are, whether the moose are still around, whether the hares have turned white or brown yet, where the grouse are this week. we are surrounded by The Real World, and the images it lays out before our eyes are immediately relevant to our survival, unlike the visual cacophony of many other places.
  • we have TIME. our survival is our only job here. period. so during the summer we spent our time building our shelter. we spent our time assisting the neighbor in his salmon harvest, which he shared. we butchered the moose he harvested, and received half the moose. so we spent time gathering food to sustain ourselves through winter. we took the boat downriver to harvest berries. i harvested herbs many days through summer, which kept us in healthful teas and seasonings and medicines. every few days we harvested water from the river or snow from the beach, and firewood from the dead trees in the woods. so we spent our time getting water and warmth. but those things didn’t actually take very long… so then we get to fill our time with Anything We Want… making baskets, wandering the woods, tanning hides, sewing, carving, knitting, felting, reading, telling stories, listening to music, getting into deep philosophical discussions… whatever we want. we have all the time in the world.
  • we get to be Ourselves. i hate having to mask my human scent because other humans don’t want to smell like animals or remember that they are, in fact, animals. i hate having to use flush toilets that wreck ecosystems, i hate driving, i hate advertisements and normal buildings and disposable consumerist bullshit. we don’t have to worry about any of that here. and it is IMMENSELY Restful to get away from that. qualities of self emerge after months out here that i would not have encountered otherwise. there is no Press, no Compulsion, there are no masks, and no facades. it sounds simple, but its effects on the human brain over time are profound.

this reply is already incredibly long, so i’ll simply stop here. moving here has brought about more changes in our lives than i ever could have dreamed possible, and i wouldn’t trade it for anything. but i could ramble about it for days, so feel free to ask any other specific questions you’d like. we knew that coming out here was something of an experiment, and are glad that it’s shown us in even more detail what works for us and what doesn’t. there’s very little we’d change if given the chance… so we’ll be staying in alaska, and maintaining Most of the qualities and felt-experience of this lifestyle. though our surroundings will be different, our values, adventures, habits, and practices are still ultimately the same.

I’ve never mentioned how much Teen Wolf has impacted my life. But I used to live blog it all the time.

Okay, so back in 2012 when the show began, I wasn’t a big fan of it right away because they were like… I don’t know teenage wolf and I was more upset they were rebooting my favorite 80s movie. So I didn’t watch the season when it aired.

Unfortunately that same year in 2012 is when I lost my job and I was going through a rough patch in my life because I been at this catering job for about 8 years and it’s become my life now. So I was in a depressed state and wasn’t feeling like myself at the time so one week I decided to binge on Teen Wolf because I wasn’t doing anything anyway and why not.

By episode 3 I feel in love with the show and was beating myself up about why I didn’t watch it when it was on the air.. kinda like now with Riverdale…but not really lol.

I got so hooked on the show that I would schedule Tuesdays off for my next job because I was going to spend all night watching this show on Mondays.

I been a fan of this show since day 1ish and it sucks that it’s going to end but it feels like I’ve come full circle with this show that I didn’t have a job when it aired and I don’t have a job now because I got let go from the same place I worked now that this show is ending.

From the pilot episode to Void Stiles to Allison’s Death to even that one time McCall became Cubone during the Berserker storyline… I’m gonna miss it all.

Cat Chariot Cafe

Pairing: Lie Ren x Reader

Fandom: RWBY

Author’s Note: Okay so, I did promised that I would post some of my stories from my Grab Bag collection over on AO3. I wasn’t that confident about it, but I started to appreciate this one which was based off a prompt on imagine-rwby. The gender of the reader is never mentioned, so interpret it as you want.

PromptImagine not having a good day so Ren drags you to a newly opened cat cafe, he smiles and sips his tea as several kittens demanded your attention.

Warning(s): Fluff and like 1 swear word. Nothing else. Enjoy~

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How you two would "do the deed"


He likes it rough. Like, up against the wall, biting your lips and neck rough. He was a hood, used to getting his way, so he loves being on top and dominate.

After sex:

He’ll stay with you, but he doesn’t cuddle. He sleeps. But sometimes you’ll wake up and his arm will be around you


Darry and you don’t do it often, so when you do, it’s a special occasion. You both like to go slow, and he likes to watch you and compliment you. He kisses you passionately and doesn’t feel you up that much. He has sex because he loves you, and enjoys it.

After sex:

He doesn’t just cuddle with you, he holds on tight. He doesn’t want you to leave, and he’ll tell you that too.


Soda is slow, but rough at the same time. He knows what he’s doing, and will help you if you don’t. He’s loud, and has sex to be exhilarated. But don’t get me wrong, he likes it when you’re on top, straddling him and kissing him. Soda likes the physical contact of sex, like the kissing and the hair pulling.

After sex:

Like I said, Soda likes the physical contact, so after sex he strokes your face and and kisses you.


Ponyboy is very shy. He doesn’t really like to feel you up, unless of course it’s okay with you. Pony ALWAYS asks for your consent EVERY TIME. You guys could be married and he would still ask. He likes when he’s on top though because he never really gets to do anything for himself. He would be the person to look at you right in the middle and tell you how beautiful you were or kiss you softly.

After sex:

He basically hugs you while he’s sleeping. He always stays with you afterward and you always stay with him.


Two-Bit would be the one to ruin the mood by making you laugh. But you two would have sex pretty often. He loves when you’re dominate and when you kiss him. The kissing is his favorite part. He loves when you touch him in general.

After sex:

Two-Bit would leave immediately but he wouldn’t spend the night. He would walk out and grab some beers for you two to share.


Having sex with Johnny be awkward at first but get passionate. He’d be shy, but he’d get into it as soon as he realized you were too. He’d be gentle though, because he wouldn’t want to hurt you. He’d be the one to kiss you and feel you up at the same time. Sex with him wouldn’t rough but passionate.

After sex:

Johnny would hold on to you from behind, he’d kiss you neck and tell you he loved you and how beautiful you are.


A/n requests open

“Break Room” -Yugyeom M

THIS IS IT!!! I did it!! This is for an anon a couple of days ago. Sorry I’m so slow anon. I made it long so hopefully that makes up for it. I kinda got laazy at the end but hey! This is like 80% revised.

Warnings: Smut, daddy kink, rough sex

Word Count: 4,352


You woke up almost 30 minutes late throwing your covers off of your body and flying to your bathroom to take your shower and brush your teeth. As soon as you were done with that you ran back in your room swearing very loudly as you checked the time and shuffling through your closet trying to find a decent outfit. You finally ran across a white cropped t-shirt with your orange and brown plaid fitted skirt. You put on your shirt and desperately tried to wiggle yourself into your skirt accidentally bumping into your vanity chair and soon banging your back into your wall. “Shit, no time for pain.” You winced and finally put on your skirt. You speed walked passed your vanity mirror slightly glancing and then realized, “My hair is a mess.” You swore, once again this fine lovely morning, and sat down quickly to try and push your mane into a decent up do. You put it in a high bun with gold hair pins. “Not bad Y/N, not bad.” You jumped up and ran to your closet to pick up your metallic gold heels and grabbed your make up and accessories off of your vanity stuffing it in your black and gold purse. You ran to the kitchen and grabbed an apple, then immediately ran towards the door, quickly ripping your light denim jacket off the coat rack before swiftly exiting your apartment. “I’ll be there in 15.” You said to yourself as you jogged down to the elevator.

The drive to work was rather quick but hectic because you were putting on light makeup and putting on whatever jewelry you picked up on your way out of the house. As soon as you pulled up to your company’s building, you sighed in relief as you looked at your clock. “Oh God, thank you. 5 minutes before I need to be there.” You found a parking spot and hopped out the car. You speed walk into the building and to the elevator. You press the up button and impatiently wait. You were putting on your earrings and biting into your apple when someone walked up next you pressing the up button again. Didn’t they see it already lit? You asked yourself. You look to your right and see no other than the infamous Kim Yugyeom. You let out a dragged and rough sigh as you roll your eyes. He chuckled and looked you up and down licking his lip. “Hey Y/N. You look nice today.” You stood there with your hand on your hip and your head cocked to the side. “Please Yugyeom not today.” He scoffed playfully and held his chest. “Golly Y/N! I just said you look nice today. No need to be so mean. Even though you look oh so sexy being mean.” He said as he slid closer to you biting his lip looking at your body. You smacked his arm and began to walk away. “SEE THIS IS WHY IM MEAN TO YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE A PERVERT!” You yelled causing other people to look. Yugyeom just flashed his signature smile and dropped his head a little lightly chuckling at you. As you were almost to the stairs the doors to the elevator opened and Yugyeom immediately ran in. You turned on your heels and began to walk to the elevator tossing your half eaten apple in the nearest trash can. But then you see the doors shutting. You pick up your pace and as soon as you think the doors are going to close they open back up to a grinning Yugyeom. You looked at him through your eyelashes and gave a small thank you. “I’m only this nice for you baby.” He said as you groaned and pressed your back against the wall. “OMG, can this elevator go any slower?” You mumble out hearing him snicker.

You and Yugyeom have been working together at Forever 20’s headquarters for almost 2 years now.  He works in the Visual Merchandising department and you work in Clothing Design department. You both work in different departments but they’re right next door on the same hall. And better yet, there is a glass wall so he can see you! Great job construction! Yugyeom has been flirting with you since you started working there. He first took interest after you first month working at Forever 20. You were in Cafe 20 getting a cup of decaf coffee and he was buying his morning muffin. He was rather handsome and fine as hell, so you were kind of staring. He noticed and smiled, slowly walking your way. You sipped your coffee and waited for him to approach you. He finally arrived, “You’re new here right?” He asked placing his muffin on the nearest table. You nodded and sipped your coffee again. “I’ve been here a month.” He smiled and licked his lip. You lifted your cup to your lips as your eyes trailed the way his tongue moved across his pretty pink lips. He chuckled and you decided to look at his eyes. “What’s your name?” he asked with his hand stretched out to you. “Y/N, Clothing Design.” You placed your hand in his as he enclosed his around yours in a firm and comforting grip. He smiled and you couldn’t help but admire those beautiful pearly whites. “Kim Yugyeom, Visual Merchandising.”  You just knew that you were going to love working here.

That soon ended after about 3 months of hanging out with him when you found out he was a pervert. He started off really cute and nice the first 2 months, but around that 2 and a half month mark it turned. He went from Do you want me to buy you a cookie? To Let me eat your cookie tonight. You were so distraught at the turn of events that you tried to run away from him, and you succeeded, but then you realized the big clear wall in between your departments was not nice anymore. You could simply turn around and mistakenly glance his way and he was more than happy start poking the inside of his cheek with his tongue while wiggling his eyebrows. Disgusting.  He’s been doing this ever since, asking you on dates, asking to drive you home, asking to go inside your home, asking to have sex with you while inside your home. He’s just, Yugyeom.

You finally arrive to your floor and exit the elevator. You exit first so you can speed walk to your department’s office. As you were walking you hear him behind you making a noise every time your foot hits the floor. “Bow. Bow. Bow. Bow. Oohh. Look. At. That. Ass.”  You breathe in and out and continue to walk. “Damn ma! Shawty got a nice body!” You finally open the door and enter slamming it shut. Everyone in the room stops what they were doing and stares at you. Even people next door stop and stare. You smile and wave. “Good morning, everyone!” They smile faintly at you and some say good morning back, then continue what they were doing. You walk over to your friend Emily and toss your purse on your desk. You huff and puff and sigh. She looks up from her sketch and looks you up and down. “Ooo look at you! Cute outfit! But you’re like 4 minutes late.” Her face changes from happy to stern. You sigh again and rub on her shoulders. “It’s only 4 minutes. I know I said I would help with the sketch and I still can.” You say giving her a massage. It’s only been 4 freaking minutes. She sighs and acts defeated. “How about lunch? On me? We can go Downtown to that Korean BBQ place you like.” She finally smiled. You knew food would get her, fat ass. You sat down next to her and began helping. You glance over to Yugyeom’s department to see him smirking at you. You roll yours eyes and turn your attention back to Emily.

Your phone buzzes and you pick it up reading the screen.

Pervert:    ( • )( •ԅ(。≖△≖。ԅ)

Emily looks over at your phone and sees the text. She starts snickering with her hand over her mouth. You look at her in disbelief. “Are you laughing about this right now?” She moves her hand from her face and nods. “You know you like it and HIM!” “Lies. Now stop before I cancel lunch!” You scold. She stops smiling and straightens her back focusing on her sketch again.” That’s what I thought.”  You turn your phone off and begin giving ideas on the sketch.

It’s almost lunch time so you and Emily put up your pencils and stand up to stretch your limbs. “It’s coming along very well. It’s like normcore but kind of edgy. I’m sure the boss will approve this.” You tell her. She smiles and taps her feet on the ground. “Thanks Y/N. You really helped a lot.” You grab her hand and squeeze it lightly. “No problem girl. Wanna head out now? It’s almost 12?” She agrees and you both begin walking to the door until she stops in her tracks. “Oh wait, I gotta go up to the secretary and ask her some questions and take her these papers.” She says shuffling back to her desk to grab some papers in a folder out of her drawer. “I’ll meet you downstairs after I run up there real quick.” You nod and tell her you’ll wait in the car then leave the room.

You walk to the elevator and press the down button. You wait for about 2 seconds before pulling out your phone to turn it back on. Then out of nowhere someone grabs your wrist and drag you into one of the break rooms. You begin to start screaming until the awfully strong person puts their hand over your mouth hushing you and closing the door, locking it. You turn around in the dark room trying to focus your pupils on something getting into a fighting stance. “Who are you and what the fuck do you want?” You hear a familiar chuckle and then footsteps. Then the lights are turned on. “I want to fuck that dirty mouth you’ve got baby girl.” You then realize who it is and turn towards the voice. Yugyeom. You let out an annoyed yet relived groan and hold your head. “Kim Yugyeom you scared the shit out of me!” He laughed. “I’m not into truffle butter but if that’s what you’re into, I guess I can give it a try.” You stop and look at him. Thinking, how can someone be this idiotic? Why are you like this Kim Yugyeom? Should I beat the snot out of him? “Okay, here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to move so I can go eat lunch. Then I will come back and beat your face in. I won’t do it now because I’m hungry as ever. So step aside Kim Yuckyeom.” You begin to walk towards the door and you realize he wasn’t moving aside. Just standing there with this ugly (sexy) grin on his face and his hands in front of his body. You make it to the door and he still hasn’t moved so you put your hands on his chest and push him to the side. But, because you are not as strong you make yourself seem, he doesn’t budge at all. “You like what you feel?” He asks boastfully looking down at you smirking. “Boy if you don’t get yo- Ahh!” He picks you up and throws you over his shoulder walking, holding your hips so you don’t fall over. “Kim Yugyeom let me down right now! I will kill you!” You punch and bang on his back. He smacks your ass hard causing you to gasp and wince. “Stop babygirl. It hurts when you do it hard.” You hit him on his butt this time with all your strength. “I don’t give a fuck what you like!” You yell. He stops walking and the next thing you know is you’re flying and your back hits the break room sofa. You bounce a little and gasped, shocked that he just threw you. “Did you just throw me?” You asked getting angrier. He looked down on you, no smirk or anything. You were furious but his intimidating look caused you to cower down. He’s never given you this look and you don’t know how to feel about it or what to do honestly. You look to the side because his gaze was getting too hot and you start feeling something in your stomach turn. Why the hell is he looking like that? He crouches down so that he is leveled with you. You try to look at him but his eyes are just shooting daggers into your face. “Y/N.” He says softly yet sternly. You glance his way with your face still turned. “What Yugyeom?” You say. He raises his eyebrow. “From now on you call me daddy. If you are to disobey me, I will have it to be you won’t walk out of here without a limp.” He says. You’ve never heard his voice like this. You don’t know what has come over him. It’s different from his usual perverted shenanigans, it’s totally different. It’s sexy as hell and turning you on. How did he know you have a daddy kink?

“Do you understand me?” His voice brought you out of your thoughts. You try to look into his eyes. “What if I don’t want to call you daddy?” You ask crossing your legs. He looks at your legs up and down biting his bottom lip. He smacks your thigh and squeezes it letting loose a groan. “Oh you will baby girl.” He uncrosses your legs and pulls them apart. You watched as he manhandled you, getting turned on more and more. He rubbed your calves and ran his hands up your thighs to the top of your skirt. “As nice as your outfit is, it’s gotta go.” He yanked your skirt around your hips and down your legs. He threw it off to the side ordering you to take your jacket and top off. You sat up just enough to rid yourself of your clothing and tossed them to the arm of the sofa. He stopped unstrapping your heels and took in your body. His eyes drifted from your face to your neck and collar bones down to your perky breast and to your stomach all the way down to your feet in his hands. He noted how your blue bra matched your blue panties. “God I could just eat you up.” He said while taking your shoes off your feet. He set them aside and began rubbing up and down your legs as he leaned in to kiss you. You closed your eyes and finally melted into his touch. His lips felt soft like rose petals and his touch was firm on your hips. You felt his tongue swipe across your top lip and you parted your mouth for him. He slipped his tongue in your mouth and that’s when things got really heated. The kissed turned from sweet delicacy to rough and hard. He grabbed the back of your head pushing your face into his causing your nose you snuggle into his cheek cutting off your air supply every once in a while. His other hand roamed and squeezed on anything it could find. He then cupped your breast and pinched on your nipple through your blue bra. You moaned at the feeling, almost immediately wanting more. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pushed your body against his, grinding your lower half against his clothed body. You pulled back and looked him in the eyes. Lust, that’s what you saw. Pure lust and want, and you knew that’s what he saw as well in your own. You leaned into his neck and placed a kiss. He sucked in air. You then moved to his ear. “No fair. You’re fully clothed.” You pouted as your tongue left your mouth and lightly flickered on his lobe. “Goddamn Y/N.”  He grabbed a handful of your ass and squeezed.  He let you fall back on the sofa again and stood up in front of you. You crossed your legs again and watched the show.

He unbuttoned his shirt slowly, making sure to hold eye contact. You looked into his eyes then backs down to his fingers as he tortuously poked at each button. When he was done he pulled each arm out of the sleeves revealing those toned arms and chest. You licked your lips at the sight. You’ve always known he was sexy, he just had unwanted ways. You looked up at his face to see him smirking. “Enjoying the show doll?” He asked as he moved to his belt buckle. You nod and squeeze your legs together to give yourself some type of friction.  He unbuckled his belt and the top of his jeans. You took this as your chance and moved yourself to the edge of the sofa. You placed your hand over his and stopped his movements. He looked at you with a quirk. You smiled and moved his hand to the side. “Let me.” You look into his eyes one more time and start working on his jeans. You slide his zipper down slowly then pull on the side of his jeans and watch as they pool to the ground. Now you are faced to face with his very prominent bulge. It’s absolutely huge. You never imagined him to be so big. You palm him and he throws his head back a bit. “Come on babygirl.” You decide to be nice and bite on the top of his boxers and pull them down with your teeth locking eyes with him. He was already looking down at you biting and sucking on his lip. “Damn.” You hear him mumble with his now husky voice. His erection nearly slapped you in the face as it sprung from under his boxers. You gasped with your mouth open as you stared at it. Oh my fucking gosh. It was thick, red, and leaking with precum. He placed his hand under your chin to lift your head to him. He lifted you till you were standing on your tippy toes. He looked all over your face and finally at your lips. He kissed you, deeply and hungrily.  After he was done he pushed you back down to your knees. “Now suck.” You did as you were told and grabbed him by his base. You opened your mouth and placed him on your tongue, slapping him on you making him impatient. He got fed up with your teasing and rolled his hips as his dick went down your throat. You placed your hands on his stomach trying to push him back but he just continued. He rolled his hips again as his dick moved in and out of your mouth. It was too much and your air supply was very limited. He grabbed the back of your heads to stop your bobbing and threw his head back. “Mmmm fuck babe. Your mouth feels so fucking good.” You looked up at him with tears in your eyes, hoping he would hold off and let you breathe. That just caused him to go faster, fucking your throat harder. He grunted and huffed feeling your throat around his thick girth. You swallowed and that sent him over the edge. He let out a quite loud yell as his chest rose and fell faster and faster. “I’m gonna cum babygirl oh my god your mouth is perfect.” He pounded into your throat hard. At this point you weren’t even sure if you were breathing.  You closed your eyes, trying to catch any breath you could. He let out one last yell as he cummed down your throat. You swallowed every ounce as he gave it to you. He looked down on you stroking the back of your head as you swallowed giving you praise. “Good girl” He cooed as he pulled back out of your throat. You finally gasped, your chest rising as your lungs filled with oxygen, then coughing as your throat burned from the mistreatment. “I’m sorry baby girl.” He rubbed your throat and laid you back on the sofa. “You were just doing so well. Daddy enjoyed that very much Y/N.” You sniffed and wiped away the tears that fell from your eyes.

He watched you and noticed the big wet spot on your panties. He grinned and stroked and thighs again. “How about daddy make it up to you?” You like the sound of that. You nod and bat your lashes holding your burning throat. Shit I can’t talk you thought.  He bent down and began to kiss your neck. You huskily moaned and wrapped your legs around his waist. He kissed and sucked leaving purple marks and traveled down to your breast pulling them out and sucking on your nipples. You grab the back of his head scratching his scalp. He kisses you down your stomach down to your panties and around your clothed area. He pulled your panties down and threw them by your skirt. He opened your legs wide and admired your woman hood. “You look absolutely delicious.” He flicked at your clit earning a low moan from you. “I can’t wait to taste you.” Without a second thought he dived down into your core, lapping at the juices that formed as your sucked him off earlier. You arched your back with your mouth hung open. “Yu..Yugyeom.” You  barely rasped out. Shit he was good, and he just started. He looked at you through his long lashes and grinned. He continued to lap at you altering between licks and flicks. You grabbed a hand full of his hair, pulling it.

“Oh my god.” You sucked in air and moaned. He then decides to tongue fuck you. Pushing his tongue in and out of your core making you even more wet. You were so gone at this point. He moved fast but made sure to lick every crease and crevice he could find. You let out a long languid moan alerting him of your climax. “Daddy…I’m go…gonna cum!” He smirked, reaching around your hips and placed his thumb on your clit moving in figure eights on it adding to your high. He was giving you everything you could ever want. He fastens his pace on your clit and then you were cumming all on his tongue and nose. You laid back down on the sofa breathing hard and released the tight grip you had on his hair. He lapped up all of your juices on your pussy and on his chin, wiping his nose with his arm.

He gave you no time to regain your self-control and spread your legs wide again. “Yugyeom!” You yelped as he aligned his tip with your entrance. He pushed his hips forwards and entered you.  He pushed so far in you he almost hitting your cervix. You just laid there in shock as you adjusted to his size. He was the perfect fit. “Fuck Y/N, I can’t wait, you feel too good.” You placed your hand on his abdomen and he began to thrust in and out of you. It began slow but as usual, he fastened his pace and began to lose control. Each thrust sent you flying back into the sofa. You felt bad for whoever was gonna sit here in the future.

 He was like a mad man, pounding into you like his life depended on it. You moaned so sinfully it encouraged him to do so. “Yugyeom.” You warned as a familiar feeling churned in the pit of your stomach again. “Me to baby, just hold on a little longer.” His hair stuck to his face from all the sweat. His jaw clenched and his veins popped from his neck and arms as he held onto you for dear life. You had one hand on his abdomen and the other above your head holding onto the sofa so you wouldn’t fly through it. Daddy was a hard lover.

His thrust became sloppier and sloppier and you knew he was close. You clenched around him to see his response and it was great. He yelled and threw his head back begging you to do it again. So you did, you clench and rubbed your clit to bring yourself over the edge. “Okay babe, cum!” You both released at the same time. He fell over on top of you, you both breathing like you ran a marathon.  He smiled and so did you. He pulled out and you felt oh so empty. Kinda sad. He kissed you again and again. “Okay Yugyeom.” You giggled as he kissed on our nose and cheek. He stopped and chuckled himself. “Let’s get dressed.” He spoke. You agreed and both you got up putting your clothes back on. He started laughing. You looked over at him and quirked your eyebrow. “What are you laughing at?” He sighed and looked your way. “You called me daddy.” You picked up one of your shoes and threw it at him. “Shut up! I know what I did. Emily is gonna be so pissed.” You and Yugyeom talked for a bit then decided to leave. You opened the door and there stood Emily with her hand on her hip and tapping her foot.

You looked at her then back at Yugyeom. “I.. I can explain.” You sid as you nervously laughed. “No need. You wanted to fuck while I starved. I totally get it.” You smiled and wrapped your arms around her. “Ew! Get your nasty paws off you smell like sex!” Yugyeom laughed and smacked your butt. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Noo! Ew!!” Emily ran down the hall screaming.  You turned around to Yugyeom to see him smiling.


4. Worst. Sob Stories. Ever

It’s a tradition for Tyra to parade out her semifinalists and make them share their darkest and most personal secrets in order to determine whether they have it what it takes to be a model. On ANTM, a subpar appearance can always be overlooked if the model has some rare disease or tragic accident in her past.

This year, though… it’s like ANTM wasn’t even trying to make us cry! Was this really the best they could find? Where is the Hurricane Katrina survivor? Where is the homeless person? Where is the burn victim? Where is the victim of female circumcision? Where is that one lesbian who was the sole survivor of a plane crash as a kid?  

I’m almost tempted to say that they are putting more focus on finding actual models this year, except they recruited a bunch of freaks and shorties, so that can’t be it. Anyway, you can read about some of their personal tragedies here… and no, don’t worry about grabbing the tissues.


Mame was the child of a diplomat and lived a privileged lifestyle in Switzerland with cooks and maids. Then she got in one little fight, and her mom got scared; she said, “You’re moving with your aunt and your uncle in Bel Air.” Okay, I might have mixed her story up a bit with the Fresh Prince, but anyway, she gets shipped to her aunt and uncle in America for “stability”’s sake. Apparently, Mame could not stop this because there’s NO arguing with African parents. Maybe, though, there’s just no arguing with her father because he’s a diplomat and therefore always diplomatic.

Just when you think Mame’s story can’t get any sadder, she cries about how she was “raised over the phone.” If only the Line App were around when she was a teenager, I’m sure she’d be much closer to her family.


You’ll never guess what’s wrong with this guy. He’s suffering from a long…

… neck. The poor child! At least he’ll never be accused of being a no-neck monster.

His more substantial physical disability is “cauliflower ear.” I initially thought Tyra was babbling nonsense, but apparently that’s a real thing where the ear gets deformed after a wrestler gets bashed  in the head repeatedly. If I were Dustin, I’d be more considered about what those injuries have done to his intelligence than the cartilage in his ears.


Believe it or not - and Tyra doesn’t apparently - this poor kid has to PAY HIS OWN BILLS. What has this world come to? Mikey says his childhood was difficult because the “late ‘80s/early 90s was a rough time in the world.” (Pretty sure he’s throwing shade at New Kids on the Block here.) He’s also one of the first males in his family not to go to prison. That’s an accomplishment, I guess, but why aren’t we seeing his formerly incarcerated relative on this show instead? Brother Ricky for ANTM 23! #MugshotRealness #23toLife


Despite being signed to six modeling agencies, clients never book Devin for actual jobs since he is “not the typical black guy.” He says the constant rejection has left him “messed up in the head.” Again, it is not his fault, it is the lack of modeling gigs that has driven him to his bizarre behavior. We’re praying for you, Devin.


No one has ever taken a picture of Courtney in her life! No parents? No friends? The only logical explanation for this is that she was a feral child left alone in the woods until ANTM held a casting call in the forest and welcomed her to the rest of society. Will she be able to handle having OTHER people take her picture? Crossing my fingers for this girl because it is one hell of a story.


Bryant is a successful underwear model, but he’s hoping to rebrand himself as more than that. “I’m here to show you that the clothes don’t wear you, you wear the clothes.” So far on this show, Bryant has worn like zero articles of clothing, so mission failed, I’d say.


Delanie lost 40 pounds and found her transition from duckling to swan to be difficult. If only you knew what it was like to become really, really, really pretty over a short time span. She was just this ordinary girl and now she’s been forced to enter a modeling competition due to this cursed beauty.


Hadassah is also cursed with beauty - she’s so pretty that people just assume she’s dumb! “A lot of people think I’m not very smart just by looking at me…” she says. That doesn’t sound fair! “… or hearing me talk,” she continues. Wait - hold the phone. If people think you’re dumb after you talk to them, then you’re probably just dumb. But being legitimately dumb might be sadder than having your intelligence underestimated, so I’ll give you a sliver of sympathy, Hadassah.


Maleesa is the shortest person in the competition and that’s horrible because… I dunno, people keep accidentally stepping on her or something?


Justin’s immigrant parents want him to quit modeling and get a “real job.” You’d think they’d just be glad that he’s not a drug dealer like his sister (okay, technically she’s a pharmacist, but same difference). It’s hard, but he’s already trying to break expectations of what an Asian is supposed to be:

If you say so, Justin.


This girl’s parents divorced when she turned 15, and she’s more distraught about the situation than the model who got molested. You know who else’s parents were divorced by the time they were teenagers? Half of America. Don’t waste our time with this shit, Lacey, unless YOU’RE the one who got divorced. If you want to be the next Jourdan, start practicing the line  “I got married at 15 and divorced at 15.”

8 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 1


New York used to be a different town than it is today. People use terms like “Old New York,” and “The Bad Old Days” to talk about the 70s and 80s. In fact, the crime wave that is associated with New York City lasted well through the late 1990s.

For example, in 1977 there were 1,919 murders in New York. By 1991 that number reached an all-time high of 2,571. The murder rate didn’t dip below 1,000 until 1998. To put it in perspective, from 2000-2010, it has been hanging around 800.


The Twenty-First Century Teenager | Samuel Hersh

This coming Tuesday I will leave that monumental decade which comprises the majority of our young life—the teens (pre-teens included). For the past ten years I have had an age that started with a ‘1’. Now, I am faced with the fact that I will officially enter the next stage of my life. Though, honestly, I don’t truly feel like I deserve it. I don’t feel like I have really been a teenager—I haven’t lived up to the wanderlust teenage years that seem to pervade our media and social expectations.

In our society, the common notion is that our teenage years, and most specifically our high school years, are the best of our lives. It’s after we’ve grown up enough to have some freedom, but before we must take on ALL the freedom that comes with college and adulthood. We are free to have fun and simply live our lives. Yes, you have to make sure your chemistry grade stays where it is, but that’s about it. There’s a sense of possibility and aimlessness that makes one feel free.

But most importantly, there’s a sense of community with each other—with all teenagers. You can walk around the hallway on your way to history and know that you’re all in this together. You’re all trying to have fun; you all at one point work through the night finishing a paper for English. And you’re all headed to the great, bright future after graduation that will lead you to the life you’re meant to have.

To me, all of this is bullshit.

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michael’s favorite thing was you.

he loved the way your eyes lit up whenever you saw him. he loved the way you sang along to all the songs playing on the car radio. he loved the way you would hold his hand during movies and would end up paying more attention to his profile than the actual scene taking place before you.

michael’s complete infatuation with you made it easy for him to get inspired.

you were his muse.

every single photo he took and every single song he wrote always related back to you.

he didn’t know what he’d do if something ever happened to you, so he kept you immortalized through silly one minute songs that he’d never perform and quick candid pictures that he’d never let anyone else see.

when he decided that these pictures and these songs just weren’t enough, he invested in a quality video camera.

it was absolutely adorable, how he had jumped onto the bed full of enthusiasm as he unboxed his new form of capturing your essence, as you focused on reading a book.

you giggled at his failed attempts to work the damned thing until he finally got it working and he focused the camera on you.

your laughter filled the air as he pounced on you, trying to focus the camera on your smiling face. you were at your prime in this moment; frizzy hair, no makeup, the creases underneath your eyes that formed due to late night chats and early morning coffee runs were visible, and michael wouldn’t have had it any other way.

he liked your raw beauty so much that he would make it his mission to film you while you were completely oblivious.

whether it was while you were brushing your teeth or while you were drooling in your sleep, he filmed you.

if you hadn’t noticed his sly ways of positioning the camera just right to get evidence of you dancing to 80s music, you would find out later when you caught him grinning at the screen, replaying every moment he’d otherwise be blind to if his lens hadn’t seen it.

it was charming to know that he loved you so much that he didn’t want to miss out on the parts he couldn’t be constantly there for.

however, michael’s obsession with this camera–with you–quickly lost its luster. it was sweet the first few times he tried to videotape you in the shower, and you even played along when you were up for it, but sometimes when you got home from a rough day at work and all you wanted to do was take a bath and listen to the soft music radiating from your phone, michael would position himself on the toilet seat, begging you to just flash a smile at the camera.

you were beginning to feel more like a college photography subject than his girlfriend and it didn’t help that he would become frustrated when you didn’t cooperate.

sometimes you would just want a nice relaxing evening, eating dinner and then watching a movie, but even then you would catch him fiddling with the lens, telling you that he figured out how to adjust something new. then he’d point the lens at you and momentarily blind you with the bright flash.

this would cause you to huff and then storm into your bedroom without another word, leaving him to his newfound passion.

even in public, michael would find it hard to contain himself from capturing a video of you walking down the street or taking a sip of your drink.

to some it would seem magical; someone was always there to take a quick video of you looking your best while you were oblivious all the while. but when you had been putting up with michael’s obsession for as long as you had, it all began to take a toll on you and your relationship.

nothing was sacred anymore. even if these videos were for his eyes only.

“could you just…put the camera away for two seconds,” you’d snapped, one night while you were both out at dinner.

michael looked up from his camera and sent a glare your way. “i thought you liked when i took videos of you.”

you rolled your eyes. “i do…i did. but it’s becoming a little obsessive. once, just once, i’d like to have a normal day with you. just you. and without the camera.” you tried to make it as clear as possible that you loved him but hated his newfound hobby.

“fine,” he replied curtly, tucking the camera away and facing you. it seemed like now that he was without a lens, you couldn’t even tell who he was. the talking ceased because most of it was just directions from him on how you should turn your head for the camera or how you should take a longer sip from your drink to make the shot seem more realistic.

although you noticed this, you still tried to give your boyfriend the benefit of the doubt. after he realized that he didn’t need a camera to view you, everything would return to normal.

but that was just it.

nothing returned to normal.

in fact, within two days michael had forgotten everything you’d said about his stupid camera and began to videotape you once more.

it was the last straw, when you were having more of a rough day than you’d like to admit. not only had one of your checks bounced, and you lost your job, but your childhood pet had just passed away and you weren’t even back at your parents’ home to be with them in their last moments.

you came home and you cried your eyes out, hoping that this one time michael would listen to you. but all he did was pull out his camera, muttering about how your tears were glistening beautifully due to the flash.

you glared up at him and stormed away.

not even when you needed his shoulder to cry on was he willing to give up his ridiculous obsession.

you’d had enough. you realized that although it seemed like he was doing this all as a proclamation of his love for you, he was truly only doing it for himself.

the last video he ever filmed was of you leaving your apartment in tears, pushing the camera away from you as you opened the door to leave. you spun around, tears flying from the tracks on your cheeks. “have fun trying to find someone new to film,” you seethed.

and that was that.

michael never heard from you again.

his muse was gone and all he had left of it were those videos.

now there was no one left to secretly film while a movie was getting extremely tedious. no one left to shakily film while driving down a long empty highway. no one left to eagerly film after eyes glittered with fresh excitement.

after he realized this, his obsession with filming died out, but his love for you…never did.

A/N: this was written on my phone in the span of three days so i’m super sorry if it’s shit okay bye!

Hey kiddos so there’s something that’s going on that’s very near and dear to my heart that I’ve seen one post of that I didn’t have to go searching for.

Three weeks ago, there was another black death at the hands of police. This time in Baltimore, Maryland. His name was Freddie Gray.

He died of his neck being 80% severed due to a “rough ride.” 

Understandably, protests started. They were peaceful, they had a good message, they were good.

But more recently, while there are still peaceful protests going on, we have also had pockets of rioters, causing mass violence throughout Baltimore City. This isn’t simply breaking windows and storefronts, this is pulling people out of their cars, setting fire to vehicles, hurting people who have nothing to do with the event. (i.e. not police.)

I wanted to make this post to make some things clear. The protesters are thoroughly supported in Baltimore. The rioters, a separate group, are not. I wanted to make a call for safety for all those living in Baltimore, and the surrounding area. To stay safe to the best of your ability, and resume peaceful protests when the time is right. I know particularly that tonight, three gangs have banded together and are putting together a “Purge” (yes, just like the movies.) This is not a rumor, this is something that is getting underway as I type this. All citizens of Baltimore, please stay safe.

I am 22,

I am 22 and my dreams are still -
I wake up somehow knowing that time will never change this, that technicolour will no longer come to call,
I cannot sleep,
I cannot fall asleep for fear of the sunlight creeping through the blinds, over my sleeping form (it wouldn’t know if I were breathing, no-one would) and highlighting the space I still see as yours -

I cannot sleep without you so I weigh the pros and cons of sleeping with someone new, for the hundredth time, to stain my bedsheets with another shade of disappointment -
I haven’t washed them since the last one,
Have I washed them since you? I have no idea.
I weigh the pros and cons, it would still feel like sneaking,

Like tiptoeing behind the back of a shadow, dancing around eggshells that were cleaned up months ago,
Like praying for bookshelves to fall down and characters to spill out, like begging them to berate me, to sneer at my infidelity,

I am 22,

It has been nine months,
In the same time we could have grown a soul I have broken my own spirit instead - I cannot sleep yet I do not blame you at all -
Except for leaving your art on the walls,
To remind me - of what? - that no matter how long I spent with paint on my knees from crawling through the artist’s home,

His one true muse still haunted the hallways.


Lately I have been thinking a lot about the person I could potentially have become, at eighty years old, if any one of my various flings, failed attempts at romance, soiled bedsheets and numbers deleted from my phone at midnight, if any one of those men had turned out to be The One Who Changed Everything - 

How would I reflect on my existence, as an eighty-year-old woman, were that to have been the case?

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some very rough, freeform drafts of a project I hope to complete, 80,where I explore several of these possibilities. They don’t pretend to be finished, and they don’t aim to mean much/anything, but as with all art, perhaps it’ll make you think about something, or maybe it’ll just sound a little bit pretty if you read it at the right time with the right beverage in your left hand.

22 of 80, Daisy Lola.

I knew I was gonna need all the super powers combined of the Avengers for this WOD.

Speed: 4 x 100 m sprints

1000 m row
80 air squats
70 ab mat sit ups
60 double unders (I did 180 singles)
50 wall ball shots
40 push ups

—-I forget my time but it was around 22 minutes.

The sprints are feeling better which I wasn’t expecting. The row was a good steady pace between 1:50 and 2:00/500m cause I didn’t wanna exhaust myself. The stuff between the wall balls was business as usual. The wall balls weren’t too bad cause I did a lower target and the push ups at the end were ROUGH.

Good workout though.
And the presentation went great.

The end