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This is so important

The scene where Cloud encounters Tifa is so important to his character. I mean just look at the look on his face when he sees her there. 

It’s shock and disbelief. What is she doing there? Why is she just lying in the flowers? Cloud rushes over to her and scoops her up in his arms, frantically saying her name, yet she is not responding. 

Look at his face! Why is this scene so important? Because of the following reasons. 

Cloud was happy living with Tifa and the children, but soon he started to fear if even his happy life would be ripped away. 

In Advent Children
The happier he is now,
The more Cloud is tormented by painful “memories” of the past. -10th AU Cloud’s profile 

Cloud tried to move on once…but he was hurt by the losses he experienced in the battles he fought in the game story. Even after all of that he still found a peaceful life, and that made him scared. He lost it all once already and he could lose it all again. Even though he was there he couldn’t do anything to prevent it the last time. so the happier he is, the more lonely he becomes. - nomura : distance.

Nomura: In the past he meet Zack, his best friend, and Aerith, someone who was important to him, but he lost them,so wonders if his present peace will also shatter one day… Since something might happen while he’s around, he left everyone behind and is doing delivery work on his own.

It has been confirmed in Nomura’s direct words that Cloud leaves because he thought something might happen while he’s around. So as he goes from Zack’s grave to running deliveries to returning to Aerith’s church for the night, he sees Tifa in the first time in weeks and what condition is she in? A bad one. 

This entire time he was trying to avoid losing anymore of those close to him. When Tifa doesn’t respond we see the fear and concern on his face. Is she dead? Is she okay? Will this be the last time he gets to see her again? Will her voice on the voicemail be the last time he hears her speak? He also is holding her in his arms. I have no doubt he flashed back to holding a dead Aerith. Now here he is, running into the very thing he wanted to avoid! 

This is is the moment she takes a breath and moves, letting him know she’s still alive. Look at how intensely he looks at her. He’s concerned, he’s attentive, he’s relieved.  The next expression he has is a very mixed one. Anyone who’s seen the movie hears the anger in his voice when asking “Who did this?!”

There is a certain expression he makes that is easy to catch when watching his face. I’ll post up a gif to show this expression. 

Cloud frowns and looks away for a brief moment before looking back at Tifa as she says “He didn’t say…”

I believe at this moment when Cloud looks away, he is cursing himself. He should have been there! But he already has this belief that he can’t do anything, that he would lose them regardless. It is in this moment in the church Cloud’s fear is realized in full. If Tifa and his family are to be taken from him…they’re going to be taken from him. 

He distanced himself because, as Nomura stated, if he was there something might have happened. But something DID happen while he wasn’t there. Something he could have possibly stopped. He remembers the time he failed to help Zack who lay bleeding out, the time he failed to stop Sephiroth from impaling the Aerith, all of this flashes through his mind in this brief eye movement. 

You also see his eyes constantly moving, he’s not staring at any particular part of Tifa’s face, his mind is just racing with how she appears before him and the fact someone did this to her in the place he was living. No matter where he goes, even in Aerith’s church, he faces the fear of being torn from his family…or rather, his family being torn from him. 

Now as she shoots up to yell for Marlene, we see Cloud make a few faces. 

Look at the way he’s holding Tifa, and the look he has on his face. It’s this look between frustration, sorrow, and anger. That is when he panics and looks around for Marlene with this same pissed off expression. 

Here Tifa is injured, and Marlene gone. No doubt he believes she was taken, since Marlene surely wouldn’t have left Tifa’s side. Cloud was afraid of losing his whole family, and now already…here is Tifa unconscious, and Marlene missing. 

What makes this scene of him looking around for Marlene even more poignant is the fact that right before she is taken, she clutches the bandage is her hands and yells out for Cloud. 

She called for him. 

In this moment, Cloud realizes they both needed him and he wasn’t there. He is beating himself up once again. Sad and angry that this even happened. Cloud wanted to distance himself so nothing bad would happen to his family, as Nomura confirmed, he thought something would happen if he was there but in this particular instance…something could have been STOPPED if he was there. 

We don’t really know what Cloud would have done because he is then wrecked with pain from his Geostigma. When he passes out is the first time we really feel Aerith is there watching over them. We also see the wolf that was the symbol of Cloud’s guilt. 

Cloud is guilty that he failed Zack and Aerith, and now feels guilty he couldn’t protect Tifa from whoever attacked her, that he couldn’t protect Marlene from her kidnapper. 

This scene is SO so important of Cloud’s guilt. His facial expressions during the scene conveying his inner turmoil. The thoughts in his mind that keep racing, the what if’s, the anxiety, all of it is present within this scene. 

This is also the first step to Cloud’s healing process. What takes place chronologically after this is Tifa saying “I know, maybe something will happen that can never unhappen and that scares you doesn’t it?”

This ties in with Nomura’s statement about Cloud worried something might happen while he’s there.  When Cloud finally wakes up, he is informed that even DENZEL IS MISSING!!!

He gazes back at the picture of Denzel, and stares at it. Tifa injured, Marlene and Denzel gone. Cloud’s fears are realized. He wasn’t at the church when Marlene and Tifa were attacked, and he wasn’t home when Denzel was being lured out by Yazoo.

Cloud realized this is out of his control, and if something horrible is going to happen, it’s going to happen regardless. Zack was going to die even if Cloud wasn’t there, Aerith was going to die even if Cloud never made it to the alter. These situations are out of his control, but he learned that by being there, his chances of stopping something bad from happening are FAR GREATER than if he wasn’t present. 

This scene is the first step Cloud takes to recovery and forgiving himself. 

When Jonnor stans are just bitter bc Brallie is going to make love and Jonnor never will.

That might be harsh but I’m tired of Jonnor fans bitching and complaining and I’ve tried to be rational and nice with y’all but you’re getting on my last damn nerve. 

Honestly, I find Jonnor absolutely adorable but I get extremely uncomfortable with most Jonnor shippers bc I don’t think they realize that these two young boys aren’t going to have as many scenes as the other actors. They’re both still in school and under age. When the writers said “Summer of Jonnor.” Did you honestly think you would get Jonnor in EVERY episode? Think about it, they’ve had some pretty cute scenes and in a way it has been a good summer for them. But newsflash, it’s not the Jonnor show. It’s not the Brallie show. It’s a show based on family, much like 7th Heaven. In conclusion Jonnor have had plenty of screen time, maybe when the actors are of age the show will focus on them more but until then, it’s just not going to happen. Be happy with what you got. They’re together, & they’re happy that’s all you need. Don’t be selfish and ruin the brallie tag with your bitter ass comments. One last thing, Brallie is not incest, they’re not toxic or unhealthy they are a complicated love story. They’re not selfish for wanting to be together, you can’t help who you love and honestly I think it was a pretty fucking shitty thing for Stef and Lena to do when they put a restraining order on Brandon. I do think Callie wanted to be adopted in the beginning but as time has gone by she is realizing that she can’t just forget her feelings for Brandon, they will never be brother and sister. They have to hide it, and act like they love each other in that way to make other people happy. Callie just turned 17, Brandon will be 18, she is growing up on the show as is every other character I think the adoption will almost happen but in the end Callie will go with her heart and choose to be with Brandon. When you think about it you don’t need paper to prove you’re a family, you just need love and Callie has that with Stef and Lena. Brallie love each other, and they want to be together but neither of them want to hurt the people they care about, so through the whole series they’ve put other’s feelings above their own. They never fell out of love, they’ve always been in love and they only broke up so Callie could get adopted, they didn’t want to break up but they were selfless and did so Callie could be a part of the family (not realizing that she already is, they don’t need paper to prove it.) Wow this is long, and very messy but I don’t care. I want to get my point across. You don’t have to like Brallie or even ship them but I’m asking you please to keep your hate out of their tag, thank you.