the 7th dawn


Paloma’s faith + her protector goddess in the flesh.


Viz Media Adds Kuroko’s Basketball, Haikyu!!, Yona of the Dawn Manga

I am crying TEARS of JOY!!! I cannot express how happy and surprised I am. My prayers have finally been heard (or it was just those millions of fans screaming for America to get a clue that finally got through).

2016 just got a WHOLE lot BETTER!

Also licensed: 7th Garden, Everyone’s Getting Married, Monster Hunter and Black Clover

The 7th Dawn (1964). Poster artwork by Howard Terpning.

The 7th Dawn is a film starring William Holden, Susannah York and Tetsuro Tamba. Based on the novel The Durian Tree by Michael Keon, the film was set during the Malayan Emergency and filmed on location in Malaysia.