the 7 year itch


Marilyn Monroe on film location for the movie ‘The Seven Year Itch’ in 1954. See Rare Amazing Unseen Lost Footage of Marilyn Monroe found - On Location Filming of 'The 7 Year Itch’

  • MACE: Tangina niya! Eight years na kami. Tapos isang umaga, sasabihin na lang sakin, napagod na siya, ayaw na niya? E tangina pala nya e! Bat di siya napagod nung 4 years pa lang kami, o 5 years, kahit 7 years pa, para at least, 7-year itch, mas maiintindihan ko!At tangina, nakita ko yung pagmumukha ng ipinalit niya! Wow men, ang pangit! Tangina, ipagpalit ba ko sa pangit? Tangina ano’ng nakita nya dun? Taga-UP ako! At hindi lang taga-UP ha, cum laude ako. Computer Enggineering, quota course, tangina! Tapos makikita ko yung Favorite Book sa profile nya, tangina, Twilight! Twilight? Favorite book? Tangina! Book ba yun? Ano siya, high school?! Nakakahiya naman kay Kundera at Einstein’s Dreams ko! Tangina, ano’ng mali sakin?
  • SARI: Hayaan mo na po. Ang tawag dun, true love.
  • MACE: Pakiulit?
  • SARI: Pinagpalit sa pangit, true love. Pinagpalit sa bobo at masama ugali, true love. Pakakasalan pa, true love. Wala na po tayong laban dun. Akala ko po ba taga-UP kayo, ba't di n'yo alam yun?
A Little Something Different...

Hey all,

So I don’t usually post serious stuff on this blog (I prefer to keep things light and funny) but I recently experienced something I thought I should share. You know how they say marriages have that “7 year itch?” I just had my very own “2nd year itch” but with my job. On paper everything was going well… I work with an amazing group of women who support me, humor me, laugh and joke with me, my supervisor had only good things to say during my annual review, and although my billables were low, they were still within an appropriate range given the recent back to school change. I can’t pinpoint when it started but I started become angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Being the youngest on my team and being someone who prides herself on being pretty rational… I felt it was important to handle this myself. After a month of trying to get over it on my own… I found myself hating my job. It all came to a boiling point after a particularly tough day. I had a few rough sessions in a row and then I ended my day with a girl who cried for twenty minutes refusing to work. If I’m being totally honest I just sat there in session feeling lost and like I didn’t know how to help her. It was that night that I typed out a letter to my supervisor. I told her I didn’t know if I was cut out for this field. I was doubting everything… my education, my skill set, my value as a clinician and a person. Long story short my supervisor was able to reassure me of my skills, highlight my strengths, and help me figure out some areas I want to improve my knowledge base. While things didn’t magically get better I am back on track and making my way to a better place. If you are a clinician or a human being who is stressed I urge you to share with a trusted friend or if your lucky an understanding supervisor. You don’t have to battle this alone. I made the mistake of trying to go on alone and I dug myself into a hole. Be proactive, be brave, and take care of yourself!


Marilyn Monroe In “The 7 Year itch” - “PillowCase In Ice Water” “That’s too icky!”

Marilyn Monroe And Tom Ewell in a scene from the 1955 movie “The 7 Year Itch”