the 7 sins

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                                            Seven Deadly Sins (3/7)




  • extreme anger

Wrath engages. Wrath provokes. Wrath is reckless. Jeon Jungkook was manifested with thoughts of revenge, impatience, anger, hatred, and self-destructive behavior. He also loved every second of it. He could provoke feuds that could continue for centuries and he got a high off of doing that, along with the drugs. His outbursts of anger towards even innocent people were long lasting and probably deserved punishment.

Jungkook became angry when someone important to him had been hurt and took it upon himself to fix the problem. He would influence the situation when he was certain of the responsible party and manipulate it to his needs. He wasn’t obsessed with self-interest nor selfishness. 

He was a slave to himself by this point.

“‘Tis said that wrath is the last thing in a man to grow old.”


Ask your Sin questions. Any sin will do! Got 7 deadly sins to choose from, or just improvise! Make them squirm, make them confess, make them angry, sad, confused, or scared! Invade their privacy with your questions or accusations!

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“Humans are remarkably complex. Their emotions are more bewildering than I thought.” -Gowther

     1. wrath comes so easily to percival; much more so than forgiveness. the nightmares, the scars, the trembling in his hands- perhaps it will all go away when he faces the world with anger instead of fear. and it does. he pours the rage into fire and smoke, and in the blast forgets for just a moment what he’s left behind.

     2. she sometimes wishes she knew not what envy was. keyleth is gentle and doubting; few days go by where she is not quietly jealous of the twins’ confidence and charm, or the easy smiles and bravery of the gnomes. but a leader looks forward, not behind- so she raises her chin and walks, dreaming the whole time of who she should have been.

     3. too many years have passed for scanlan to know who he is without lust. part of him loves it- the pleasure, the freedom, the life that gave him his daughter. but he realises he doesn’t remember all their faces; the people he’s loved and left behind with second thoughts far too late, the mothers that might be and whom he cannot name. 

     4. greed sits with her far too often; at times a shadow, but more often a welcoming hand. it is everything the elven nobles who shunned them had and vex'ahlia did not. as it clinks into her hand, the glinting light of the gold is a wink that promises more than it gives. she smiles, and the metal hangs heavy at her hip. 

     5. he had never understood the word gluttony before. grog’s world before them was so much smaller, so much simpler. life now seemed limitless; and without limit what could one do except want to experience everything? he laughs, shouts, rages in the name of what he deserves- the world is his and his alone. 

     6. there is little that tempts pike more than sloth. each wound she seals with trembling hands, each rag stained with blood, each piece of her heart she begs sarenrae to drag back into this mortal coil; they whisper that it would be so much easier to never care. she receives yet another plea to bring back what has been lost, and hesitates.

     7. pride weaves its words like his blades weave death. even at the depths of his own darkness, vax'ildan finds confidence in who he is. he is spite, he is defiance, he is freedom, he is the plaything of a goddess. he controls his own destiny, even as the strings of fate pull ever tighter. the shadows gather, and he is home. 

                      -some thoughts on vox machina

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