the 7 on the 1st 9 oh god

rerisuu  asked:

Happy Mun-Day. Now for the more *cough-cough* intimate questions~ Rate 5 Hetalia characters on a scale of 1 to 10 on likely-hood of spending a night with them <3

Mun: Oh god….. XDDDDDDD LOL! Ahahahaa
Well…..  ahem >///> *turns dirty mind on* 
1ST) ALFRED F. JONES - 10/10 -dirty cuddling and gaming in bed trough night - BEST FRIEND FOREVER! +W+ - *tags Al to bed to lay on bed with Xbox and play Assassin’s Creed Black Flag* 
2nd) Gilbert/Prussia  9/10 - drunk night out :3 and…. I BET YOU PRU! KESESES! IT TAKES PRACTICE TO BE AWESOME! KESESESE
3rd)  Raivis/Latvia 7/10 - simply drag him to bed and cuddle little bunny~ >W< 
4th ) Toni/Spain and Lovi/Roma 7/10  - S-I-E-S-T-A BBBB) 
5th) Denmark  5/10 - cuz…. DRINKING CHALLANGE! XD 

P.s. *i’m not THAT big of a drunkyard XD Don’t worry! I drink….. max - wine at friends bday XD otherwise….. ITS GROSS- DONT DRINK IT*