the 7 minute workout

My everyday workout🕊

Calf raises (60secs)
Curtsy lunges (60secs)
Single left leg calf raises (60secs)
Side lunges (60secs)
Left lunge knee hops (60secs)
Single right left calf raises (60secs)
Bottom leg lift left (60secs)
Bottom leg lift right (60secs)
Lunges knee hops right (60secs)
Side leg circles right (60secs)
Side leg circles left (60secs)
Backward lunge with frontkick right (60secs)
Backward lunge with frontkick left (60secs)

With that workout you gonna burn 185 cals
(This is real i have that workout from the 7-Minute app if you do all of them it says you’ve bruned 185 cals. Go check it out yourselves guys it has more good workouts)

So I just got word that our Beachbody team is ranked #7 in the ENTIRE COMPANY. This doesn’t mean anything to those not involved but our team is literally top 10 in the company. Many people are extremely hesitant of MLMs; I was too, before I joined. But I know how much Beachbody has helped me, how many friendships I have made, and the happiness it has brought to so many people. So if you feel stuck or want to try something different for your health and fitness journey let’s chat & we can figure out if BB is right for you.

*Beachbody does not guarantee a certain level of income or success.

This is what i did

Reserve Crunches 55
Step up on a chair 55
Push-ups 22
Squats 35
Bird dog 50
Push-Up & Rotation 12
Plank 245sec (4 minutes and 5 seconds)
Jumping Jack 40
Wall Push-Up 17
Mountain Climber 60
Abdominal Crunches 40
Side Lunges 60
Alternating Lunges 20
Straight-Arm Plank 150sec (2 minutes 30 sec)


Ps: I didnt do it like that. It was from the 7-Minute app. Those were like 5 workouts and i counted them together.


A lot of people ask me where to start out with regards to working out - I always recommend this quick and simple 7-minute workout. It’s a full-body routine that gives you basic strength and endurance. This is the workout I started with - and I still do it every day! 

I just started this Youtube channel, so if you’d like to see any other videos or if you have any workout questions, just comment! :) 

Fitness & Health


Like I’m pretty active and experienced with exercise. That was HARD. I feel awesome. And also a little like I might throw up. So that’s going to be a daily thing. 

I’m excited about my goals, and for one of the first times in my life I truly believe in myself and my ability to fully accomplish them.

DISCLAIMER: My interest in changing my body in NO way means I think that small/fit/trim/whatever bodies should be the ideal. This is what I want for me. All bodies are worth love! 

That said, here are my goals:
Reach the 105-110 lbs range
      - I know this is low, and I don’t generally promote low-end goal weights. I feel best when I look slim and androgynous, hence the low numbers. My health and energy are my highest priority, though, so this number might change.

Improve my endurance, energy, and health
      - I have fibromyalgia and asthma. Both are significantly improved by regular exercise. My asthma has been pretty unresponsive to most inhalers and medications I’ve tried, but cardio helps a lot. As for the fibromyalgia, healthy diet and regular exercise are basically the main treatment. Currently I wake up after 8 (or more) hours of sleep and feel exhausted, like I want to sleep all day and do nothing. I hope the working out changes that. I also want to finally get my mile time on the elliptical to under 12 minutes. 

Strengthen my core and legs
      - Belly dancing is very important to me and something I very much want to improve in. I’m lucky enough that the best local teacher is a world class dancer; I want to make the most out of my lessons with her. Surprise surprise, belly dance requires strong core muscles. Strong quads and hamstrings are also essential.

Improve Flexibility
      - Dance. And, you know, sex stuff.

Achieve muscle definition and trim down
      - I LOVE bellies and breasts and curves on folks. For me, though, as I said earlier, I feel best about myself when slim and androgynous. I have a rather large chest naturally. I want to trim down that and my other curvy areas. I also want to see visible abs as a marker of my progress and effort. Fuck yeah, abs.

Here’s my current workout and diet plan:

Workout Routine
M: 7 Minute Workout
25 minutes cardio
Lower Abs (medicine ball lifts & leg kicks at 3x20)
T: 7 Minute Workout
W: 7 Minute Workout
25 minutes cardio
Obliques (side bends & push-ups to side planks at 3x14 per side)
Th: 7 Minute Workout
F: 7 Minute Workout
25 minutes cardio
Upper Abs (hip lifts & crunches at 3x20)
S: Rest
Su: Rest

+ 15 minutes stretching/yoga daily

Diet (Vegetarian)
July 3-July 23 LOW CAL
Feb 15-March 26 KETO
March 27-April 23 LOW CAL
April 24-May 14 KETO
May 15-June 4 LOW CAL
June 5-July 2 KETO

With intermittent cheat days.

The diet plan is a complete experiment. I have done the ketogenic diet before (for two years, when I was given an incorrect diagnosis in the past), and I’ve been doing low calorie since August. I had the idea of the alternating diets simply because I missed the fuck out of avocados and cheese and the low calorie diet didn’t account for that. I started keto on the 15th, and I’m down a pound or two already (I was 117.3 this morning, but it fluctuates a lot). If the schedule looks weird as fuck, it’s because I scheduled it around trips and events. It’s much less of a set back to “cheat” during low calorie dieting than during keto dieting. 

Anyway, like I said, total experiment based on my personal experience and limited knowledge. If this is unhealthy or harmful, please shout in my direction.

October 4th, 2016 Food Diary

I’ve been slackin’ on my daily posts BUT THAT’S LIFE.

Breakfast: Greek yogurt 0% fat (we prefer a little fat for breakfast but they were out, dang); strawberries, chia seeds, local honey

Lunch: THE MOST AMAZING THAI COCONUT SOUP with cilantro and steamed cauliflower. We made like 8 huge jars of this last night. i’m telling you, it is amazing. Check it out from @Paleomg’s cookbook.

Dinner: we are cleaning out the fridge to get ready for our vacation/wedding 10 days so probably salmon burgers, etc.

Workout: treadmill, 50 minutes, about 3.7 miles. I’ve been dreading my workouts in the morning lately BUT I get up and do it! At least 20 minutes a day. If I stop there, I usually lift until it’s time to go to work. Otherwise I hit 50 minutes of cardio to be able to color in today and a previous day that I missed from my calendar technique.

Okay, so I'm making a list of tips I use to get about a 70 in your classes.

1: Fucking study. Not kidding. It works. If you walk home, stay after school in the library. Just. Rewrite your notes. Take out useless info. If you bus home, study in the kitchen or at the table. Definitely not in your room.

2: Download an app called Forest (for iPhone), or Self Control for Study (for android), or Cold Turkey (For PC and Mac) all of them block you from most or all websites and apps. You set a timer, and get to work.

3: Go see your teachers at lunch. They hate failing you! They want you to succeed. Just knock on their door. That’s why they stay in class at lunch. Not ‘cus it’s convenient. Take an active role in your education.

4: Work out. Download 7-Minute Workout. Do it, like, once a week. Or once a day.

5: Get breakfast. Eat the shit out of a chocolate muffin, who cares, just get some calories in you and activate your metabolism.


7: Get some “Me” time. That one day, where you don’t work, or have homework, or a test coming up, just do what you wanna do. Play X-Box. Sleep. Take a bath. Leave your backpack at school. Eat junk food. Be gross. Who cares? You’ve earned that blue moon chance.

8: Sleep right. This website - lets you know, based on when you wake up, on when to sleep, or, based on if you went to be right now, when to wake up. I went to bed at 11:45, woke up at 6:45 ready to go. 7 perfect hours.

9: Eliminate useless stress. Like, “oh my god i have to do this and this and this and this.” Like, no. DON’T THINK LIKE THAT. You have to do this today, that tonight, that tomorrow, that’s due by friday, and then on saturday, I can do whatever.“ The destination is more important than the journey, in this case.


💥Girls! I have some HUGE NEWS + a free AB workout you can try today at home below!💥 ✅So first, the Apple iOS ‘Sweat with Kayla’ app has had a HUGE UPDATE and is now available! The way you do workouts and create progress photos has changed and much, much more! …. 😮😍annnnnd Android girls can now visit their App Store for PRE-REGISTRATION to the App!! 😍💪💥✅☺️ To find the APP just search SWEAT WITH KAYLA 💜

And here’s the workout!!! Circuit One (repeat for 7 minutes straight)

20 X (10 per side) Commandos
40 X (20 per side)Mountain climbers
15 X Bent leg jackknife
15 X Straight leg jackknife
Circuit Two (repeat for 7 minutes straight)

20 X (10 per side)Sit ups with a twist
30 X (15 per side) Single leg ab bikes
15 X Toe taps
15 X Raised leg crunches

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Ditulis Sebagai Pengingat

1. Harus mulai rajin baca buku lagi. Kalau bisa bikin rangkuman, juga rangkuman-rangkuman teleminar atau kajian, dll. Tulis di mana aja.

2. Posting sesuatu yang bermanfaat. Nulis lagi.

3. Masak tiap hari meskipun nggak ada Mas Dian. Makan bergizi.

4. Kurangi ngumpul-ngumpul yang nggak memberikan faedah. Mending waktunya buat racil-racik masakan atau baca buku.

5. Harus bisa jaga diri/sikap di tengah banyaknya affair di kantor, nggak usah ikut-ikutan. Titik.

6. Catatan keuangan rutin tetep jalan.

7. Menuju 55kg :D

8. Nyari kegiatan positif << ini apa masih belum ketemu.

9. Ikut senam tiap Jumat atau minimal 7 minute workout (seminggu sekali, wk)

10. Nabung lebih banyak.

11. Juz 30 kalau di rumah, OWOJ dan tilawah biasa kalau di kantor.

12. Mulai puasa Senin Kamis lagi

Thursday, February 16, 2017

6:00 Woke by alarm; wake Adam
6:15 20oz coffee with 1 tsp turbinado sugar
6:50 Adam on the school van
7:00 2 scoops Vegan Smart nutritional shake mix with 16oz almond milk; vit D3; vit B12; multivitamin
7:30 Workout with Melissa - 15 minute cycling; Foxy Lifting routine
8:30 Deposit checks in chacking account
8:40 Shower; banana
9:00 Work - Brown Bag day shift; fruit; potato salad; 1L water
14:00 work - Brown Bag night shift; burrito; 1L water
17:00 Pick up Adam from day care; meet Hayley at house to watch Adam
17:20 Back to work
20:30 Sleep


Abs Blast Workout For The Core

Be Fit writes:

An intense 7 minute abdominal workout that is designed to sculpt abs, strengthen the core and burn calories. Turn up the burn and shrink the waistline with Athlete, Trainer, Fitness Model & Nutritionist, Edwina Cheer as she takes you through a circuit of 5 ab-centric moves that target multiple muscles simultaneously to yield lean results.

ANNDDDD that’s a wrap for today 👌👌 THREE mini 7 minute workouts done today. 6:30am, 3:30pm and 8:30pm(Adelaide time) !! Time for BED 😴😴 If you missed out on working out with me today, follow me on Facebook ‘Kayla Itsines’ and check out my 'LIVE’ workouts from earlier on 💜💜 For more info on my app, visit ☺️ goodnight ladies!! (from Australia) ☺️☺️

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22•08•16 ♥️ 2|100 days of productivity

I finish the lab homework 💪🏼 & another chapter of law💪🏼💪🏼 I also did 30 minutes of workout with the 7 minutes app (I recommend it a lot guys !!) & I watched ‘the flash’ ( oh grant gustin Is so beautiful 😍).

Have a beautiful day 💕