the 5th one really got to me


“In ‘78, I was an instructor at an acting academy. It helped me earn some pocket money, but the girl I was dating at the time said she would only date and not marry me. When I asked her why, she said it’s because I was poor. Later, I found out she was the daughter of the owner of a big theater. Her family was wealthy. Back then, whenever theaters put on shows, they made a truckload of money. So that’s why she wouldn’t marry me. Around that time, someone set up a blind date for me. Those days, even the slightest mention of being an actor meant immediate rejection, because it meant I didn’t make any money. Because I was still dating my girlfriend at the time, I went on the blind date, flat out told her that I was an actor, and just went home. But the next day, the matchmaker scolded me, saying there was no such girl like her. Apparently, the girl went back to the matchmaker after meeting me and said, ‘Money is just something that comes and goes, so what’s so important about it? Sincerity is what’s important.’ After hearing that, I asked her to meet me again at a place called Ssun Coffee House on 5th Toegye Street. After talking with her, I found out that she really meant what she said. And then, one month after our blind date, I got married. With my Flower.”

“Now she’s really beautiful, but truthfully, I didn’t realize all of my Flower’s beauty back then. But just sitting in that coffee house and listening to her speak, I remember thinking, ‘This woman is my wife.’”

“78년도 그때 나는 연기 학원 강사를 하고 있었어. 그걸로 용돈을 벌어 썼는데 그때 만나던 여친이 나랑 연애만 하고 시집은 안 온대. 아니 왜 안오냐 그랬더니 가난해서 싫대. 나중에 알고 봤더니 큰 극장의 사장 딸이더라고. 집에 돈이 많은 거야. 그때는 쇼 같은거 한 번 하면 돈을 가마니에 담았거든. 그래서 나랑 결혼 안한다는 거지. 그러던 중에 중매가 들어왔어. 그때 당시 연극한다고 하면 돈을 못 버니까 그냥 바로 딱지맞는 시대였거든? 나도 여자친구가 있으니까 중매 가서 ‘저 연극합니다.’ 하고 그냥 돌아왔지. 근데 다음날 중매해준 사람이 ‘너 그런 여자 요즘 세상에 있는 줄 아냐’면서 나한테 뭐라 그러는거야. 그 여자가 중매 끝나고 돌아와서는 ‘사람이 돈이라는 게 있다가도 없고 없다가도 있는데, 돈이 뭐 중요해요. 성실한게 중요하지.’ 그랬다는 거야. 그 말 듣고는 그때 퇴계로 5가에 ‘썬 다방’이라고 있었는데 거기로 그 여자보고 나오라 그랬어. 얘기를 해보니 정말 자기는 그렇게 생각한대. 그러고 선 본지 한 달 만에 결혼했어. 우리 꽃님이랑.”

“지금이야 너무 예쁜데, 사실 그때는 꽃님이가 막 예쁜 줄 몰랐어. 근데 그냥 그 다방에 앉아서 얘길 듣는데 ‘이 여자는 내 마누라다.’라는 생각이 딱 들더라고.”

Another klance fanfic rec that no one asked for

I’m trying to run away from the reality of real life, where I have to read 40 page chapters on dating soil techniques. Also this has been on my mind for too long and I had to get it out.

Tip the Scales by aleria (T, 27K) –> This is a really cute fic that just has Lance sitting in Egypt by his lonesome self. Also mutual pining, in a fancy gala. 

Black Holes and Revelations by Kima (E, 26K) –> This is a headcannon that I can get behind and I just loved it and honestly I love the idea of demisexual Keith. The smut is in the last chapter so if it’s not your cup of tea, you can skip it. But this fic is really sweet

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Reminder that when I was in 5th grade I went to the university library to do my research for the “Explorers” unit, then came into class and asked the teacher why he was telling us Colombus was a hero when he was a murderer and a rapist… the one and only time I ever got detention :)

Elricest Week - Day 1: How do the brothers see each other?

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This one time i got kicked out of class

(Actually didn’t get kicked out, left by myself, but anywho)
So my teacher talked to me about how she couldn’t read some (small) parts about my geography work and wanted me to finish it before we returned to the movie (we were having a special day and was watching king kong), which was about less then an hour for me to finish weeks of work (i was in 5th grade, so that was alot). I (naturally) refused (although with a bit of… personality), and the teach got really mad. She called my dad and was talking to him at the phone and then wanted me to talk to him, but, having had enough, i ran to the back of the classrom and opened the window (the teacher was in a wheelchair and there was alot of desks in that corner, so it was easy to get away) and jumped out (it was only like 1 meter to the ground).
I returned quietly to the school some time later to get my shoes.
My mom then picked me up away from the school.

I dont regret any of it.

Is This The End?

Summary: After having to stay up incredibly late to do homework because your best friend bails on you again, you’re forced to take a look at your friendship and do what’s best for you.

Word count: 2,289 (end me)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: swearing

A/N:This is my first reader x anyone fic. The idea came to me about a week ago after seeing a prompt list and I just finally decided to give in to the urge to write a Peter Parker x reader fanfic. the stuff i got from the prompt list are in bold. So, if it’s bad, I’m sorry.  If you guys like it though and want more, send me a message/ask and I’ll do my best to fulfill that request! Also! any mistakes are mine; didn’t really proofread. Thanks so much for reading!

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You had been trying to get a hold Peter for the past three hours with no prevail, since he failed to show up to study at your house at 7. You were getting increasingly worried and upset as time passed and it got closer to 9 p.m. this being the 5th time he’s cancelled this month alone. You decided to text him one last time before angrily sitting down to your homework done. Stupid Peter not answering my texts. I can do this on my own.

Y/N: Peter, you asshole, you better be okay. I’ve given up on trying to get a hold of you. See you tomorrow.

Y/N: If you’re still alive.

Satisfied with those texts, you turned to your homework, grumbling at the amount you had to get done tonight and settled down to get as much of it down before you couldn’t continue any longer.

Hoping to get it done before twelve, you sat down at your desk and submersed yourself into your work not noticing time passing until you looked up after finishing to find that it was four in the morning. You groaned, realizing that you had to be up in two hours to get ready for school. Shutting your laptop down and crawling into bed, you barely had enough energy to turn off the light before crashing.

Waking up to your alarm blaring so soon after falling asleep made you want to cry and, having to fight to stay up and get through you morning routine, you moved like the walking dead. Therefore, almost missing the train you took to get to Midtown. Thankfully, there was an empty seat and you flopped into it, deciding you would rest your eyes for a minute or two… When you were startled awake by a hand nudging you; blinking up at a middle aged woman that stood in front of you.

“Hello? Sorry about that, but I figured you didn’t want to miss your stop. So I thought I’d wake you up.”

Processing what she said, you jerk up, “Shit! How long was I asleep?”

Staring at her with a panicked expression, you stand up and look at your watch, trying not to show just how much you were starting to freak out.  

“Oh, honey, it’s alright! We haven’t stopped at all since you got on. You’ve been out for about five minutes at the most.”  She assures you; causing you to deflate with relief.

Thank God you sit down as the train makes a stop at a station; the woman giving you a kind smile before moving to get off the train.

“Wait!” you call out to her in hopes that shell turn around.  “I’m sorry for not saying anything, I’m exhausted.  But, thank you so much for doing that.”  

“It’s no problem, I know I wouldn’t be too happy if I had slept through my stop before going to school.” She gave you one last smile before walking off the train. You slumped into your seat and forced yourself to stay awake for the rest of the way, not wanting to make the day worse than it was starting out to be.

20 minutes later you were at your locker getting the books you needed for the day when you saw someone lean against a locker next to you. Being as exhausted as you were, it took you a minute to react, and when you did you jumped a little before rolling your eyes looking over to find Peter looking at you with wide, guilt ridden, eyes. You turned back to your locker to continue searching for your science book.

Did you enjoy yourself last night?” you ask, “because I sure as fuck didn’t. I waited for my best friend for 3 damn hours before staying up until four in the morning, trying to get all my homework done. Without getting a single fucking text from said friend to let me know he was okay.”  

You see Peter wince out of the corner of your eye, but you were too tired to give a shit.


“No. we’ll talk about this later. I gotta get to class.” With that, you leave Peters pouting face behind as you head to your first class, not even angry, just disappointed in both yourself and Peter.  

Getting to your first class of the day, AP English, you looked for a seat in the back so you’d be able to take a nap, and did a little happy dance in your head when there was an empty seat. Making your way over to it, you missed Flash sticking his leg out in front of you, causing you to trip and fall to the ground.  You groaned as you got up, the sound of laughter reaching your ears and you looked around to find the entire class staring at you. Your face flushed in embarrassment as you sat down in your seat.

After that, your day was long and painful. The only thing that got you through the day was the fact that it was Friday and you would have the whole weekend to sleep. Most of the teachers seemed to have it out for you and kept calling on you for answers to questions you couldn’t think of the answer to.  Biology had you feeling more exhausted than usual and you couldn’t help but fall asleep; making you extremely angry when the bell woke you up and you didn’t have any notes for the class. So, you forced yourself to stay awake for the rest of school hours.  Even going so far as to ask Michelle to keep you awake in the classes you shared during lunch, which was thankfully most of the classes you had left.  Plus you had Peter on your back constantly trying to talk to you about the night before, to which you successfully ignored for most of the day, until school lets out and you’re walking to the subway to catch the train back to your place.  

“Y/N! Wait!”

You sigh and turn around, watching as Peter runs towards you, hair flopping with each step.

“Alrighty Pete, now that I don’t have to focus to paying attention to teachers and school, you can now tell me why you ignored my calls and texts and bailed on our study session.”  You raise an eyebrow and stare at him expectantly.

Peter looks surprised for a second before saying, “Um, Well you see, I had the Stark internship, and them I had to get some stuff for Aunt May from the store and just lost track of time. I’m really sorry Y/N.”

“And you couldn’t text me to let me know you had the internship?”  You roll your eyes, “You know when your phone buzzes; it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?  I spent three hours trying to get a hold of you, Peter! I’m getting sick of you continuing to either cancel or bail last minute when we have plans.  If you don’t want to fucking hang out anymore just fucking tell me.” you huff, glaring at Peter.

Your heart panics a bit at the thought that he might not want to hangout out with you, but you tell it to shut up, focusing on Peter as he fumbles for a response.

“What? No, Y/N! I-I love hanging out with you!  I’ve just got the Stark Internship…it’s just a bit hectic at times.” He gives you that doe eyed look that always manages to melt your heart.

You sigh, “Fine. Prove it. Come over to my apartment and stay for the weekend.” You give him a look and add, “Like we used to.”

Peter winces, and starts fidgeting. After a while of Peter not giving you an answer, you shake your head in disappointment and go to turn around, but you’re stopped by Peter’s hand on your arm, yanking you back; spinning you around.

“I’ll do it. Just let me go by my place to get stuff I’ll need, alright?” Peter says, giving you a pleading look, “you can even come with me.”  

You feel your lips grow into a small smile, “Nah, that’s alright. I’ll see you at my place at 4?” you ask, hoping to get a nap in before he comes over.  

“Sounds perfect.”

With that settled, you and Peter walked together to the train station talking about your day as you waited for the next train to get there.  When the train got there you guys got on and continued talking about whatever came to mind, until you came to your stop and had to get off.

You point at Peter and say, “Remember Parker. My house: 4 o’clock.”

He smiles, “I know, I’ll be there on time. I promise.”

You give him a quick smile before you step off the train and head home.

When you get home you head straight for your bed and flop down on top of the covers.  It takes you about 10 minutes to fall asleep and you don’t wake up until you feel someone shake your shoulder. You groggily look over to see your mom standing over you.

“It’s time to get up, Honey, dinner’s ready.”

You look at the clock, and you shot up when you saw that it was 7:30.  You look at your mom who’s looking at you with a confused look, so you asked her, “Is Peter here? We planned on him staying here for the weekend and he was supposed to get here at 4.”

She shakes her head and says, “No, he’s not here. Has he texted you at all? Maybe something came up.”

Glancing at your phone you close your eyes as tears threaten to fall.

“No. he hasn’t tried to get a hold of me.”  

Your mom, hating to see you in pain, sits down on your bed and pulls you into her arms as you try to hold it a back, despite the lump in your throat and the tears still gathering in the corners of your eyes.

You clear your throat and lean back, wiping your eyes, moving to get off the bed.

“Thanks, Mom. Let’s go eat, yeah?”

She gives you a look before turning to leave with an okay leaving her lips as she turns the corner. You pinch your nose and decide that you’ll talk to Peter after dinner. Not that you’ll be able to eat a lot with the butterflies that were flying around your stomach with what you’re going to tell Peter.

At dinner you were quiet as you picked at your food, and after a while of you doing that, you’re mom spoke up, “Y/N, you can be excused if you’re not going to eat. Go talk to Peter.”  

By the time she said that, it  was 8 o’clock, so you give her a grateful look and get up to go back to your room, wanting as much privacy as possible you picked up your phone and went outside onto the fire escape and called Peter.  It took a while for him to answer but when he did, he sounded out of breath and panicked, “Y/N I am so sorry.  I swear to god, I was on my away, but I had to do something for Mr.Stark. Please, I’m on my way. Forgive me.” he pleads.  

Oh, what a shocker, you have an excuse.” You roll your eyes before continuing, “Just go home.  I’m really tired anyway and I’m sure I’ll be a total bore. I’ll see you on Monday.” You look down at you lap, “don’t know why I even tried.” You mumble as you feel that lump in your throat again.

“But, Y/N-”

“No, Peter. This is now the sixth time you’ve bailed on me this month.  I’m tired of it, okay? You promised you’d be here and then you broke that promise. I’m done. I’m done with being the only one in this friendship who gives a damn anymore.” Your voice breaks a little and you clear your throat, once again, fighting back tears.

You hear Peter sniff and realize he’s crying, in turn making the tears fall down your face and you wrap your arm around your legs in an attempt to hold yourself together.

“Y/N, p-please. The Stark internship g-got in the way. I was on my way when something came up.”

“You know, Peter, I don’t believe you.  A normal internship doesn’t take up as much time as this “stark internship” does.  So I don’t fucking believe you. Talk to me when you just tell me the goddamn truth.” You let out a sob as you hang up and silence you phone, putting your head back against the wall as tears stream down your face.

You didn’t think it would it this much to tell him off and not talk to him, but it felt like your heart had torn in half. You sat out there on the fire escape for what felt like hours thinking about Peter, until your mom stuck her head out telling you she was going to bed, taking one look at you and goes to get out and sit with you, but you tell her, “Mom, it’s okay. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

“Alright, sweetheart. I love you.”

“Love you, too.”

You watch as she disappears from view before looking down at your phone to see that Peter called you five times and texted ten times within the two hours that you had apparently been sitting out here.

You groan and move to get up and go to bed yourself when you see something moving out of the corner of your eye.  

“What the fuck?”

Your jaw drops as that something lands in front of you.


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You know, when people talk about desexualizing boobs, a lot of the talk is about breastfeeding. Which is good, because it’s an important discussion! However, that’s… not the only reason? One of the main reasons I can think of is that, like, Kids have boobs?

I started getting mine in elementary school, and my mom got me my first ‘training bra’. I hated it. I wouldn’t wear it! I’d shove it in my dresser or “lose” it all the time. Mom told me I had to wear it so that people wouldn’t stare, and I Knew, even at the time, that I was just a kid that shouldn’t have to deal with this.  I had friends with Really Big boobs in like 5th grade, and they kept getting bigger! Life was Hell for them. They were teased and harassed by adults as well as other students! In elementary AND middle school. I don’t think it’s radical for me to state that adults should not be sexualizing childrens bodies.

This post kind of got away from me, it just gets me fired up thinking about how we kind of. Make kids grow up because their bodies mature faster than their minds.

TLDR; Let’s try and desexualize boobs because Children shouldn’t have to ‘be modest’ when they didn’t choose this in the first place.


On this day in music history: August 26, 1964 - “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks is released. Written by Ray Davies, it is the first major hit for the North London based rock band. Having released two previous singles that fail to make an impact, The Kinks are pressured by their UK label Pye Records to deliver a hit record, or be dropped from the label. After Davies writes “You Really Got Me”, he and the band try the song with a number of different arrangements before finding the right one. The Kinks record the track with American producer Shel Talmy at IBC Studios in London in July 1964. The singles trademark overdriven distorted guitar tone is achieved by lead guitarist Dave Davies slicing the speaker cone of his guitar amp with a razor blade. It is also one of the first rock songs to feature power chords (perfect 5ths and octaves) rather than major or minor triads. This lays the template for the hard rock and heavy metal music genres that follow in the years to come. The song hits #1 in the UK and #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 on November 28, 1964. One of the records that help define the 60’s “British Invasion” era, it has also been covered many times over the years. Most notably by Van Halen on their self-titled debut album in 1978. Ray and Dave Davies also record a live version of “You Really Got Me” with The Smithereens in 1991. “You Really Got Me” is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 1999.

Compilation of Taylor’s Clean Speeches from the 1989 World Tour | Clean Speech Masterpost

I know for many of us, the words that Taylor shares before she sings Clean mean as much to us as the lyrics of the song do, because someone that we love and care about knows the struggles we’re facing, and she’s cheering us on – that’s why I wanted to compile all of Taylor’s Clean speeches together in the one place. It’s been an incredible experience transcribing all the speeches and seeing the positive and healing impact that Taylor’s words have had on myself and others. Thank you for your words, Taylor. 

This post contains every Clean speech from the 1989 World Tour.

N.B. this post will be very long.

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To think that in 2015 (or January 2016 u know the drill) when Messi won his 5th ballon d'or I thought ‘that’s it… Cristiano will never catch up to him now’ and then 2016 happened (and i still have no idea how that season was actual a real thing that existed) and Cris won his 4th and now he’s pretty much got the 5th one in the bag…… How is it possible for this man to come back from a 4-1 disadvantage in 4 years at his age when he’s competing against a guy 3 years younger that should be hitting his individual peek right about now. Cris is the protagonist of the single greatest individual remontada in the history of football. He really doesn’t know any limits. I positively believe this man is capable of anything he puts his mind to. After everything he’s achieved, after every damn time he’s left me speechless over his career, he still manages to top himself in one way or another????? He’s always outdoing himself, finding strength within him that none of us believed he had (when we were all fools to think this guy is a mere human), reinventing himself as a player, proving he is literally the most complete player football has ever met. I am always in a constant permanent state of awe before this man. I wonder every day how far he can actually go. And i keep telling myself 'there’s no way’…. And he always proves me wrong. So, I just wanna say what an immense pleasure and privilege it is to follow him and to be his fan. Thank you, Cris, for completely reinventing football and making every game so exciting.


Today I attended my 5th Coheed show and I gotta say it was the best one yet. They played my favorite album and I got to sing every word of that album with my COTF family. I gotta say that Coheed and Cambria shows bring me some of the most joy in the world. You feel an emotional connection with everyone in the venue. You sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs with hundreds are strangers. Plus you end up making some really great friends at Coheed shows. I wouldn’t trade my COTF family for anything.

None Of Your Business

You are a newly graduated MBA student trying to get a highly sought-after job at Wesson Technology. You have spent your life proving to people you are more than your Omega status.  Will billionaire tech genius Alpha Sam Wesson take a chance on you?

Characters: Alpha! Sam Wesson, Alpha! Dean Smith, Omega! Reader and other people may pop up.  Note:  This is an AU where Sam and Dean are not hunters.

“I got this.  I got this.” I muttered under my breath as I stood in the crowded elevator of Wesson technology.  I wanted this job so damn bad.  Wesson was it.  The holy grail of the technology world. I had already interviewed with human resources, and the division chief, and the Vice President.  He said I had one more interview to get through. 

I had heard from my friend Dean that the interview process was brutal here.  Dean and I had met in grad school at Wharton.  He was a year ahead of me.  He really enjoyed working at Wesson and encouraged me to apply. 

 “Wesson can be a total dick at times, but he’s brilliant.” Dean said over beers one night.  “He’s a total Alpha.  Ever since his wife died he’s become a total workaholic.  He must never see his daughter.”

I of course read the papers and knew the story. Work obsessed Alpha meets beautiful Omega.  Love at first sight.  Happy marriage.  Then comes baby.  Wife dies in car crash, leaving him to raise baby alone.

As the elevator stopped at the 5th floor, I got out.  This was where the VP said I was supposed to go.  I went up to the secretary, a pretty redhead.  Her nameplate said  “Charlie Bradbury”.

I walked up and told her my name, and said I was here for an interview.  She grinned at me.  “I’ll let Mr. Wesson know your here.” She picked up the phone.

Mr. Wesson?  My interview was with Sam-fucking Wesson?? Oh great! Suddenly my mouth was dry as a bone and my brain couldn’t seem to form a coherent thought. Get a hold of yourself girl! I can do this!! I have prepared my entire life for this moment.

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There’s Really A Wolf (Artwork & Tracklist) - Russ

Release Date : May 5th

1. I’m Here
2. The Stakeout
3. Act Now
4. Cherry Hill
5. Me You
6. Ride Slow
7. Don’t Lie
8. Do It Myself
9. I Wanna Go Down With You
10. Family & Friends
11. What They Want
12. Got This
13. No Turning Back
14. Losin Control
15. Scared
16. Back To You
17. One More Shot
18. Emergency
19. Pull The Trigger
20. MVP

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ok i might be reaching and i'm not a huge jikook shipper but if you take a look at both of their playlists and compare songs side by side a majority of jk's songs correspond to the theme of jimin's songs, for example the 11th track on jk's is dream lantern which talks about making promises and imagining a future together despite a rocky past and the 11th track on jm's is mark my words which revolves around making a promise to a SO that (i'm guessing?) had a bad relationship in the past

jikook playlist anon here, but seriously like just looking at the playlists side by side it shows a story like the juxtaposition FLOORS me because you can’t make stuff like this up, my favorite songs that go together are the 5th (dear no one, lot to learn) 13th (heavy weather, coffee) i’m fairly new to the fandom since i came in during young forever and i used to be parts of fandoms that had a lot of meta and ik that bts isn’t rlly like this but i needed to tell someone or i was going to scream             

Hello, Anon! :)) Thanks for telling me! I know the feeling of wanting to scream very well :D I really think you’ve got a point! Like, yeah, maybe not every single song of their playlists is something about their relationship, or related to themselves at all, but there are songs just like you said - with meaning.

I personally am a big fan of listening/posting/searching for a song that perfectly describes my current situation (current situation about love life, mostly.) (well, that would be an All By Myself now probably, not that I’m complaining :D) (anyway).

I really think that both of them, they are musicians after all and they have strong relation to music as such, uses songs and lyrics as a way to express themselves. Remember the Lany - ILYSB back in February? (Was is February?… I guess…) Jungkook not only posted it - as a habit - shortly after Jimin and his cute video but like… some days after they were spotted on a train from Busan. And lyrics?

“Ain’t never felt this way // Can’t get enough so stay with me
It’s not like we got big plans // Let’s drive around town holding hands

So… yeah. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.

But lot of the “JiKook” songs as we know them possess this meaning of first real love or hurting each other, nervousness. Promises to end up together. I think they - if they really date, and ok, I strongly believe (and wish) they are - went through a lot and these songs have a special meaning for them. Like admitting the feelings and proving the other one they really mean it?

I don’t know. Sorry if I’m not making any sense. I swear I will make a post where I will dig deeper in this lyrics shiteu, since 1. I love how songs describe hidden feelings and 2. I like to analyze stuff like that. :D

Anyway, you can write me anytime you have an urge to share your thoughts - you made me really happy and excited over it at the same time! :)))

Don't make fun of non native speakers

I just got off the phone with one off my best friends who happens to be a native speaker of English. I was telling him about my day and all of a sudden he just starts mimicking my voice and accent which usually I don’t mind because I’m aware I don’t speak English perfectly because it’s my 5th language. He genuinely thought something I said was hilarious and he kept pointing out what a dumb mistake it was, he really wouldn’t let go of it. It really upset me because I’ve spent years trying to learn this language and then a native speaker mocks me for having a slightly odd accent. When someone mocks me about my accent I feel dumb, unintelligent, inadequate, not good enough because languages are the only thing I’m good at as a language student. It makes me never want to speak that language ever again. I told him I didn’t appreciate his action and instead of apologising he said I needed to just let go and stop being a pussy. I just really need to not talk to him for a while because I feel so hurt. Don’t make fun of someone who’s learning and trying to speak your language and then tell them they shouldn’t be so sensitive about it. I was just starting to feel a bit more confident when speaking English and now I never ever want to speak it again.

psa: super heckin long

I saw some other simblrs do this, and thought it is a great way to ‘celebrate’ mental health awareness week/month/whatever it is. 

So, here! Have a little bit of my journey (so far). I still have a long way to go, but maybe it’ll help other people.

edit: a little bit in my terms means a lotta bit, apparently

also uh TW for abuse and w/e its not good lmao

also its a jumble be prepared

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Nick Robinson-Trust Me

A/N: So I got 3+ requests to do a Nick Robinson imagine and I absolutely love him so I just couldn’t wait to write one. I hope you guys like this!

Warnings: Angst, Spoilers for The 5th Wave, I don’t really know

Your POV
Today you were on set for The 5th Wave. Your boyfriend Nick was here filming for the role Ben Parish. You had loved The 5th Wave series and had actually been the one to push Nick to audition for the role of Ben. So when he had asked you to come along to set with him today, you were more than happy to. The downside was Chloe Grace Moretz. Not that you had anything personal against Chloe. You loved Chloe and you loved her work. But being around her made you realize just how easy it would be to be replaced. Nick could have any girl he wanted, including Chloe. He could have any girl that was skinnier, prettier, less insecure than you. And that terrified you. Nick was your entire world. To lose him would also be losing a best friend and nobody could take that much pain in one day. Not to mention, you saw the way Nick looked at Chloe. The longing in his eyes. It was towards the end of the filming day and they had just wrapped the scene where Evan kissed Cassie in front of Ben. Watching Nick film that scene, his acting seemed all too real to you. To you, he wasn’t just acting. To you, he was completely in love with Chloe Grace Moretz. You stared at your dark phone screen, trying to look busy. Someone walked over to you and hugged you. You looked up, expecting to see Nick, but instead saw Alex Roe. Alex had been a good friend of yours since filming started so you melted into his arms and closed your eyes.

“What’s going on?” He whispered as he hugged you tighter.

“You’ll think I’m crazy.” You muttered darkly and looked down at the ground. Alex turned you around and forced you to look him in the eyes. His eyes searched yours.

“What’s going on?” He asked in a concerned tone.

“I’ve just been watching the way Nick looks at Chloe, Alex, and- and it’s not looking good for me.” Alex sighed. The last thing he wanted was to see you get hurt and to be honest, he watched how Nick acted around Chloe, and it was the same goofy, cute way he had acted when you two had first started dating.

“Go talk to him. And if he breaks up with you, I’ll kick his ass.” Alex said causing you to laugh.

“Thanks Alex.” You said smiling and surveyed the set as Alex walked off. After looking around, you realized that Nick had probably gone off to his dressing room and so that’s where you headed. You had always just walked right into Nick’s dressing room, but for some reason you knocked.

“Come in.” You heard Nick call and you took a deep breath as you turned the doorknob. There was no turning back now. Nick turned around in his chair.

“Hey babe.” Nick said smiling at you, and you forced a smile. Of course your boyfriend of 8 months saw right through that. “What’s wrong?” He asked, his eyes following to where you sat down on the couch in his dressing room.

“I don’t know how you’d react if I told you.” You muttered.

“Babe, what’s going on?”

“I know you like Chloe.” You whispered, barely audible. But Nick heard it. The damage was done.

“W-what? Why do you think that?” Nick asked incredulously.

“Because I see the way you look at her and I can tell that you like her.” You answered shakily. Nick threw his hands in the air.

“That’s it. I’m done.”


“No! Okay, the fact that my girlfriend thinks that I like my co-star over her is ridiculous. But you know what, I’ve seen this coming for a while now. A part of me feels like you’ve just been waiting, waiting to push me away.”

“No! Okay, don’t you dare try and turn this on me. Do you know how hard it is to be your girlfriend? Do you know how hard it is to get up in the morning when your boyfriend is an actor on the rise? Do you know how hard it is to deal with hate, rumors, and on top of that, now this?!?” You snapped, standing up from your position on the couch. Tears stung your eyes and you quickly tried to wipe them away before Nick saw them. Nick pulled you into his arms and his expression softened.

“Sh, I’m sorry okay? I’m sorry for snapping at you. I’m sorry for letting you think that I like Chloe. Truth is, your the most amazing girlfriend a guy could have. Sometimes I wonder how come you don’t leave me. And I can’t lose you. Trust me.” More tears pricked your eyes and you just further buried your head into Nick’s chest. It would definitely take some time, but you were definitely willing to work out your problems with Nick if it meant just spending even one more day with him.

anonymous asked:

Do you have brothers/sisters or are you an only child?

I thought I was an only child until I got into 5th grade. Then, one day, my class was walking to art class as another class was leaving and a boy said “Hey, your sister is our new art teacher!”, and I said “I don’t have a sister!” and he said “Yes you do!” and I thought that was really weird. 

When I walked into class, there was a 20 something girl teaching, who looked just like me. Her name was Jennifer, and she had the same last name as me. Everyone else called her Ms. ___________, but she said I could call her Jen. 

When I got home that night, I asked my Mom why people were saying I had a sister. My mom then told me, that my Dad had been married to a very evil lady, and had two daughters. And they grew up to be very evil too, and tried to hurt my Dad, and refused to talk to him anymore and stole all his money. 

I thought that was peculiar cause Jen sure seemed nice, and super cool, but I was 10, what did I know? So I hung out and got to know Jen over the course of the year. But she wasn’t allowed to see me outside of class, and my Dad never mentioned anything to me about her. 

When I got a little older, Jen contacted me. She told me that my dad had been married to their mom and she really wanted to get to know me, and if I ever wanted to know what really happened, I just had to ask. So I asked. Turns out he was super horrible to his ex wife, cheated on her, and was abusive towards my sisters. Eventually they sided with their mom and my dad cut off all contact with them. They told me this when I was about 15. 

It made a lot more sense, since my dad is/was also very abusive to me in my childhood. Plus, as I got older, I started to think “no matter what happened, isn’t he the parent? Shouldn’t he be the one to try? Even if they “were so horrible”? How are you kids so horrible to you, you give up on them? Doesn’t that make you a deadbeat?

The answer is yes, it does. And now I am 30, and my father has still never even once mentioned my sisters to me, even though his entire side of the family still talks to them, myself included and quite often. I’ve never met the other sister, but we message frequently and I plan on meeting up and spending time with both of them, finally, in a few weeks when I move up to NY. I couldn’t be happier.

I’m glad I have sisters. I’m glad I have someone who can relate to me, and remind me that the way my father treated me was never all in my head. But it sure would have been nice to know before i turned 10, and it sure would have been nice to have them in my life earlier. Not to mention, it sure as hell would have been nice to get a heads up on the situation before Tommy from Mr. Smith’s 5th grade class had to tell me I wasn’t an only child. 

Bet you didn’t think you were going to get that response, did you!

Love Doesn’t Have an Age - V X Reader

anonymous asked:
Hi there~! I’m new to this tumblr Ask stuff so bear with me please! Q~Q – I would like to ask for a Scenario of V TaeTae dating/liking an older girl. Idk maybe 3-5 years older than V?(nothing too uncomfortable.) Said girl has a thing for older guys and feels like a pedo-noona with a liking a guy even a month younger? Maybe some Angst along with a happy ending? ^-^ Maybe in the girl’s perspective? idk~ T.T Thank you anyway! ^o^

A/N: I know a lot of you guys have been waiting… it’s so bad omg i’m so sorry
It took me over a week to write this because I procrastinate a lot

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1628

“Noona!” Jungkook exclaimed as you walked into their studio. He ran up to you, “What are you doing here? We don’t have a performance, do we?” he asked, eyes wide. You laughed and patted him on the head, “No, I’m just here to visit before I go on my mini vacation” you smile.
You were older than Jungkook by four years. He always told you that you were like a mother figure to him, besides, Jin of course. You liked that he thought of you in that way, but you also didn’t. it made you sound too old.
“Vacation?” Jin asks, walking through the corridor. You nod, “Must be nice. We haven’t had one for a while… And I wouldn’t really consider our breaks as vacations. Because we’re still technically working during our break for the next comeback.” You walk up to him, “That’s true, but you have to be there for the ARMY’s. What would they do without you?” you giggled. He laughed along and chatted with you until the rest of the members came back home from, whatever hey were doing.

“Noona?” Taehyung and Jimin say in unison as they walk through the front door, “Hi boys!” you say, walking over to them to give them individual hugs. Your hug with Taehyung lingered a bit longer than the other boys, but you didn’t really seem to care. You just thought he was the more, affectionate type.  
“She’s going on vacation” Jin says, walking up to the three of you. Taehyung’s face saddened but he tried to form a decent smile, “Don’t worry, I’m only gone for a week” You say, grabbing Taehyung’s hand. He stared up at you, could someone hands really be this soft? You checked your phone, “Ah, my ride is here, I guess I’ll see you guys soon! Don’t miss me too much” you tease, sticking out your tongue as you headed out the door.
“Bye!” Everyone waved.
Jimin placed a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, “Don’t worry Tae, you can confess when she comes back, but you better be prepared”
Taehyung sighed, ‘I’ll miss you a lot’ he thought as he closed the door.


“What?!” Yoongi and Jungkook yelled, “Tae likes Noona?!” Jungkook asked. Taehyung shyly nodded, “But she told me that she feels like she’ll be a pedo if she dates someone that’s even a few months younger, and here I am… a few years younger” Taehyung said
Namjoon laughed, “Why did you tell us though?”
“He wants your help to ask her out”
“WOOAAHHHHH” Everyone yelled and hollered around the room, “He’s for real” Hoseok said, “You’re for real?” he said again, facing Taehyung this time. Taehyung nodded shyly.
“This is the first time I’ve seen him look so embarrassed” Yoongi chuckled.
“Okay, we’ll help”


You had just arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii. You took in the fresh scent, and were happy about what you wore because of the humidity.
You checked into your hotel and unpacked. It was around 7-ish, the perfect time to view the sunset. Your room had a beautiful ocean view exactly where the sun was setting. You stepped onto your balcony and stared out, “It’s really beautiful…”
You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, “oh yeah, I forgot to text the boys that I was here” You pulled out your phone and saw Taehyung’s name. You smiled. Even though you knew you were older than him, there was just something about him that really grabbed your attention. Maybe it was the way he danced or licked his lips. But something about him really made your heart pound whenever you saw him. You knew the relationship you have with him has to be strictly professional, thus ending up in you just having a secret crush on him.
Even though you thought and maybe dreamt about being with him, you knew it probably wouldn’t happen. There were so many people that loved him and he could honestly pick any of them, so why you?

You gave your phone a questionable look. He never asked you to call. None the less, you dialed his number and listened to the rings as small crack was heard before someone spoke
“I told you not to call me that Tae.. I’m only a few years older than you, saying that makes me feel old” you pouted, knowing he couldn’t see it
“What did you want to call me for?” you ask
“Well… I just think.. that it would be good if we could chat from time to time… and I wanted to hear your voice” he mumbled the last part
“What did you say?”
“That it would be nice to call you from time to time?”
“No no, the other part”
“I… wanted to hear your voice”
“Oh! I uh.. I have to go, the boys are calling me over. I’ll text you!”
“Oh um.. okay, bye”

He hung up the phone and you were even more confused than it was before. Could it be that..? No.. there’s no way.. he’s just being nice you thought. You shrugged it off and went out to grab something to eat.
The whole way there, you just thought about what taehyung had said. He wanted to hear your voice? How come? Did he miss you? Was he forced to say it by the other boys?
All these thoughts came into your mind but you just shook them off before you went too far. You got some pasta to go since you would like to eat in the comfort of your own hotel room.


“You chickened out” Jimin laughed
“Shut up!” Taehyung said, angrily walking away. He went into his room and sat down on the bed, sighing as he laid back. ‘Why is it so hard to talk to the person you like?’ he asked himself
He turned his phone back on. He was debating on whether he should call again. Maybe it was too soon, maybe he should wait a bit longer. Like an hour or so.


During the whole week you were gone, most of the hours went to texting or calling Taehyung. It made you fall for him even more, and the same goes for him.
He made the decision to pick you up from the airport since you were coming home tomorrow. And that was the perfect time for him to confess his feelings to you. He didn’t care if you were older. It wasn’t even by that much. And either way, he would confess, even if you turned him down. He was just really hoping that you liked him back.
You insisted that you could take a cab since your flight didn’t arrive until past midnight, but he really fought and said it was okay because he would be ‘awake anyway’

After a long flight of sleeping and reading and being on your phone, you finally arrive. You had headphones on and looked like someone that nobody would want to mess with, but you just blamed being tired.
You walked to the terminal and tried to spot Taehyung. Maybe he forgot? Then again, you just texted him before you got on your flight. Just then, you heard your name being called. You looked up to see someone running towards you.
“Y/N!” he ran right up to you and engulfed you in a tight hug, “I missed you so much!”
you smiled, “I missed you too”
He let you go after what seemed like forever and stared up at you.
‘How could you have gotten more beautiful in just a week?’ he thought. You blushed and he realized that he accidentally said that comment out loud.
“S-Sorry! S-Should we go?”
“Uh.. yeah, sure”

The car drive was pretty awkward after what he said. It was like that almost the entire way back to your apartment. Besides, “how was the flight”
“How was the vacation”
and “did you have fun”
He stopped the engine when he parked on your driveway. He got out of the car and grabbed your stuff, walking you to your door.
“Thanks for the ride, you really don’t have to come to the 5th floor with me tae” you giggled
“No, I have to. It’s a man’s job” he smiled. You laughed and nodded as you both walked into the elevator.
Things were better then. You had more conversation on that one elevator trip than you did for the whole 30-minute car drive.
You soon saw your hallway approaching and you felt sad, not wanting the moment with Taehyung to be over. You stopped at your door, opening it up and looking at him.
“Well… I guess this is my stop” you say. He nodded but didn’t say anything. You took that as a signal to start closing the door. Right before you closed it, a hand stopped you.
“W-wait y/n” you opened it up again to see Taehyung flustered and looking at the ground. You hardly ever saw him like this. He was always bubbly and excited.
“I-I… I really…”
You heart started beating faster. Was he going to say what you thought he was going to say?
“I really like you” he mumbled. The pounding in your ear drums didn’t allow you to hear properly, “Sorry? What was that?”
“I really… like you.. y’n..”
Were you hearing right? Did he just confess to you? No way.. An idol was confessing to you? Was this even possible
“I-It’s okay if you don’t like me back! I understand… I-I’ll get going-“
You pulled him in for a kiss. You had no idea that was coming but it just felt so right. He pulled away, face flushed and cheeks rosy.
“I like you too” you say, pulling him back in

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Digimon Tri is...

slightly disappointing this time around. I’ve always been a pretty staunch defender of Meiko. Not because I *love* her, but because I felt her presence was needed and added a great touch to the story. I thought she was a bit plain, but her development was good and I think it gave more interesting interactions to the digidestined (at the very least it made me LOVE Mimi when she was on my bottom tier of characters before)

But in this one, I was SUPER excited for Kari. Duh. TK and Kari are my absolute favorites. So I wasn’t really a HUGE fan of the way they handled Kari. And by that, I mean—she wasn’t a character.

I felt Meiko got literally all the screen time and prior to this I didn’t really MIND when they focused on her. But 5th movie in, and it’s the SAME shit and I’m like, ‘COME ON’. I felt if she had been really strong willed in this movie, taking everything everyone has taught her, and turned that new strength on Kari (who could have been doubting and suffering) it would have been perfect.

OR, originally have Meiko as a peppy, fun character and show these things slowly breaking her. Idk. If you’re going to give her a movie, she shouldn’t have had so much focus before it.

Either way, that was disappointing. I won’t even get into Seraphimon (who’s not even on a freaking poster!), or the weird jilted dialogue OR Agumon being all about food.

The concepts are good. I like not knowing the “big bad” and the sorta moral gray area Tri is playing with. But the execution is slowly starting to fall apart, and NOW I will mention the 02 kids.

I don't really like them. I really just don’t. But after EVERYTHING, it makes 0 sense why they haven’t reached out. The first few movies I could understand/not care. But during the reboot, like … hello it effects them too. And now, it just seems weird they haven’t even done anything about it.

I don’t really MIND the 02 kids are gone, but I would have at least liked for them to know about them being gone.

But the Dark Ocean appeared, so I guess everything is fine. Not really. But meh. This one left me a little (lot) disappointed. Hope the final one redeems it.