the 5th of the fantastic 4

[COMPILATION] Jungkook’s recommended/covered/lip-synced songs

Full Covers:

  • Working by Jungkook - Original : Yanghwa Bridge by Zion T (Jungkook altered the lyrics of the first verse to match it with his life.)
  • Sofa by Jungkook - Original by: Crush
  • Like A Star by RM ft. Jungkook - Original by Corrine Bailey Rae
  • Waterfalls by RM ft. Jungkook - Original by Junggigo
  • Beautiful by J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook - Original by Mariah Carey ft Miguel
  • Born Singer by BTS - Original : Born Sinner by J.Cole
  • Graduation Song by J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook - Original: Young, Wild and Free by Wiz Khalifa
  • Too Much by RM ft. Jungkook - Original by Drake
  • You’re My by Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook - Original by Taeyang of Big Bang
  • I Need a Girl by BTS - Original by Taeyang of Big Bang
  • This Love + T.O.P by BTS - Original by Shinhwa
  • A Typical Trainees’ Christmas by BTS - Original sound : Last Christmas
  • Christmas Day by Jimin and Jungkook - Original sound : Mistletoe - Justin Bieber

Snippets / Short Covers:

Recommended songs (via Twitter or Videos):


Drop a message and let us know if we’ve missed out anything! 

Compilation by fy-taekook 

Here’s a picture of the Ever Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Mobile, because today marks the 5th birthday of DailyFantastic. Back in 2012, I picked up a DVD of Fantastic 4 comic PDFs and decided I’d give Tumblr a try.

And now we’re here. I don’t have anything really to say, except thanks so much. I wouldn’t be doing this at all if it weren’t for all you.

Here’s to many more years of moderately funny Fantastic 4 blogging.

potatoqueenofficial replied to your post

“I always find it amusing when people forget that Thedas is in a…”

I thought there were only about 5 archdemons, and they were on the 3rd or 4th or something

The Blight you deal with in Origins is the 5th Blight. There are 7 Archdemons. 
Bioware is fantastically fucking horrible at conveying this– the previous 4 blights also lasted decades to a century. The Grey wardens have just gotten better at killing the big lizard, but the Darkspawn have also gotten better at coming out of tunnels all over the continent.

For example, the archdemons are all the Old Gods that have been tainted– Dumat, Zazikel, Toth, Andoral, Urthemiel, Razikale, Lusacan. 7. There’s been 5. Each time it’s been shorter but more devastating. 

To illistrate, since i’ve been meaning to make a timeline anyway, here it is:

The following is a timeline of the Blights, along with other significant events:

  • -395 Ancient: First Blight Begins
    • -203 Ancient: First Blight Ends
    • -195 Ancient: Last if the Darkspawn are cleared from the surface
      • Duration: 192 years of full Blight, 200 years of fighting.
  • -203 Ancient: Birth of Andraste [approx]
    • -187 Andraste Marries Maferath
    • -186 Andraste begins preaching about the Maker
    • -180~ Andraste begins her War
    • -171 Ancient: Andraste Meets Shartan
    • -170 Ancient: Death of Andraste
    • Age of Marriage: 16
    • Age of Prophesy: 17
    • Age at death: 33
  • -130 Ancient: The Chant of Light created
  • -100 Ancient: Inquisition Founded to hunt Mages and Non-Andrastians
  • 1:1 Divine: [170 years post Andraste] Cult of the Maker, Chantry Founded
  • 1:5 Divine: Second Blight Begins, Zazikel Awakens
    • 1:95 Divine: Second Blight Ends in Starkhaven
    • Duration: 90 years
  • 1:5 Divine: Emperor Drakon of Orlais calls on Mages to fight the Blight
  • 1:20 Divine: Chantry and Inquisition sign the Nevarran accord. Senior members become Seekers of Truth.
  • 1:20 Divine: Circle of Magi created as part of the Nevarran Accord. Mages now permitted to practice magic under close supervision of the Chantry.
  • 1:20 Divine: Templar Order also Created from the Nevarran Accord to police magic use and mages.
  • 2:10 Glory: Divine Rentana I calls for holy war against the Elves. Exalted March of the Dales.
  • 2:20 Glory: The Dales fall and elven settlements are uprooted.
  • 2:20 Glory: Divine Rentana I orders the establishment of the first alienages. Many elves instead become nomads– the first Dalish. 
  • 2:80 Glory: Exalted March on Starkhaven to reclaim it from Tevinter.
  • 2:83 Glory: Divine Galatea grants the Right of Annulment to all grand clerics of the Chantry, allowing them to purge Circles of Magi ruled irredeemable. 
  • 3:10: Third Blight begins, Toth awakens.
    • 3:25 Towers: Third Blight ends in Hunter Fell
    • Duration: 15 years with heavy destruction in major countries
  • 3:87 Towers: Chantry Schism [split between Northern/Southern Chantry]
  • 4:40 Black: Southern Chantry calls four seperate Exalted Marches in an attempt to convert the Imperium. Each time the march fails just short of conquering Minrathous. 
  • 5:12 Exalted: Fourth Blight Begins
    • 5:24 Exalted: Fourth Blight Ends
    • Duration: 12 years, due to the Grey Wardens losing all their griffins and killing so many Darkspawn people thought them wiped out. [Dwarves knew better]
  • 5:42 Exalted: Calenhad Theirin crowned King of Fereldan
  • 7:5 Storm: Wardens banned from Ferelden
  • 9:10 Dragon: Grey Wardens Allowed back into Ferelden
  • 9:30 Dragon: Fifth Blight starts, Urthemiel awakens
    • 9:31 Dragon: Fifth Blight Ends
    • Duration: 1 year
  • 9:31 Dragon: Intelligent Darkspawn is freed by the Architect, named The Mother and goes mad trying to undo his work. 
    • Eventually this culminates in a war between the two. 
    • Slain by Warden-Commander the same year [9:31 Dragon]
  • 9:31 Dragon: Dwarves of Orzammar reclaim Kal’hirol and it becomes overrun with twisted Harvesters that are failed attempts to re-create Caridin’s golem research
  • 9:34 Dragon: Divine Justinia V is named Divine
  • 9:37 Dragon: Kirkwall Riot
  • 9:40 Dragon: Lord Seeker Lambert dissolves the Nevarran Accord, officially beginning the Mage-Templar war in a legal capacity

This is all sourced from my copy of World of Thedas Volume one. 
Origins makes it seem like it’s only happened a few times, like once or twice– for a short time. But it’s more a thing of “this has lasted for a long ass time each time and there’s just been 506 years between the last Blight and now please for the love of the Maker no”
And I do mean 506 years. 
Each age is 100 years. The fourth blight was in 5:24, fifth blight was in 9:30.
Like, it’s totally possible my math is off because i’m shit at math and people can feel free to double check me but, it’s still a long ass time. 

Don't Be Sad: Just Look At All The Movies You Have To Look Forward To (Edition 3)
  • August 7th: Fantastic Four, The Gift, Ricki and the Flash
  • August 14th: The Man From U.N.C.L.E, Underdogs
  • August 19th: Masterminds
  • August 21st: American Ultra, Sinister 2, Hitman: Agent 47
  • August 28th: We Are Your Friends, Regression
  • September 2nd: No Escape, A Walk In The Woods
  • September 4th: Jane Got A Gun, The Kitchen Sink, The Transporter Refueled, Before We Go
  • September 11th: The Perfect Guy, The Visit, Coming Home, Sleeping With Other People
  • September 18th: Black Mass, Captive, Everest, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  • September 25th: Hotel Transylvania 2, Before I Wake, The Intern, Sicario
  • September 30th: The Walk
  • October 2nd: The Martian, Adam Jones
  • October 9th: Kidnap, Pan, Steve Jobs
  • October 16th: Bridge Of Spies, Crimson Peak, Goosebumps
  • October 23rd: Jane and the Holograms, The Last Witch Hunter, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, Rock The Kasbah, Secret in Their Eyes
  • October 30th: Autobahn, Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
  • November 6th: The Peanuts Movie, Spectre
  • November 13th: The 33, By The Sea, Rings
  • November 20th: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
  • November 25th: Creed, The Good Dinosaur, Victor Frankenstein, X-Mas
  • December 4th: Krampus
  • December 11th: In The Heart Of The Sea
  • December 18th: Sisters, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • December 23rd: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip
  • December 25th: Concussion, Daddy's Home, Joy, Point Break, Snowden
  • 2016:
  • January 8th: The Forest, Untitled Blumhouse Horror
  • January 15th: The 5th Wave, Ride Along 2, The Nut Job 2
  • January 22nd: Criminal, London Has Fallen, Mechanic: Resurrection
  • January 29th: The Finest Hours, Kung Fu Panda 3
  • February 5th: Hail, Caesar!, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  • February 12th: Deadpool, How To Be Single, Zoolander 2
  • February 19th: Shut In, Barbershop 3
  • February 26th: Ben-Hur, Dirty Grandpa
  • March 4th: Grimsby, Peregrine's Home for Peculiars, Triple Nine, Zootopia
  • March 11th: Arms and the Dudes, Christ the Lord, The Free State of Jones, Valencia
  • March 18th: The Divergent Series: Allegiant Part 1, Monster Trucks
  • March 25th: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • April 1st: Catfight, Keeping Up with the Joneses
  • April 8th: Gods of Egypt, Michelle Darnell, Race
  • April 15th: The Best Man Wedding, The Jungle Book
  • April 22nd: The Huntsman
  • April 29th: Eddie the Eagle, Same Kind of Different as Me
  • May 6th: Captain America: Civil War
  • May 13th: Friday the 13th, Neighbors 2
  • May 20th: Angry Birds, The Nice Guys
  • May 27th: Alice in Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass, X-Men: Apocalypse
  • June 3rd: Me Before You, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
  • June 10th: The Conjuring 2, Now You See Me: The Second Act, Uncharted, Warcraft
  • June 17th: Central Intelligence, Finding Dory
  • June 24th: Independence Day 2
  • July 1st: The BFG, The Purge 3, Tarzan
  • July 8th: Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, The Secret Life of Pets, Star Trek 3
  • July 15th: Ice Age 5, La La Land, The Lake
  • July 22nd: Ghostbusters, Knights of the Roundtable: King Author
  • July 28th: The Bourne Betrayal
  • August 5th: Suicide Squad
  • August 12th: Pete's Dragon, Sausage Party, Spectral
  • August 19th: Kubo and the Two Strings
  • September 9th: Let It Snow
  • September 23rd: A Cure for Wellness
  • September 30th: Deepwater Horizon
  • October 7th: Gambit, Live By Night, Monster High
  • October 14th: Inferno, A Monster Calls
  • October 21st: Geostorm, Ouija 2
  • November 4th: Doctor Strange, Trolls
  • November 11th: Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
  • November 18th: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
  • November 23rd: The Great Wall, Moana
  • November 25th: The Founder
  • December 16th: Rogue One
  • December 12st: Assassin's Creed, Untitled Illumination Animation
  • December 25th: The Greatest Showman On Earth
  • 2017:
  • January 13th: Power Rangers
  • February 10th: Fifty Shades Darker, The LEGO Batman Movie, The Mountain Between Us
  • February 17th: Maze Runner: The Death Cure
  • March 3rd: The Wolverine 2
  • March 17th: Beauty and the Beast
  • March 24th: The Divergent Series: Allegiant Part 2
  • March 31st: Get Smurfy
  • April 14th: Furious 8
  • May 5th: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  • May 26th: Star Wars: Episode VIII
  • Juny 9th: World War Z 2, The Fantastic Four 2
  • June 16th: Toy Story 4
  • June 23rd: Wonder Woman
  • June 30th: Despicable Me 3
  • July 7th: Pirates of the Caribbean:
  • July 14: War of the Planet of the Apes
  • July 21: Pitch Perfect 3
  • July 28: Untitled Spider-Man Reboot 2017

hypnotic-spellz  asked:

Death spells or leathermouth

*Super hard for these two because they only released one album thus far!*

Death Spells: 

1. Fantastic Bastards.

2. I Don’t Know Much, But I Know I Loathe You. 

3. Choke on One Another. 

4. Quaainterlude.

5. End of Life. 


1. Catch Me If You Can. 

2. My Lovenote Has Gone Flat. 

3. Bodysnatchers 4 Ever. 

4. 5th Period Massacre. 

5. Sunsets Are For Muggings. 

| Send me an artist/band and I’ll tell you my 5 favorite songs by them! |

"Sorry my schedule is kinda full for the next few years"

Feb. 12th, 2016 - Deadpool (marvel)
Mar. 25th, 2016 - Batman vs Superman (DC)
April 15th, 2016- The Jungle book (Disney)
May 6th, 2016 - Captain America:Civil War part 1(marvel)
May 27th, 2016 - X-Men:Apocalypse
July 1st, 2016- The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)
July 1st, 2016- The legend of Tarzan (Warner Bros.)
Aug. 5th, 2016- Suicide Squad (DC)
Nov. 4th, 2016- Doctor Strange (marvel)
Nov. 18th, 2016- Fantastic beasts and where to find them
Nov. 23rd 2016- Moana (Disney)
Dec. 16th, 2016 - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Dec. 21, 2016- Assassin’s Creed
Feb. 10th, 2017- The Lego batman movie
May 5th, 2017- Guardian of the galaxy vol 2 (marvel)
May 26th, 2017 - Star Wars: Episode VIII
June 16th, 2017- Toy Story 4 (Pixar)
June 23rd, 2017 - Wonder Woman (DC)
July 28th, 2017- Spiderman (marvel)
Nov. 3rd, 2017- Thor:Ragnarok (marvel)
Nov. 17th, 2017- Justice League part 1 (DC)
Feb. 16th, 2018- Black Panther (marvel)
Mar. 9th 2018- Gigantic (Disney)
Mar. 23rd, 2018 - The Flash (DC)
May 4th, 2018- Avengers: Infinity War part 1(marvel)
May 18th, 2018- The Lego movie 2
May 25th, 2018 - Star Wars Anthology: Han Solo
July 6th, 2018- Antman and the Wasp (marvel)
July 27th, 2018 - Aquaman(DC)
Nov. 16th, 2018-Fantastic beasts and where to find them 2
Mar. 8th, 2019- Captain Marvel(marvel)
April 5th, 2019- Shazam(DC)
June 21, 2019- The Incredables 2(Pixar)
May 3rd 2019- Avengers: Infinity War part 2(marvel)
June 14th, 2019- Justice League part 2(DC)
July 12th, 2019-Inhumans(marvel)
April 3rd, 2020- Cyborg (DC)
May 1, 2020 – Unannounced (marvel)
June 19th 2020-Green Lantern Corps(DC)
July 10, 2020 – Unannounced (marvel)
Nov. 6, 2020 – Unannounced (marvel)
Nov. 20th, 2020- Fantastic beasts and where to find them 3

There’s also multiple dc movies that have no set release date so I left them out( Which include another solo batman movie, Blue Beetle and Dark Justice League and more)
And more Star Wars with no official dates yet
2019 - Star Wars: Episode IX
2020 - Star Wars Anthology: Boba Fett

According to Alberto Giacometti, born this day in 1901, The Palace at 4 a.m. relates to “a period of six months passed in the presence of a woman who, concentrating all life in herself, transported my every moment into a state of enchantment. We constructed a fantastical palace in the night—a very fragile palace of matches. At the least false movement a whole section would collapse. We always began it again.” See it now on our 5th floor. 

[Installation view. Alberto Giacometti. The Palace at 4 a.m. 1932. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © 2015 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris. Photo: Gretchen Scott]

Extreme notables from RTX weekend!

- RWBY vol. 4 premieres October 22nd with a new art style(!)

- RWBY: Grimm Eclipse full release on July 5th, is trending on Facebook

- Lazer Team 2 is a thing

- This happened at the Cow Chop panel:

- 2 extra episodes of Camp Camp this year due to amazing feedback

I will update this as more things are announced/posted online!

 Hope you’re all having a fantastic RTX weekend!

hey oisuga fans, exciting news: your wait for a second oisuga week is over! it will take place from july 1st to july 7th. entries should be tagged #oisuga week, and please familiarize yourself with the rules since there have been a few small changes since last time.

day 1 (july 1st): universe / firsts
day 2 (july 2nd): birthdays / confessions
day 3 (july 3rd): movies / rain
day 4 (july 4th): magic / flowers
day 5 (july 5th): ocean / comfort
day 6 (july 6th): dreams / food
day 7 (july 7th): revisit an old prompt / tanabata

regarding day seven, you can decide to fill a prompt from last week, in case you missed it or you have a great idea now. tanabata is a japanese festival that is a big deal in sendai. i encourage you to read up on tanabata and festivals if you wish!

last oisuga week was a fantastic success! let’s make this one even better.

feel free to ask questions if you’re confused or concerned about anything.

I haven’t done one of these since April so I thought it was time to get on with it. Agree? :3


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In an ideal world, what WOTC will do with 5E Products :

Have the big books as Campaign Setting Guidebooks, not modules. So have a big 250 paged book for Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Eberron, Dark Sun, etc. $50 each

Then have much smaller books 100+ pages for their yearly stories (Tyranny of Dragons, Princes of the Apocalypse, etc.) that come out every 4 months, for $20-25.

Then perhaps have some WOTC Approved fanmade short modules, that are sold in PDF form for $5 or $10, about 30+ pages each.

I think that this would be absolutely fantastic, what are your opinions?