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Favorite posts on Erwin and Levi

 I’ve been compiling my favorite reads into a neat little (COUGH who are we kidding) list so that I don’t have to dig through my tags every time I want to go back and reread something and cry. I just love these two and their relationship with each other.  After some thought, I’ve decided to make this post public, so share the love if you feel so inclined! ^_^

 The list goes approximately from canon material to speculation, like so:

  • Manga Chapters
  • Japanese Nuances/Translations
  • Official Profiles/Interviews
  • Speculation about Erwin and Levi as individual characters
  • Speculation about Eruri

Again, this is a “My Top Hits” list, so it won’t have everything out there. @yusenki has a lovely list of official material, though, so check it out if that’s what you’re looking for.

Do let me know if any of the links don’t work!  

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A Pikelan Masterpost

Welcome, friends! It’s “The Pikelan masterpost that nobody asked for but I made anyway because so many of my favorite moments are overlooked ones not included in the big Youtube timestamps”….or “A Pikelan masterpost”, for short.

Here you will find all the great Pikelan moments of Critical Role. They’re listed chronologically and timestamped with brief descriptions to help you find that one you’re just itching to watch again.

Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know!

& most importantly, enjoy!

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Love you to the moon and back (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Fandom: Harry Potter , Marauders Era

Pairing: Reader x Remus

Warnings: SMUT SMut smut

Request: Can you do a saucy fix with Remus(hp), or Steve(avengers), using 142, 128, 99, 95, 51, 50, 41, 30, 29, 28, 14, 128. Obviously you don’t have to use all of them but I think it would be interesting. If you wanted anything more, I was thinking(as in Remus’ case) reader and him r married and fighting and to get him jeally reader flirts with Sirius then it gets steamy back home???????

***I decided to spilt this up into two different ones I hope that’s okay. For this one I used 142 (Hold my hand so he gets jealous), 128 (Don’t touch me we are fighting), and 51 (I’m your husband it’s my job)

Word Count: 900

You and Remus rarely fought, you had been married for about a year but you’d been together for most of your Hogwarts years. The other marauders were like brothers to you and Lily like a sister.

You weren’t even sure what the fight was about, Remus acted differently around the full moons every month, sometimes he’d want to be alone , sometimes he would be able to keep his hands off of you but this month he was so on edge and angry at everything which was so unlike Remus.

Remus was furious with you but you were having drinks at James and Lily’s house so you had to wait until you got home to deal with him. But Remus sat across from you instead of beside you and ignored you completely. You didn’t mean to make him upset you just wanted his attention so you starting being flirtier with Remus who was slightly drunk beside you on the couch.

You moved closer to Sirius and started a conversation, Remus couldn’t hear that you guys were talking rubbish but he still got angry and glared at you from across the room.

When you casually put your hand over Sirius which was on his leg, Remus short temper caused him to jump up from his seat “We are going home” your friends just looked up at him a bit confused but since they knew it was close to the full moon they blamed his strange behavior on that. James got up to show you out “Oh, Okay well, we will see you again soon I guess.” Remus didn’t respond and instead grabbed your hand and pulled you out the door , you waved goodbye to your friends and mouthed a “sorry” to them.

When you two got home Remus continued to ignore you so you spoke up, “Rem talk to me.” Remus just glared at you “Don’t touch my friends like that” you felt bad for making him so upset “Rem I’m sorry, I was just trying to get you attention, your so on edge and you’re taking it out on me!”

Remus averted your gaze knowing he didn’t mean to take any of this out on you,” I’m your husband it’s my job to take care of you and love you, not get mad at you for nothing I’m sorry” you walked up to him and started fumbling with his shirt and the strings from his sweater, you moved your hands to his sides and he stepped away “don’t touch me we are fighting”. You just gave him some space until you could tell by his facial expression that he was really mad any more so you went and sat on his lap.

“Where is my needy and touchy close to the full moon Remus?” he didn’t respond but you could tell he was trying not to smile, so you re adjusted yourself on his lap, putting one leg on either side of him. You started kissing his face and his neck with wet and sloppy kisses whispering I love you’s in his ear. Remus finally ticked and starting kissing you back, grabbing your face with his large hands and holding you close to him.

You moaned into the kiss and started pulling on his sweater again, but this time he allowed you to take it off, your shirt came of right after. Remus hungrily kissed you again while he undid the clasp of your bra and threw it to the side.

Remus was instantly distracted by your breast being in his face, he sucked on one nipple harshly causing you to curse his name “fuck Remus!”. You started grinding down in his lap into his already hard boner.

Remus didn’t want to waste any time taking off your skirt so you undid his pants and sat up as he pulled them down just enough to free his length and moved your panties to the side. He pushed two fingers inside of you, massaging your clit as you grinded your heat into his hand letting another moan escape your mouth “Remus, rem please”

That was all he needed to remove his hand swiftly and moved his hands to grip your hips roughly, lowering you onto him. You were quick to take charge and started moving up and down while grinding onto him, Remus gripped your hips pushing you down hard and lifting you back up swiftly trying to be in control.

You wrapped your hands around his neck and hid your face in the crook as you panted hearing Remus’ quiet grunts escape his mouth and he continued to move you up and down until his quickened his movements, you felt him twitch inside of you about to cum, you weren’t far behind. Your walls squeezed round him causing him to cum inside of you at the same time. You sat back down onto him as he pressed sweet kisses to your face “I’m sorry Y/N I love you”, you kissed him back “don’t apologize moony, I love you too. You got up and left your clothes lying on the living room floor and went straight to bed.

anonymous asked:

could you possibly reblog/post the 911 transcript ✨

Sure! There are four transcripts of note here, and as you didn’t specify which one you’re looking for I’m just going to gift you with all four. ;) One is of the segment of the call that was released to the general public and that corresponds with the timestamped transcript which can also be found on pages 15,912-15,916 of the 11k. The second and third transcripts are more interesting by far, because they include parts of the call that were never released to the general public.

The fourth transcript is from an extended audio clip and is basically a collection of key phrases heard during the shooting:

I’m going to post the remaining three transcripts under a cut, because they’re superlong and I don’t want to clog up anyone’s dash with it..

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Convo inspired by this post.

[08:24:12] @gallusrostromegalus: gigglesnort
[08:24:32] @gallusrostromegalus: I can kind of see han and chewie being on Hondo’s crew for a while tho?

[08:24:46] @jhaernyl: Until they double cross him?
[08:24:48] @jhaernyl​: Han being Han

[08:25:25] @gallusrostromegalus: look, everyone involved double, triple and quintuple crossed eachother.
[08:25:39] @gallusrostromegalus: except for chewie who was not present to restore order

[08:26:41] @jhaernyl​: ‘So I’m doublecrossing Hondo for his vice, but I’m also doublecrossing the vice to Hondo or is that a triple cross? And then there’s the fact that I’m doublecrossing both of them, or is triple-crossing the vice and quadruple-crossing Hondo?, to the guy who is going to get me out of here.’
[08:26:53] @jhaernyl​: Maybe that’s why Hondo is on Tattooine and Han is nowhere in sight.
[08:27:02] @jhaernyl​: Hondo came to see if Han was hanging around and Han ghosted.

[08:28:42] @gallusrostromegalus: Obi-wan walks in to han and hondo trying to murder eachother with broken bottles while chewie tried to hold them apart and is about to tell luke they’re in the wrong bar when chewie yells something to the effect of 'YOU OWE ME JEDI"

[08:28:54] @jhaernyl​: Ha
[08:29:01] @jhaernyl​: And then Hondo turns because 'Jedi? What Jedi?’
[08:29:03] @jhaernyl​: And 'KENOBI!’

[08:29:29] @gallusrostromegalus: obi-wan fffffffffffffffFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK  hi chewie how u?

[08:29:55] @jhaernyl​: Hondo preventing Obi-Wan from dying on the Death Star
[08:30:14 | Edited 08:30:39] @jhaernyl​: Because 'You haven’t paid me yet. Bad for business Kenobi, if my clients think they can get out of a debt by dying at the hands of the Empire.’

[08:30:35] @gallusrostromegalus : so that he may give it an outrageous paint job and go joyriding in it?
[08:30:41] @gallusrostromegalus : PFFFT

[08:30:51] @jhaernyl​: Vader: Hondo? YOU TOOK UP WITH HONDO ?

[08:31:11] @gallusrostromegalus: i think obi-wan will let him have a personal party moon if he de-comissions the lazer.

[08:32:15 | Edited 08:33:25] @jhaernyl​: Luke and Hondo tug Obi-Wan in the Falcon before he can finish that.
[08:32:29] @jhaernyl​: Because of course Hondo leveraged Han’s owing him to get the Falcon in on the action.
[08:32:42] @jhaernyl​: 'This will pay off your debt. Well. Most of your debt. Let’s say a part.’
[08:33:34] @jhaernyl​ : Leia all 'Oh General Kenobi, good. Finally someone with some sense.“
[08:33:40] @jhaernyl​ : Obi-Wan looks at her bemusedly. No one has accused him to have any sense in him for decades.

[08:33:48] @gallusrostromegalus: no leia. no.
[08:34:06] @gallusrostromegalus: obi-wan hasn’t had sense since puberty

[08:34:27] @jhaernyl​: She grew up with Bail’s stories about General Kenobi and Bail tended to skip over the more 'death defying stunts’ parts of it.
[08:34:32] @jhaernyl​: Because he didn’t want Leia to get ideas.
[08:34:48] @jhaernyl​: Also unsaid, the 'the man won’t say he’s hurt no matter if he’s dying in your arms’ parts.
[08:35:12] @jhaernyl​: Hondo is somewhere going 'Oh yes, sense. That’s definitely something Kenobi has in spades.’
[08:35:24] @jhaernyl​: Which cues Han in on the fact that Obi-Wan has no sense at all.
[08:35:32] @jhaernyl​: Not that Luke or Leia believe Han.

[08:36:03] @gallusrostromegalus: (it’s 2:30 am and i should go to bed but YES)

[08:36:10 | Edited 08:38:44] @jhaernyl​: Leia simply cannot believe that such a devastatingly effective general could ever be anything less than fully knowing what he’s doing and absolutely practical, so it’s of course all just a tactic.
[08:36:16] @jhaernyl​: Kenobi is misdirecting.
[08:36:18] @jhaernyl​: It’s genius.
[08:36:25] @jhaernyl​: Leia has found a new role model.
[08:36:42] @jhaernyl​: Luke just thinks Ben is his beloved Master and there is no getting through to him.
[08:36:47] @jhaernyl​: Of course Ben knows what he’s doing.
[08:36:52] @jhaernyl​: Look how he and Leia are getting on!
[08:37:12] @jhaernyl​: 'That is not what I’d call praise, kid.’

Little Black Dress  (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Fandom: Marvel (Avengers)

Pairing: Reader x Steve Rogers

Warnings: SMUT SMut smut

Request: Can you do a saucy fix with Remus(hp), or Steve(avengers), using 142, 128, 99, 95, 51, 50, 41, 30, 29, 28, 14, 128. Obviously you don’t have to use all of them but I think it would be interesting. If you wanted anything more, I was thinking(as in Remus’ case) reader and him r married and fighting and to get him jeally reader flirts with Sirius then it gets steamy back home???????

***I decided to spilt this up into two different ones I hope that’s okay, I’ll post the second one later. For this one I used 41 (“You’re going out dressed like that?”) 30 (“You better watch yourself.”) 29 (Come over here and make me.”) 14 (“Take. It. Off.”)

Word Count: 1k

It wasn’t every Friday night that you were able to go out, being an avenger was a lot of work, constant missions. But tonight you happened to have no missions to prep for and neither did Natasha or Wanda so you decided it would be the perfect night for a girls night, since the guys had a mission early the next morning.

You were looking through your closet for something to wear, something that you could dance in and still look nice. Wanda sat on your bed and said no to everything you pulled out of your closet. “Y/N it couldn’t be any more obvious that Steve helps you pick all your clothes” you turned to her “Wanda it’s not my fault you two are too busy to ever go shopping with me!” Wanda smiled “that’s because Natasha only ever want to go clubbing on nights off, speaking of Natasha let’s take a trip to her closet” wand grabbed your hand and pulled you out your door in your tiny silk robe you were wearing while trying on clothes, she was walking so fast you were pulling at the fabric to keep you covered.

When you got to Natasha’s room she was in her bathroom applying her makeup, Wanda dragged you to the closet “hey Nat Y/N’s gonna steal one of your dresses tonight” Wanda shouted from the bathroom “hell yes she is!” You blushed as Wanda pulled out this tiny black dress that would hug your curves in all the right places. Oh what would Steve think of this.

As you walked out of the room, all dressed in your little black dress you bumped into Steve who was wearing shorts and no shirt, no doubt off to bed, the sight of him made you want to ditch your friends and have your way with him but before you could even say anything to him he stopped walking and had a concerned look on his face “you’re going out dressed like that?” Wanda and Nat just giggled at his over protectiveness but you just rolled your eyes. “Steve it’s a dress, its fine” Steve sort of pouted while eying you up and down “but I won’t be there to keep all those grabby guys hands off you, you better watch yourself.”

You argued back “Steve, babe I can take care of myself.” Steve gave you a look and you knew this was going to take some convincing, so you grabbed his hand and pulled him to your room and shouted to the girls “I’ll meet you guys there in a few” Wanda shouted back “don’t you let him make you take off that dress Y/N!” then Nat laughed and corrected her “no you can let him take it off, just make sure you put it back on after.” You could hear the teasing in their tone and you blushed and continued to drag Steve to his room.

Steve closed is door and looked at you again “Y/N I really think you should take that off” he said, his voice quiet and full of need. You continued this game “Come over here and make me”

That was all Steve needed to hear before he grabbed you by your waist pushing you down on to the bed, instantly pulling desperately at your tight dress, covering your face and neck in wet sloppy kisses. He instantly found your sweet spot and you moaned at the contact “ugh Steve, babe please.” Steve pulled away finally getting your dress over your head.

He took a minute to appreciate you fit body until you pulled him back down undoing his pants “someone in a hurry he teased” you pulled his pants and boxers all the way down letting his hard length free “don’t want to keep the girls waiting” you teased back.

Steve’s eyes were filled with hunger and he completely skipped the foreplay turning you on your stomach to take you from the back. He stood at the edge of the bed and you bent down onto the bed in the perfect position for him. He was fast but not rough, he slid his length inside of you and you let out a loud moan accidentally.

When Steve didn’t move right away you pushed backwards onto his dick and then forwards again causing him to let out a strangled moan as well.

Steve grabbed your nicely curled hair and pulled it bringing you closer to him as he thrusted into you, he pulled completely out and then slammed back in again “fuck Steve I’m almost there” he whispered in your ear and he pulled you back again by your hair “I know baby girl” you couldn’t help but whine at both the nickname that made you weak and his relentless thrusts. You felt yourself getting closer as you squeezed around him feeling him twitch at the same moment and you both released at the same time.

You rested for a moment before Steve Pulled out and picked up your dress of the floor, you quickly put it on and freshened yourself in the bathroom before running towards the door until Steve spoke out, as he now laid in bed “what no goodnight kiss?” you opened the door and looked back at him “After that I don’t think you need one” you winked and close the door, hurrying downstairs.

Rivamika Timeline Part 1  (2009~2013)

Ever wonder when Isayama started to weave together Levi and Mikasa’s story in Shingeki no Kyojin? I made a thing - a (mostly) manga timeline - a rivamika timeline. So there are spoilers here. 

Some panels in this timeline can be a little surprising, because it shows Isayama-sensei had plans for these two much earlier than we thought.

It spans manga chapters: 02, 9.5, 10, 14, 17, 19, 22, 23, 29, 30, 32, 33, 36, 37, 45 & 51 as well as the INSIDE KOU databook and episode 16 of the anime’s Season 1.

Please note the following are actually the japanese manga chapter / guidebook release dates, so everything follows a real-life chronological order.

They said that if someone bothered to gather all Rivamika moments in a post it would become insanely long… caution: this is the post.

[Part 2] - Uprising Arc (2014~2015)

[Part 3] - Return to Shiganshina, Truth of Marley, anime Season 2 and ANSWERS Databook (2015~2017)

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Some interesting factoids I use to feel good about my fics:

1.) The average paperback book page is between 250 to 300 words long.

2.) The average adult reader reads 300 words per minute.

3.) 50,000 words is a paperback novel.

Use these numbers to get a real feel for how much more you’ve written than you thought.  Reblog with your count to feel better about how much you’ve done.